Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

By Eve
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When Father’s Day comes along children will like to buy their Dad a special gift. It is not always easy to find the right thing though. Finding something that they will like and that expresses how much they mean to you is not easy. Therefore, we have come up with a list of suggestions to help out. We have chosen things that vary so that you will be able to find something that will suit your Father. We have also picked things that are sentimental as well as things that are fun so that you can pick them appropriately. The items have different costs as well, to suit different budgets.

Fascinating Gifts for Dads and Grandads

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A pocket watch can be a special keepsake gift and this one is engraved with a sentimental message for a Dad. It comes in black or silver colour options and is made from a metal alloy that is durable and rust-resistant. It opens when the top button is pressed to reveal a black face with white hands and Roman numeral numbers. It comes with a chain and is presented in a gift box.

If presents are being bought for Grandad then this mug could be a great idea. It is made from bone china and has a brightly coloured print with ‘Greatest Grandad’ and lots of stars all over it. Inside it is white with a message on the base. It is microwave and dishwasher safe which makes it very convenient to use and keep clean. It comes in a matching box and therefore is easy to wrap up.

Daughters might like to give their Dad this sentimental keyring. It has two pendants on it. The smaller one is round and says ‘Dad’ on it and the larger one says ‘I’ll always be your little girl, you’ll always be my hero’ with a heart underneath. It is made from stainless steel which means that it is durable and it will not tarnish or fade. It comes in a velvet bag so it is ready to gift.

Socks can be very handy gifts to give and these have lots of Dad messages on them. They are mainly black with brightly coloured toes, heel and cuff. They each have a different colourful message on such as ‘Best Dad Ever’, ‘World’s Best Dad!’ and ‘Super Dad’. They are size 6-11 so should fit most men and they are made from a high cotton fabric blend which will mean that they are soft and comfortable.

A Dad that plays the guitar or other stringed instrument will appreciate this plectrum gift. It is engraved with ‘I/We couldn’t pick a better Dad’, you can choose the appropriate message depending on if it is from one child or more. They come in a choice of different colours and are all made from stainless steel. This means that they are durable and they will not rust or tarnish. They come in a velvet jewellery pouch so look good when being handed over.

Personalised items are really thoughtful and this is a hammer that has a laser engraved handle. You can choose the text that you would like to have on the hammer. As it is engraved, it means that it will not rub off when the hammer is being used. The hammer is 8oz with a steel head that will not rust or tarnish and is very strong and has been polished and lacquered. The handle is made from ash.

Men that enjoy whisky will like this gift set. It has a whiskey glass, which is 355cc and in an old fashioned crystal design. It also comes with 12 whisky stones. These can be used instead of ice to keep the drink cool without diluting it, they just need to go in the freezer first. The stones come with a pouch to put them in when they are in the freezer. It all comes in a box.

Fathers who enjoy beer will like this craft beer set. It has three beers in it and they come in a cardboard tube which says ‘Cheers Dad! Great beers for a great Dad!’ on them. The beers are Goose Island IPA, Tiny Rebel Cali Pale and Lukas Helles lager. They are cans and each around 5% by volume. They can be a great way for a Dad to try some new beers as well.

Men will feel really spoiled with this set of items. It is a hinged gift box that contains a watch., LED light, wallet and pen. They watch has a quartz movement and is made from stainless steel, the wallet is bi-fold and black, the LED torch and pen are both silver in colour. A very useful selection of items in a gift box so all ready to hand over or to send directly.

Dad’s will feel really special if they are given this mug. It is white with a blue handle and says ‘My hero Super Dad no. 1 Dad world’s greatest’. It is a sturdy mug with an easy-grip handle and made of ceramic. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and therefore is very convenient to use as well. It will make Dad feel really special to give him this sentimental mug.

T-shirts often make very welcome gifts and this one says ‘The Original Superdad’ on it. It is short-sleeved and comes in a selection of colours and sizes with a classic fit. It has a distressed print effect on it and is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is lightweight. This means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and it is machine washable so easy to keep clean.

DIY loving Dad’s will find this gadget really handy. It is a special gadget which can be used for lots of jobs. It is a 7-19mm socket that can be used for many different objects such as nuts, screws etc. This means that if you do not have the right bit or you are finding it hard to remove using the tools that you have, you will be able to use this instead. It comes in a box and so is easy to gift wrap.

Useful gifts can be great things to give at any time. This magnetic wristband will be really handy for any Dad that likes DIY. It can hold drill bits, tacks, screws, nuts, bolts etc on it. It means that they will be easy to access and always on hand. Particularly good if working up a ladder or in awkward spaces. It has an adjustable fitting so it can work on most wrist sizes.

A money clip can be a handy way to keep notes in order and this one has been engraved with a funny message. It says ‘for the little bit of money my daughter hasn’t taken yet’. It would therefore make a great gift for a dad from his daughter. It is made of stainless steel which means that it is durable and it will not rust or tarnish and so will last a long time.

Bracelets are great gifts for men that like to wear jewellery. This one has ‘Dad’ on it as well and inside it says ‘Best Dad Ever’. It is made from pure titanium in a black colour so it looks striking. It is made of links and there is a tool included to remove links so that the fit can be made perfect. It comes in a velvet bracelet box so it looks really great when it is given away.

Cute gifts can be very welcome and this is a t-shirt with a cute shark picture on it and it says ‘Daddy shark’ on it. It is a short-sleeved t-shirt which is available in a selection of different colours as well as sizes and it has a classic fit. It is lightweight and made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric which is machine washable and comfortable to wear.

Gin lovers will enjoy this gin making kit. It comes in a pretty box and contains enough items for you to be able to make ten bottles of gin with different flavours. It has spices and botanicals included and all they will need is a bottle of cheap vodka to start. It includes full instructions as well as a funnel, strainer, paper bottle tags, testing pipettes and the juniper berries and spices.

Beer drinkers will really like this pint glass. It will be useful but you can also choose to have it engraved with a personal message, name or whatever. The glass holds 20oz and it measures 159mm high and 85mm wide. It is made from toughened glass and is designed to be robust as well. It comes in a gift box which means that it is easy to wrap up before giving away.

A DIY enthusiast will find this bit of kit really useful. It is a special damaged screw extractor. It will drill a hole and then use that hole to extract the screw. It is a very useful bit of kit for screws that have damaged heads, that are painted over or embedded or even if they have rusted. It comes with four different sizes of drill bit and they all come in a plastic box.

Gadget gifts can be a great hit with some Dads. This is a multi-tool pen with other fun and really useful functions too. It comes with a stylus for a mobile device, spirit level, ruler, screwdrivers (flat and crosshead) and a pocket clip. It even comes with four pen refills. It comes in a choice of four different colours and makes a fun novelty gift which can also be useful as well.

A Dad with dogs might appreciate this t-shirt. It says on it ‘The Dogfather’ and it comes in a selection of colours. It is printed on it white and has some doggy paw prints on it as well. It comes in sizes S-3XL and is made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric. It is therefore soft and comfortable to wear and it will wash easily in a washing machine.

Personalised gifts can be very thoughtful. This set is a pen in a case that can be engraved with a message of your choice. The ballpoint pen is silver in colour and writes with blue ink. It can also have text engraved on it. It comes in a luxury chrome presentation case which is shiny and silver in colour. The pen is 140 x 17mm and can be refilled when necessary.

Men with a sense of humour will enjoy wearing these Peppa Pig themed lounge pants. They are covered with pictures of Daddy Pig and say ‘Daddy Cool’ on them. They come in sizes small – XXL. They are made from 100% cotton which means that they will be soft and comfortable to wear. They are vibrant in colour with a navy background. They have an elasticated waist and pockets on each side.

Watches can make great gifts for any man. This one is made by Lige and made from stainless steel. It comes in different colour options with different face colours as well as different bracelet colours. It has a quartz mechanism and so is accurate and it also displays the date (day of the week and day of the month). It is water-resistant against splashes. The strap can be altered to fit most wrist sizes.

Hoodies are welcome gifts as they are warm and comfortable. This one is fun as well as it says ‘The Rodfather’ on it with a picture of a person fishing. It comes in a choice of colours and in sizes XS – 3XL. It has a drawstring around the hood and a kangaroo pouch pocket. It is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester which means that it will keep its shape but is still soft and comfortable to wear.

Minimalist wallets can be useful for men who do not want too much to carry around with them. This is a credit card holder wallet that is made of leather. It comes in a choice of colours and has the space to store up to 10 cards as well as cash. It has RFID protection too. It comes in a matte black gift box so it looks really special when you give it as a gift.

Men with a sense of humour will enjoy this desk organiser. It is a figure sitting on the loo and he is holding some sticky tape and there is a blade on his feet. Behind him is a pack of sticky notes and there is also a pen holder and a space to put a pen or pencil in his mouth. It comes in blue, green or red. It comes in a gift box ready to easily wrap up.

Whisky fans will enjoy this blending kit. There are different mini bottles to mix together and choose different blends. There is a 5cl Chivas 12-year-old and 5 bottles of flavoured drinks including floral, fruity, citrus, creamy and smoky with an empty bottle to put your blends into. It comes with a pipette and beaker to measure and mix up the different blends that you want to try out. It all comes in a gift box.

Those that like drinking wine will find this bottle stopper useful. It can also be personalised so you can put a small message or name on it and choose from three different styles of design. It is for sparkling wines and general red wines to keep them fresh after they have been opened. It is 5.5 x 2.5cm in size and it is silver in colour so looks really special.

Aprons can make great gifts for Dad’s that enjoy baking, cooking or BBQing. This one is available in four colours and says on it ‘This is what an awesome chef looks like’. It is 33 inches long and 23 inches wide and with a tie waist, it can be adjusted to fit most waist sizes. It is suitable for machine washing so it is easy to keep it clean and looking good.

Hampers make great gifts and beer drinkers will enjoy this one. It has a selection of cans of craft beer and also a tasting glass as well as a snack. The box has five handpicked craft beers as well as packet of luxury pitta chips and the long-stemmed glass. As it comes in a gift box it is ideal for sending directly to the recipient but it can also be handed over in person.

Beer bottle drinkers will find this bottle opener really useful and it can be customised as well. It is possible to have any message engraved on it. It has a stainless steel top which is durable and will not rust or tarnish. The handle is made of wood and there is a choice of little pictures that are on it and then it can be engraved with the message.

Sons may enjoy buying this t-shirt for their Dad’s. It says on it ‘I’m the proud Dad of a freaking awesome son yes he bought me this shirt and thinks its funny…’. It comes in a choice of colours and in different sizes. It is short-sleeved and has a classic fit with a crew neck. It is made from cotton and polyester which is comfortable and soft and will wash easily.

Dad’s with a sense of humour will enjoy this hoodie. It says on it ‘caution grumpy old man’ on the front of it and is blank on the back. It comes in a choice of colours and sizes S-XXL. It has a drawstring around the hood and a kangaroo pouch style pocket. It s long sleeves and made from cotton and polyester so will be warm, soft and cosy to wear.

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