32 Gift Ideas for Boxing Lovers

Updated on August 12th, 2021
By Louise
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If you know a boxing fan, then you could be keen to find them a gift related to the sport. There are various things available but it could be that you are looking for something a little more original or distinctive. We have therefore put together a list of gifts, which we think could influence you in your choices, that we believe will appeal to people who like boxing.  Hopefully, you will be able to find something that you like and that you think will be suitable for them. We have tried to cover a broad range of items and prices, so hope there will be something that helps.

32 Presents for People Who Love Boxing

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This is a free standing boxing punch bag. It is useful because it does not need to be hung from the ceiling and is therefore not hard to fix and is easy to move out of the way when finished with. It has a base tank with strong suction cups and can be filled with sand, but is designed to make it easy to move when required. It has a stainless steel tube stand with a 2mm thickened PU leather striking surface.

This is a special reflex ball for boxing training. It is a headband with a ball hanging from it and the idea is to keep your reflexes sharp by hitting the ball. The ball is light and soft but allows you to train even when you cannot get to the gym. It can help with reducing stress, exercising the heart, improving reflexes and hand/eye coordination for anyone, even if they are not a boxing fan.

These are palm pads for punching or kicking. They are made from durable PU leather and padded with high potency foam. They provide protection and shock absorption making them great for training for martial arts and kick boxing. They are suitable for heavy punchers and kickers and you get two mitts with the order. They come in a choice of either red, white and black or black and white colours, so you can find one that you feel will suit the recipient the most.

These are training hand wraps for boxers. They come in black, blue, white or black and they are made by Adidas. They are made from 100% stretchable woven tape with an attached thumb. They are worn under gloves to provide additional protection for the hands.  They have a 5cm hook and loop closure on them and are suitable for men or women to use, as they come in different sizes of 255cm and 450cm.

This is a Gritin skipping rope with a high quality steel core covered with PVC. It is possible to adjust the length, which means that it can be fitted to size. It has a soft sponge handle which is memory foam, so that it is comfortable to use, even if used for a long period of time but is also non slip. It is 3 meters long and is black and green in colour.

This is a pair of synthetic leather boxing gloves made by GoMax. They come in black, black & white, blue, blue & white and yellow. They come in a choice of sizes – 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz. They are designed to last without wearing out or splitting and provide shock absorption and protection. It has a Velcro wrist strap, so that they can be fitted snugly and safely.

This is a special elite trainer. It is an interactive boxing and home gym system. It gives high interval training with 3D mitts and sparring partners. It means that you can keep fit and have fun at the same time. You will also learn striking techniques and you can select different rounds and training types, duration and skill levels.  It even gives real time feedback and progress tracking to encourage and motivate.

This is a pair of Farabi boxing gloves in a child’s size. They are pink with black stars on them and are made of faux leather with a Velcro wrist band to keep them on safely. They are 4oz and designed for training. The size is suitable for young children of around 4 years of age. They are fun to use and will keep the child safe when they are training. They come with free delivery.

This is a mouthguard which can be used for boxing. It is important to use one to protect the teeth and prevent the tongue from getting bitten. This has a self mould technology to make sure that it gives a custom fit and this can easily be done at home. It also comes with a free sterile case, so that you can keep it clean when it is not being worn as well as well protected.

This is a headguard for wearing during boxing training. It is padded and provides protection for the head, cheeks and ears. It is suitable for martial arts and boxing use. It is available in small, medium, large and extra large. It has shock absorbing padding and is designed to keep the head and face dry and sweat free. There is a hook and loop fitting to make it easy to get a secure fit and to remove quickly when necessary.

This is a pair of men’s boxing shoes made by Adidas. They are designed to help with agile footwear in the ring and they have one piece gum rubber outsole which helps with traction and grip. They have a mesh inner to help to keep feet cool and are lace up, so that you can get a really good fit. They are available In UK shoes sizes 4-11 and they are of standard width.

This is an inflatable punching bag for children. It is 47 inches in size and free standing. It is made from PVC, so it is strong and can be used for practice for all sorts of martial arts as well as boxing. It also just helps them to get their energy out or to calm down. It is filled with air so it is soft and light and will not hurt them, even if they punch or kick it really hard, It can have sand or water in the bottom to keep it upright.

This is a pair of men’s boxing shorts by Adidas. They are black with a white stripe down the side and a white waistband or you can choose red or blue with the white stripe and waistband or white with a black stripe and black waistband. They come in size XXS – XXL and they have a large waistband for comfort. They are made from 100% polyester which is lightweight, soft and stretchable.

This is a boxing training set. It includes a pair of punching mitts and a Taekwondo kick pad, so they are great for training for all sorts of sports. The gloves are light weight and effective and have PVA foam which provides protection for the hands. The curved design should fit most trainers and they have a half ball palm grip which is comfortable and secure. The kick pad is 16 x 8 inches in size and covers the arm for protection.

This is a book called ‘Boxing : The Ultimate Guide to Beginning Boxing’ by Jeff Mccall. This book is a guide for anyone that wants to get started with boxing and doesn’t really know where to begin. Whether you want to learn for self defence, fitness or to compete this book has information to guide you. It comes as a paperback or a kindle version. Iy contains real life examples as well as punch combinations and a lot of other information.

This is a special deodoriser for gloves. It kills germs and absorbs moisture as well as getting rid of any smells. It will help to make the gloves last longer and keep them smelling good, as you cannot easily wash them. It has activated charcoal to absorb moisture to prevent bacteria growing in the gloves, which will also stop the smell. Just put the pouches inside the gloves every time you take them off.

This is a special top designed to be worn in the gym. It is a sleeveless hoodie which comes in black, dark grey, grey, navy blue, red or army green and has a large pocket on the front. It is comfortable and lightweight, making it ideal for working out. It has a zipper pocket to keep valuables safe when exercising.  It comes in sizes Small – XXL and is a regular fit.

This is a ‘Boxer’ word art print which can be personalised. It has a white background and a figure of a boxer is printed on it made out of lots of different words. You can choose the colouring and any words that you want included such as: a name, date of birth and key words for that person, up to 30 words can be chosen.  It comes printed on A4 photo paper ready for framing.

This is a boxing vest made by Greenhill. It is a training vest, which is sleeveless and comes in red or blue with a white stripe down the side. It has a mesh panel, so that it helps the wearer to stay cool, eliminate odours and protects the skin as well. It is made from polyester, so it is soft and smooth and will not shrink or stretch either. It comes in sizes XXS – XL.

This is a book called ‘Boxing – A Cultural History’ by Kasia Boddy. It is available in either hardback or kindle version, and has lots of facts without being dull. It starts with bare knuckle boxing and comes right up to date focussing on important and key fights, capturing all the excitement of the ring, but also discuses cultural history through the view of boxers through the ages. It also includes historical photos throughout.  

This is a fun notebook which has ‘Boxing’ written on the front with a picture of boxing gloves and a black background. It is a 6 x 9 inch notebook with 151 pages. It has lined paper which is ideal for note taking, journaling, a diary or lists. A great gift for anyone that is a fan of boxing or does boxing themselves, as it is relevant and very useful and practical too.

This is a black short sleeved t-shirt with a picture of Mike Tyson boxing in the ring with a quote underneath that says ‘Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth’. It is a crew neck t-shirt which is made from ring spun cotton, so it is soft and comfortable to wear. It is a regular fit and comes in S, M, L, XL, XXL and 3XL. It can be washed in a washing machine.

These are useful shin guards which can be used for kickboxing and other types of martial arts. They have foam pads which will protect the shins and comes in a choice of black, blue and red in sizes S, M, L, XL. They have a hook and loop fastening, so they stay securely in place even when the wearer is moving a lot, but they also allow the leg to flex and provide comfort.

This is a fun desktop boxing kit. It is a teeny tiny punch bag which sticks to the desk with a suction pad. It comes with a pair of mini boxing gloves to fit on the thumbs and these will be able to be worn by two people, so they can have a mini and fun fight. It even comes with a little booklet, which has some moves that you can try out and some boxing trivia too.

This is a wooden sign, which says on it ‘This home runs on love laughter and lots of boxing’ and it has a neutral tone background. It is  19.5 x 13 x 0.6cm in size and two holes drilled in the top with some black knotted cord through it, so that it can easily be hung up on a door handle, drawer handle or wall.  This would make a pretty and thoughtful gift for someone that likes to box.

This is a pull up bar which can be attached to a ceiling. It has non-slip handles in different positions and it is extremely stable, so you can do different types of pull up exercises on it. It comes with heavy duty dowels for hanging it securely. It also has eyelets on so you can use it to hang a punch bag from to get boxing practice in your home.

This is a personalised towel. You can choose between different sizes of towel or flannel and each has a boxing glove picture on it with a space for a name to be embroidered underneath. The face cloth is 30 x 30cm, hand towel 50 x 90cm, bath towel 70 x 130cm and the bath sheet 100 x 150cm. They are made from 100% cotton terry towelling and you can choose different colours of towels and embroidery.

This is a pair of Adidas martial arts kick boxing shorts and they are available in black or blue and come in sizes S, M, L and XL. They are made from 100% polyester, so they are lightweight and they have a large elasticated waistband with a cord tightening to make sure that they stay securely in place. They have a Muay Thai cut and some Thai print on the side of them with three stripes on the waistband.

This is an art print which is a picture of boxing gloves in a vintage style. It is a cleverly put together picture, as the picture of the gloves is printed onto a page from a dictionary, so it has an interesting background. It is 7 x 4 inches in size and would look really good framed. The old page that it is printed on is yellowed, so it has a distinctive antique look to it.

This is a pair of boxing training sticks. They are available in fluorescent yellow, navy blue, rose red or fluorescent green and made of sturdy PU leather, so that it will not break and will feel good. They are suitable for boxing and other sports that require agility. There is an elastic rope which is 16cm and is therefore easy to hold and can stretch to 33cm. The pack includes two training sticks.

This is a cute little boxing set for a child. It includes a robe and shorts. They are both satin style fabric so are shiny and they are black and gold in colour with the main colour being black and Gold stripe down the sides of the shorts and the trim of the dressing gown and shorts are gold. It is in sizes suitable for babies and children aged 1-14 years of age and comes in a mesh carry bag.

This is a hooded bathrobe for adults. It is an official ‘MGM Rocky’ product and is black with yellow/gold edging, cuffs and belt. It is 122cm height and is designed to be one size fits all. It has a hood on it and on the back it says ‘Italian Stallion’ with a picture of a horses head. It comes with free delivery and would make a great gift for a boxing fan.

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