33 Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

By Louise
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When someone is feeling unwell then it can be nice to send them a gift. It is not always easy to know what to get them though. This is partly because it is tricky to know what might be suitable but also to find something original as others may also be buying them things and you might want to make sure that your gift is unique. We have therefore put together a list of different items that we think will be suitable for you someone that is feeling unwell, that will cheer them up and help them to feel better.

Get Well Soon Presents For Everyone

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A get well bear could be a nice idea for a child or an adult that likes cuddly toys. This one is 9 inches inside and made from a plush fabric. It has a cute smile and has a bandage over one ear and one on its arm which says ‘get well soon’ on it. This one is from Aurora’s teddy bear collection and is called Bonnie bear. Suitable for children from birth.

Care packages can be thoughtful items to give and this one is specifically designed for someone feeling unwell. It has a selection of different things so that someone can pamper themselves and relax. It includes an enjoyable patterns colouring book with pencils and sharpener, a pretty crossword book, face pack, hair sheet mask, exfoliating foot peel, hand cream, a large bar of Cadbury chocolate and luxury Border biscuits. A great way to show someone you are thinking of them.

A bracelet may seem an unusual gift for a get well present but it can be worn afterwards as well. This one is a special morse code one with round and long silver coloured beads which spell out the word ‘hope’ in morse code. It is on a card which explains the meaning of the morse code and comes in a gift box. It has a waxed cord that can be altered to different lengths.

Some people will really appreciate this get well soon angel gift. It is a keyring with an angel pendant as well as a flower basket pendant and one that says ‘angles watching over me’ on it. It comes with a card with a poem on about how the angel will guard the person until they feel better. It comes in a gift box and so ready to give away or to be sent directly.

Anyone who is feeling unwell will love this fun bell! It is a tea bell and says on it ‘ring for tea’. It is a funny item and it might even be useful for those people that need to be waited on while they are recovering. The bell is green with a teapot design and comes in a themed gift box so it is all ready for giving away. It is 13.5cm high and is made from metal with a hard plastic handle so is sturdy and makes a great sound.

A treat hamper can be a lovely way to spoil someone if they have been feeling unwell and this has a bit of everything. It has air-popped caramel popcorn, dessert chocolates, hand-baked lemon biscuits, gourmet marshmallows, black pepper crackers, dry roasted peanuts, hand cooked crisps, raspberry jam, blood orange marmalade, teabags, gourmet marshmallows and caramels. Comes in a gift box and you can include a personalised gift message.

If you want to give someone a toiletry set then this one looks really lovely. It comes in a bath shaped container which is silver in colour. Inside there is a pair of bath bombs, shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body butter, bath salts and a bath puff. They all have a lavender fragrance so they go together. Gives someone a good excuse to really pamper themselves and relax.

To show someone that you are thinking of them, then you could send them this wooden heart. It is made of olive wood which is really pretty with the wood grain showing. On it is engraved ‘A little hug’. It is 3.5cm in size and so will be a lovely item to keep in a pocket or bag or to display somewhere. It comes in an organza bag so there is no need to gift wrap.

Lavender is known for its relaxing and healing properties and so this lavender candle could be a great choice. It is also made from soy wax which is low in smoke which is good for someone recovering from illness too. It comes in a pretty tin with a lid that will preserve the scent until it is used. It will burn for 40-50 hours and will also look pretty and comes in a gift box.

A bouquet of chocolate is a different idea to flowers and many people will enjoy chocolate more. So this is a selection of chocolate bars presented in a bouquet. They are all Cadbury chocolate bars and there are 15 of them. They are Dairy Milk, Fudge, Chomp, Fredo, Curlywurly, Wispa, Boost, Crunchie, Buttons and more. A lovely treat for someone that is a big fan of Cadbury chocolate especially if they cannot get out to buy their own.

Flowers will cheer up most people when they are feeling unwell and these are bright and cheerful. These are gerbera daisies so lovely large and vibrant blooms and there is a mix of different colours so they look really pretty. They arrive with flower food so they will stay fresh for much longer and therefore will be enjoyed for a long time. They can be delivered the next day as well if you need them really quickly.

Relaxation can be really important when recovering from illness and so this aromatherapy set could be a great treat. It has three 10ml bottles which are mind clear, inner harmony and total de-stress. They have a rollerball on them and they can be used at any time to aid recovery and relaxation. The small bottles can be carried around in a pocket or bag. They come in a lovely box set.

A card can be a nice way to send a heartfelt greeting but it can be nice to choose a really special one that they can really enjoy. This card is a pop-up design with a crystal castle on it which has been cut using laser technology. It measures 6.1 x 5.1 inches in size when it is folded flat. It has plenty of room to write a special message as well and it will be bound to bring a smile to their face.

A bracelet can be a great way to send a get well wish. It is a black waxed cotton cord with a star pendant on it. It comes on a 300gsm gift card which says ‘Get Well Soon’ on it and it has a poem at the bottom with a special wish. The pendant is made of Tibetan silver. The string is adjustable so it fits most wrists and is about 30cm in length.

Some people really like ornaments and they might therefore appreciate this get well soon angel. She has a long white dress and is holding a wooden heart in her hand. It is made from ceramic and has a pretty look to it. She has wings and a red hair fastening on her brown hair and the same red on her dress. A cute item which will become a pretty keepsake and guardian angel.

Sweets can be a great way to cheer someone up that has a sweet tooth. This one has a selection all put together to make a bouquet with a small foil balloon. The balloon has a get well message and the sweets are various lollipops, millions, nerds, skittles and jelly tots. They look bright and colourful and are bound to cheer someone up and the box looks pretty and it has a lovely bow on it.

If you want to send a snack box to someone who is unwell but want it to be healthy then this WowBoxMe set could be ideal. It comes with a selection of drinks and snack bars which are healthy or energy bars and nuts. The box will still have fast foods and easy things to eat but they are healthier than chocolate and sweets which some people prefer to avoid.

A blanket can be a lovely gift to give to someone who is unwell. They will be able to snuggle up and feel comforted. This one is 50 x 40 inches and is nice and cosy. It is blue in colour and has comforting words all over it. It can go in a washing machine and tumble drier which means that it is easy to keep clean and therefore useful to get rid of germs if someone is unwell while using it.

If the person that is unwell is a fan of smurfs then they might like this get well smurf. The smurf has a thermometer in its mouth, a bead a sweat on its forehead and is holding a bouquet of flowers. It is a small plastic toy which is about 3 x 4 x5cm in size and suitable for a child aged 3 years and upwards. Could make a fun gift for an adult or something great that a child can play with and collect.

If the person you are buying for has had an operation then they may like this operation recovery survival kit. It is a novelty gift which consists of an organza bag full of small items. There is a laminated card attached which explains the significance of each of the items. They are either sentimental or amusing and are bound to cheer someone up. They are a great alternative to a greetings card and are still a budget gift.

Get well wishes can be really special and this pocket token can give you those wishes all of the time. It is a double-sided metal coin and on one side is a picture of an angel and the other side reads ‘Get well soon wishing you health and happiness from your guardian angel. The message has a black background and the angel has a sparkly background. It is 1.25 inches.

A poorly child can feel better if they have some toys to play with and this outfit for a doll is fun for them to have. It is designed for a 46cm doll and it consists of a hoodie, unicorn print top and pink leggings, a leg case like a plaster cast, a washable marker and a wish card. It is a good set for a child to have if they are unwell or if they want to role-play.

Staying overnight in the hospital is not much fun and this thoughtful and practical care package could help, It contains a selection of items that should help the stay be more pleasurable. There is an eye mask and earplugs to aid sleep, antibacterial hand gel and wipes and a facecloth, shampoo, body wash, cleaning wipes, foldaway toothbrush, toothpaste, mints and gum. They all come boxed in a brown box with a ribbon round and a gift label.

Children can find being unwell, particularly in the hospital quite difficult. This doctor bear could help to make it more fun. It has scrubs and a white coat on it with a mask as well. It is 25cm tall and has really soft fur so it is lovely and cuddly. The clothing can be removed as well. A donation for every sale goes to a children’s hospital too. A lovely idea for a gift.

Fighting a long term illness can be tough and this warrior themed cushion cover could be a great gift for someone that is going through this. It is 45 x 45cm in size and is made of cotton. It has a hidden zipper to easily put in an insert and remove it. The pink cushion has white writing on which not only has the word ‘warrior’ but a definition of it.

Sending a balloon can be a fun way to show someone that you are thinking of them. This one is an 18-inch foil one with ‘get well soon!’ on it in bright colours with stars as well. It is shipped uninflated so you will need to have a way of inflating it before giving it to someone as a gift. They can be a fun alternative to flowers for those who are not keen on flowers or get hayfever.

Candles can make for a relaxing atmosphere and so buying someone one as a get well gift can be very thoughtful. This one has a poem on it as well and can be personalised with the name of who it is for as well as who it is from. The candle is white with black print on it and is six inches tall. It has a ribbon around the top and bottom as well. It can be gift wrapped free of charge so you can send it directly.

Humorous gifts can be great especially when someone is unwell as smiling and laughter can take away the pain. Therefore, this rose gold coloured stainless steel tumbler could be a great gift as it has ‘I wish I could take your pain and give it to someone we both really hate’ printed on it. It is 12oz in size and has vacuum insulation and therefore will keep drinks hot or cold.

When courage is really needed and strength then this handmade cross could be a really encouraging gift. It comes with a card with a motivational passage on it to help someone who is unwell or going through a difficult stage in their life. It has a loop on the top so that it can be hung up and is brightly coloured so can be easily seen. It comes in a 5.5 x 5.5 inch box and so is ready to gift.

Sending a hug to someone can mean a lot at any time but when they are unwell it can be especially meaningful. This mug has ‘sending you a hug’ printed on it and so has a lovely sentiment but also gives the person something useful as well. The print is on both sides and is durable so will last a long time. It is dishwasher and microwave safe so is very convenient as well.

Mixing practicality and humour can make a great basis for a gift and this gift hamper does this. It has a book of crosswords and one of sudoku puzzles as well as a bell which says on it ‘somebody call the nurse!’ and a box of replacement body parts. The body parts are actually sweets and chocolates! A great way to show that you care and will make them smile.

It can be hard to know that someone is ill and you cannot visit them so sending them a gift can be a great alternative. This wish bracelet can be a lovely gesture. It has a Tibetan silver charm of a little star on a waxed cotton cord. It comes on a card which reads ‘Sending you some hugs from a social distance’. The idea is that it is a wish bracelet which you wear and make a wish on and when the cord breaks the wish comes true.

Chocolate can be the perfect pick me up and this Ferrero Rocher and Lindt bouquet can be a great gift idea. It has a mixture of flowers which have chocolates in the centre of them and there are 10 Ferrero Rocher and 10 Lindt chocolates as well as a box which they are in with a bow around. It also comes with a greetings card and holder. The artificial flowers can be kept once the chocolates are eaten.

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