30 Presents for a 45th Wedding Anniversary

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A wedding anniversary is always a time for a couple to celebrate and many like to buy each other gifts. It is also a time when other people might like to treat them as well, particularly if it is a milestone anniversary. However, it can be difficult to know exactly what to buy for them. The longer a couple has been married, the more time they have had to be able to buy what they need. However, we have managed to find a selection of items that we feel couples will enjoy for their 45th wedding anniversary. So take a look at the list if you need to be inspired!

45th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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Mugs are always useful items to receive as gifts and these come with matching coasters too. They are white mugs and says ’45 years of being Mr Right’ on one of them and ’45 years of being Mrs Always Right’ on the other one. The printing is in black, with a blue number to represent the fact that it is a sapphire anniversary. They are 9.5cm x 8cm in size.

Personalised items can be special and this laser cut wooden heart not only has ’45 years together’ already on it, but there is a space for a personal message. You could have a name, occasion and date put onto it. It is 12.5 x 12.5cm in size and it is made of poplar plywood. It has a ribbon at the top threaded through it so that it can be easily hung up.

Lucky sixpences are rare these days and so this one could be a good novelty item to give. It comes in a plastic gift case which says ‘45th wedding anniversary sapphire lucky sixpence’ on it. It has a heart design which is purple too. The coin rests in foam to keep it in place but can easily be removed. The box is 50x 50mm in size and will provide a place to keep it safe.

Hanging globes or baubles are getting to be fashionable to be hung in a window and reflect the light. This one has a tree of life inside it and is a sapphire colour. It is a friendship orb which has hand blown and made from recycled glass. It has a 15cm diameter and will make a striking gift. It has a hole in the top so ribbon or thread can be put through to hang it up.

If the couple you are buying for like ornaments then they might like this bowl. It is made of glass and is in a heart shape with sapphire blue markings on it. It is handmade by Caithness Glass in Scotland and the shape and colour would make it a very fitting gift for a 45th wedding anniversary. The bowl is 100mm across and looks very colourful when the sun shines on it.

A pair of gnomes could bring a smile to couples faces. This pair are standing on green plinths with ’45 years’ painted on them and they have blue hats with ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ painted on but they can be personalised with names if you wish. The blue hats represent sapphire. The female has a dress with a heart and flowers and the male has a pint glass and newspaper. They are about 7 inches high.

Commemorative coins can go down well as a gift with those that like keepsakes or that collect coins. This pair has a silver and 24ct gold plated coin, which are otherwise identical. They say ‘On your sapphire wedding anniversary 45 years together’ on them and there is a heart design with a blue heart gemstone to represent a sapphire. They are seven-sided and have a sentimental poem on the back.

Most people like to have a toast when celebrating their anniversary and so having a special glass as a gift to drink it from could be really good. This one says ‘sapphire anniversary 45 years together’ on it with a blue heart-shaped gemstone underneath and it is an elegant looking champagne flute with a long stem, made from Dartington glass. It is 219mm tall and you get two in the set.

If you are buying for your Mum and Dad then you will want to get them something special. It can be good to start with a card like this one. It says ‘Mum & Dad 45 on your sapphire anniversary’ on the front in blue and has a picture of two champagne flutes. It has been hand finished with glitter and diamantes. It is 16cm x 16cm and blank inside.

Getting the right card to give to someone is not always easy. If you are looking for something simple then this might be the one. It says ‘Sapphire anniversary 45’ in blue lettering with a picture of a champagne bottle and glasses. It has been hand finished using diamantes and glitter to give it sparkle. It is blank inside for you to write your own message and has a white envelope included.

It is not always easy to find gifts for grandparents but this simple plaque could be just the thing. It says on it ‘Nanny and Grandad 45 Happy Years Together….’ And has a heart and butterfly on it. It is engraved and has two holes at the top with twine through so that it can easily be hung up. It is 15.5 x 7.5 and is engraved in the UK.

A special necklace can be a lovely gift for a husband to give his wife. This one is made from sterling silver with two interlocking rings and a wrapped sapphire. It comes on a gift card which says ‘On our sapphire wedding anniversary two rings for the two of us and a sapphire for 45 years of love and memories’. It comes in a gift box and wrapped with ribbon.

Banners can be a handy way to decorate a room by way of celebration. This is a pair of banners which says ‘congratulations on your sapphire wedding anniversary’ with names, date or message of your choice underneath. In the background, there is a heart design and the writing is in a sapphire blue colour. They are 3ft x 1ft in size and they are printed in vibrant colours on 130gsm silk paper.

Wall clocks can be useful to have and this one also has a personalised message on the face. It says ‘45th wedding anniversary’ and can have names and a date on it. It also has a heart design and then a floral pattern around the outside. All of the printing is in a sapphire blue or black which stands out from the white background. It is 12 inches and made of wood.

Ornaments are something that some couples really treasure and if the couple you are buying for do then they may like this cut glass plaque. It says ‘congratulations on your 45th wedding anniversary’ and then has names and a date on it. In the centre is a pair of Tatty teddies getting married and there is a swirly pattern around the picture. In front are some roses made from porcelain.

Photo frames can make great gifts to display memorable photos. This one has a mirrored glass frame which has been hand-painted in bold relief with ‘sapphire wedding anniversary’ across the top and some hearts on one side. The frame holds a 4 x 6 inch photograph and you can choose between portrait or landscape styles and it comes gift boxed so that it is all ready to give away.

Candles can be romantic and this one can be personalised. It is a blue candle in a tin and the outside of the tin can be personalised with names which go underneath the message ‘Happy sapphire 45th wedding anniversary’. The candle is made from soya wax and is scented with a white linen fragrance. It has a 30-35 hour burn time and the container is 76 x 65mm in size with a lid.

If the couple you know collect plates or keepsakes then they may like this commemorative plate. It is white and in the centre is a circle with ‘45th anniversary’ written inside. Then around it is a pattern in sapphire blue. There is also a black thick line across the middle. It is ceramic and has an 8-inch diameter. It comes with a stand to display it on and in a box.

A personalised picture can be really special as it is likely to be hung up and seen regularly. This framed picture has a heart made from sapphire coloured gemstones in different shapes. Above it says ‘sapphire wedding anniversary’ and inside the heart ’45 years’. Underneath there is space to put the name of the couple and the date. It comes with a choice of frame colours and they all have a hanging hook on the back.

A personalised card can be really special. This card says ‘Congratulations [names] on your sapphire wedding anniversary [date]’. In the centre of the card is an embossed heart with a blue edge and blue bow in the centre with a heart-shaped pendant hanging from it which says ‘Happy Anniversary’ on it. It is 150 x 150mm in size and is blank inside for your own message with an envelope included.

Candles can make great gifts and this white pillar candle can have a personalised message put onto it. It says ‘sapphire anniversary’ at the top with a picture of a gem and then has space for the names of the couple, the wedding date and a personal message or who it is from at the bottom. It is 5.5 x 11.5cm tall so is free-standing and burns for around 40 hours.

Hanging decorations can go down well as gifts. This one is heart-shaped and made of porcelain. It has an image printed on it which includes the message ‘happy 45th wedding anniversary’ with space for names and dates at the bottom. The image in the centre is of a blue sapphire in a heart shape surrounded by diamonds on a blue ribbon. The image is on both sides. It is 3 inches in size.

If the couple that you are buying for drink brandy then they may enjoy this pair of tumblers, they could even be used for other drinks as well. They are laser engraved with ‘sapphire anniversary 45 years together’ and has a sapphire coloured gemstone heart stuck underneath. The tumbler is made by Dartington glass and it is 91mm tall with a 37cl size. A pair is sent together so one each for the couple.

A husband may wish to buy his wife a statement piece of jewellery for her anniversary gift. This is a sterling silver chain with a large pendant. The pendant has a large created sapphire gemstone which is surrounded by sparkly gemstones. The pendant is 21mm long and it will really show up in the sunshine. It has a 16-18 inch chain which can be changed in length to suit the wearer and their outfit.

Journals can be a great way of keeping memories and this one is a ‘sapphire anniversary forty five years memory keepsake booklet’ as it says on the front. Inside there are pages to fill out with information about the couple and spaces to put in photographs. It could be something the couple do together or that the person presenting it does before giving it to them. Comes with stickers to decorate it.

This wedding chart can make for an interesting gift. Once you have let the supplier know the details of the couple and their wedding day, they will put together a chart with lots of information about the day they were married which will produce a special keepsake item which has a mount on it as well. It has information about films, songs, sport, prices etc on the day that they were married and comes ready to frame.

Mugs can be very handy and this pair say ‘sapphire anniversary’ on them and have a blue heart design. They are white with grey and blue print on them which is on both sides so they work for both left and right handed people. They are 9.5cm x 8cm and are supplied in gift boxes so are really easy to wrap up or suitable for shipping directly to the couple.

If the couple are having a party then they may like to buy a set of invites. These can be personalised with name, date, location etc and have a leaf, flower and butterfly design in blue. They can be bought in packs of various sizes from 12 – 200. They are 170mm x 121mm in size and they are printed on quality silk card and each come with an envelope ready for mailing.

Humorous gifts can be fun and this mug is also useful. It is white and says on it ‘I’ve been married for 315 dog years’ on it with a heart that has a paw print in it. It is an 11oz ceramic mug with black and red printing in it which will not fade. It would make a great gift from a wife to a husband that is a dog lover and is bound to bring a smile to their face.

A travel mug can be a really useful gift. This one says ’45 years down lifetime to go’ on it. It is made from stainless steel and has a black plastic handle, base and lid to insulate the hands from the heat. It is 14oz and helps keep drinks hot. It is a good size for putting in a car cup holder and is a silver colour with black print on it which really stands out.

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