29 Presents for Girls of All Ages

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When buying for little girls it can be difficult at times to find something that is original. Many shops will have the same sorts of items and you might be looking for something unique. You might also want something which stands out from all the rest. We have a list of items suitable for girls which we hope will help you to find the ideal present. There is a variety of different items to suit all tastes, ages and budgets and so hopefully you will find it helpful and find the perfect gift for the girl that you are buying for.

29 Cute Gift Ideas for Younger Females


This is a lovely stationery set. It is a giant pack of fruity markers so they smell really nice as you use them. They come in a case so they can all be neatly packed and folded away. The case has a nice rainbow design on it and the inside is purple. The sections to keep the pens are see through so you can easily find the pen you want.
These are some fun glitter tattoos. It has 27 tattoo stencils and they all have fun designs. There are 4 sparkly colours to choose from and you can then create great tattoos which will last on the skin for up to a week. They have pink/red, purple, gold and turquoise glitter to pick between. Great crafting fun and creates some fun tattoos as well. For children over 8 years old.
This is a very cute fairy garden set. It includes everything that is needed to create a really pretty fairy garden. It includes a magical miniature cottage, fairy figure, dormouse figure, shell water feature, clothes line, blanket, dormouse flower house and stars. It also comes with a bowl and seeds so that you can plant grass and grow it in the bowl and place all of the lovely items in it to make a lovely play set.
This is a great set of hair chalks. They come in a hair comb so they can be easily applied in the hair. The colours included are orange, pink, red, blue, green and purple so you can make pretty rainbow stripes or just use one colour or a few. It dries in 30 seconds and lasts up to three days in the hair, works on all hair colours and easily washes out with shampoo.
This is a colour ‘n’ style unicorn set. The unicorn is white and you can personalise it with the dry erase markers, beads and hairbrush. So, you can style the hair and add beads as well as drawing different designs on it to make it really pretty. There is a cloth included to wipe it off and you can then draw on it all over again. It is 12cm x 13cm x 5cm.
This is a magic clay modelling set. There are lots of different pots of coloured clay to make all sorts of models. It air dries as well so there are not special procedures required, just choose from the 24 colours and make animals using the supplied tools and accessories. There is even a booklet of instructions to make keyrings, pendants and fun animal figures. For ages 6 years and upwards.
This is a lovely unicorn set containing a pink pencil case with unicorn design and 10 pens. The pens come in green, pink, red, black, orange, black, purple, dark blue, light blue and light green and they all have cut unicorn and flamingo patterns on them. It is a lovely gift set which is practical and useful as well as cute and lovely. Great for any girl that loves to write, colour or do art.
This is a pink, mini size, digital camera and video recorder. It has a 2 inch screen and takes 5mp pictures and 1080P videos. It has frames, filters and volume adjustment. It has a built in puzzle game to keep them amused when they aren’t taking pictures. It is small so fits in the hand and is easy to carry around. The batteries can be easily recharged by USB. Designed for children aged between 4 and 8 years of age.
This is a nice ‘All About Me’ diary. It is an interactive journal which helps the child to make a record of exactly who they are right now. It has fill-in sections and quizzes so they can fill in what they like and dislike and their physical characteristics. Also has areas to write about their friends, families and hobbies and to confess their hopes and dreams. Something that they can keep to look back on.
This is a slime making art kit. It comes with 12 different coloured tubs of slime with glitter, beads, charms and all sorts of other things to make the slime look really funky. It comes with all sorts of accessories to stir their creativity and keep them quiet and busy for a long time. It comes with instructions so they will know exactly what to do to get the most fun out of the box of items.
This is a wireless karaoke microphone which can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker, loudspeaker and recorder. For any girl that loves to sing, this would be a great gift idea. It is available in rose gold, black or blue. The microphone can change the sound of the voice too and has five modes: original sound, child voice, female voice, male voice and old man voice. The battery lasts for 5-10 hours.
This is a fun tablet which comes with a stylus so that it can be written on. It works rather like a blackboard where you can write on the black screen and then erase it when you want to do a new picture. It just takes a small coin battery and can be reused so many times it is much better for the environment and cheaper than lots of sheets of drawing paper.
This is a lovely teaching watch for a little girl. The strap is pink and has unicorns and rainbows on it. The face is really clear and has a standard face but also ‘to’ and ‘past’ written on as well as the minutes too. Makes it easier to teach a child to tell the time and is fun as well. It comes in a plastic sleeve so ready to give away as a gift to a lucky little girl.
This is a pack by Galt which has all the kit to make charm bracelets. It has 6 metal charms, 3 silver charms with fasteners, bracelet chain, 300 assorted silver coated beads and coloured beads, elastic, needle, cotton and instructions. This means that little girls can have lots of fun designing charm bracelets that they will then be able to wear or give away to their friends. Suitable for 8 years and older.
This is a really cute music box. It has a white background and pastel coloured unicorn design on the outside. Inside it has a star shaped mirror with a unicorn in front and a purple lining. It has a gold winder which you can wind up to play a tune when you open the box and the unicorn will rotate. It has plenty of room to store jewellery inside. It measures 15 x 10.8 x 8.6cm and comes in a gift box.
This is a fun bag to decorate. It comes with a set of 10 vibrant markers in skin colour, yellow, pink, red, light green, dark green, light blue, mid blue, dark blue and purple and a bonus pencil case. The bag is in a messenger bag style and has a black pattern on it to be coloured in. The design has a mermaid, unicorn, narwhal, flowers, sweets and all sorts of other lovely things. There are also stickers that you can use to decorate it as well.
This is a LOL Surprise brand dolls handbag. It features unicorn, queen bee and diva dolls as pictures on the top. It is a black bag with pink trim and sparkly pink flap. It has loads of space in it for everything a little girl would need such as sweets, toys, hair accessories, jewellery and make up. It could even be used to carry LOL dolls! A practical and fun gift.
This is a lovely LOL dolls themed onesie. It has long pink sleeves and the rest has a pink and white striped background with dolls on it – merbaby, cheers captain, fancy, diva, cosmic queen and unicorn. It is a lovely fleecy material so will be cosy to wear and has cuffed wrists and ankles to keep it in place with a zip right down the middle. Comes in sizes 4-5, 5-6 and 7-8.
This is a lovely bag charm kit made by Pipkits. It is a lovely purple boxed set which contains everything needed to make a berries blackberry bag charm. It includes the twine, different types of beads and the D clip as well as the instructions. The packaging is so lovely it can be kept to be used to store other things or the bag charm in. For children ages 6 years and over.
This is a huge bag of 50 hair scrunchies. They all come in different colours of the rainbow such as pink, purple, red, blue green, orange, yellow, brown, grey and black and in pastel and bright colours. This means that there will be one to match every outfit or some to share with friends. They are 20cm when stretched and come in a lovely velvet material. They come in a cute gift package which can be used to store them.
This is a sequined back pack which has a mermaid theme. The backpack is covered in sequins which are reversible and one side is purple and the other turquoise. It has adjustable straps and they form part of the drawstring at the top of the bag. At the bottom of the bag is stitched a mermaid’s tail fins. It is fully lined inside with a soft cotton material and there is a zipped pocket too.
These are fun headphones which have cats ears. The headphones go right over the ears and they have an LED light inside the ears which can be set to flash. They can be folded up so that they are easy to transport or the folding function can be used to move the speakers off the ears for others to listen. They have cushioning to help block out external noise and to make them comfortable to wear. They work with nearly all mobile devices and computers.
This is a boxed kit to make fruity, sparkly lip balm. It has 5 lip balm pots, 2 sticker sheets, 4 juicy flavour tubes, 1 pot of lip balm base, 3 sparkly glitter pots, 5 mixing bowls, some mixing tools and a make up bag. Scents are cherry, orange, pineapple and grape. It has instructions and everything needed to make lip balms really easily. Suitable for girls aged 4-10 years old.
This is a lovely Melissa and Doug stamping set. It has 9 friendship stamps with a two colour stamp pad and coloured pencils. The stamps have friendship themed designs such as a rainbow, hearts, flowers, butterfly, rose, balloons and teddy bear. The ink is pink or purple and the red, yellow, pink, blue and green pencils can be used to colour in the designs. It all comes in a pretty and sturdy wooden box.
This is a fun card game called Skyjo. Cards need to be traded, flipped and collected with the aim being to have as few points as possible by the end of the game. It is a fun game to be played with family and friends and probably different to anything they have played before. The rules are really simple and the rounds are really quick so less chance of getting bored. For ages 8+ and 2-8 players.
These face paints are great fun. There are lots of colours so it is possible to make all sorts of designs. It comes with brushes, pads, glitter and stencils to make some great effects. There are full instructions included so that it is easy to produce really great designs. The paint is quick drying and can be removed really easily with soap and water. Great for parties, sleepovers and just general fun!
This is a great boxed activity set to make perfume. It teaches girls about how to blend scents to make gorgeous perfumes by blending top, middle and base scents. It has a coloured guide so that they can follow the instructions and make their own. It contains 9 plastic mixing bottles, 4 perfume display bottles, 5 pipettes, vials of musk, citrus, fruity, pink flowers and green fragrances, gloves and instructions.
This is a fun nail studio kit. It has step by step instructions to help girls to paint their nails in 25 stunning designs. It contains all of the tools and full instructions on how to make the perfect nails including dot patterns, animal designs and more. It contains 25 nail designs in all so they will learn all sorts of fun techniques and designs. It has everything included that they will need to complete the tasks included.
This is a lovely personalised make-up bag. It comes in a base colour of either white or black and you can have a name printed on it in rose gold. There is a choice of small (13.5 x 12 x 6 cm) medium (19 x 18 x 9 cm) and large (23 x 22.5 x 11 cm). It is made from 100% cotton with a gold coloured zip on the top. Could be used for toiletries, make-up, nail polish, jewellery, toys or games so a great multi-purpose bag to store things in.


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