35 Cross Stitch Gift Ideas

By Eve
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Cross Stitching is a popular crafting hobby. There are lots of people that have a go at it and it could be the case that you know someone that enjoys it. If you do, then you might like to buy them gifts that are related to that hobby. We know that can be a bit tricky though as it is not always easy to know what to buy. That is why we have put together a list of items that we think would be ideal for any cross stitcher. This means that you will be able to take a look through and decide which might suit the person that you are buying for.

35 Presents for Cross Stitch Fans

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A beginner to cross stitching might like this set of items. There are lots of different items to start a collection. There are three embroidery hoops of different sizes. There are 72 threads in different colours. There are three pieces of Aida cloth. Also included are water-soluble pens, a pincushion, line wax, tape measure, stitch ripper, embroidery needles, cross stitch threading tool, thimble, scissors, untwist tool and a storage box.

Cross-stitchers may like this embroidery set. There are three different embroidery kits in the set, each with a floral theme. The kit comes with a bamboo hoop, three pieces of different coloured embroidery cloth which has a pattern printed on it so you know where to sew it, a set of embroidery threads for each of the designs and needles with a  threader and instructions which are suitable for beginners to follow.

Cacti fans may enjoy this set of three embroidered plant kits. They are simple to stitch and each has a selection of cacti pictured on them with flowers. There is a piece of printed fabric for each design with the correct coloured threads and instructions to make the picture. The kits also include a bamboo embroidery hoop, needles, threading tool and instructions. Therefore, there is everything needed to sew them.

An embroidery starter set could be useful for those just starting out with cross-stitching. This one includes five different sized hoops, three pieces of Aida cloth and 100 threads in different colours. There are also water-soluble pens, pincushion, pins, line wax, needles, floss bobbins, needle threading tool, thimble, untwist tool and instructions. Everything needed to get started with any design. It can be used for cross stitching or other embroidery stitches.

Deer or animal lovers may really like this colourful deer cross stitch kit. It is 50 x 66cm in size and it comes with the cotton threads needed to complete it. The canvas has the pattern marked on it in water-soluble ink so it can be gently washed out when the picture is complete. There is also a needle included with full instructions on matching the colours and where to sew. It is simple with just six simple stitch types required.

It can be traditional and lovely to celebrate the birth of a baby with a cross stitch pattern. This one has a cute Winnie-the-Pooh design with four characters from the stories. At the bottom, there is space to put a name, weight and birthdate. It comes with the 14 count Aida and 100% cotton threads with full instructions on how to complete the picture. It comes in two size options.

If you want to introduce kids to cross stitch then this kit could be useful. It includes everything you need to make six different cross stitch designs. There are two plastic needles, 36 coloured yarns and 6 plastic Aida cross-stitch boards. The boards are packed with the corresponding threads so it is easy to get started. The designs include a dog, cat, butterfly and heart.  Full instructions are included.

Bird enthusiasts will enjoy this cross stitch set with four bullfinches on a branch. It has cotton cloth which is accurately printed to make it easy to do. It comes with cotton threads to complete the picture. The threads are soft and brightly coloured which will not fade and they do not get fuzzy or break. It is 68 x 26cm in size and comes with an easy pattern to follow.

Children or beginners may enjoy stitching this cute unicorn design. It is a 11Ct stamped kit which means that the pattern is printed on the fabric to make it easier. The fabric is 18 x 22cm and there are 17 different coloured threads. It also comes with a needle and drawing with full instructions so it will be easy to complete the picture ready to hang it up on a wall.

More experienced cross stitchers may enjoy this countryside themed kit. It is 75 x 54cm in size and 350 x 262 stitches. It has 14 count Aida which is made from cotton. The thread also comes with it and it is made from Egyptian cotton. There are also needles, charts and instructions all included in the kit. This means that you have everything that you need to sew the whole picture.

Beginners may feel comfortable stitching this pair of birds in pink and blue with tails intertwined. They come in a pack with the cloth, needles, threads and instructions. The cloth has the pattern printed on it to make it easier to work out whether you need to stitch it and what colour. The print can be washed out once the stitching has been completed. There is everything included that you will need to complete the picture.

Animal and cat lovers will not be able to resist this cute and pretty cross-stitch picture which has four cartoon kitten in mugs on it. It measures 37 x 17cm in size and comes with white Aida which forms the plain background. It has all of the threads needed included in the kit as well as the needle and instructions. There is also a chart that is easy to follow. The canvas is not stamped though so is not suitable for beginners.

Wolf lovers will enjoy sewing this stamped embroidery kit with a wintry wolf image on it. The printed pattern makes it easier to sew but this will disappear in water so can be washed away when complete. It measures 27 x 39cm in size and has 17 different coloured threads with it. It also includes needles and full instructions with a chart. There are six different types of stitched used on the picture.

Children will enjoy sewing these mini cross stitch designs. There are six different keyrings or backpack charms to make. They have pictures of ice cream, heart, mermaid, rainbow, butterfly and strawberry on them. The pattern is printed on the cloth and it will wash off afterwards. The hoops are included and can be used afterwards as frames. There are also cloths, threads, keyrings, needles and manual all included.

A black Labrador is the subject of this 8 x 11cm cross stitch kit from Anchor. It comes with white Aida fabric and uses Anchor stranded cotton. It is an advanced level pattern to complete. There are nine different threads in the kit which also includes the needle, chart and fabric so you get everything needed to sew it. Due to the small size you will need good light and good eyesight to sew it.

Christmas cross stitch patterns can be a lot of fun to complete and then display. This one is made by Heritage and has a lovely snowy scene with a cottage, bridge and Christmas tree. It is 31 x 22cm in size. It comes with the 14 count Aida fabric needed, pre-sorted and stranded cotton, needle, chart and instructions. It is a counted cross stitch design with no printing on the fabric.

A cute cow is the subject of this cross stitch image. It is made by Bothy Threads and is 26 x 26cm in size when complete. It is a counted cross stitch design so there is no pattern on the canvas, so is designed for more advanced stitchers. It comes with pre-sorted cotton as well as a needle. There is also a chart and full instructions on how to complete the design.

Fox fans will enjoy completing this cross stitch picture featuring a fox and some poppies. It is a Hannah Dale design so is really cute. It is 26 x 26cm in size and comes with pre-sorted cotton threads so it is easier to get started. It comes with instructions that are easy to follow and uses full cross stitch and backstitch. It is suitable for all abilities but it is not printed on the fabric so you will know how to count the stitches.

Santa is the feature on this cute cross stitch cushion cover. It is 40 x 40cm which means that it will take a standard-sized cushion inside. Santa’s face is featured and he wears a plaid hat, gloves and coat and there is a reindeer in the background. The canvas has large holes and is hand-painted. It comes with thick acrylic yarn as well as a needle. You will need to add on your own cushion back.

Riolis has made this cute little cross stitch set featuring a little boar standing among grasses and blue flowers. It has wool/acrylic yarn included and will be 13 x 13cm when it is complete. It has instructions in six languages inside. It also includes a stitch template, count fabric and needles. It is a beginner set as it is small and needs cross stitch and backstitch abilities for completing it.

Those that enjoy cross-stitch might also enjoy this sunflower embroidery kit which is designed for beginners. The design is printed on the embroidery cloth to make it easier and it has full instructions. It comes with an embroidery hoop which can be used as a frame when the piece is complete. It also comes with needles and thread so you have everything you need to complete the design.

Anyone starting a sewing hobby could really benefit from this starter kit. It has lots of different items which should make it easy to get going. There are 96 different coloured threads, digital patterns, 5 different sized hoops and 4 Aida cloths. It also has water-soluble pens, needles in different sizes, threading tools, thimbles, scissors and a seam ripper. Lots of items to get started with.

Hannah Dale has designed this very cute Robin counted cross stitch design. The kit has everything that you need to sew the robin. It has 1 count Aida with printed speckled background, pre-sorted cotton, needles, stitch diagram and instructions. When finished it measures 26cm x 26cm in size. It uses full cross-stitches and back stitches. The fabric is not printed with the robin design so you have to use a chart to work out how to place the picture.

Animal lovers, especially those that like giraffes will enjoy sewing this cute picture of a Mother and baby giraffe. It is a cross-stitch picture that will measure 20 x 23cm when it is complete. It comes with the 100% cotton threads needed to complete it. This is a counted cross-stitch so you have to use the pattern to work out where to stitch rather than having any printing on the canvas itself.

If you want to gift a lot of sewing items then these four embroidery pictures could be worth a thought. There are four in the set, each with a different floral design. They come together with the coloured threads and the tools needed. The cotton fabric is a different colour for each design and there are hoops to go with each one. The threads and needles are included along with full instructions.

DMC has made this embroidery kit to celebrate a birth. It has a very cute elephant design with a heart of flowers and spaces to put a name and date of birth on it. It comes with stranded cotton embroidery thread and a needle as well as the Aids fabric. There are full instructions including a chart for each letter and number to help with the personalisation. It is 35 x 35cm.

This cross stitch will make an impact when it has been completed as it is a picture of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from across the river. It is 14 count Aida, so not printed on the fabric and therefore more suitable for more advanced stitchers. It comes with cotton thread in 32 different colours on a pre-sorted thread card. It is 13.78 x 16.54 inches when complete.

Heritage Crafts has made this bee on lavender sewing kit. It has Zweigart fabric and DMC cottons which are sorted onto numbered cards. It also has a needle and full charts and instructions which are easy to follow. It is 11.5 x 17cm in size. There are quite a few half stitches as well as detailed backstitching so not for complete beginners but suitable for a more experienced embroiderer.

Cat fans will enjoy looking at the cute cat face embroidery when it has been finished and framed. It comes with 50cm x 41cm stamped fabric. It also includes all of the cotton threads which have been pre-sorted. It has metallic needles included as well as full instructions to complete it. The printing on the canvas is water-soluble so it can be soaked off when the sewing has been completed.

This stamped cross stitch image will be easy to complete and makes a fun picture of a stack of colourful vintage teacups. It comes with the cotton thread in 30 colours all pre-sorted onto a thread card. It also has two needles with it. There are instructions included which are easy to follow and so this kit is suitable for beginners or those with some moderate cross stitch experience.

Kids will enjoy having a go at this cross stitch pattern of a cute mermaid. It comes with the cotton embroidery cloth, the hoop, threads and needles. There are instructions with details on how to deal with the threads, a picture of the finished item and a printed pattern. It even tells you how to frame it when it is done. The fabric is 9.5 x 20cm in size and it has the image printed on it to make it easier to sew.

It can be lovely to cross-stitch an image to celebrate the birth of a baby. This kit comes with everything you need to create a cute picture of booties with babies details underneath. It has the fabric and cotton threads included with it. It will measure 19 x 16cm when it has been completed. It includes a chart and instructions so you know how to complete the picture.

A striking cross-stitch picture can really stand out when framed on the wall. This one is Paris in the rain with a black and white picture of a street and the Eifel Tower with a red umbrella. It is 35 x47cm in size and contains the fabric, thread, needles and instructions with black and white charts. There are different stitch types needed so you will need to be a fairly experienced stitcher.

Elephant lovers will enjoy stitching and looking at this lovely picture. It is a counted cross-stitch picture which means the canvas is blank. It measures 18.9 x 24.4 inches and comes with needles and cotton thread which are sorted on a thread card. The instructions included and the chart are really easy to follow. It is not intended for a beginner as the picture is not printed on the fabric, so you will need some experience to do it.

A beginner to sewing will really appreciate this big embroidery collection. It includes lots of different items including 200 threads all different colours, different sized hoops and Aida cloth. It also has lots of small items such as a pincushion, threading tools, pins, tape measure, stitch ripper, thimble and transfer paper. It is a useful set to start experimenting and having fun with particularly for someone who has very few embroidery items.

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