34 Dinosaur Gifts, Suitable For All Ages!

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There are lots of children and even some adults that really love dinosaurs and therefore would like to receive dinosaur themed gifts. This is why we have put together this list of gifts that all have a dinosaur theme. There are lots of different things which means that you should be able to easily pick a gift for the person that you have in mind. There are items suitable for different ages as well as for different budgets. This means that even if you are really unsure as to what to buy, there should be something that will work.

34 Presents for Dinosaur Lovers

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Melissa and Doug have put together this fun dinosaur stamp kit. It has a selection of stencils with a dinosaur theme as well as an ink pad with two different colour inks and some colouring pencils in red, yellow, blue, green and black. The stamps are wooden and have seven different dinosaurs such as triceratops, brontosaurus, t-rex, stegosaurus and pterodactyl and a volcano on them. Everything comes in an attractive wooden box.

Kids that are dinosaur fans will enjoy snuggling under this fleece blanket. It is grey and has a dinosaur design on it and it also glows in the dark. There is a t-rex on a skateboard, brontosaurus and triceratops among the dinosaurs featured as well as volcanos, bones and plants pictured. Each item will glow around its edge after being exposed to light and then put in a dark room. It is soft and fleecy and is 120 x 150cm in size.

Budding young artists may enjoy painting these dinosaur figurines. There are two different dinosaurs that are made from solid resin. They come with six pots of paint and a brush so they can be painted. There are designs shown on the box or the children can just use their imagination and choose colours of choice. There is a good mix of colours so they can choose from those or mix them to make extras.

Children that like dinosaurs will enjoy this play mat and dinosaur set. The mat helps the child to use the dinosaurs and trees to make a Jurassic scene. There are nine different dinosaur figures which are all different as well as five sets of trees. The mat shows a dinosaur theme park and the dinosaurs and trees can be added. The mat is 31.5 x 27.6 inches in size and so will be big enough for one or two children to play with.

Operation is a classic board game and this version features a dinosaur as the patient rather than a human. The idea is the same, where the players need to extract different parts of the dinosaur without making the Rex shake and buzz. If they do, they will have to drop the item and lose their turn. The game is suitable for 2-4 players aged three years and above.

Dinosaur fans will enjoy this nightlight. It is an acrylic piece with a laser engraved dinosaur on it which will light up and look 3D when the light is put on in a dark room. It has 16 colours and four flash modes which can be changed using the remote control or with a touch button. It takes batteries or can be powered using a USB power supply.

Artists that like dinosaurs will enjoy painting this picture. It is a paint by numbers set and is suitable for adults or children to do. It is a printed canvas with instructions on which colours to paint so you will not need to think about what to do, just enjoy the process of painting. It comes with acrylic paints as well as three different sized paintbrushes.

A dinosaur skeleton print scarf would make an unusual gift but would be welcomed by fans of dinosaurs. The scarf comes in a choice of three different colours – creamy white, grey and navy blue. The large print means that it will stand out. It is made of a lightweight fabric that is soft and comfortable so it will keep out the draughts or provide protection from the sun without getting too hot.

Shopping bags are handy things to own. This one is a lot of fun too as it says ‘beware crazy dinosaur lady’ and has three cartoon dinosaurs pictured on it. The bag is 38 x 42cm in size and has long handles so it is convenient for being carried over the shoulder. It is a great alternative to using one-use plastic bags when shopping and is made from a poly-blend material.

Little ones might enjoy this cute dinosaur toy. It is made of very plush material and is really cuddly. There are different designs and colours to choose from. They are 15 x 23cm in size and so are lovely for playing with. They can be used for imaginative games as well as just for cuddling or perhaps as a bedtime toy. Their cute appearance makes them suitable for children of all ages.

Personalised gifts can be special and this is a book that can be personalised with the child as a character. It means that the child will get more involved in the story and it may even help to encourage them to read. This is a rhyming story that has fun facts about dinosaurs as well as a silly storyline involving choosing the right dinosaur to be a pet.

Children that like dinosaurs will enjoy playing with this remote-control dinosaur toy. It does lots of different things such as walking, shaking, sliding and rotating. It also has a music and dance mode, it can fight and launch billets and can be programmed. It is possible to set a series of actions so that it will carry them out consecutively. It will even interact when it is touched on the head and tail.

Car and dinosaur fans will love to play with these dinosaur-shaped cars. There are six cars each with a different dinosaur design. They can be pulled back and will then move along without the need to buy batteries. They are brightly coloured and 5.1 inches on average so easy for children to grip. They are suitable for children aged three years and above and will be lots of fun.

T-shirts are always handy things to have. This one is great for dinosaur fans as it has pictures of 12 dinosaurs with their names underneath. It comes in sizes suitable for children and adults and in a choice of colours. It has short sleeves with a  round neck and is made from lightweight material which is a cotton and polyester mix. It is suitable for machine washing and tumble drying.

Children will enjoy putting together this magnetic jigsaw puzzle. It has 40 pieces and the picture is of cartoon dinosaurs. There are ten different dinosaurs pictured in total and children can therefore start to learn about the different types while they are having fun putting together the puzzle. There are actually three pictures to make in total which can be made up on the folding tray provided.

Teaching children to bake can be a great skill for them and lots of fun. They can have even more fun with these dinosaur cookie cutters or they could be used by parents to make dino cookies for a themed party or just for fun. They are made of stainless steel and there are ten different cutters which include two large dinosaurs, seven smaller ones and a bone.

Children that like dinosaurs will have a lot of fun playing with these dinosaur playing cards, They are made by Cheatwell games and there are two games that can be played with them – snap and pairs. Pairs is the memory game where you have to hunt down matching cards by turning them over in pairs and snap is where you play cards down and try to spot the pairs. The cards have really cute dinosaur designs on them.

A backpack will always be a useful gift for a child. This one has a brightly coloured dinosaur design and even has spines on it. The bag has adjustable straps so that it can be adjusted to be comfortable as well as a little carry handle on the top. It has a large main pocket and a side mesh pocket. It is 28 x 24 x 10cm so is ideal for younger children to use for nursery, playgroup or infant school.

Gift in a Tin has put together this dinosaur evacuation set. In the tin are clay blocks to dig into so that you can find the T-Rex and Triceratops bones. It comes with a digging tool, goggles and instructions. It is suitable for children from six years of age and will be a fun item for fans of archaeology, palaeontology or just dinosaurs. The attractive tin makes it a really stylish looking gift.

Women who like dinosaurs will enjoy wearing this baseball style top. It has black sleeves and a white body with a picture of a T-rex holding a mug of tea and says Tea-Rex on it. It comes in a choice of sizes and is made from 100% cotton with long sleeves. It is professionally printed on cotton jersey which means that it will wear well as well as being soft and comfortable to wear.

Dinosaur fans will enjoy receiving this keyring as a gift. It has a brightly coloured enamel dinosaur pendant on it which measures 1.97 x 1.57 inches. There are different colour options to choose from so you can pick the one that you think they will like the best. The keyring can be used as a key chain, purse pendant, bag charm, phone case accessory or even as an ornament or collectable.

T-shirts make great gifts and this one has a fun dinosaur design. It says ‘This girl love dinos!’ on it with five cute, cartoon dinosaurs on it. It comes in sizes suitable for adults and children and has five colour options. It short sleeved with a round neck and is made from a cotton and polyester blend fabric. This means that it will be comfortable to wear but will not stretch out of shape.

Young children will enjoy playing with this cute set. It has a volcano mountain house and a giant dinosaur egg with five dinosaur toys. They are all sort and cuddly and the dinos can all fit inside the volcano for neat storage and transportation. The egg is not plush and when it is put into water the dinosaur will hatch out of it. The toys are even washable.

Dinosaur lovers will enjoy receiving this purse as a gift. It is made from soft black leather and has a dinosaur skeleton print on it in white and green. It is 12 x 9.5 x 0.5cm in size and so great for keeping coins in. It has a zip at the top of it with a silver puller. This has a hole in so a keyring can be attached if required. The purse has a fabric lining so it is of great quality and should last well.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a classic board game. It is for 2-4 players from the age of six years and upwards. It is a race and chase game and you have to try to get all of your dinosaur pieces home first. You start with four different dinosaurs and you have to race them home from the desert without being caught by the tyrannosaurus. A fun game for children, especially those that like dinosaurs.

Slime kits are popular these days and this one is a dinosaur themed one. It has slime supplies so that you can have lots of fun. There are 12 coloured slimes, foam beads, fruit slices, glitter, fishbowl beads, glow in the dark powder and 12 mini dinosaur figures. It is extra stretchy and won’t stick to the hands, carpets or walls and is non-toxic and free of borax. The slime is ready-made.

Adults who like dinosaurs will enjoy wearing these fun socks. There are six single socks in the box, which you can put together to make random pairs. Each of them has a similar style but different colours and dinosaurs on them. They are UK size 6-11 so should fit most adults and teenagers. They are made from a cotton, polyamide, polyester and elastane mix so they are comfortable to wear.

Toddlers from 18 months old will enjoy this musical dinosaur toy. It moves on the wheels it has and plays music so the child can enjoy the sounds as well as move it around. There are two modes – it can be pushed along manually or will move when it is touched. When moving freely it will change direction when it bumps into something. It is 15cm high, 10cm deep and 15cm wide.

Alarm clocks are handy items to have and this one has a fun dinosaur design so great for children. It is an LED cube that glows. It needs batteries for both the clock and the LED lights although the LED can be powered by a USB charger. It will display the time, date and temperature. It is colour changing and could be used as a nightlight as well as a clock.

Kids love bath bombs and these have a hidden surprise. In the centre of each, there is a dinosaur toy. The bath bombs are egg-shaped and you get six, each in a different colour and they also have a different dinosaur inside with an information card about it. They are lots of fun and kids could use them to play with outside of the bath too – to dissolve them and discover the toys inside.

Children will love to play with these hatching dinosaur eggs. There are sixty included and they can be put in water for a day and they will hatch out and grow. Each is 3 x 2cm in size. They are small and the dinosaurs inside are random, so it can be fun to try to guess what they are. They can be used for party bags or gifts as there are so many of them.

Learning to tell the time can be tricky and takes a lot of help from parents and teachers. This dinosaur watch could help though. It is designed for children who are learning to tell the time and the strap is green with a dinosaur pattern to encourage them to want to wear it. It has a silver coloured metal casing on the watch with a Velcro strap to fit different sizes of wrist.

Adults and children who are fans of dinosaurs may enjoy these three dinosaur-shaped stress toys. They are different designs and colours and they are made from a soft rubber material. They are designed to be squeezed so they can be used as a fidget toy as when it is squeezed balls will squash out of it. There is a red triceratops, green t-rex and brown stegosaurus included.

Colouring is a relaxing activity to do and these blank postcards have dinosaur pictures on to be coloured by children. They are 4 x 6 inches in size and have fun pictures on them. They also come with a sheet of stickers. They may encourage children to send out letters to their family or friends or allow them to make something that they will want to frame afterwards.

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