33 Gift Ideas for Dr Who Fans of All Ages

By Eve
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There are lots of people that are fans of Doctor Who and it can be fun to buy them gifts related to this when it is time to buy them a present. It is not always easy though, to be able to find something original and interesting. This is why we have come up with a list of items. We hope that it will help you to be able to find the right gift that is within your budget. There are lots of different things to choose from, so hopefully, you should be able to find something that will work well.

33 Presents for Doctor Who Fans

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Doctor Who fans may enjoy this vintage style pocket watch. It has a quartz movement so will keep good time. It comes with a 30cm chain and an 80cm necklace so you can wear it in different ways. It is gold coloured and has a swirled design on it to make it look like Gallifreyan. The watch comes in a smart black gift box and so it is all ready to give as a special gift.

Anyone that enjoys Doctor Who trivia will enjoy this bitesize Trivial Pursuit game which is full of Doctor Who questions. It has 600 questions that will test the knowledge of even the most seasoned fans. It can be played as a game or a fan can just test themselves on all of the questions. There are 100 cards with six questions on each and a dice with a case.

Fans of Doctor Who may like to receive this special signed print. It has pictures of all of the doctors with their names and signatures. It is 12 x 8 inches and printed on professional media paper which is 280gsm photo stock. The size means that it will fit in an A4 certificate frame and so it will be really easy to find one. As it is a good price you may want to buy a frame as well.

Mugs are always useful but this one could be used for decorative purposes as well. It is a mug that is made from ceramic and in the pattern of a blue police box, so looks like the Tardis. It is 10.5cm high and 9.5cm wide and has a 500ml capacity. It comes in a decorative gift box and so is all ready to give away as a fun gift.

Alarm clocks are useful items but they do not have to be dull. This one has a blue police box design and so is great for any Doctor Who fan. The time is displayed in the windows and when it is dark it projects it onto a surface. The alarm will feature the Tardis sound when it goes off and the box will glow blue. It is an officially licensed product.

Notebook makes great gifts for people of all ages and this one has a cover which looks like a blue police box with a pop-stud fastening. The cover has a leather feel to it. Inside it has white pages which are lined and the bottom corner is a small picture of the Tardis. There are about 100 pages in the book. Inside there is a fabric bookmark and a pen holder.

Board games can be a lot of fun and this one has a Doctor Who theme. It is called ‘Race to the Tardis’ and is a BBC game. It is suitable for players aged eight years and older and is suitable for 2-6 players. It comes with dice and cards as well as full instructions to play the game. The aim of the game is to collect the components and then get them back to the Tardis to do the necessary repairs before any other player manages it.

Tardis themed items are fun to give to Doctor Who fans. This is a fleece blanket that has a picture of the Tardis on it. It is made from 100% polyester and is blue and white in colour. It is 100 x 150cm in size and is an officially licensed product. It will look good on a bed or sofa and is very soft and thin so will not be too warm to use all year round.

Fun novelty items can make great gifts and this is a sonic spork. It is an officially licensed product to accompany the BBC Doctor Who series. A spork is very handy when eating out and about, perhaps to pop in a lunchbox or with a picnic. This one will be a talking point and Whovians will be thrilled to talk about their sonic spork they can also use it to open intergalactic portals and defeat alien races!

Socks are useful as everyone wears them but they can be fun as well. This pack has three pairs in it. They are mainly black but have Doctor Who themed print on them. One has a Dalek, one a Cyberman and the other has the Doctor Who logo. They are made from a mix of cotton, polyamide and elastane which means that they are soft and comfortable to wear. They are machine washable.

Fans of the Fourth Doctor will enjoy receiving this scarf. It is a shorter and more practical version than the real thing that Tom Baker wore. It is 200 x 25cm in size and is made from 100% acrylic. It is knotted with different coloured stripes and tassels in beige, red, green etc. It comes in a special zippered carry case and is an officially licensed product with tags.

A Doctor Who fan with a sense of humour will enjoy receiving this drinks coaster. It has a picture of a Dalek on it and says ‘intoxicate’ underneath it. It is made from wood and is 9 x 9 x 1cm in size. It will therefore be suitable for most cups and glasses and will protect surfaces from extremes of temperature and spills. It would also make a fun collectable.

If you are looking for a Doctor Who themed birthday card then this one could be suitable. It has a picture of the Tardis on it with ‘Happy Birthday’ along the top of it. Inside the card, it says ‘Prepare to celebrate’. It comes with a blank envelope so all ready for you to write and post or hand over in person. It is an officially licensed product.

David Tennant fans will like this figurine of the 10th Doctor. It is a 1:21 scale model and so is about 90mm tall. The Doctor is wearing his brown suit, long brown coat and pumps and has one hand in a pocket. It is part of a collectable limited-edition series. It is cast in metallic resin and has then been repainted. It comes in a box that has a collector’s theme to it. It is BBC licensed and approved merchandise.

Young Doctor Who fans may enjoy playing with this sonic screwdriver toy. It has light and diagnostics sound effects on it which make it seem more realistic. It is suitable for children aged five years and above. It comes in a box and so is easy to wrap up and is an officially licensed product from the BBC. It needs 3 x LR44 button cells and has some demonstration batteries included.

David Tennant fans will like this special autographed print. It has a photo of the actor as the Doctor with his name and signature. It is A4 sized and therefore will be easy to frame. It is printed on 300gsm high-end card stock with a thick black mount behind it. The plaques with name and signature on are printed in a way to look like brushed metal. It comes with a backing board in a polybag to keep it safe.

Male fans of Doctor Who may enjoy wearing these pyjamas. They have a Doctor Who theme and come in sizes S-L. There is a black short-sleeved top with a picture of the Tardis on it and a pair of shorts which has lots of small Tardis pictures on. The shorts have pockets and an elasticated waist. They are made from 100% cotton so are comfortable to wear, both in bed and around the house as well as being easy to wash.

A whiskey glass can make a great gift for someone that drinks whiskey or other drinks from a tumbler. This glass has a 260ml capacity and is engraved with the Tardis and says ‘Doctor’s Orders’ on it. The glass is dishwasher and refrigerator safe and resistant to sudden heat changes. The engraving is high quality with a flawless image and will not rub, wear or chip off. The engraving is white so will stand out when there is a drink in the glass.

Mugs are useful gifts to give and this set is stylish with a Doctor Who theme. They are all different but with a matching style and feature a Tardis, Cyberman and Dalek. Each has a vibrantly coloured background. They are made from porcelain and are dishwasher safe. They are officially licensed merchandise by the BBC and come in a stylish gift box so are all ready to hand over.

Card games can be great for families and friends to play together. This set is called ‘Doctor Who Fluxx’ and it is based on the traditional Fluxx game. It is the card itself that determines the current rules of the game and merges it with different regenerations of the Doctor and companions etc to make a fun themed game. It needs 2-6 players and will take 5-30 minutes to play, For adults and children over the age of eight years.

Story cubes can be great fun. They will encourage children to expand their creativity and imagination by storytelling and including all of the images on the cubes. This set has a Doctor Who theme and so each of the nine cubes has Doctor Who related pictures on it. There are classic Doctor Who characters as well as more generic pictures like people running away, a sword etc. It is suitable for kids aged 6-18 years and comes with a plastic case to keep them in.

If you are buying a Doctor Who themed gift then having matching wrapping paper could be fun. This is 4 packs of themed paper which comes with gift tags. The paper has pictures of Daleks and Cybermen on it and has a green background. The tags have the Tardis on them with an orange background and say ‘Happy Birthday’ on the back of them. They are officially licensed merchandise from the BBC.

Keyrings can be great as they can not only be used with keys but also as a bag charm or just a collectable. This one has a Tardis pendant on it which is blue and measures 10cm in height. It is made of rubber which means that it is durable and will not scratch things or get scratched easily. It comes with a keychain. It is an officially licensed product.

Action figures can be fun gifts for children and adults This one is the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker holding a sonic screwdriver. She is dressed in a red top and jeans with a long coat and black bag. The figure is made from plastic and is 5.5 inches. It has multiple points of articulation. It comes in the original BBC packaging and is an officially licensed product. For adults and children aged five years and over.

Doctor Who fans may really like this liquid soap dispenser. It is in the shape of a police box. The base is dark blue with the police box design and the pump is a slightly lighter blue. It is made of plastic and the Tardis design is a printed plastic wrapper fixed to the bottom part of the dispenser. It would work well in a Doctor Who themed bathroom or just be a fun item to have.

Male Doctor Who fans will enjoy wearing these themed lounge pants. They have a Doctor Who print on them and they are very colourful with red, blue and yellow designs. They come in sizes S-XXL and they have an elasticated and drawstring waist. They are made from 100% cotton so will be soft and comfortable to wear as well as easy to wash. They are officially licensed.

A bathrobe can be a handy item to own and this one is great for a Doctor Who fan as it has a Tardis design. It has a sash belt and two front pockets. It is one size and suitable for teenagers and medium to large adults. It is made from 100% polyester and is soft and comfortable to wear. It can go in a washing machine and tumble drier so is easy to keep clean.

Board games can be great fun to play and this one is a Doctor Who themed game. It has a DVD with it and there are also cards. You move around the board, which features the first eleven doctors and test your knowledge while watching clips from the series. You land on squares where you will be required to answer a card or DVD question or time travel around the board. For two or more players aged eight years and above.

Tie wearers and collectors might like this Doctor Who themed tie. It is bottle green in colour and has a repeating pattern of blue Tardis’s on it. It is 147cm long and made of a shiny looking fabric. It is lined and made by Frederick Thomas. It is smart looking and so would work for many different occasions such as work or dinner parties. It is dry clean only.

Duvet sets can make good gifts as this one says ‘regeneration’ on it and has five Doctor’s in front of the Tardis. It is a stylised image of the last five Doctors including Jodie Whittaker.  It comes in different sizes – single, double, king and super king and is a quilt cover with pillowcases. It is machine washable which means that it is easy to keep clean.

These ladies’ gloves have the Pandorica Opens themed designs on them. The design is based on the Vincent Van Gogh painting and the Matt Smith 11th doctor episode where the Tardis explodes. They are made from polyester and elastane so will stretch to different hand sizes and one size fits all. They feel soft and comfortable. They are official BBC licensed merchandise that have been made in Italy.

A knitted hat can be a useful item to have to keep warm in the winter. This one is blue with a Dalek design on it. It also has snowflakes and Christmas trees on it so it looks really festive. It is one size and is made of acrylic so should stretch to fit most head sizes. It is soft and warm and should keep the head really warm. A BBC licensed product.

Jigsaw puzzles can be a lot of fun to do and this one has a picture of the Tardis in space on it. It has 1000 pieces and is made of wood. The finished size is 19.7 x 29.5 inches. The pieces fit together really well which makes it easier to do as you can be confident the pieces are correct. There is a completed picture for reference in the box. It is a very blue image which will make it complicated and fun to complete.

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