31 Presents for a Females 21st Birthday

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If you have a 21st birthday to buy a gift for then you might be looking around for a really special present. There are many things that could buy, but it is likely that you will be looking for something extra special. This is because the 21st birthday is a special occasion and something that is often celebrated with a big party or extra special gifts. Therefore, we have put together a list of suggestions, so that you can be inspired and see what sorts of things you might like to buy. There are many different types of items and you should be able to find something that will work well for them, that you will like and that will be within your budget.

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This is a set of white wooden numbers which come with a pen to write on them. The idea is that you ask people that attend your birthday party to all sign the numbers or leave messages for you, so that you end up with a lovely keepsake. They come in a box which says ‘Celebrating with you on your birthday!’ They are easy to wrap up and give as a thoughtful gift.

This is a white sash which says on it ‘It’s my 21st Birthday!’ in gold foil lettering. It is made from satin fabric and is 6ft and kept together with a cute pin. They are perfect for wearing to a party or to wear when going out drinking and clubbing on their birthday. It could encourage people to buy the wearer drinks or wish them a happy birthday and should add a bit of fun to the occasion.

This is a special bottle which lights up. It is 6.7cm x 29.5cm in size and is purple. It has a cork in the top and some twine around the neck with a gift tag. On the bottle it says ’21 ready to sparkle’. Inside the bottle is a set of LED lights, which can be switched on to make the bottle glow. It can brighten up a dark corner of the room or a selection of them could be used to decorate a 21st birthday party venue.

This is a lowball tumbler glass, which has been printed with a platinum colour. It says ‘Limited edition 1999 vintage aged to perfection’. It also has some decorative swirls on it as well. It is 9cm diameter and 9.5cm tall and comes in a lovely pink round cardboard tube box. It will make a really special keepsake gift, which they could choose to use or just to keep and display in a special place.

This is a lovely white porcelain dish in a heart shape. It is 4.5cm wide so really dainty and in the centre, it says ‘Twenty One’ with a heart underneath in black. It is really simple and minimalist and a lovely thing to give.  It comes in a gift box with ‘21’ on the lid.  This will make a lovely gift and a sweet place to keep little trinkets like rings or earrings.

This is a lovely sterling silver bead bracelet, It has a 7-10 inch cord, which is adjustable to fit different wrist sizes, It comes in a box which has ‘Happy Birthday 21’ printed on it and it says ‘Happy 21st Birthday 21 beads….one for each fabulous year’. It is a really pretty bracelet and will make the recipient feel special and be a great sentimental gift for them to keep.

This is a tote shopping bag, which is made of ethically sourced ring spun organic cotton. It comes in a natural or white colour and on the front is printed ‘wreaking havoc since 1999′ in black. It is an official Tim and Ted product and therefore unique and they are unlikely to be given another like it. It has long handles and is great for shopping, a sports kit, books or days out.

This is a round compact mirror. The outside is a lovely silver colour and has ‘21st Birthday’ with butterflies around it. It is hinged and when you open it there is a mirror on both sides. It is a very useful for popping in a handbag, pocket or drawer to use when needed for makeup or just to generally check out how you look. It measures 6 x 6 x 1.6 cm and has free delivery.

This is a sterling silver necklace which has two ring pendants, one large and one small and a cubic zirconia pendant in the middle. The necklace is 17-19 inches and has a lobster clasp to fasten it. The gift box it is in has a lovely blossom design and says on it ‘Happy 21st birthday 2 circles for each fabulous decade and gem to celebrate your 21st year’. A lovely sentimental, keepsake gift.

This is a set with a mug and plaque made by ‘Me to You’. The mug has a Tatty Teddy on it with ‘21st’ and the plaque has ’21st Live every moment laugh everyday love beyond words’ on it which is also on the back of the mug. It has a hole in with a ribbon through, so that it can be hung up. Both come together in a gift box, so ready to give away as a keepsake gift

This is 8 mini jars containing retro sweets. The jars each have a sticker on which read together ‘#Big *21*’. Inside the jars are bubblegum balls, dolly mixture, fizzy cola bottles, jelly beans, bonbons, candy shrimps, fried eggs and a mix of fruit salad and black jacks. They come in a box and so they are all ready to give away as a fun gift for someone with a sweet tooth.

This is a special photo album or scrapbook which can be personalised. The cover says ‘Happy 21st Birthday’ and has a balloon and streamer pattern on it and at the bottom you can choose a name and date. It is ring bound so pages can be added or taken away and it has 30 pages in total. It is 14.8 x 9.8cm in size, so is a great size to put in photos (using adhesive photo corners) or to stick in other memories or use for scrapbooking.

This is a pretty champagne flute. On the front of it is says ‘Happy 21st Birthday’ which has three stars underneath it. It measures 5.5 x 23cm and has an elegant style. It would make a lovely gift, particularly if you also give them a bottle of champagne. It comes with free delivery and comes in a nice box, so it is all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This is a special mason jar which is designed as a 21st birthday gift. It says ’21 Gorgeous’ on it in pink and has a pink handle and a pink and white striped straw through the hole in the black lid which screws on. It comes in a special box which says ‘21st Mason jar’ on it. It is a practical gift, which they will love to use but also a great keepsake as well.

This is a makeup mirror on either a black or white stand. It has lights around it which are LEDs and there are 24 of them, so it really lights up but they can be dimmed to set to the right amount of light. There is also a small round mirror that attaches to it, which is magnified by ten times to see in more detail for more intricate make up.

This is a glass key in a gift box. The key has a heart shaped top with ‘21’ on it and gold detailing. It is gently nestled in a fabric lined gift box, which has a sentimental message printed on the lid ‘Congratulations you’re twenty one and now you hold the key. For you the happiness times there are, throughout the year to be,. The key measures 7.5cm approximately and the box measures 10 x 7 x 4cm in size.

This is a set of 6 party balloons made of latex. They have ‘21’ on them in white all over the balloons. They are different colours with 2 pink, 2 white and 2 purple balloons in the pack. They are 12 inches when fully inflated with air or helium – they are suitable for both but come uninflated. There is also the option of black or blue packs of balloons if the 21 year old girl is not fond of pink.

This is a lovely piece of word art which comes as an A5, A4 or A3 print and is heart shaped. It can be personalised with up to 10 special words and you can choose which colours to have the words in. It can be printed as a greetings card or as a print and if you pick A4 size they will come framed if you wish. They make a very special and personal keepsake gift.

This is a sterling silver bead made by Katy Craig. It is in the shape of the number ‘21’ and has a clear cubic zirconia stone on it. It measures 10mm x 10mm in size and will fit onto a bracelet that is up to 5mm wide such as a Pandora bracelet. You could buy a bracelet to go with it or if they already have a charm bracelet, then they will be able to put it on it.

This is a scented candle set. It contains 12 wax candles all with a different colour and scent – white tea, tropical fruit, sweet jasmine, water melon, cotton fresh, juicy strawberries, sweet pea and pink peony. Each candle burns for up to 10 hours. They come together in a cardboard box which measures 19.5cm x 19.2 cm x 7.2cm with shredded tissue underneath to keep them protected and looking good as well.

This is a fun pop-up birthday card, which is elastic powered and 3D. It opens up so that it is free standing and has a design with words saying ’21 Celebrate’ and has balloons stars and streamers in a 3D decoupage style. It is 21 x 19cm and has mixed colours in the design. It will certainly stand out among the other 21st birthday cards and comes with an envelope and packaging wallet.

This is a chocolate hamper which can be personalised. On the inside of the lid it says ‘Happy 21st Birthday’ and there is space underneath for a personal message to be printed. Inside the box is a big selection of different chocolate bars such as: Aero, Crunchie, Picnic, Twix, Boost, Curly Wurly, KitKat, Wispa, Flake, Freddo, Dairy Milk, Fudge and many more. The box measures 34cm x 23cm x 2.5cm.

This is a stainless steel wine tumbler. It is rose gold in colour with a silver coloured rim and white writing on it, which says ‘I’m 21 bitches’. The ‘21’ is in a white heart. It comes with a lid and a metal straw with a pipe cleaner to get it thoroughly clean each time it is used. They all come in a box, so are really easy to wrap and therefore make a great gift.

This is a Friends style mug which is white and says on it ‘The one where Rachel turns twenty one’ which is written in the font of the show with coloured dots between the words. It is a 15oz ceramic mug which would make the perfect 21st birthday present, particularly for someone called Rachel! The design is on both sides, so it is suitable for left and right handed people.

This is a make-up bag made from 100% cotton and in a natural colour. Printed on it in neon pink it says ‘I make 21 look good’. It is 22 x 16 cm and has a quality metal zip on the top. It would make a great gift for any 21 year old who likes her make up! It is a budget price so you could always pop some makeup inside it as well.

This is a personalised bar of chocolate. The chocolate is a 850g bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate which measures 42cm x 16.7cm with a personalised wrapper on it. The wrapper says ‘Happy 21st Birthday’ on the cardboard sleeve and it also has the image of a hold ribbon and says ‘Cadbury’ with the glasses of milk logo and a chocolate milk churn. It would make a great gift for someone that loves chocolate, particularly if they are a big fan of Cadbury’s.

This is a fun tote shopping bag made from 100% cotton. It measures 42 x 38cm and has long handles, which means that it can be carried over the shoulder. It says on it ‘Blowing out candles since 1999’ and has a picture of a 3 tier cake with lots of candles and a cartoon girl blowing them out. It can fold up to fit in a handbag and therefore is handy for shopping, but could also be used to carry a sports kit, books or various things for days out.

This is a Himalayan salt lamp. It is made from rock salt and comes in different sizes – 2-3kg, 3-5kg and 5-7kg. It has an adjustable brightness and will look very warm due to the colour. It is thought that they emit a stream of negative ions, which will purify the air against allergens and pollutants which can relieve stress. It comes boxed up and it is all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This is a very special book which is a bucket list journal for those aged 21. It has a black and white cover, which is pretty and is 6 x 9 inches in size. The cover has black spots on the top half with a boxed area that says ‘twenty one’ and the bottom half is black and white stripes with ‘bucket list journal’ written on one line with a heart.  It has 200 lined pages, so it is ready to write down all sorts of things. It is possible for the recipient to plan their list and to write down all of their future plans.

This is a fun birthday badge for someone with a good sense of humour.  It is red with white writing on which says ’21 f*cking hell!’. It is professionally printed and measures 76mm. It is a pin button badge and great quality made by Lima Lima in the UK.  It comes with free delivery and would be a great item to slip in with a birthday card or to give alongside a bigger gift.

This is a great notebook for a 21st birthday. It has a red background and in white print it says on it ‘All the best things were made in 1999’. It also has lots of white stars on it. It is 6 x 9 inches and has 116 lined pages. It can be used for all sorts of things such as: a diary, notebook, journal, for lists or general doodles and notes. It is a useful gift.

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