34 Gift Ideas for a Girls Christening

By Eve
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Christenings are lovely occasions and if you are invited then it is very likely that you will want to buy a gift for the baby. It is not always easy to work out what to get them though. You might something traditional or original, something practical or a keepsake. There are lots to choose from. We have put together a list with a variety of items that will allow you to be able to have a good look at your options and then you should find that you can get just the right gift. There are different prices too, so it is easier for you to find something in your budget.

34 Presents for a Girls Christening

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Keepsake boxes can make great gifts. This one is a blue colour with a pink elephant and hearts on it. It also says ‘My Special Keepsakes’ on the lid. The clasp has a heart on it which says ‘Mummy and Daddy Love me’ on it. The box is 7.5cm high, 16cm wide and 16.5cm deep. It would be great for small items such as scan photos, first curls, teeth, booties etc.

A cross and chain can be a very fitting christening present. This one is made from 925 sterling silver and the cross has cubic zirconia crystals on it in either clear or pink. The pendant is 8mm x 15mm and the chain is 40cm long. It looks elegant but also has a sparkle that will catch the eye. It comes with a gift box so it makes a great present.

Keepsake items can be lovely things to give for a Christening gift. This one is a guardian angel Christening keepsake. It comes on a card that has a poem on it about how the angle brings love and will keep the child safe. It also has a cross pendant in the gift box together with it. The gift box is pretty and therefore it will all look really good when you hand it over.

Photo frames make lovely gifts and this one has a Christening Angel on it with a poem. The frame will hold a 6 x 4 sized photo and it is pink in colour. The angel is a three-dimensional pendant attached to the frame to the right of the picture with the poem underneath. The poem explains how the angel will be a guide. The frame is free-standing and comes boxed.

Cinderella is a big favourite with many people and therefore this Cinderella carriage will be enjoyed by most people. It has a horse and two carriages on for ‘my first tooth’ and the other for ‘my first curl’. They are silver plated and so look really pretty and shiny. It comes in a box which has a satin lining so it will look really special. The wheels go round so it can be played with.

Silver gifts are traditional items given for Christenings. This one is a rocking horse that is 9 x 3 x 6cm in size. It has pink Swarovski crystals in it to decorate it and make it sparkle. It has a shiny silver colour and therefore looks like silver. It comes packed in a gift box which means that it is all ready to give away as a Christening gift.

Gift sets can be lovely items to give. This one has three items in it. There is a photo frame which says ‘It’s a girl’ on it with hearts and bow. There are also two storage pots on says ‘My first curl’ and the other says ‘my first tooth’. They all have a satin look to them and are white with pink printing. The frame takes a 2 x 3-inch photo. They come together in a satin lined gift box.

Bracelets can make cute Christening gifts. This one is silver plated and it has a pretty heart design on it. It can be changed in size so can fit a baby and be extended to make it a larger size. It comes in a presentation gift box, which means that it is all ready to hand over without the need to wrap it up yourself or if you do want to wrap it, it will be easy to do so.

Personalised items can make very special gifts. This is a lovely piece of artwork that has a name on it. It has a rabbit holding a balloon and the child’s name and birth date on it. It is a pretty print and is A4 size which means that it will be easy to find a frame to fit it in. It comes unframed which means that you will be able to choose the frame that you feel will be the most suitable for it.

Charm bracelets make great gifts at any age. This one can be personalised as well. It is possible to have a name put on it as well as choosing the birthstones. The bracelet is silver in colour and is rhodium plated with cubic zirconia stones so that it is really shiny and sparkly. It fits a wrist that is 7-8 inches in size and can be adjusted. It comes in a box.

Christening bracelets can be lovely items to give. They can be worn on the day and on other special occasions and then kept in a memory box. This one is silver plated and therefore is very pretty to look at. It has a heart design on it. It comes in a pretty presentation box which it can be stored in when it is not being used and will look lovely when it is being handed over as a gift.

A charm bracelet is something that little girls often like and so can make a great christening gift. This one has a selection of beads on it, there are pink crystals, silver stars and sparkly rhinestone flowers as well as a pendant of a unicorn. The bracelet is 16cm and silver-plated and it will fit most girls. It comes in a gift box so you do not even need to wrap it up.

Trinket boxes can make lovely keepsakes and this one can be personalised with any name, date or message including a Christening wish. It has a rose design on it around the edge of the lid and in the centre is room for it to be engraved. The box is silver plated and it has a red velour inner lining so will be ideal for keeping precious things in. It is 11 x 5 x 8cm in size and comes in a gift box.

Comforters are popular and this one can be personalised with a name. It is a square with an elephant on it and measures 30 x 30cm in size and can have a name put on it. It is very soft and cuddly and has crinkle corners so it helps with stimulation as well as being a comforting item to cuddle and hold. Makes a lovely gift for any occasion including a Christening.

Personalised gifts can be really special and this is a print which can have all sorts of personal information on it You can give details so that it will have the child’s name, date of birth, weight, time of birth and place of birth and parents’ names and it will all be laid out on a very pretty print with bunting and other pictures on it. It is available in different sizes and framed or unframed.

Toys can make great gifts because they will be able to decorate a nursery and then be played with by the child as they get older. This is a plush donkey which is really cute. It is washable and safe for babies from birth so could be put in a cot or Moses basket with the child. It is brown and cream with pink details on the tail, head and some pink stitching on it as well.

Beaded bracelets can be very pretty and look good when being worn as well as being kept as mementoes. This one has seven beads on it and there is a rocking horse, carriage, cross, year, angel, bootee and fairy. It has a 15cm display chain with a snap fastener to close it. Some of the beads have rhinestones so they will sparkle and look pretty. It comes with a gift box.

Jewellery boxes can make lovely gifts for a christening as they can be used to store keepsakes. This one has a pretty art deco / floral style and there is space on the lid to engrave a name and sate. It is silver plated and so gave a lovely shine to it and it is 80 x 75 x 40mm in size and so it is a cute size. It comes in a gift box.

A money box makes a great gift for a child, to encourage them to save their money. Children love putting money in the slot and counting how much they have. This one is silver in colour and so it looks good as a christening gift. It is in the shape of a cute rocking horse with flowers below it. It comes boxed, which means that it is all ready to give away as a gift.

A rag doll can make a lovely gift. This one has a pretty red dress with white polka dots and a lace hem and collar. She has long brown hair and a cute bonnet. The doll is available in different sizes so you will be able to choose which you think will be best as well as in different colours. She is cute and cuddly and little girls will really love to play with it.

Rosary beads can make a great christening gift. This is a set of pretty beads which are pink hearts on a silver chain with an ornate cross pendant. They are also available in white or blue and come in a white satin drawstring purse so they are all ready to give away and can be kept safe and clean when not being used. They are 49cm long and the cross is 3.5cm in size.

Cute toys can make lovely gifts for Christenings. This one is a bunny who is wearing a cute pink dress and pink shoes with a neckerchief. It is 14 x 7 x 32cm in size and is made from plush material. It is therefore really soft and cuddly. The dress has a Velcro fastening so can be removed and the whole thing is washable so it can be easily kept clean.

Engraved items can be really lovely to receive as gifts, especially on special occasions. This bracelet has a flat panel to engrave a name on it. It is made from sterling silver and has a diamond set into the bar where the engraving is. It is 17cm but can be adjusted to be 13cm and 15cm as well. The bar measures 4 x 32 x 1mm and is suitable for children of all ages.

Cross and chains can make really suitable christening gifts. This one has a modern look to it with the cross having a floral and modern twist to it. It is made from sterling silver and the chain is 16 inches and can be adjusted to 14 inches to make it shorter so it can fit different ages of child. It comes in a luxury branded jewellery box, all ready to give away.

Money boxes are useful items for children to have, ensuring they understand the importance of saving money. This one can be personalised with a name and first letter on it so that it is really special. The type is pink and there is a floral design on it as well. It is made from ceramic and measures 10 x 8 x 10cm in size. There is a bung in the bottom to remove the money.

A silver bangle is a traditional item to give as a christening gift. This one is made from 925 sterling silver and is plain in design with ‘little princess’ engraved on it. It can be altered in size and is suitable for babies and toddlers to wear or may just be held on to as a keepsake. It arrives in a gift box so it is easy to gift wrap or ready to hand over just as it is.

Memory boxes are lovely items to have where parents can put by precious items for their children. This one is a wooden box that is pink with stars and can be personalised with the child’s name. It has a hinged lid so is easy to use and is 7 x 16 x 16cm in size. It has a pretty ribbon on the front of it. It is laser engraved with the name and words ‘special memories’ on the top.

Keepsake boxes can vary but they all make great gifts. This one is pink with a silver-plated lid. It has a picture of a sky with clouds and a kite, a rocking horse, teddy and bottle on it. It can be engraved on the top but you will have to find someone to do it. The box is 22 x 6.5 x 17cm in size and has a velvet-like lining to it, to keep everything safe inside.

Storage cases can be handy items to have, to protect special things. This is a set of two hinged boxes which have pretty pictures on and ‘sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of’ printed on them. They are made of MDF and covered in faux leather. There are two boxes and they are 20 x 23 x 30cm and 14 x 16 x 22cm in size.

Personalised gifts can be very special and this one has the child’s name and year of birth on it. It is a pink toy unicorn and the print is on its tummy. It is mainly pink in colour with a white tummy and bottom of its feet. It has a sparkly horn and the print is also sparkly. It is made by a family run business and is carefully hand packaged.

Candles can be ideal as christening presents. This one is six inches tall and is white with a picture on it that is a sticker so may be able to be removed when the candle is lit. The picture shows a baby and says underneath it ‘Blessings on the Christening of your baby girl’. The candle is wrapped in cellophane and is tied with a pink ribbon. Makes a lovely keepsake gift or could be used as well.

Bangles can make lovely gifts and this one is made from solid 925 sterling silver and has a baby feet design. It has a heart and message on the lid of the gift box which says ‘there’s nothing quite so sweet as little tiny babies feet’. The bracelet comes in the blue gift box which is leatherette and comes in a matching gift bag. It is adjustable and suitable for babies to wear.

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