30 Gift Ideas for a 13 Year Old Girl

By Louise
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A 13th birthday can be a really special occasion as you become a teenager and so needs a special gift. It is not always easy to know what to get though and this is why we have come up with this list. We have chosen a range of different types of items at different budgets, all of which we feel will make the birthday girl feel really special and so there should be something that you feel will work for your budget and for the girl that you have in mind. So take a look through and see what you think!

30 Presents for a 13th Birthday Girl

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This is a special touch lamp which also has a built-in alarm and Bluetooth speaker. This means that it makes a really good all-round gift for a bedroom. The lamp has three lighting modes – with brightness adjustment, hypnotic lighting mode and changing light mode. It is portable and has a rechargeable battery which will charge thoroughly in 4-5 hours which will give 12 hours of continuous music on the one charge.

This is a fun 11oz mug which is white and says on it ‘keep calm I’m a teenager’ on it in purple print. It is professionally printed using a system that will not fade even in the dishwasher. It is printed on both sides of the mug so that it is suitable for left and right-handed people to use. It is made from ceramic so is durable and comes in a protective box.

This is a string of 40 LED lights with photo clips on them. The idea is that the lights are hung up and then photo or pictures are hung on them so that they get lit up. There are 40 clips as well as 40 lights and the clips can be put on manually so they can be spaced as required. They are battery operated so that they can be hung anywhere and they are 5m in length.

This is a set of combs with hair chalk in them. There are six combs with different colour chalk in them and it can easily be put through the hair to colour it. It washes out easily with shampoo and water. The colours are really bright and vibrant – pink, orange, blue, green, red and purple and they can be mixed to make other colours or used separately. They work really well on light coloured hair.

This is a word art picture. It is the number ‘13’ which is made out of lots of different words. It is available in different sizes, so you can choose a greetings card or a print. You can choose the colour of the print as well as picking some of the words that can be included in it. It will make a unique keepsake gift that will be appreciated by most teenagers.

This is a special free standing rotating mirror. This makeup mirror with light is built in 21pcs Leds which means that it is always really easy to see your reflection in it. It also has a 10x magnified part so you can get a close up look at some parts of your face. It comes in a choice of white or black and 28.3 x 17.6 x 6 cm size. It is powered USB charging cable which is included or 4 x AA batteries.

This is a pair of shorts pyjamas in black. On the front of the short-sleeved top, it says ‘no one cares’ and it is in a white frame with ‘Paris Couture’ underneath it. They are available in sizes for girls aged 11-16 and are made from 100% cotton so they are soft and comfortable to wear and have an elasticated waist. They are machine washable as well, so easy to look after.

This is a brush set in a pretty rose gold colour. It has three different brushes in it – a large paddle brush to detangle, a round ceramic barrel brush to add volume and a bent brush for speedy blow-drying. The brushes are suitable for all hair types. They come in a pretty box so they are easy to wrap up and look really pretty when given as a gift.

This is a mini 11 Instax camera. It comes in a choice of pretty colours and will produce instant photos in a credit card size – 52 x 86cm with a white rim around the edge. Has automatic exposure and 2 customisable shutter buttons. It takes two batteries and using Instax mini film and you can buy a camera with film included if you wish. It comes with a hand strap and a user manual.

This is a board game called ‘Dan and Phil’s Truth Bombs’. It is a fun party game where you have jaw-dropping questions to ask about what your superpower, spirit animal etc night be. The idea is that the players write the answer that they think the others might say and it is all anonymous so you need to try to guess who wrote what. A fun game to play with friends and family.

This is a set of various colours of nail polish by Rimmel London. All of the nail polish is 60 seconds dry and it is a mixed batch each in a different colour. This means that there are plenty of choices to be made with regards to which colours to use and colours could be mixed or used to make fun designs on the nails. There are 12 bottles in the set.

This is a fun short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘be different’ but it is printed backwards. It comes in a choice of colours and in various sizes suitable for children aged 3-14 years old. It is made from cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and has a rib crew neck which is also for comfort. It is machine washable so easy to keep clean.

This is a personalised birthday necklace. It has a round pendant which can have a name put on it. It comes with another pendant with the number ’13 on it and a birthstone which you can choose depending on the month of birth. It comes with free delivery and is sent in a gift box so it looks really special and you will not even need to wrap it up.

This is a special facial cleansing brush for exfoliating the skin. It has a series of different attachments suitable for different treatments. There five brush heads which can cleanse, remove makeup and dirt and dry skin. There is also a massager fitting as well. Great for helping all sorts of conditions such as acne, blackheads and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types even sensitive, dry or oily and can be used with facial cleansers and essential oils.

This is a sterling silver necklace with an initial on it. The pendant is a capital letter and you can choose an appropriate one for the recipient. It is a 45cm chain and the pendant measures 1.5 x 0.7cm in size. You could choose the first letter of their first name, last name, birth month or any other significant letter for them. Comes in a gift box so no need to wrap.

This is a bottle of Tommy Girl Eau de Toilette by Tommy Hilfiger. It comes in a choice of 100ml or 30ml sized bottles and it has base notes of magnolia, leather, sandalwood, jasmine and cedar. It comes in a fairly plain bottle and in a red and white striped box. Great for girls who do not want to smell overly feminine but still want to add a touch of fragrance to their skin.

This is a pair of Remington hair straighteners. They are ceramic and they are infused with keratin and almond oil. They have five temperature settings and they heat up really quickly. They have a special feature which will measure moisture levels in the hair and provide the optimum temperature so that the hair does not get damaged by them. They have oil infused in them will keep the hair smooth, shiny and healthy-looking.

This is a black, Panasonic hairdryer. It has 2500w of power and will therefore dry hair really quickly which will save time. It coats the hair with ions which will coat the hair with moisture and leaves it smooth and frizz-free. It has a filter which is easy to remove and clean as well and two-speed settings, three temperature settings and a concentrator nozzle. Would make a useful gift.

This is a popsocket which is black and says on it ‘Official Teenager’ with the number ‘13’ on it. It is a useful item which can stick on the back of most mobile devices. It will make them easy to grip when they are being held. It also pops out to make a stand which can be used to easily prop it up when it is being used for watching videos or making video calls.

This is a cute pink journal. It has a fluffy cover with a pink heart design on it (also comes in blue). There is a lock with a key on it so the contents can be kept private. It is A5 in size and has lined paper so it can be used for all sorts of writing. They are lightweight and so easy to carry about as well as convenient to use at home or school.

This is a special keyring which has a round pendant on it that is engraved. On one side there is an initial and you can choose an appropriate one. On the other side is an inspirational quote. It is made of stainless steel and so is an attractive silver colour and will look good on keys or being used as a bag charm. Comes in a jewellery bag, all ready to give away.

This is a wireless speaker which is black which connects via Bluetooth using mobile devices. It is lightweight and portable so great for travelling. It has a built-in microphone and so can double as a handsfree speakerphone. It has a built-in LED ambient light which can be turned on and off. It has a rechargeable battery which is charged using the micro USB slot but can also be plugged into the mains.

This is a lightbox which is A4 size. It has 189 numbers and letters in black with some fun images as well and has a 7 colour changing mode, It can be wall-mounted or stands up on a shelf or desk. It is wireless and comes with a rechargeable battery which can work for 12 hours before needing to be recharged. It even comes with a handy remote control.

This is a pair of wireless headphones which come in a choice of colours. They fit over the ear and are foldable. They come in different colours and have a built-in microphone so can be used for hands-free calls as well as listening to things. The ear cushions are really comfortable for long use and they have a long battery life which charge in 2.5 hours and last for 28-30 hours but they can be run off the mains if needed.

This is an Apple iPad Air 2. It comes in a 32Gb or 64GB option and it is space grey. It is a renewed model which means that it is second hand and therefore a bit cheaper but has been tested, inspected and cleaned first. It has an LED-backlit screen which is touch-sensitive and as a retina display with an anti-reflective coating and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

This is a Kindle paperwhite bundle. It comes with a leather case in a choice of colours and 9w power adaptor as well as the kindle itself. It also has other options so you can pick the specific one that you feel will be the best. It is waterproof and has lots of storage so many books can be downloaded. Great for reading for pleasure as well as for studying.

This is a pair of Dr Martens boots. They come in three colour options and have the traditional yellow stitching and loop at the back. They are available in sizes 3-14 and are unisex. They match lots of outfits such as jeans and leggings, skirts and even dresses. They wear well so they will last a long time. They have a leather upper and a PVC sole which is really durable.

This is a hoodie which says on it ‘A little bit dramatic’ and comes in a selection of colours and sizes suitable for children aged between 7 and 13 years of age as well as adult sizes as well. It has a kangaroo pouch pocket and long sleeves. They have a unisex fit and are made of a cotton and polyester blend fabric which means that they are comfortable to wear as well as soft and warm.

This is a Calvin Klein bralette bustier set for girls. There are two crop tops in the set which have an elasticated base and razorback and come in adult sizes from 8-16. There are two colour options (grey and pink or black and white) and they are made from cotton and elastane so they are comfortable but also stretchy. They are machine washable so easy to keep clean.

This is a set of art prints with a fashion theme. There are four and they feature pictures of lipstick, mascara, lips and a shoe. They all match as they have the same colour scheme of a white background with black and red pictures. They are 8 x 10 inches in size and are printed on 320gsm polyester canvas which is waterproof. They can be framed or hung up as they are.

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