33 Beauty & The Beast Gift Ideas

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Beauty and the Beast is a lovely fairy tale and many adults and children really enjoy it, whether they like the Disney version or another one. If you know a fan of this enchanting tale, then you may like to buy them a gift that is related to it. It is not always easy to know what to get though and this is why we have put together a list of suggestions. We have included a selection of different items so that you will be able to find something that you think will be most suitable for the person that you are buying for and that will also fit in with your budget.

33 Gift Ideas for Beauty and The Beast Fans

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Chip is a classic character from the Disney film and fans will find this Chip mug really cute. It is made of porcelain and is 10cm high and 12cm across. It holds 266ml of drink and looks really lovely. It comes with an official Disney label on it and is an officially licensed product sold by Paladone. It would make a lovely collectable gift or could be used carefully and hand-washed.

Girls that are fans of Disneys Beauty and the Beast will enjoy wearing this Belle themed nightdress. It is yellow in colour with pretty gold trim on the waist, collar and cuffs. It is short-sleeved and made from 100% polyester. It features a picture of Belle on the top with a castle and stars behind her. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2-10 years of age. It is an officially licensed product.

Charm bracelets are really popular at the moment and this one has Beauty and the Beast inspired charms on it. It is silver in colour with an 18cm length and there are 10 different silver plated charms on it with coloured beads. The charms are a teapot, engraved circle with ‘tale as old as time’, grandfather clock, rose in a heart, castle, candelabra, princess, beast, mirror and cup. Comes in a gift box.

Purses are useful items to have and this one has a design based on the Beauty and the Beast film with Belle and the prince, a rose, the witch and a castle with a stained glass window look to it. The purse has lots of slots for cards as well as a note section and a coin section too. It is a trifold design and is made of polyester. Has a striking look to it.

Lovers of Beauty and the Beast will like this chopping board. It is made of wood and has been engraved with ‘Be our guest’ on it and has characters from the Disney film including Mrs Pots and Chip, LeFou, Lumiere and Fifi. The board is 25 x 25 x 2cm and has a carry handle on it and it can be used for chopping, displaying in a kitchen or for a cheeseboard.

Disney fans that have a charm bracelet will enjoy receiving this charm as a gift. It is a sterling silver and enamel bead which features Mrs Potts and Chip from the Disney film. They have pink, purple and blue enamel detailing on them. The charm is a Pandora one and will therefore fit on a Pandora charm bracelet (including the Beauty and the Beast themed one) and it comes with a Pandora gift box.

Figurines can make good gifts for Disney fans. This one is from the Disney Traditions Jim Shore collection and is called ‘Romance by Candlelight’. It features Lumiere and Plumette dancing together. It is crafted from stone resin and is hand-painted with the distinctive style you would expect from Jim Shore. It measures 5.75 x 3.5 x 4.375 inches. It will make a special gift for someone that likes ornamental items.

Ladies will enjoy wearing the t-shier which has a picture of Beauty and the Beast dancing on it with ‘True Love’ written on it. It is available in three colour options and sizes S-XL. It is short-sleeved with a round neck and a regular fit. It is made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester and is machine washable so easy to keep clean and should keep its shape.

Mugs are great gifts and this one has ‘Beauty is found within’ written on it in gold with a blue silhouette figure of Beauty and the Beast from the Disney movie on one side and the name of the film with a castle on the other side of it. It is made from porcelain and is 11oz in size. It comes boxed and is an officially licensed product.

Beauty and Beast fans may enjoy being given this trinket box. It is made from ceramic and it features Mrs Potts and Chip. You can lift the teapot lid and place small items inside. There is not a lot of storage space, but it would make a good ornament nevertheless. The characters are on a gold base that says ‘one lump or two?’ on it. It is 16.4 x 13.6 x 9.2cm.

Notebooks are handy items to have and this one comes with a pencil. It has a Belle theme with a picture of the Disney Princess on the cover and a rose design. It has 200 pages that are lined and can be used for all sorts of things such as keeping a journal, diary or general notebook. The pencil attaches to the spine with elastic loops and is also themed with ‘beauty is found within’ written on it.

Backpacks are handy for children to have and this one has a pop-out design of Belle on it. It is yellow and pink and has one large pocket in it with a themed zipper on it. It measures 28 x 25 x 10cm in size and has a hanging loop as well as adjustable straps on the back so it can be carried comfortably. Great for playgroup, nursery or infant school.

An experienced cross stitcher and fan of Beauty and the Beast will enjoy completing this piece. It measures 65 x 74cm and is 300 x 349 stitches in size. It comes with 14 count Aida and Egyptian cotton thread with needles, charts and instructions all included so everything that is needed to complete the piece. It is a large piece and this means that it could be off-putting for a beginner to even get started!

Diamond painting is getting really popular and fans of Beauty and the Beast may really enjoy having a go at this piece. It is 11.81 x 15.75 inches and features Belle and the Beast in front of the castle with a rainbow. It comes with the pen, tweezers, plate and glue needed to stick the beads onto the backing. It also includes all of the crystal rhinestones needed to make the picture.

Fans of Mrs Potts from the Disney Beauty and the Beast film will love this cute tea infuser. It has a stainless steel strainer to put the loose tea into and on the other end is a Mrs Potts figure that is weighted so it can hold the infuser in place while the tea brews. It is an officially licensed product and comes in Disney packaging.

Little girls will enjoy wearing these pink pyjamas. The top features Belle and the Beast with ‘smart and kind of heart’ on it and the trousers have a small Belle picture. They come in sizes suitable for ages 7-10 years of age. They are made from cotton apart from the polyester panel with the picture on. They have long sleeves and elasticated bottoms so they will be snug and warm to wear.

Photo frames can be nice items to give and this one comes on a stand with a rose. They are chrome plated so shine like silver and the frame says ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on it. The frame will fit a photo that is around 2 x 3 inches in size. The rose has a red crystal gemstone in the middle of it. It is a small and cute item which would make a good gift for those that like ornamental items.

Mugs are great for gifting and this one has a picture of Chip from Beauty and the Beast on it. It also says ‘Is it one lump or two?’ on it. The writing is towards the centre of the mug and there is a picture of Chip on each side, so it works for left or right handed people. It is 11 x 11 x 1.3cm in size and comes in a box.

Jigsaw fans will enjoy this lovely 1000 piece puzzle by Disney. It features Belle and the Beast walking down a staircase with some of the other film characters nearby. It is a collector’s edition and suitable for adults and children from age 12 years and above. It is made by Ravensburger and is 75 x 50cm when complete. The puzzle uses materials that are glare-free to make it easier to complete.

If you are looking for something unusual then this vinyl record clock could be just the thing. It is made from a record and has a picture of Beauty and the Beast carved into it. In the centre is the clock face. It is 12 inches and takes an AA battery. It is all ready to hang and has a reliable quartz movement. It is made from a recycled vinyl record so is an interesting novelty item.

Cosmetics bags are useful items to own and this one has a picture of Belle and the Beast on it with a stained glass window behind them with a rose. It is 9 x 6.5 x 6.2 inches in size and has a zip around it with a flip lid that has a grab handle on it. It has a zipped mesh pocket inside the lid to keeps things separate from the main section.

Fans of the Emma Watson Beauty and the Best film will enjoy receiving this bag as a gift. It is a small pouch 1.5 x 4.9 x 7.5 inches with a long handle that can be used as a crossbody bag or purse or to carry a phone. It has a flap over top with a press stud and three slots for credit cards inside. The main pocket has two sections.

Young fans of Beauty and the Beast will enjoy playing with this Belle doll. It is 28cm and comes in a gold sparkling satin gown with a ruched skirt and golden satin trim with gold gloves. It even includes a clip-on plastic pendant for the child to wear while they are playing with the doll (or any other time!). She is fully posable and comes in an official Disney Princess box.

This Beast plush toy will be a hit with any fan of the Disney film. He is made with soft feel fabric and is wearing his ball outfit with the blue jacket and also has lovely details such as fur, ears and claws. It is 19 x 26 x 43cm in size and is made from polyester. It is really cuddly and is an original product made from Disney Store. It is suitable for adults and children aged over a year old.

Children will enjoy trying out different hairstyles with this Belle styling head. It comes with a brush and hair accessories such as clips, bands and ties. The clips have characters from the film on them. It is 11.4 x 26.7 x 26cm and suitable for children aged three years and above. They will be able to have lots of fun trying out lots of different hairstyles for Belle.

Beauty and the Beast fans will like this blanket which has been printed with a scene from the film. The picture features Belle and the Beast with the castle in the background and pretty sky, streetlamp and some of the other film characters nearby. It is 50 x 40 inches in size and made of a soft material which means that it will be really cosy to snuggle under. It is machine washable, which means that it will be really easy to keep clean.

This is a Disney Traditions figure of Watch Cogsworth. It is made from resin and measures 6.4 x 3.5 x 10.8cm in size. It is designed by Jim Shore and therefore has the style and detail that you would expect from him. It looks almost like it is carved from wood. This little item will be a welcome addition to any Disney collection particularly a Beauty and the Beast one.

Ladies will enjoy wearing this Beauty and the Beast t-shirt. It has a picture featuring Belle and the Beast with other characters from the film (such as Chip and Lumiere) in front of them as well with the film name above them. It is made from pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton and comes in sizes S-XL in a boyfriend cut. It is an officially licensed product. Would make a lovely gift for fans of the film.

Word Art prints make fun items to hang on the wall. This one has a picture of Belle and the Beast on it made out of words of your choice. You can have words relevant to the film or to the person you are giving it to or both. It is A4 size and printed on high-quality white paper that is glossy and using non-fade ink. It will fit a standard certificate frame.

T-shirts are lovely gifts to give. This one has a sketch in black and white of Beauty and her prince and says ‘True Love’ on it with a red and green rose. It is available in sizes for children and adults and in two colour options. It has short sleeves and is made from a cotton and polyester blend fabric which is easy to wash and will keep its shape well. It is an officially licensed product.

Cute items can be welcome gifts and this is a little child tea set. It is the set of enchanted items from Beauty and the Beast and includes a teapot, sugar bowl, two spoons, two cups and two saucers. When you pour the teapot the eyes blink and Chip can wobble in his saucer. It is a very cute set for children in packaging from the Emma Watson film.

Lego can be a big hit with children and this set is suitable for those aged five years and above. It is a Disney set with Princess Belles storybook. It opens up to show the Beast’s castle inside and the ballroom. It comes with micro figures of Belle and the Beast (who transforms into the prince) as well as the magical rose, Mrs Potts, Chip and other characters. It is a fun set to build and to play with.

Money boxes are great gifts to give to children so that they can learn all about saving money as they will enjoy putting coins in the slot. This money box is shaped like a book and the cover shows ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with the characters on the front and staircase behind them. It has a coin slot in the top and is suitably sturdy for children to be able to use safely.

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