33 Gift Ideas for a 6th Birthday Girl

By Louise
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It is always great to find a really special present for anyone but it is not always easy to choose something that you feel will be unique and interesting for them. We have therefore put together a list of gift ideas that we feel will help you out. We have carefully thought about the sorts of things that we feel six your old girls would really like to have as a present. We have purposely chosen items that are quite different to each other so that there is something for every taste and we have also picked things at different prices so that you will be able to find things that fit in with your budget.

33 Presents for a 6 Year Old Girl

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A pretty watch is a good way to encourage a girl to tell the time. This purple watch has a lovely pretty strap with pink flowers on it which any girl would love to wear. It also has a really clear dial, making it easy for them to be able to learn to tell the time. The hands are labelled with ‘hour’ and ‘minute’ and the minutes are marked on the face as well as the hours. The elasticated strap is washable.

Mixing creative activities can make projects more fun and this is what this kit does. It has a series of wooden pieces with pens to colour them in and then the idea is to fit them together to make models. There are different themes to the sets such as animals and houses so you can choose the one you feel they will like the best. Each set has four models in it.

Girls really like to be like their Mummy’s and this pretend make-up set can make them feel just that. It comes with eye shadow, glitter, lipstick, nail polish, mascara, compact, foundation and brushes as well as a handbag to put it all in. All of the items are pretend though which means that they are either solid in the case of the eye shadow or empty bottles in the case of the mascara so they can pretend without any mess.

If the child you are buying for likes music then this wireless microphone could be a great choice. It comes in a selection of colours and produces stereo sound. It can work as a Bluetooth speaker as well as together with singing apps, It is portable and good size for children and adults to hold. It has a built-in battery which is rechargeable and will last at least four hours and charges quickly.

Pens are always a great gift for any child that likes to draw or colour. This set comes in a special pencil case with a grab handle so it is easy to carry around. There are 38 pens inside it and they come in different thicknesses. Each pen also has a fruity scent such as strawberry, melon or orange. Girls will love to colour with these pens and enjoy smelling the fruity scent at the same time.

Making cards is something which can be fun and useful. Having cards to give to people for birthdays or as a thank you can be helpful and making them can be a lot of fun. This pack has ten cards to make and they have sparkly foil on them to make them even more exciting. The set comes with the cards as well as mini pens, stamps and ink, sequins and stickers so that they can be decorated easily.

A writing tablet can be a useful thing to help to unleash creativity. It can be used for drawing or writing and then erased ready for next time so it saves paper. It also has a lock button so that you can ensure that the screen does not get erased until the child is ready. The tablet is portable and the battery can last for 100,000 pictures so it will last a long time.

Creative projects can be a lot of fun and really help with a child’s imagination. This one will also connect children with nature as they make their own flowers. The kit contains pearl buttons, petals, wires and a jar so that children can make stems of flowers and decorate the vase as well. The flowers can be taken apart and remade as well if required. They will end up with a pretty vase of flowers to display.

Robots are toys which are popular with boys and girls and this cute one is sturdy enough and simple enough for younger children. It comes in different colours and has a cute face. It is easy to control and will move around either by touch or even by voice control. It can record things you say and repeat them and it will even dance. It is small enough to be portable and needs 3 x AAA batteries.

Kids love playing with slime and this kit will allow them to make their own slime and then they will be able to play with it. It comes with everything that is needed such as slime glue, baking soda, colouring and decorations including glitter. It also comes with spoons, stirrers and pots to make it in. It has full instructions to make different colours of slime that can then be played with.

A backpack is always a useful gift as it allows children to be able to carry their own items around. This cute dinosaur one will appeal to most children as not only is it colourful with cute cartoon dinosaurs on, it even has spines on it. It has a handy large zipped pocket with mesh side pockets and padded straps which can be adjusted so it is really comfortable to wear.

Having fun when exercising is such an important thing to teach children and this rocket toy will provide just that. It has two tubes to put the foam rockets on. There are pads to jump on which will provide a burst of air to launch the rocket. The child will need to jump hard in order to make it launch higher. They will then have to go and pick it up for another go. Two children can compete to see who can make theirs go the highest.

Most little girls love Disney and many of them will be Aladdin fans and will therefore love this nightdress. It has genie, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin riding on the magic carpet. There are other Disney themes as well too such as The Little Mermaid and Lion King. They come in sizes suitable for girls aged 2-12 years of age. They are made from soft and light polyester with short sleeves with a pretty ruffle at the bottom.

Scooters can be very handy as well as fun for kids to ride. This one can be folded which means that it is easy to store and carry. They come in a selection of colours so you can pick the one you think they will like the best. They have a handle which can be changed in height so it can be raised as the child grows. The handlebars have soft grips on them too so they are comfortable for the child to use.

Girls love to make their hair look pretty and this set of metallic hair scrunchies will help them to do that. There are 12 in the set and they all have different colours on them and have a shiny, holographic look to them. The fabric is looped around an inner band and they have good elasticity and are about 3.5cm inner diameter. They come in a gift bag so make a really special looking gift.

Making clay models can be a lot of fun and this set includes 24 pots of air dry clay in different colours. It also has plastic parts to stick into the clay to make faces. There are tools included as well. The instruction book has ideas for making all sorts of fun creatures with the clay and once complete they can be left to harden out in the air so no need to worry about using an oven to dry them.

Fairies are something that many girls like and this mould and paint fairy set will be really appealing. There are mermaid, princess and ballerina themes as well though if fairies are not so appealing. The kit comes with the materials needed to mould fairies which are 5cm x 5cm in size and then with paints to decorate them afterwards. The fairies can be made into fridge magnets or brooches when they have been completed.

A pencil case is always a useful gift idea and this one is a pretty purple colour with a unicorn on it and the words ‘unicorn have a sweet dream’. Inside there are ten pens which all write in different colours. This means that the child can have lots of fun either using them for drawing or colouring or writing words in different colours. Great for school or home use.

If you are buying for a child that is artistic then this art set could really suit them. It has a big range of different art materials such as paint, crayons, pencils, oil pastels and pens as well as accessories such as an eraser, sharpener, scissors, glue, stapler and ruler. Each fits into its specific space in the art case which can be carried using the handle on the top.

Baking is such a useful skill for children to learn and this chef set should help them to start to learn more about it. It has an apron, chef’s hat, oven glove and pot holder which are all machine washable. It also comes with accessories that they can use to make real things which are a wooden spoon, rolling pin, whisk and cookie cutters. Great for encouraging them into the kitchen.

Friendship bracelets are a fun thing for children to make and to give away or wear themselves. This kit is designed for younger children and has threads and ribbon to make bracelets from as well as beads to decorate them with. There are full instructions on how to plait and weave them with everything included to make all of the designs. Made by Galt it comes in a box so is easy to wrap up.

Kids often like to be like their parents and copy what they do. This can be anything including taking photos with a camera. However, cameras can be expensive and complicated, so you may rather that they had a cheaper version that is kid friendly like this one. It comes in blue or pink and can take photos and videos. It has front and rear cameras with various filters. It is drop resistant and has a small lanyard.

Girls often like to play around with their hair and this could include colouring it. Although permenant hair dyes are something that most parents will not let young children use, there are lots of kid friendly alternatives such as these hair chalks. There are ten different colours in the pack which can be combined or used singly to provide bright and funky colours to hair. They wash out with shampoo and water.

A water bottle is a very useful thing for anyone to have and this one is a lot of fun as well. It is one that can be coloured in which comes with markers and stickers. It means that the bottle will be given an individual look and will be fun to decorate and to use. It also comes with a bonus pencil case to colour in as well as a unicorn keyring. The bottle has a carabiner on the lid so it can be easily hung off a bag.

It can be really handy for children to have a pair of binoculars to use. However, adult ones can be extremely heavy and chunky or expensive. These kids ones will focus things well and give an 8x magnification but they are designed to be safe to use with safe, smooth padding around the eye area. They can withstand being dropped as well but are light and chunky so easy to hold.

Galt have put together this kit where you can make hair bands. It includes the materials needed to plait a selection of hairbands in different colours and decorate them with pretty flowers and beads. It means that girls can have fun making these hair accessories and then either wear them or give them to their friends. There are enough items to make eight pretty hair bands with no stitching required.

Jewellery is something that a lot of girls like to wear and this kit has all of the items necessary for girls to make their own. There are lots of different coloured beads as well as holographic stickers included to make really pretty necklaces on the silky cord that is included. There are picture beads, holographic stickers, heart beads, star beads, round beads and elastic as well as the cord.

It is really handy for girls to have somewhere to store their jewellery and this musical jewellery box can be a fun way to do it. It has a horse design, with horse pictures on the outside. Inside it has a plastic horse in front of a mirror that will turn around when the musical box is wound up. The tune of ‘Home on the Range’ will also play’. It has a smooth lining inside to protect the jewellery inside.

Children really enjoy constructing things and this castle is 568 pieces and has lovely pink and turquoise bricks. The bricks can also be used to create 25 other items as well such as a windmill, kitchen, garden, carriage, swing, pool, bedroom, balcony and stove. The items have different levels of difficulty to suit children of different ages. Full instructions are included so that children can easily construct the items on their own or with adult supervision.

T-shirts make great gifts as they are useful and fun. This one has a rainbow coloured flamingo on the front of it. It is short-sleeved and comes in a selection of different colours such as pink and purple. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 3-14 years of age. It is made from cotton so is soft and comfortable to wear. It is also machine washable which means that it is easy to keep clean.

Having pretty bedding can really help to make a child’s bedroom look really pretty. This set is pink with unicorns, castles and rainbows on it. It comes in single, double and cot bed sizes and has a magical star pattern on the reverse. It is made of soft and comfortable polycotton (50% cotton and 50% polyester) and includes a duvet cover and matching pillowcase. It is machine washable so easy to keep clean.

Pyjamas are always a useful gift to give and many children wear them as loungewear as well as in bed. This set are inspired by The Greatest Showman with the lyrics ‘A million dreams are keeping me awake’ on the front of the top in white writing on the turquoise top. The trousers have a turquoise, white and dark grey star print on the grey fabric. They come in sizes for children aged 3-13 years.

A jacket is a useful thing for any child to have but it is not always easy to get them to agree to wear it. This parka should solve the problem as it has a cute cat print on and a furry hood which children will love to snuggle in to. It is available in sizes suitable for children aged 18 months – 6 years of age. It has a zip closure and pockets on the front and is padded so is windproof and it is also showerproof.

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