34 Presents for a 60th Wedding Anniversary

By Eve
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If you know someone that has reached their 60th wedding anniversary then it is very likely that you will want to buy them a gift. The traditional item to give is a diamond, but it is likely that you will want to opt for something a bit more reasonably priced! It can be tricky to know what though and so we have come up with a selection of gift ideas. The gifts vary a lot in type as well as price and that will hopefully mean that you will be able to find something that you feel will work well for the couple and will be within your budget.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Flower pots can be useful gifts and this one can be made really special for a 60th-anniversary gift. There is a cardboard wrap around the pot with a space to insert a photo of the couple. It also says ‘Happy Anniversary’ on it and the number of years, hours, minutes and seconds that they have been married. It is 16cm and so you just need to find a little plant to put in it before gifting it.

If the couple drinks then getting them a pair of these stemless wine glasses could make a great gift. The glass says ‘cheers to 60 years’ on it and comes as a single, so you will need to order two. It has black and gold print and dots on it so it looks pretty. It holds 17oz and is 4.7 x 2.9 inches in size. It is dishwasher proof as well so the print will not come off even after lots of washes.

Mugs can make useful gifts and these are specially printed to celebrate a 60th anniversary. Inside one it says ‘his’ and the other says ‘hers’ and on the outside, it says ‘Diamond 60th Anniversary’ and there is a flower picture underneath. There is also a bell picture near the top. They are white and made of bone china with a silver rim. They are 11fl oz and 100 x 75mm in size. They come in a plain white box.

If you are looking for something special for your parents then this card could be a great start. It says on it ‘For a wonderful Mum and Dad on your 60th Wedding Anniversary Your DIAMOND Anniversary is a very special day to celebrate’. It has a simple floral design with silver writing and some silver twine on it. Inside there is a sentimental message about marriage plus room for you to write.

Roses can make lovely gifts for couples that have a garden. They last a lot longer than cut flowers. This rose is called diamond wedding and has striking white flowers. It will flower throughout the summer and the white flowers really stand out against the glossy green leaves. It comes with a personalised gift card which you can write before handing over or the sender will write if the gift is posted directly.

Photo frames can make really great gifts as they can help someone to display a photo which could help them to capture a special memory. This one has a silver mirrored frame with all sorts of words on such as ‘60th anniversary’, ‘Mr & Mrs’ and ‘husband & wife’ as well as lots of other words to do with love. It takes a 4 x 6 inch sizes photo in a portrait orientation.

Many people like to celebrate with a drink on their anniversary and therefore having some champagne flutes to drink from can be a great idea. This pair has an elegant design and they can be engraved with any message. It means that you can ask for a 60th anniversary message to be put on as well as their names and you can also have the date of their anniversary on it as well as a personal message on the plaque on the box if you wish.

Keepsakes can be lovely gifts to give for an anniversary. This plate can be personalised with the names of the couple, the date of the anniversary and who it is from. In the centre, it has lots of ‘60’s’ as well as ‘diamond anniversary’ and a picture of a pair of bells. There are also different rim colours to choose from. The plate is 8 inches and comes in a satin-lined gift box.

Candles can be romantic and so this tea light holder can make a great wedding anniversary gift. It is made from glass and is square in shape. The front has a heart on it which is sliver and glittery and has ’60 anniversary’ written on it. Behind is the tea light holder so it will flicker and shine when the candle is lit. It measures 10 x 10 x 6cm in size.

Clocks can be useful and decorative gifts and this one can be engraved. It is a freestanding wooden clock with a white face that has clear black Roman numerals on it. Under the clock face, there is a space to engrave a message. The clock has quartz movement so will be reliable. It has a cream coloured wooden case and is 15 x 18 x 4cm in size and would look good on any mantle shelf.

If the couple you are buying for like ornamental items then they may appreciate this glass award. It is cut glass piece on a glass stand which can be engraved to personalise it and has a heart design. It says ‘Happy Anniversary’ with the names under that, the number of years and who it is from underneath. It is 12cm x 12cm in size and comes in a burgundy satin lined gift box.

Celebrating a milestone anniversary will often include having a drink and so having a special pair of glasses to drink from can be a great gift. These are crystal wine goblets with a stem and they are engraved. They say ‘Diamond Wedding Anniversary’ on them and they have a heart design underneath. They are 16cm tall and hold 350ml. They come in a satin lined gift box with gift wrap and ribbon.

Sixpences are known to be lucky and this one comes in a special presentation case. The case can be personalised with names and it has a picture of a heart-shaped diamond and says ‘60th wedding anniversary lucky sixpence diamond’ on it. The coin is resting on some black foam and is easy to remove from the case but can be kept there to display it. The case is 50mm x 50mm.

A pretty card can be a lovely thing to send for an anniversary. This one has a white background with pale pink and green flowers on it. It says ‘On your Diamond wedding anniversary 60 wonderful years’. It is on 320gsm card and is 15.5 x 15.5cm in size. It is blank inside so there is room to write your own message. Comes with a white envelope and is cello wrapped.

If you are looking for something unique and whimsical then this pair of gnomes could be it. There is a male and female gnome and they each stand on a green plinth which says ’60 years’ on it. On their hats you can have a name painted so they can be personalised, The woman has flowers and hearts on her white dress and male has a white beard and a newspaper and pint glass.

Matching mugs and coasters can make a good gift. This set has two white mugs and matching white coasters. They say on them ’60 years of being Mr Right’ and ’60 years of being Mrs Always Right’ on them. Each mug matches one of the coasters. The mugs are dishwasher safe so easy to keep clean. The mugs come in gift boxes so it makes it nice and easy to wrap them up.

If the couple you are buying for like sentimental ornamental gifts then they will love this. It is a bottle which says on it ’60 years 2 hearts 1 love Happy Diamond Anniversary’ with room underneath for their names. The print is in black and above and below it there are silver flourishes. Inside there are LED lights on a copper wire which light up the bottle and the batteries are hidden in the cork.

Buying a bottle of wine may seem like a great gift for wine lovers, but you may want to make it more special and this personalised wine label will do just that. You can choose to have it personalised with a name and a personal message. It is 9 x 13cm so can be stuck on any bottle to cover the existing label or you can soak off the label and put it on instead.

Coasters can be handy items to have and these can be personalised. They each have a white background with a picture of a diamond on. Above the picture, you can choose a name to go on it and below ’60 Amazing years’. They are on an MDF base so they are really sturdy with a glossy front which can be wiped clean and measure 9cm x 9cm so will fit most mugs and glasses.

Photo albums can be a useful gift so that the couple can put in photographs. This on says ’60 diamond anniversary’ on the front with a picture of a champagne glass which has been hand finished with glitter and diamantes. It has 30 pages inside with traditional album pages with a protective cover sheet. Comes in a lovely gift box and finished with a white organza ribbon and gift tag.

Matching mugs can make a great gift. These differ slightly with a his and hers colouring. They say ‘Happy 60th Anniversary on your diamond anniversary’ on them. The mugs have a marbled pattern and gold coloured print with gold also on the rim and handle. One is pink in colour and the other is grey. They are 12oz in size (9cm high and 13cm wide) and come in marble effect gift box.

A husband or wife might like to get each other this little keepsake gift set. It has a card, keyring and fridge magnet which are all matching. The card says ‘My one true love these keepsake gifts are a little something on our 60th wedding anniversary to remind you how much I love you now always and forever’. The keyring says for 60 years I have loved you every minute of every day and the magnet says ‘celebrating 60 years as soul mates sweethearts best friends lovers husband & wife’.

A banner can be a lovely item to put up to decorate a room for a wedding anniversary celebration or in a party location if there is going to be a big celebration. This one is white and says ‘60th anniversary diamond wedding’ on it and has some hearts and champagne glasses on it. It is foil and the print is holographic so will really stand out. It measures 2.6m x 125mm.

A couple that likes ornaments may like this whimsical figurine. It depicts a couple with there feet in a bowl of water. He has a mug and she has some biscuits. They look cute and are smiling. There are other designs available as well. It is made of resin and is 12.5cm high and 11cm wide. It is a cute item and could be a fitting gift for an older couple to celebrate their anniversary.

Candles can make great gifts and this one is a candle in a glass. The glass can be engraved with a personalised message with ’60 years’ at the top then names and who it is from. The candle burns for 35 hours so will last a long time. The holder is 90mm x 90mm in size and the candle inside is non scented and white and is 7cm x 8cm.

Diamonds are too expensive for most people but this crystal wine bottle stopple is made with a crystal design that looks rather like a diamond. The idea is that it is put into a partly finished bottle so that it will not lose its flavour. It is 105mm tall and it will decorate the bottle as well as saving the wine. It comes in an elegant black gift box lined with satin.

A sundial can make an interesting addition to any garden. This one is white and has ‘happy anniversary 60 wonderful years together diamond wedding anniversary’ on it. It is made of brass and the writing and gnomon are gold coloured and the rest is white in colour so it looks fitting for a diamond anniversary gift. It measures 6 ¼ inches in diameter and ¼ inch thick. There is the option to have personalised text and to buy it with a stand.

A photo frame can make a lovely gift for a couple. This one is silver in colour and says ‘60th’ at the top. It has two oval spaces for photos and ones says ‘Our Wedding Day’ under it and the other says ‘Our Diamond Wedding’ under it and there is a bell design. The spaces take a 3 x4 inch and a 6 x 4 inch photograph. The frame itself is 23 x 23cm in size. It comes in a presentation box.

Personalised items can be really thoughtful gifts. This is a wooden heart made from plywood which has ’60 years together’ engraved into it and there is a space for names and a date on it. It is 12.5 x 12.5cm and so it is really cute. It comes with a ribbon so it can be attached to a gift, around the neck of a bottle or used to make a special card.

Many people drink gin these days and this gin glass could therefore be a great gift. It not only has 60 engraved on it but it is embellished with Swarovski crystals to make it look really special. It is made from clear blown lead-free crystal and is 220mm tall and 105mm wide and comes in a gift box with diamante branding. You would obviously need to order two as they come singly.

A special gift calls for special wrapping paper and this is a sheet of 60 years diamond anniversary-themed paper. It has a champagne glass and heart design. It is white with a silver print on it. There is one sheet of wrapping paper which is 70 x 50cm and comes folded, together with two gift tags which are 8.5cm x 5.5cm and match the paper – having the same design.

If you are looking for a novelty gift then this 60th diamond wedding survival kit could be it. It is a gift bag which has a selection of little items inside it. It comes with a laminated card which explains the significance of each of the items in the kit. Great for a couple that has a good sense of humour and is sentimental. It will bring a smile to their faces and could be a good gift for a couple that has everything.

Buying a bottle of wine can be a great gift if the couple enjoys a drink. However, it may not feel that special. This personalised wooden wine box could make all of the difference though. It can have a name, date and message put on it printed over 5 lines with up to 60 characters. The box has a hinged lid and will look great with a bottle inside resting on some satin cloth.

Candles can make lovely gifts and this white candle says ‘A perfect love… 60 years …will last a lifetime’ on it with a pink and grey heart design. The 60 is inside a grey heart and the word years is inside a pink heart and there are pink and grey hearts around the writing too. It is 12.6 x 6.9 x 6.9cm and would make a lovely keepsake gift. It could be burned or just kept as an ornamental piece.

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