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Buying gifts for gamers is not always that easy. They might like to receive games but if that is not in your budget or you want to get something a bit different then you might feel a bit stuck. This is the reason we have come up with this list of ideas. There are all sorts of gifts listed which we feel will be appealing to gamers. Therefore, we have a list of suggestions that might help you out. We have all sorts of things listed so you should be able to find something for the gamer that you have in mind.

32 Gift Ideas for PC & Console Gamers

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This is a fun door sign. It is made of tin and is black, yellow and white in colour. It says on it ‘Keep out #1 gamer at work (leave food and drink at work) enter at own risk’. It also has a picture of a figure and a controller.  The sign measures 20 x 30cm and has four predrilled holes to hang it, so will make a big impact when attached to a door.

These novelty socks are black and on the bottom says ‘I’m gaming do not disturb’ and have a games controller on them. The white text and pictures are in a non-slip material. The socks come in a short or medium length and are suitable for men or women. Made from cotton they are stretchy and comfortable to wear as well as being soft and breathable and one size fits all.

This is a fun hoodie which says ‘do not disturb gaming mode activated’ on the front of it. It comes in a choice of colours black, blue, pink, brown, maroon and navy. The hood has a matching coloured drawstring around it and there is a large pocket on the front. The sizes are suitable for children and adults starting at age 7-8 and going up to 3XL and they are made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

This is a fun retro style mug. It is a white mug with a black Puckator game controller handle and a retro ‘game over’ space invaders style picture on it, which is printed on both sides. It has an 11cm height, 14.5cm width and 8.5cm depth. It is an officially licensed product and comes in a matching box so it is easy to wrap up and give as a fun gift.

This is a fun retro handheld games console. It comes with a selection of 1576 retro games and Supports 10 game platforms and is rechargeable. It comes with a TV cable so you can play it connected up to a screen for a much bigger picture. It is portable so fits in a pocket and comes in a selection of colours. Would make a great gift for a gamer or someone that used to game to bring back childhood memories.

This black cushion cover has funky silver writing on it. It says ‘do not disturb gamer at work’ and has a picture of a games controller on it. It would make a great addition to a teenagers bedroom or even on the sofa in a home where people game in the sitting room. It is 40 x 40cm and so will fit over man cushions. The colour and design is striking and would fit in with many different types of décor.

This is a fun scratch off poster which is a video games bucket list. It has a list of 100 games and you scratch each one off once you have played it. It includes frogger, Tetris, assassin’s creed, doom, NBA, space invaders, pokemon go, pong, super mario and legend of Zelda, so includes a lot of well known classics. Also seconds as a fun poster to hang up once scratched off.

This is a fun, black, short sleeved t-shirt for a gamer. It says ‘I paused my game to be here’. Great for a teenager who never leaves their games console. It is available in a selection of sizes 9-11 years, 12-13 years and adult sizes small to XXL. It is made of cotton and is soft to wear. It is suitable for machine washing so is easy to care for.

This is a set of three art posters. The first is a games controller handset, the second says ‘game on’ and the third says ‘loading….’. They all have different coloured backgrounds in earthy green and blue tones. They measure 20 x 25cm and you get all three in a set. Great to put on a teenagers bedroom wall but also make a stylish impact in any room of the house.

This is a chocolate hand held game controller gift. It is a decorated milk chocolate novelty which is moulded to look like a games controller and has coloured buttons on it made from coloured chocolate and is suitable for vegetarians. It measures 150 x 115 x 20mm and comes in a gift box with the word ‘play!’ on it. A fun gift for any gamer that enjoys eating chocolate (who doesn’t!!).

This book is the Guinness World Records Gamers Edition 2020. It has pages about the main gaming characters and lots of facts, features and information in the book. It has such a big variety of information it is bound to have facts and figures that will interest any gamer. So whether they like fortnight or Minecraft, super Mario or Lara Croft, there will be something that they will really enjoy reading about.

This useful bag has the message ‘I paused my game to be here’ with a pause button on it which is a reversible sequin design. The bad is a shoulder bag and is black with white piping. It has a main compartment with zip closure as well as a zip pocket. It is made from quality canvas and is sturdy. Measures 33cm x 28cm x 10cm so great for school, sports kit or travel.

This is a really cool keyring which has a PlayStation 3C handset pendant. It is an officially licensed PlayStation product and is made of metal so it will last a long time and is very strong. It is great for using with keys but also to hang off a bag or backpack or just as a collectible. It comes on a card, so great for giving away as a present for any gamer.

This is a onesie for boys who like gaming. The pattern has the word ‘gamer’ as well as handsets all over it. It is mainly black with white and green printing on it. It comes in sizes ages 7-8 and 9-10.  It has a cosy hat and cuffs on the arms and legs and a full zip down the body. It is 100% cotton and suitable for washing in a washing machine at 30 degrees.

This mug is a great gift to a gamer it says on it ‘I promise to lobe you even when we’re old and you still play video games. It has a controller pictured underneath with a wire coming from it which is made into heart shapes. It is a 11oz ceramic white mug. The design is printed on both sides and it comes in a box so it is ready to give away as a lovely gift.

These are fun cupcake toppers in a gamer theme. They are edible and have pictures such as a controller, joystick, handheld game console and headphones. They are printed on wafers so thick with high resolution images that have to be cut out with scissors and then can be stood up on the cakes. They come in packs of 12, 24 or 60 so you can get enough for your party needs.

This is a necklace with a gaming controller pendant. The chain is silver plated with a lobster claw clasp and 18 inches and the charm is about 24mm in size and is black with grey, red, blue, green and purple buttons on it and made from resin. It comes in a presentation box which is an attractive turquoise blue with ‘The Funky Barcode’, making it a great gift to give to any gamer.

This is a cool popsocket with a gaming design. It has the word ‘gamer’ in white on it with a picture of a game controller but is mainly black. It is a grip so that it makes the mobile device easy to hold and it pops out to allow it to sit on a desk or shelf for when making video calls or watching films. A useful and fun gift to buy.

This is a fun gamer themed mouse pad. It has ‘gamer’ on it and a figure with a headset and a games controller. The background looks like whitewashed wood and the main print is black with a yellow controller. It is a good quality printed mouse mat which is 5mm thick and soft and flexible. It is non-slip on the base and is not only useful but will form a good decoration on the desk as well.

This is a Sony PlayStation themed wallet. It is an officially licensed product and has the iconic console design with a button fastener and is mainly white. Inside there are note and coin slots as well as a coin pocket. It measures 16mm in height, 11.5cm in length and 10.8cm in width so it fits easily in a pocket or bag. It would make a great gift for anyone that uses a PlayStation.

This is a really cute mushroom light from Super Mario. When you switch it on it makes the game level up sound. It glows a soft red colour. It is an official licensed product and would be easily recognised by anyone that has played the Super Mario games. Is suitable for children over the age of six years. Comes in a box ready to wrap up and give as a present.

These are fun PlayStation themed playing cards. They come in a collectors tin which looks like a handset and it is grey and embossed making it look really cool. The cards themselves have the four suits based on the iconic logos on the handset and they are black on both sides with the PlayStation logo on the back. They are a great novelty and will make a cool gift for any gaming fan.

This is a fun tin of retro sweets. On the blue lid of the tin it says ‘This belongs to an awesome gamer’ in white print and inside there are sweets. They are retro sweets such as fizz wizz, flying saucers, drumsticks, lollies, black jacks, fruit salad and refreshers. The tin measures 6cm high and 12cm diameter and can be reused to keep small items in such as jewellery, lego or similar things.

These are a great gaming headset by EasySMX. It has over the ear headphones and a microphone with LED lights. It has a very robust design so that it does not break easily. It is easy to control with a microphone switch and volume control turner and also has an earphone and microphone plug with a USB port for the LED lights. Suitable for use with a PC, laptop and computer games.

This is a different version of the standard monopoly game. It is the cheaters edition where you can choose to follow, bend or break the rules in order to win. It includes plastic handcuffs for anyone that is caught cheating. It features cheat cards to encourage the players to cheat. Makes an interesting change from the traditional monopoly game.  Like the traditional game, the player with the most money at the end wins.

This is a really interesting idea. You build a game setting on the board which then allows you to help to build your own platform video game. You set up an account and you can use the app to create different scenarios and you can create characters too and different game rooms. Lots of fun and gives you the idea of how to make a video game without having to do the programming.

This is a Helix pencil case with a gaming controller design. It is mainly black with a bright green zip and coloured buttons on it too. It is made of top quality neoprene which is flexible to allow things to fit easily in it. It has high quality stitching a zip so should last a long time. It measures 23 x 12 x 1.4 and would be great for use at school, college or for storing art materials.

This is a fun notebook for gamers. It is black and says ‘80’s gamers club’ in a retro font on the front of it. It is a lined notebook and is 6 x 9 inches with 120 pages. It is great for keeping all sorts of notes in, perhaps for passwords or game tips or for a school rough book. It would make a great gift for anyone that enjoyed gaming in the 1980’s.

These are fun coasters which are black with the PlayStation icons on them. It is a set of four and is an official licensed product. The coasters are made of metal so are sturdy and will last a long time and protect surfaces from hot or cold drinks.  It comes in a box that states that it is an official licensed product and so is a great item to give away as a gift.

This drawstring, fabric bag has a design with handheld consoles, game controllers and headsets on with a black background. It is 34cm x 42.5cm so is suitable for swimming kit, PE kit or school books. The drawstrings are tied in the corners so you can use them to carry the bag over your shoulder. There is a front zipped pocket if you want to keep things separate or to access easily.

This is a fun pair of pyjamas which says ‘eat, sleep, battle royale, repeat’ on it. The top is black and the trousers have the same words and a hamburger and gun pattern on a grey colour background. The top has grey cuffs and the trousers have black hems so they coordinate. They come in sizes to fit age 7 to 14 years. Made from 100% cotton they are comfortable and can go in the washing machine.

This is a wall sticker which says on it ‘gamers don’t die they respawn’ and has a picture of a skull with a headset on. It is a quality wall sticker which would be ideal for the wall of a gamers bedroom. It will last for years without peeling or fading. When done with, they can be removed. They can stick on clean smooth surfaces such as walls, glass, metal, wood, plastic etc

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