30 Gift Ideas for a 7 Year Old Girl

By Louise
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It is not always easy to think of an original gift to give to someone and therefore we have decided to help. This handy selection is a list of gifts that we feel will be suitable for 7-year-old girls. We have included a big range of different items that are both useful and fun at different prices so that there should be at least one item that will suit everyone and be within their budget. We hope that you will enjoy looking through it and will be able to find the ideal gift for the 7-year-old girl that you have in mind.

30 Presents for a 7th Birthday Girl

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This is a kit which can be used to make friendship bracelets. It comes with a special knitting board which is used to make the bracelets from the thread that is included. There are also beads and a needle included. There are instructions so that it is really easy to see how to make different bracelet designs that can be worn or given away. Suitable for children aged five years and older.

This is a set of cute Winnie the Pooh themes pyjamas. The long-sleeved top has a picture of Eeyore and Piglet on it. The trousers also have a picture of Eeyore on and they have elasticated cuffs at the ankles. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix so are comfortable to wear and they are available in various sizes suitable for children aged four to ten years of age.

This is a scooter with a unicorn theme. It has pink wheels and handlebar grips and a multicoloured unicorn print over the rest of it. It is suitable for children aged 4-11 years old as the handlebars can be altered to accommodate different heights of child. The wheels light up which makes them more fun and they will come on automatically as it is ridden. It can fold down for easy storage.

This is a fun decorate your own stationery set. It comes with a pencil case and A5 notebook that can be decorated with the glitter and stickers that are provided. It has a unicorn and mermaid theme. The pencil case contains drawing pencils and 10 tubes of glitter with 2 small brushes. The stickers and glitter allow the items to be personalised and any spares can be used to create artwork inside the notebook.

This is a 4G Smartwatch for kids which comes in pink or blue. It has lots of functions such as video and voice calls, GPS, pedometer, stopwatch, learning games, SOS alarm, weather, photo album and adjustable screen brightness It can be disabled in the classroom too. It has a 1.44-inch touchscreen and can connect to Wifi even without a SIM. Has a fun design with a buckle on the strap that can be altered to fit securely.

This is a colourful postcard making kit. It has coloured pens and stickers in the set so that you can design all sorts of postcards. It includes 30 postcards with six sheets of stickers and ten pens. This means that you can colour in cards and then decorate them with the stickers. The postcards all have designs printed on them and they all have a BFF theme to them. It all comes in a foldaway case.

This is a set of protective gear to wear when skateboarding or on a bike. It comes in pink, red or blue and includes a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. The helmet is shockproof with soft padding and air vents to keep the head cool. The set is designed to fit kids aged 5-12 years of age. The straps can be adjusted so they always fit snugly without being too tight.

This is a colouring book which is called ‘Colouring Book for Girls Cool Animals’. Inside there are many cute animals which are patterned so that they can be coloured in using all sorts of imaginative designs and colours. There is a mix of detailed and simpler designs to pick from. The pages are single-sided with black pages behind to prevent bleed-through from felt tip pens and pages can be removed for framing.

This is a hoodie and trousers set which has the TikTok logo on it. The top is a pink hoodie and the trousers are black with elasticated waist and cuffs which also has the logo and other designs on it. They are size 7-8 years. They are made from cotton and polyester which means that they are comfortable to wear because they are lightweight and high quality. They will be warm and make great loungewear.

This is a wireless Bluetooth microphone with a speaker which give a pure quality surround sound. It comes in a choice of colours and it is of high quality. It easily connects using Bluetooth or USB and you can use it together with the singing app on your mobile phone and you can put in an SD card too. You can easily adjust the echo, volume, song mode and remix. Would make a great gift for anyone that enjoys singing.

This is a kid’s washable makeup set. It includes all sorts of items so they can try out all sorts of makeup. There are two eyeshadow compacts with 4 colours in each, 3 brushes, 2 glittery lip gloss, 2 lipstick, 1 blusher, 4 peel-off nail polish, 2 toe separators, 4 nail sticker sheets and a cosmetic bag. It all comes in a pretty gift box so that it makes a really lovely gift.

This is a kid’s ergonomic backpack. It is pink and navy and comes with a matching pencil case. It is 12.6 x 5.89 x 15.7 inches in size and is made from high-density waterproof nylon. It has a polyester lining and is dirt proof. It will last a long time. It has a main zip pocket as well as a front zip pocket and two side mesh pockets. It has two convenient carry handles which can be adjusted.

This is a Disney themed Lego set from Frozen II. It is a jewellery box to make which has two Lego rings to go with it. There is a mirror on the top and a drawer to put the jewellery inside. There is an Elsa mini figure, Nokk a mythical water spirit and a spinning function as well. The characters can be removed to be played with or kept on the top of the box.

This is a girls unicorn dress up party dress outfit. It comes in sizes suitable for 3-10-year-olds and has a dress with a large pink tulle skirt with a top that has floral embroidery on it. There is a headband which has a unicorn ear and horns on it. It is made from polyester cotton and can be carefully hand-washed if necessary. Great for fancy dress, Halloween and parties.

This is a pair of kids lined Wellington books. They come in pink, blue, graphite or silver and in a selection of different children’s sizes and have a turned over part at the top which is part of the fabric lining. They have a medium width size. They are great for wearing in the wet or snow as they keep the feet nice and dry. They slip on easily and are made from plastic so they are durable too.

This is a fun set to build an ice-cream truck. It comes with 553 pieces which will fit together to build a large ice-cream van but the pieces can also make a car, jet ski, fountain, house and other things. They will be great fun to play with and the bricks will even fit together with other standard sizes building bricks so they could be mixed in to make even more things.

This is an ultimate art set. It contains 118 art materials with pens, crayons, oil pastels and colouring pencils as well as paints. There is also an eraser, sharpener, scissors, glue, stapler and ruler. It all comes in a folding box which means that you will be able to carry it around with you and keep everything neat and tidy when not in use. It even has a handy carry handle.

This is a science experiment kit. It has all sorts of fun things for little children to play with. It comes with a lab coat and safety goggles with a name badge so they look the part. It also has 4 large test tubes with a stand, 4 pipettes, 3 funnels in different sizes, a measuring cup, a plastic beaker, a magnifier and activity booklet with experiments such as colour changing cabbage and effervescent beads.

This is a princess castle set to build. The building bricks are compatible with other building sets as well. This has twelve little models to build as well as the castle so there is a kitchen, windmill, garden, living room, carriage, sink, bedroom, stove and balcony. Each model can be transformed into something else. There are 568 pieces in total and there are full instructions making it easy to build all of the models.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says on the front ‘Warning! I’m not listening’ and it is made to look like it is printed on a black and yellow warning sign. The t-shirts come in various sizes to fit girls between the ages of 3 and 14 years of age. They have a round neck and club collar and are made from cotton so they are really comfortable to wear. They are machine washable.

This is an LED light which will look like a 3D unicorn when it is switched on. It is 24.9 x 17.3 x 5.8cm and so great for a bedside table. It has a USB connection and comes with a remote control so that you can change the colour, mode and brightness. You can pick a colour from a choice of 16 or choose it to cycle between them or flash. It can also be dimmed for more ambient effects.

This is a cute kids bike. It has 16-inch wheels and purple frame. It has stabilisers for safety as well as a chain guard so that the child will not get hurt or dirty from the chain. It has padding on the stem so that they are protected if they fall off. The brakes are easy to reach as well which will make sure that they are really safe.

This is a set of colourful 3D puzzles. The idea is that the child colours in each of the puzzle pieces with the felt pens that are supplied and then fix it together to make the animal. The animals are a horse, elephant, lion and dinosaur and there are 12 pens included. There are other options as well – aircraft, home and insects, so you can choose a set that you feel the child you are buying for will enjoy.

This is a rainbow kite for kids. It is 47 inches by 24 inches in size and comes with different tail designs which come in random colours. It is made from nylon fabric which means that it is strong and the fibreglass frame is also strong but also light as well. It comes with detailed instructions so that you can learn how to put it together and fly it.

This is a nest swing set. It is a large swing seat which is round and flat. It comes with adjustable mounting ropes that can be adjusted up to 170cm. The seat can take weights of up to 150kg. It is made from Oxford fabric which is easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth. They are great fun and can be a really good way to get children outside in the garden.

This is a cute pair of headphones. They have ears on the top and have LED lights on them which work when they are being used. They come in pink & green or pink & white colours. They are wireless and work using Bluetooth technology and once matched will automatically connect to the device once it is switched on. It has control switches on the side to change the song, the volume etc.

This is a Smiggle lunch box which comes in a choice of three colours and designs. It is 7 x 24.5 x 19cm in size. It has a name label inside and a carry handle which has a release clip on it so you can attach it to a pushchair handle or other things easily. It is easy to clean too. They are just the right size for children to take their school lunch in.

This is a personalised sign for a child’s bedroom door. The sign is pink with a rainbow, clouds and unicorns on and says ‘[name]’s room’ on it. You just send in details of the name and it is made for you. It is 20 x 15cm in size and is made of plywood which is easily wiped clean. It comes with double-sided tape so that it can easily be fixed on to the door.

This is a colourful rug for a child’s bedroom floor. It is blue in the background with rainbows on it as well as sunshine’s and clouds. It comes in two sizes so you can pick the appropriate one. It has a felt backing and a non-fraying border. It can fold up easily if it needs to be stored and it is also easy to clean. A lovely bright and colourful rug.

This is a cute desk and chair set for a child. It is made from MDF and the desk has a handy hinged lid which means that things can be stored inside it. It is easy to clean as it can be wiped with a damp cloth. The table is 57 x 55 x 48cm and the stool is 30 x 40 x 25cm in size. A lovely set for homeschooling, playing, art, writing practice etc.

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