32 Gift Ideas for Cigar Smokers

By Louise
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Some of us might know people that enjoy smoking cigars. This means that it might be the case that we would like to buy them gifts that are related to cigars. It can be hard to know what to buy as we no longer see tobacconist shops and so you may find it hard to choose things for them. However, you will find the list that we have put together will help you. We have included a selection of different items so that there are things that should suit everyone and they are different prices as well, so there is something for all budgets.

32 Presents for Cigar Fans

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This is a cigar box which is made from cedar wood and has a leather outside. It can fit three cigars in it and it even has a pocket on the front with a cigar cutter in it. It allows a person to carry their cigars around safely and keep them at a good humidity. The cutter is made from stainless steel, it is sharp and rounded but will not rust or corrode and is durable as well as comfortable to use.

This is a whiskey glass with a built-in cigar holder. There are different designs to choose from but each has a space to rest a cigar. They are made from glass and have a classic and old fashioned style. They are all 320ml glasses with either a round or square design. They would make a great gift for someone that loves to have a drink when they are smoking their cigar.

This is a cigar humidor which is made from cedar wood, It is a hinged box which has a matte surface and an elegant design. It works by keeping the cigars at the correct humidity once distilled water is put into the humidifier. The box is 240mm x 215mm x 65mm and so can hold a good number of cigars inside. There is a wooden separator inside so you can make two compartments in the box if you wish.

This is an Eau de toilette spray which is 100ml and has a Cuba Royal fragrance. It is a cigar-shaped bottle which has a woody fragrance and comes in a gold tin. The fragrance has a long-lasting aroma of tobacco as well as a balmy effect which is liked by many people including those who smoke cigars themselves. Would make a great gift as the gold metal tin makes it look really special.

This is a triple jet flame cigar lighter. It comes in either silver or bronze coloured metal. The flame size can be adjusted using the knob on the bottom of the lighter using a screwdriver. It has a built-in cigar punch as well as a gas indicator window so it is easy to see when it needs refilling. Has an elegant design and it is easy to use as well.

This is a cigar case for three cigars which are held in separate tubes. The case is made from premium leather with a crocodile grain and it is brown in colour so looks very elegant and classic. It has a pocket on the front to hold a cigar cutter, which is also included. The whole thing is 7.3 x 3.5 x 1.1 inches in size and so easy to transport in a pocket or bag.

This is a special cigar tool which is made of stainless steel. It has a lovely silver tone colour and it is designed to snip the ends of the cigar. It is double-ended and the idea is that the cigar is placed in the hole in the middle and then the sides are squeezed in the cut the end off. It will fit most sizes of cigar and is a low price.

This is a set of 20 chocolate cigars. There are twenty in the pack and they come in a see-through tub. Each contains milk chocolate which is more than 30% cocoa. The total weight is 400g. They will make a fun item to give out on different occasions, or as a joke item to fool people. Also, could be great for those people who do not want to smoke but want to feel included when others are smoking.

This is a precision cigar draw enhancer tool and nubber. The idea is that these can be used on cigars which have a tight draw. This makes them very difficult to smoke and so by using the tool they can be opened up and they can then be smoked easily and enjoyed. It can also be used to hold the nub if you want to enjoy the cigar right down to the very end.

This is a cigar ashtray. It has a small and cool design and is made of metal. It is made from an aluminium alloy and measures 110mm x 65mm with a depth of 26mm.  Its small size means that it does not take up much space and it provides enough space for one person to use it at a time. It has a non-slip base and it is very durable so will last a long time.

This is a Churchill E-Cigar. It has a premium Cuban Cigar flavour and a soft tip. It provides 1800 puffs and is nicotine free. It is 16-18mm long in diameter and 151mm long. It has a ring gauge of 48 and weighs 25g. It comes in an elegant looking box so would make a really good gift. There is no flame or tobacco and it is disposable so will need to be replaced once the battery has run out.

This is a set of cigar scissors. They are made of black plastic and stainless steel so they have an elegant look. The blade will not rust or corrode and it is hard and wear-resistant as well. It has a 19mm cutting diameter and it will cut out a V-shaped section from the cigar. It is easy to use and ergonomically designed to make it comfortable to use. It is 101mm x 13mm.

This is a Germnus cigar cutter which is black in colour. It has a ring in the middle, which is revealed when you pull out the blades. Then you simply have to insert the cigar and snap the blades shut in order to cut it. It comes in an elegant black gift box which looks really good and means that it will look great to give to someone as a gift.

This is a cigar ashtray. It is a Cahiba brand and has the name on it. It is white with a black and orange pattern on it with some gold highlights. It is made from ceramic and measures 205mm in diameter and 62mm high. It has four dips in it to hold cigars and an adequate area for collecting ash. It just needs to be gently wiped in order to clean it.

This is a cat toy that looks like a cigar. It is brown in colour and has a label printed on it and the word ‘Yeowww!’ on it. It is filled with American grown catnip so your cat will really love playing with it. There is no cotton or polyester in side it so it is safe. It is made with heavy duty cotton and the dyes are natural vegetables based colours.

This is a Germanus brand cigar punch. It cuts a 7mm diameter and has an eject function as well. It is a zeppelin shape and measures 6.5 x 1.4cm in size. It is attached to a keyring so it can be easily clipped onto keys and always be with the person who wants it. It can be taken apart into seperate bits if required. It is made from chrome so is a shiny silver colour and is durable.

This is a notebook which has a black cover and says on it ‘I’m holding a cigar so yeah I’m pretty busy’ and has a picture of a cigar resting on a whiskey glass. Inside the book it has dotted pages which are great for bullet journaling but can also be used as a diary or for more general notes. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 82 pages. Great for carrying around to make notes in.

This is a novelty jumbo cigar. It is 2cm in size and is brown and looks like a real cigar with a label on it that says ‘big shot’ on it. The other end has an ash like appearance and is red as if it is glowing. It makes a great addition to a fancy dress outfit or for use at parties, for holloween outfits etc. You can buy in quantities on one, two or three.

This is an ashtray which is made out of cast iron. It is in the shape of a cupped hand. It is a novel item and would make a good addition to an ashtray collection or make a great gift for someone that snokes cigars. It looks good when it is not being used so makes a great ornamental item on a desk or shelf as well as a practical one when being used.

This is a cigar case. It is a brown leather case and has space to hold two cigars. It looks elegant and stylish and one end slips into the other for an easy way to keep the cigars safe inside. It is made of premium leather and measures 17.5 x 2.8 x 6.6cm so easily fits into a jacket pocket or any other place where you wish to store them for later use.

This is a pair of Macabolo cigar stands. It is actually a two pack of portable ceramic cigar holders made from fine bone china which is delicate and smooth. They are yellow in colour but have a cork bottom so that they do not slip or damage the surface that they are on. The design is very simple and it means that they will easily fit into any room. They come in a gift box.

This is a long sleeved sweatshirt which is heather grey in colour and says on it ‘That’s what I do I smoke cigars and I know things’. It also has a picture of some cigars and a top hat. It is available in sizes small -2XL and has a unisex fit. It is made from cotton and polyester which means that it is warm and soft to wear and it will wash easily in a washing machine.

This is a humidor bag which is designed to store cigars in for up to one year. The bag is large enough to store 60-80 cigars and it has 2-way humidity control. It is tough and rugged to protect the cigars inside and is much denser than a food storage bag. It retains cigars at 69% RH so that they are all ready to smoke and they have been protected. Great for collectors.

This is a cigar tray. It is made from cedar wood and it is easy to clean. It can accommodate 5-10 cigars inside it. As it is made from wood it keeps the natural aroma and taste of the cigar. It has a good seal on it and there is a partition so you can store cigars easily that are different sizes. It has a humidity regulator to make sure that they stay fresh.

This is a selection of rawhide cigar sticks. These are actually cigar shaped chews for dogs. There are 20 in the pack and they are made by Natures Deli. They are 25cm in size and can keep dogs occupied and entertained for a while, so that owners can have some rest or a smoke in peace! They are also healthy products for the dogs to eat. This is a 1kg pack which are plastic wrapped to keep them fresh.

This is a white ceramic mug which is 11oz in size. On the outside is a design of a cigar being rolled in a leaf and it says ‘they see me rollin’ on it. It is a fun design for someone that loves cigars. The picture is on both sides of the mug and it is printed using the dye sublimation process which is good quality and means that picture will last even in a dishwasher or microwave.

This is  a fun wooden sign which says on it ‘cigar shop est 1815’. It would be a fun thing to give to someone who likes cigars to hang in their home. It is printed on one side of the board in a white colour on the wood and it has a vintage look to it. It will be ready to hang when it arrives or it could be propped up on a shelf.

This is a hardback book called ‘The Cigar Companion’ by Anwer Bati. It includes the origin story of cigars, a directory of fan favourites, best practices for buying cigars, storage techniques and a directory of reputable merchants. It concentrates on hand rolled cigars and even has information on quality, aroma and flavour of all of the main types. A great book for a cigar lover who wants to expand the range of cigars that they smoke and do not know which to choose.

This is a cigar tasting journal. It is a 6×9 inch notebook and it has pre set out pages which can be filled in with information about the cigar, such as the flavour and brand, price, length, shape and even room to put the label. It has 100 pages so there is room to review 100 different types of cigars. It is 6 x 9 inches in size so great for carrying around.

This is a hoodie which says on it ‘Robusto Maduro’ with a picture of a cigar on it. It comes in black, blue and grey and is a unisex fit available in sizes small – 2XL. It is made from cotton and polyester so it will keep its shape but it will also be warm and comfortable to wear. It is easy to keep clean as well as it can go in a washing machine and drier.

This is a cigar mouthpiece set. It contains four mouthpieces which are made from resin. They have different ring gauges and they will be able to hold different sizes of cigar. They look elegant and come in a box. This means that they will look great when giving them as a gift but the recipient will also be able to store them in the box to keep them clean and safe.

This is a neon sign which says ‘cigars’ and has a picture of a lit cigar underneath. It comes in a choice of different colours and there are three size options as well. They will plug into a normal UK socket and they have an on/off switch on them. They will brighten up a dark corner of a room and will be a great addition to the home of a cigar lover.

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