31 Gift Ideas for Christenings

By Louise
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When you are invited to a christening you will want to take a present for the baby. It is not always easy to know what sort of gift to buy though. You will want something that is different to other guests and you will have to decide whether you want it to be a keepsake or a useful gift or perhaps a mix of the two. We have put together a list of items so that we can help you to make up your mind. We have chosen a mix of things so that you should be able to find the right gift for the child that you are buying for.

31 Presents for a Christening

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It can be traditional to buy a baby a bangle and this one is sterling silver. It is extendable so that it can be adjusted to fit around a growing wrist. It is 4.8cm in diameter and can expand to 5.2cm so is designed to be worn until the age of three. It is hallmarked inside the bangle. It comes in a pink branded box so can be sent directly or given in person.

A keepsake gift can come in different forms and this one is a guardian angel. It is a pendant that comes on a ribbon and says on it ‘this angel is sent from heaven above and is give to you with an abundance of love to keep you safe whatever you do a gift of an angel is given to you’. It comes in a branded gift box with a cross pendant as well.

Silver gifts are traditional for a christening and this is a lovely boxed set. The items are silver plated and include a picture frame, egg cup, spoon and napkin ring. The frame is ornate with ‘My Christening Day’ written on it with a pram and stars design and has space for a 3 x 3 inch photo. It all comes in a silver-toned presentation box with a satin lining.

Money boxes can make great gifts as they encourage a child to save money. It can be fun for them putting coins into the box and hearing them fall in as well as seeing how much they can collect. This money box is really cute as it a train pulling a carriage. In the carriage there are boxes for a first tooth and first curl so it can be great for keeping things safe.

It can be lovely to have an album to put Christening photos in. This one, which is white with a silver teddy motif in the front, can be a lovely gift to give. Under the teddy, it says ‘My Christening’. It is 20.4 x 18.6 x 5.8cm in size and has space to write under each photo. It takes 4 x 6 inch photos and it holds 100 photos altogether.

Photograph frames can make lovely gifts as they can display a keepsake picture. This one is white with a cross and ‘Christening Day’ written on it in pastel grey lettering with a pretty star design. It has space to hold a 6 x 4 inch photo and you will be able to give it as a gift so that a photo taken on the day of the christening can be put in it.

If you want to give a keepsake gift then this rocking horse ornament could be just the thing. It is 9 x 7 x 2cm in size and silver in colour. It is adorned with pink Swarovski crystals both on the rocker in a small size and on the body of the horse in a larger size. It comes boxed and so is all ready to give away or to have sent directly.

It can be lovely to have some precious memories to keep as baby grows. This hand and footprint kit will allow parents to be able to make a lasting memory. It comes with everything needed to safely produce the prints and with a frame so that they can be framed alongside two small pictures of the baby. The frame is white which means that the prints and picture will stand out.

A set of cutlery can be a useful and cute gift to give for a Christening. This set is silver plated and comes with a knife, fork and spoon. Each has a teddy on the end of the handle and a star design down the handle. They come in an attractive white gift box and gift bag which means that it looks really pretty. It also comes with a gift tag which you can write on before handing over.

Sports fans will appreciate being given this money box for their babies. It is in the shape of a football or rugby boot and is silver plated so looks really shiny. It is 12.8 x 9.2 x 7.4 and it looks authentic as it even has studs on the sole. It has a slot in the top to pop coins inside so a child can learn about saving money. It comes boxed so makes a great gift.

Photo frames can make a great gift as they give a place to display photos which provide memories. This one has a Christening angel on it and has some text about how you are now under the care and guidance of the angel. It is pink in colour and has space for a 6 x 4 inch portrait photograph to be displayed in it. The frame is free-standing and comes boxed.

Some people might like to buy baby their first set of rosary beads as a christening present. This set is very pretty as the beads are heart-shaped with a pearlescent finish to them. They come on a chain which is 49cm and there is a silver-coloured cross at the end which is 3.5cm in length. The beads come in a white satin drawstring bag so they are ready to give away.

A personalised gift can be a lovely thing to give for any occasion. This pillowcase can be made really special with a letter and name printed on it. It is 40 x 40cm and has a letter on it and the name of your choice. It can be printed in pink or blue. There is also a Peter Rabbit picture on it as well. It has a hidden zipper closure so a pillow can be easily inserted.

Gift sets can be lovely if you want a traditional gift idea and this one is for a brush and comb. They are silver plated on the handles so look really special. They both feature a teddy bear and stars design on them. They come in an attractive gift box which means that they can be used as a keepsake gift but they could also be displayed in the nursery and used on babies hair.

Musical gifts can be enchanting items to give to babies and this will make a lovely keepsake too. It is a music carousel with a Teddy Bears’ picnic theme and plays the lullaby, Hush Little Baby. It is made of pewter so has a lovely silvery colour to it and is heavyweight. It comes in a wooden gift box which has a hinged lid. It is 7cm x 8cm in size.

It can be lovely to have a holder for a christening certificate and this silver-plated one can be engraved with a name. It is a lovely oblong box which is hinged and has a space to engrave up to 50 characters on the lid. The lid also has a picture of a church and some doves and says ‘Christening certificate’ on it. It is 230 x 42 x 42mm in size and it comes boxed.

First tooth and curl trinket boxes can be something which some parents would really like for a christening present. This set is silver plated and each box has a Winnie-the-Pooh design. The first tooth box has Tigger on it and the curl box has Pooh and Piglet on it. They come in a Disney branded gift box which is white with a fabric gift bag. Would look lovely displayed in a nursery.

A cross and chain is a traditional Christening present and this one has a modern look to it. In the centre of the cross is a genuine freshwater pearl. The necklace measure 14-16 inches and so will fit a child for a long time and into adulthood. It is hallmarked as it is made from sterling silver. It comes in a pink jewellery box with a bow so no need to even wrap it up.

Some people like to thank the godparents with a gift on the occasion of a Christening. This pocket watch could make a great gift as it is engraved with ‘My Christening Day Godfather’ and has a picture of St Christopher on it. It is a solid pewter case and the watch inside has quartz battery movement. It comes with a 350mm Albert chain and clip. Comes in a satin lined presentation gift box.

Blankets can be useful gifts for babies but they may not be the obvious Christening gift. This one has a bible verse on from Psalm 139 though and so it makes it a good choice. It is a soft blanket which is lightweight and breathable and is made from 100% cotton muslin. It is lovely and soft and will be cosy and comfortable to wrap baby in or use on their cot.

Socks can be a useful gift and these are white and embroidered with pretty crosses on them with a roll-top design. They come in two size options 0-6 months and 6-12 months. They are made from 75% cotton, 23% polyester and 2% elastane. They are machine washable so easy to keep clean and looking good and they are suitable for boys or girls to wear as part of their Christening outfit.

A special print can make a lovely gift and this one is A4 size and comes in blue and grey. It has the name of the child on it as well as their birth date, weight and time they were born. It has a footprint and cute elephant design with hearts and at the bottom, it says ‘Welcome to the World’. It is printed on 300gsm white card and therefore all ready to frame.

A useful gift can be very welcome ad this wooden stool will be something that a child can sit on but it will also be special. This one has a Noah’s ark picture on it but also is personalised with a Christening date and name, although it could also be engraved with other occasions such a birth or birthday. It would look very pretty in any nursery. It is made from pine and is 24cm tall.

Music boxes can fascinate babies and young children and calm them down too. This is why they can make lovely gifts. This one has a carved wooden shell and inside the lid says ‘Jesus Loves Me’ which is the name of the tune that plays when the handle is turned. It needs no batteries as it is hand-cranked. It is a cute size at 6.5 x 5 x 3.8cm.

Guardian angel gifts can be touching items to give for a Christening. This is a hanging one which has a cord to hang it up. It is made of porcelain and it says on it in black writing ‘Guardian angels up above please protect the ones we love’ and there is a heart printed underneath. It is 19.2 x 12.4 x 5.6cm in size and makes a sentimental gift idea.

Storage boxes can be very useful items to give away as gifts and these two trunks are pretty as well. They have ‘What are Little Girls Made of?’ printed on the lid with a picture of a girl and on the front, it says ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ with a picture of a cat. They are 20 x 23 x 30cm and 14 x 16 x 22cm and covered in faux leather with studded metal corners.

Towels are very useful and this white one makes a lovely Christening gift. It is 59 x 30 inches and has gold embroidery on it. A cross with a swirly pattern under it and the word ‘my baptism’ make up the pattern on it. The towel is made of 84.5% polyester and 15.5% nylon so it is soft and absorbent and it is also durable. It is also machine washable so easy to keep clean.

Christening dresses can be family heirlooms but if there is not one in the family then it will need to be bought. This Christening dress is white and comes with a bonnet. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 0-24 months. It has a cotton lining so is comfortable and it has a lace design on the outside. It has a zipper on the back so it is easy to get on and off. It has long sleeves so is warm and a bubble hem.

Candles have links to christenings and so it can make them a great gift idea. This one is six inches and it has a picture of a baby on it. At the bottom, it says ‘blessings on the Christening of your baby girl’. It is wrapped in plastic to preserve it with a pretty pink bow on the top. It could be used during the ceremony instead of a plain one or as a keepsake gift.

It can be lovely to have a keepsake book like this for a Christening. It has special messages and verses inside and also spaces to writes details of the ceremony, names of the godparents, guests names etc. There is even space to stick in photographs which means that it will be a lovely keepsake for parents and baby. It measures 10 x 13.5cm and has a padded illustration cover which is blue.

Journals can be used for all sorts of purposes and the ‘My Life Story’ journal could be a great item for parents to fill in for their child as it grows. The book has lined and plain pages so that photos can be stuck in as well as things written by the side. It is something which children can then take over filling out as they get older. The book has 1000 pages and a slipcase.

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