31 Gift Ideas for CrossFit Fans

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Many people are into fitness these days and Crossfit is a specific type that a lot of people enjoy. It is something which can use equipment and therefore it may be useful for you to buy anyone that is into it, specific items that will help them. They can make gift ideas which will be welcomed by them and you will be able to know that you are getting them something that they will really appreciate and enjoy. We have therefore put together a list of items that we think will be appealing to those people that enjoy cross-training so that you can use it to help you to pick something for them.

31 Presents for Crossfit Fans

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Home gyms could benefit from this set of stackable boxes. They are great for training and they can be set to different heights by putting them on top of each other. There are four of them and they are different heights. They are made from shock-absorbing foam to reduce the stress on the joints when landing on them so the chance of injury is much lower. They have a durable PVC cover.

A skipping rope is great for keeping fit and this one can be adjusted in size so it is perfect for the person using it. It comes in a choice of colours and is made from steel rope coated in PVC so it is light and hard-wearing. It has adjustment screws to change the length so it can be used by people of different heights really easily. Skipping is a great form of cardio exercise.

A squat box can be a useful piece of equipment to use in the home. This one can easily be adjusted to different height levels. It can be bolted down so that it is more secure and safe and the fixings are included. It has a large padded cushion which has a wipe-clean vinyl cover. The height can be adjusted from 34cm to 46.5cm. These box squats help develop the posterior chain muscles.

Many people like to work out using fitness ropes. These are made with high-density poly Dacron which is wear-resistant and will not deform even with a lot of use. It has three twisted strands which will not get loose. It is black and will not easily stain. It has a thickened rubber coating on the end so that they will not slip out of the hand. It comes in a selection of different length options.

A lot of people like to work out with a kettlebell. This is a portable kettle grip so can be taking with you when travelling but also could be useful for home use. It is just 1lb in weight but can be used to lift a dumbbell. It opens up and the rod of the dumbbell can be gripped in it so that you can lift a dumbbell in the way that you would lift a kettlebell. Another advantage is that you can change the size of the weights you put in it so will not need to buy lots of different kettlebells.

Kettlebells are used for working out by a lot of people. These are competition prograde ones and there are different weight options. They are manufactured from cast steel and they are all the same size and shape despite being different weights. The weights are in 4kg increments from 8kg – 32kg. Each weight is a different colour so if you have multiple it is easy to see the difference between them.

If you are looking for a fun way to change up your exercises then this could work. It is a special exercise workout game designed by a military fitness expert. It comes with a booklet and video instructions. There are dice sets with beginner, intermediate or expert exercises on them and the idea is to throw the dice to find out which exercise to do and how many reps.

Medicine balls are used for all sorts of fitness training and Bodyrip make rubber versions. They have a choice of weights and they are all heavy-duty and durable. They are designed to have a good grip surface so they are easy to use. They can be used for lots of different exercise activities to strengthen abs and core, back, arms and legs so can give an all-round workout.

A weighted sandbag can be used for strength training exercises. These are available in different weight and colour options. They are made from leather which is resilient and so can cope with all sorts of fitness routines and will last a long time. It has a zipper closure so you can add more filling if you want to make it heavier. The nylon handles are really tough so they will not fray or tear and they are in different positions for different types of exercising.

A logbook can be a useful way to keep track of your workouts. This one has a handy spiral binding so it will stay in good condition. It has 140 pages so plenty of room to write in it. As well as having a way to keep track of what workouts you are doing it also has suggestions for workouts so that you can choose one if you are not sure what you want to do that day.

A fitness kit can be a handy way to get a lot of equipment in one go. This includes a dual abdominal roller wheel, knee pad, speed skipping rope and push up bars. This means that it is possible to do several different types of exercises just with a few items. The roller helps strengthen the core, the push-ups will help the upper body and the skipping rope will be a great cardio tool.

Abdominal exercises are something that many people are keen to do. This set includes a roller for working those abs as well as a pad to kneel on while doing it. There is also a skipping rope included to get a cardio workout and some push-up bars so that you can work the upper body. They are all a smart black colour and come together in a box ready to gift.

Having a good skipping rope can mean that you will get a really good cardio workout. This one is available in a choice of colours and is made from steel with a durable PVC coating. It is designed to be able to spin really quickly so it is possible to skip extremely fast without it tangling up. The handle is made of foam and has grooves in it so that it is easy to keep a good grip on it.

The HIIT Game is a fun activity to help with getting fit. It was designed by a military fitness expert and has video instructions included with it. There is no need to have any extra equipment as all of the suggested exercises can be done without them. The workouts are 4-20 minutes and the difficulty gets progressively harder. It is very easy to start, just scan the cards with a smartphone and you will get a demo of the exercise.

Making a game out of exercising can not only make it more fun but also help you to vary your routine and learn different exercises. This is a set of Barbell exercise cards with video instructions. They will show you different types of exercises that you can do. There are 52 different ones and you will be able to shuffle them and pick a few out to try or work through them in order. Each exercise has a video demonstration to accompany it.

A notebook can be a handy item to give and this one has a fun cover that shows someone weight lifting and says ‘World’s Okayest Crossfitter’ on the front of it. It has lined pages inside and there are 110 of them, so plenty of room. The journal is 6 x 9 inches in size so is a portable size or easy to store at home. It can be used for all sorts of things, such as recording workout details.

Exercise dice can make working out more fun. There are two giant dice in this set. One has the name of the exercise such as push-ups or jumping jacks and the other has the amount such as twenty reps or sixty seconds. It can be a good way to mix up your workout and keep things fresh every day. They are bright orange with black writing so easy to read and they are made from durable vinyl.

The boxing reflex kit can be used to improve reaction speed for all sorts of sports. It comes with a headband that has a small ball on it and the idea is to hit the ball. There are advanced and beginners sets with different weights of balls which move different amounts to make them easy or hard to hit. They have an irregular bounce so you always have to be aware of where it is to hit it.

Those that work out using resistance bands may enjoy this set of cards which have a selection of different exercises on them. There are 52 cards, each with a different exercise suggestion on them. There is also a video for each card so you can make sure that you do it properly. The idea is that you can pick different cards to change up your exercise routine each time you use the bands to keep things varied and interesting.

Gym gloves can be a useful item to have for training. These provide full wrist support as well as protecting the palms. They have great grip but are also breathable so they will be comfortable to wear. They can be used on a cross-trainer, bike or when lifting weights to protect the hands and give better grip. They come in black or pink and in different size options.

Flexibility exercises can be useful at all ages to keep the body loose and supple. This set of cards has 52 different flexibility exercises with an accompanying video to demonstrate how to complete them properly. The cards are large and easy to read and they can be used for warming up and down as well as part of a workout routine. The idea is to take a random card and try the exercise to learn new moves for your workout.

A fun t-shirt can make a great gift and this one is designed for working out in. It is grey with short sleeves and when the wearer sweats it shows wording that says ‘This is my fat crying’ on it. It is a cotton and polyester mix fabric that is comfortable to wear and breathable as well. It is soft and light and stretches with a slim fit. It comes in a choice of sizes.

A lot of people that are into fitness like to make sure that they are having foods that are high in protein. If this is the case then they might like these high protein snack bars to have after a workout. There are different brands of products such as Mars, Snickers, Eat Natural, Nature Valley, Nakd, Yes and Grenade. There are different flavoured bars all with a high protein content.

Resistance bands can be a great help when working out. This is a set of three and they are different colours and provide different levels of resistance and are different sizes. They are made from sturdy and durable polyester so they should last a long time. They also do not slip, dig in or roll up and down so will stay firmly in place while you are working out.

Personalised gifts can be special and this mug is also funny. It has a picture of an exercise bike and underneath it says ‘[name] hating assault bikes since [date]’ or you can choose any other text of your choice. On the other side, it says ‘But did you die?’. You can choose the colour of the print as well with the main mug being white. It is a 10oz mug that is 9cm high and 8cm in diameter.

A hoodie can always make a useful gift. This one is a training one as it has a picture of the hulk and says ‘The beast within’ underneath the picture. It comes in a choice of colours and has a drawstring around the hood and a kangaroo pouch pocket. It is available in sizes S-XL and has a snug fit on the chest and shoulders with a looser bottom half. It is made from a soft cotton fabric.

Towels are handy when you are working out and this is a pair of ice towels for cooling down. They are 120 x 30cm in size and are made from microfibre. There are lots of different colours to choose from and they come in packs of two or more. The towel will stay chilled for up to three hours and it is skin-friendly and feels good to use. The idea is to just wet it and it will immediately cool the body.

Tired muscles will benefit from this massage oil gift set. It is designed specifically for use after working out. There is a massage oil that has ginger and black pepper to ease sore muscles as well as a massage tool that is made of wood and designed to work tight shoulder muscles. The oil is cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. They come together in a branded gift box so are all ready to give away as a gift.

A cordless jump rope may sound that an odd idea but it is great to use in a place where there is restricted space. Often ropes cannot be used inside homes due to the low ceilings. This is a special pair of handles with a small cord and bobbles to use for exercise. There is no noise or risk of hitting things. The bobbles are weighted to give the correct rhythm so it feels like you are using a rope but there is no risk of tripping.

Aprons are usual for anyone that likes to cook, BBQ or even do arts and crafts. This one has a fun message on it too which says ‘This is what a badass ninja superstar cross fitter looks like’. The apron is black with a white print. It is made from a polyester-cotton blend material and has an adjustable neck loop so fits most people. They are also waist ties which can be tight or loose to fit different sizes of waist.

Rings can be a great way to exercise the arms and build up muscle. This is a wooden pair which are heavy duty and come with a very strong and durable rope. The rope can be adjusted to suit the height that you need and they are very easy to instal using a metal ring. They are light and easy to carry around and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

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