33 Presents for a 55th Wedding Anniversary

Updated on February 21st, 2021
By Eve
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A 55th wedding anniversary is certainly a milestone well worth celebrating. It is not easy to know what to buy though, whether you are buying for your spouse or for a couple. We have put together a list of suggestions which should help you to pick. We have chosen a big range of things and so there should be something for everyone, whatever their taste and there are things for lots of different budgets as well. It should mean that you will be able to find something that you will like, they will like and you will be able to afford.

55th Wedding Anniversary Presents

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Mugs make a great gift as they are useful and these have a wedding anniversary text on them. One says ’55 years of being Mr Right’ and the other says ’55 years of being Mrs Right’ on it. The 55 is in green because it is the emerald anniversary. They are 9.5 x 8cm in size and come in boxes so they will be easy to wrap up before giving away.

If the couple that you are buying for like ornamental items then they could like this rose ornament. It is silver in colour as it is silver plated and so is shiny and is a single stem on a plinth with a heart at the bottom with ‘55th anniversary’ on it. The centre of the rose has an emerald green coloured Swarovski glass crystal. It is 4 x 4 x 9cm in size and comes in a well-presented gift box.

A wooden plaque like this could be bought for different things. It is heart-shaped and says ‘Happy Anniversary 20,750 days together ….but who’s counting?’ with a couple, winking face and a heart design. It is 10 x 9.5cm in size and is made from high quality, sustainable plywood. It could be put around the neck of bottle, used as a gift tag or even instead of a greetings card.

Sixpences are considered to be lucky and this one comes inside a special case. It has a picture of an emerald on it and says ‘lucky sixpence 55th emerald wedding anniversary’ on it. A sixpence is considered to bring wealth, good luck and good fortune so they can make a lovely gesture. This one is in a plastic case on a black cushion but can easily be removed for inspection.

A lovely anniversary card can be a lovely gesture and this one is to Mum and Dad. It is white with a hand-finished green glittery heart and silver ribbon. It says ‘Emerald Anniversary with love Mum & Dad 55’ in silver and green writing. The card measures 16 x 16cm in size and it is blank inside so you can add your own message. It comes with a silver envelope.

Buying gifts for older couples can be tricky and so this plaque could be a good idea. It is made of wood and says ‘Nan and Grandad 55 Happy Years Together’ and has a butterfly as well as a green heart. It is 15.5 x 7.5cm in size. It has two holes in the top with twine threaded through so that it can be hung up somewhere. Handcrafted in the UK.

A special card can really help to make a day special. This card is for grandparents as it says ‘Emerald Anniversary with love to special grandparents 55’. It has a simple design with black and green writing and a silver ribbon with a green sparkly heart which has had glitter put on it. It is 16 x 16cm in size and comes with an envelope. It is blank inside for your own message.

A picture can be a special gift to give as it can be hung up and seem regularly. This one can be personalised as well. It has a white frame with a white mount and it has ‘emerald wedding anniversary’ on it with green glass gems and butterflies. Underneath you can have names and the anniversary date put on to it. You can even have LED lights around the inside of the frame if you wish.

Cufflinks can be a keepsake gift and they may be used too. These have Swarovski Chatons in an emerald colour on the front of them. They are made from sterling silver and so they really shine and catch the light. They have a twist fitting so will be easy to attach to a dress shirt. They make a great gift idea for a wide to buy her husband on their 55th wedding anniversary.

If a husband wants to buy his wife a really special gift then this necklace could be just the thing. It has a heart-shaped pendant which has an emerald gemstone in the middle and white gemstones around the edge. It is 1.2 x 1.9cm in size and the gem itself is 9mm x 9mm. It comes on a chain which is 18 inches long. They come in a gift box with a bag and a wipe cloth to make it shine.

A card can be a lovely gesture and this one is great fun. It says ’55 years together….happy Emerald Anniversary!’ on the front. The picture is of a couple dancing and she is in an emerald dress. The figures are from an Erica Sturla polymer clay artwork. The card is 15 x 15cm in size and it is blank inside so that you can add your own message of choice.

Emerald coloured items could be a great idea for an emerald anniversary. This paperweight is made of crystal glass and is emerald green in colour. It has a pretty swirled pattern to it with air bubbles through and is 7cm tall so would stand out on a mantelshelf. It is made in Scotland and comes in an elegant, purple Caithness Glass gift box, so all ready to give away as a present.

Hanging baubles are popular these days and this emerald coloured one could be fitting for a 55th anniversary present. It has a loop with a ribbon through so it can be hung up in a window to catch the light. It could be put on a curtain rail or on a stand on a window sill. It is 11 x 11 x 14cm in size and comes in a box with a gift tag.

A man may wish to treat his wife to this very special bracelet. It is studded with cubic zirconia white and emerald gemstones so it will really sparkle, It comes in a choice of lengths. It is made from sterling silver and will not tarnish as it has been plated with Rhodium which will also give it extra shine. It is 925 sterling silver which is hypoallergenic. There are extension links too so that it will fit most wrists easily.

Cufflinks can be a special gift to buy a man. They can make great collectable items and he can wear them on dress shirts. These are silver in colour with an emerald coloured stone in them so they will be very fitting for a 55th-anniversary gift. They come in a box, which not only looks good presentation-wise but means that there is somewhere to store them when they are not being worn.

Personalised gifts can mean a lot and this beer glass could be personalised to give to a man on his 55th wedding anniversary. Any text can be engraved onto the glass and different fonts can be chosen as well. It holds 440ml and has an unusual design to the stem which will make it stand out. It comes in a gift box and it could be regularly used or displayed as a keepsake.

Emerald green gifts are ideal for 55th wedding anniversaries. This frame has a herringbone pattern with a green and white colouring to it. It has room to put in a 4 x 6 inch photo as well, so could be ideal for putting in a photo taken on the anniversary. It has a 1.25 inch frame and plexiglass on the front. It has a stand as well as a saw tooth hook so it can be hung on a wall or put on a shelf.

Cushions can be useful gifts as well as being decorative. This one has a Celtic swirl look to it in emerald green with ‘55th Anniversary Mam and Dad’ on a centre ring. It is made from 100% polyester and has a hidden zip on one edge. It is 40cm x 40cm in size and it comes with an insert so it is all ready to display on a sofa or a bed.

Many couples will enjoy celebrating their anniversary with a glass of bubbly. What better than this pair of special glasses to drink from. They have an elegant and modern design with long simple stem and say ‘Emerald Anniversary 55 years together’ and they have an emerald coloured heart gem underneath. They are laser engraved Dartington crystal prosecco glasses so are good quality and look special too. You get the pair together.

A photo frame can not only be a decorative piece but it can hold a photo of a precious memory. This one is made from mirrored glass and says ‘Happy Anniversary’ at the top with emerald coloured balloons on the side. At the bottom, you can choose a name and date to be put on it. It is hand-painted and holds a 4 x 6 inch photo. It comes gift-boxed.

A card can be a lovely gesture on a special anniversary. This one says ’55 years together!’ at the top with two emerald rings standing on a cake with a heart design. Underneath it says ‘Happy Emerald Anniversary!’. The card has a blue background. The card is 148 x 148mm in size and is blank inside so there is plenty of room for your own message. It comes with a plain white envelope.

A wooden plaque can be a sentimental gift that many couples will appreciate and cherish. This one is heart-shaped and says ‘Granny & Grandad 55 happy years together xx’. It has two emerald green heart-shaped gemstones at the bottom. There are holes drilled in it with twine through so that it can be hung up. It is 12cm so small and cute and could be used as a gift tag on a present, hung around the neck of a bottle or given as it is.

Candles can be romantic as well as relaxing and this emerald green coloured one could make a great anniversary gift for 55 years. It comes in a glass jar with a gold coloured lid. It is 100% natural and it will burn for 75 hours. It has a balsam and cedar scent to it. It is made from natural wax that is suitable for vegans and has a woody forest type scent.

Emerald green coloured gifts can be a great idea for the 55th anniversary. This one is a fused glass hanging bird ornament which is a suncatcher. The idea is that cord hanger is used to hang it in the window (perhaps off a curtain rail) and it reflects coloured light into the room when the sun shines. It is 9 x 7cm so is small and cute and has fun beaded feet.

Special personalised gifts can be great keepsakes. This candle says ‘emerald anniversary’ at the top and has the couples name and wedding date as well as a personal message underneath. It is a 11.5cm tall block candle which is 5.5cm wide so it can stand up without support. It has a 40 hours burn time, although the couple may prefer to keep it to look at rather than to burn.

Emerald crystals are a great gift idea for a husband to buy his wife. This set includes a necklace with round emerald pendant and earrings with round emeralds – all made from Swarovski crystals. This means that they will really sparkle and shine. They are set in silver-coloured fixings and this silver colour really lets the emerald colour stand out. They come in a jewellery pouch which means that they are ready to give away without wrapping them up.

This unusual heart-shaped photo frame has a heart section for a photo of the couple which is heat pressed to the frame and another which can be personalised to say the name of the couple and ‘55th wedding anniversary’. It is printed on an emerald background so works well for the emerald anniversary. It is 21 x 13 x 0.6 and has a stand so that it can be easily placed on a shelf.

Christmas ornaments may not seem like an obvious choice for an anniversary gift but they can be really special. This one is made from pewter in a snowflake shape and in the centre, there is a circle. Around the edge, in white on black, it says ‘celebrating 55 years of love’ with a date of choice. In the middle, which is emerald green in colour it says the names of the couple.

Ornaments are something that some couples cherish and this glass heart-shaped hanging ornament could be a welcome gift. It has an emerald colour so would be ideal for a 55th wedding anniversary. It is 7cm in diameter so small and cute with a ribbon on it and so could be hung up in a window or put on a Christmas tree. it comes with a tag explaining the history of friendship hearts.

A gift and greeting card all in one can be a great idea. This gift is a bottle which is 8.5 x 5.5cm in size and a special card which can be personalised. It says the name of the person, the occasion and date and also ‘This wish is my gift to you there are many things I could have chosen for you but I would hope for nothing more than your wish to come true’.

Wives will want to buy their husbands a special card on their 55th wedding anniversary. This one says ‘To my husband on our emerald anniversary without love there is nothing with you there is everything’ there is a picture of a bottle of champagne, roses and champagne flutes. Inside there are more sentimental words with room to write as well. It is 230mm x 150mm and comes with a white envelope.

A guestbook can be a handy thing to have if you are having an anniversary party. This book has a lace and rose design with ‘55th wedding anniversary’ on the front. Inside thee is space to write up to 150 names and messages inside on high-quality cream paper. Even if there is not a big celebration it could be posted to different family members to write or they could scan in messages which could be printed out and stuck in the book.

Husbands will want to buy their wife a special card for their 55th anniversary. A sentimental couple will like this card which has lots of words inside. It has a picture of champagne and glasses with red roses on it and the writing is in green. It is 15cm x 23cm and comes with a coloured insert with lots more sentimental poems in and features the same picture inside too with hearts. It comes with an envelope.

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