34 Presents for an 11 Year Old Girl

By Louise
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If you are looking for gifts, then it could be the case that you want to find something that is original and personal. This is not always easy and if you are looking for something for an eleven-year-old girl it may be tricky as they are getting a bit old for toys but are not yet adults so bridging that gap can be difficult. We have therefore considered this and put together a list of gift ideas for girls of this age that we think they will really love. They are varied in type and price so there will be something there for everyone.

34 Gift Ideas for an 11th Birthday Girl

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This is a joke book specifically aimed at 11-year-olds. It is called ‘The Don’t Laugh Challenger Joke Book’ and is intended for children to read aloud to friends or family. The idea is to take turns reading the jokes out, doing the silly tasks and things like that to try to get the others to laugh and they will win point every time someone does.  Great for confidence building as well as fun.

This is ‘The Emoji Game’ which is a card game for all of the family. The idea is to collect a full set of emojis by swapping them and picking on your opponents. It is for 3-6 players and a lot of fun to play with friends or family. It is portable too as it is a card game, so can be taken on holiday, when visiting people, on public transport etc.

This is a wash bag which can be personalised. There are different colours and sizes to choose for and you can have a name of your choice put on it. It will make the recipient feel really special to have their name on something, especially if they have an unusual name as they will know that it has been made especially for them. The small bag is great for a few items, the medium as a makeup bag and the largest one for more things. They could also be used for art materials.

This is a set of ‘Our Moments’ cards which are designed for children and parents to use together. The questions on the cards require thought-provoking answers and will help children and parents learn more about each other. Things like ‘Do you think you can tell me anything?’, ‘is there anything you are scared of?’ and ‘What are the most important things I have taught you?’ They will prompt discussions to get families closer together.

This is a charm bracelet making kit. It comes with 20 metal beads, 15 pendants and 10 rainbow beads. They have lovely things on such as Cinderella’s slipper, castles, rabbit, starfish, fairy and mermaid. There are three adjustable bracelets in the kit as well which are silver plated. Everything comes in a coloured bamboo box which is 69 x 70mm and will double as a jewellery box once the items have been made.

This is a gift set of lip gloss. There are six different ones and they come in a tin with a Coca Cola theme. The lip glosses are different flavours – Coca-Cola classic, Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Fanta Strawberry. They help to keep the lips soft, shiny and moist and have great authentic flavours as well. They can be kept tidy in the tin or it could be used for storing other things.

This is a tie-dye art kit which can be used on items such as t-shirts or pillowcases. It comes with 18 squeeze bottles for the different coloured paints, protective gloves, rubber bands, a protective cloth and instructions. Everything comes in a carry case with a lid and handle so it is easy to store and carry around. The set is easy and fun to use and there is enough for up to 36 projects.

This is a cinema lightbox which can be used for writing out messages. It comes with 210 letters as well as 90 emojis so it can be great fun to use. There are letters in black and different colours. It also comes with some transparent cards and markers to make your own. It takes 5 x AA batteries or can be powered using the USB cable provided. It comes with envelopes to keep the letters in.

This is a big set of hair scrunchies. There are 40 in total and they are all different colours. They are made from premium satin material and so they are gentle on the hair. The big range of colours will mean that you will always have one to match every outfit. They also come with a free storage bag so they can be stored tidily and all in one place.

This is a pair of shorts pyjamas which are black and white. The white top is short-sleeved and says ‘Barely awake’ on it with a picture of a cute and sleepy panda. The shorts are black with a little panda print on it and pink dots. They come in various sizes suitable for children aged 9-16 years of age. They are made from 100% cotton so are soft and are machine washable.

This is a pair of Bluetooth headphones which can be placed right in the ear. They will last for 5.5 hours on one charge and they come in a case that charges them. They are built to be really high quality and they have a Bluetooth 5.0 chip so they provide a quick and stable connection. There is noise-cancelling technology and so you can hear your calls or music even in noisy rooms.

This is a fun t-shirt which has short-sleeves and says on the front of it ‘be different’ but it is printed backwards. The top comes in a selection of colours and in sizes suitable for children aged 3-14 years of age. It is made from cotton with a club collar which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear. It is also machine washable so it is easy to keep clean.

This is a fitness tracker watch. It has a pedometer and sleep monitor with a calorie counter. It is a slim watch design which comes in black, blue, pink and purple and has a buckle fastening so can be adjusted to fit different sizes of wrist. It has a USB plug which makes it easy to charge up using a computer or battery without the need to plug it into the mains.

This is a notebook which has a pretty mermaid design on the cover. It also says on the front ‘I am 11 and this book is about me’. This is a 6 x 9-inch book which has white pages with lines on it. There are 100 pages and so plenty of places to write. It could be used as a diary or journal or a general notebook for use at home or at school.

This is a mountain bike made by Bikestar. It is 24 inches in size which means that it is suitable for children aged 10-13 years of age. It comes in a turquoise and pink berry colour and is made from steel tubes so it is safe for smaller riders to use. It has an ergonomically correct saddle which can be adjusted to suit the height of the child. It has two handy v-brakes which have good grip so the rider is kept safe.

This is a tracksuit set which has a pair of leggings and hoodie. They come in a choice of colours and have stars and the word ‘star’ printed on them. They come in sizes suitable for girls between the age of 7 and 13 years of age. They are made from viscose and elastane and so are comfortable as they have lots of stretch. They can be used as loungewear or even pyjamas or for various sports.

This is a set of crop tops for girls. There are four in the pack and they are different colours with the word sport written on them. They have built up straps for support and comfort and an elasticated bottom. They are one size and will fit girls from the age of 8 to 16 years of age. They are made from 85% cotton and 5% spandex so they are comfortable and stretch to fit.

This is a scooter made by Bopster. It comes in a selection of funky colours and styles and colours. It is lightweight and so easy to use and it folds up and is easy to carry around. It is suitable for children aged 5-14 years and the handlebar can be changed in height to adjust it as the child grows. It has 120mm PU tyres with ABEC-5 bearing and a rear heel brake.

This is a set of fairy lights with photo pegs. The idea is that you can use the little pegs to hang a series of photos on the string of lights so that they show up as they are lit up by the lights. There are 100 lights on the string and there are 20 nails as well so that they can easily be attached to a wall. They are powered by batteries so there are no limits to where they can be put.

This is a multi-function alarm clock which is digital. It also comes with a memo board as well as a clock and calendar function. There is a highlighter included which you can use to write on the clear memo board and there is also an eraser so you can change the messages. Powered by batteries or USB it is a useful item to have by the bed to write down ideas quickly when you need to.

This is a set of three canvas prints with pictures of a person doing gymnastics on the floor and an A bar. They are 8 x 10 inches each and will look good on a bedroom wall. They are multicoloured watercolour pictures with a splatter style which looks really modern. They can be hung as posters or put in a frame, depending on what will fit best with the room that they are placed in.

This is a trifold mirror which comes in a choice of colours. When it is all open it measures 6 x 10 inches and when closed it is 4.9 x 6.1 inches in size. There are 8 LED lights on it which are powered by a battery. The lights allow the view in the mirror to be really bright and clear. It has a mount on the back so it can easily stand on a dressing table and stay securely in place.

This is a dressing table which comes with a stool and a mirror. It is made of MDF which has a white laminate on it. The table is 63 x 40 x 124cm the stool is 28 x 24 x 42cm and the mirror is 40 x 1.5 x 48cm. There is a drawer in the top of the table for keeping things like makeup, hair accessories or clothing in.

This is a faux sheepskin rug. It comes in a choice of different colours and sizes. It is rectangular in size and is made from polyester. It can be used on a floor for decoration or to keep the feet warm. It could also be used as a decoration on a chair or sofa or even hug on the wall. It is machine washable which means that it will be a good choice for a child’s bedroom.

This is an Indian wall hanging. It is made from cotton and has a pink mandala print on it and is on a grey background. It comes in two size options – medium 130 x 150cm and large 153 x 203cm and would look lovely in a bedroom, perhaps behind a bed. It could also be used as a bedspread, tablecloth, sofa or chair cover or even as a picnic blanket.

This is a two-colour cushion cover. It has sequins on it which are silver on one side and rose-red on the other so you can write messages and draw pictures on them. There is also a blue and purple sequin option as well. The pillowcase measures 40cm x 40cm and so will fit a standard cushion. It has a zipper fastening to keep the cushion securely in place.

This is a throw blanket that glows in the dark. It is grey with a planet design on it and in the dark, the planets will glow. It comes in two size options and there are also other colours such as pink and blue and designs to choose from as well such as stars and animals. It is made from 100% polyester and so is soft and fluffy. It is machine washable so it is easy to keep clean.

This is a lockable jewellery box which is available in black, white or pink with a faux leather finish. It has a handle on the top to carry it around easily. Inside there are various drawers and pull-out sections for storing all sorts of different types of jewellery. It Is 10.2 x 7.5 x 7.1 inches in size and has a velvet lining. It also has a built-in mirror.

This is a set of bedding which is pink and says ‘wish upon a star’ on it with a star design. It includes a single duvet cover which is 135 x 200cm and a pillowcase which is 50 x 75cm in size. They are made from 52% polyester and 48% cotton which means that they are soft and comfortable to give a great nights sleep and they can be easily cleaned using a washing machine and tumble drier.

This is a special blanket with a mermaid tail. It comes In dark pink in blue and is 180 x 90 cm in size. It is made from acrylic and is crochet. It is a great idea to keep the legs and feet warm without any draughts coming in the bottom and it is also a great gift idea for anyone that is a fan of mermaids too. It is stitched at the bottom to form the tail shape but open along the back so it is easy to slip legs inside.

This is a popsocket which says on it ‘awesome since 2009 great year’ and has a black and white background with the writing in red. It is a useful item as well because it will enable a mobile device to be held more easily. It also can be popped out to be used as a stand so that you can place the device down on a desk and watch films or use it for video calling.

This is a glow in the dark t-shirt which is white with short sleeves and a pink panel on the front. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 2-14 years as well as adult sizes and in a range of colours. You can draw on it and then when it glows in the dark it will have a design that shows up. It is made from 100% cotton so is comfortable to wear as well.

This is a tracksuit with ‘#selfie’ printed on it. It comes in different colours and patterns and in various sizes for kids aged 2-13 years of age. It is made from a polyester and cotton mix which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and will keep its shape, It has elasticated cuffs and the waist of the trousers is elasticated with a drawstring. The top has a cosy hood.

This is a kit to make friendship bracelets. It has looms with it so that you can weave them and there is plenty of embroidery wool to use in them. It is possible to weave stripes, hearts, diamonds and flowers into the design. There are also beads and beading needle so that they can be decorated. It comes with full instructions. Comes in a box so is easy to wrap.

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