27 Gift Ideas for Kindle Lovers

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If you know someone that really loves their kindle then you might be keen to get them a gift that will be really suited to this. You may not want to get them a voucher to buy more books, but find something more thoughtful. It may not always be that easy to decide what to get though as you might feel that you have not really seen anything that is relevant. However, we have put together a list of things that we feel will be really useful and therefore you should be able to find something. There is a mix of serious and funny gifts so something for everyone.

27 ebook Related Presents for Kindle Users

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This is a pretty and smart leather case for a Kindle Paperwhite. It has an auto sleep/wake feature and will fit all Kindle Paperwhite versions. There are a range of designs and colours available such as glitter pink, sky blue, hot pink, light pink, black, grey, purple, royal blue, yellow, black marble, glitter gold, purple glitter and rose glitter gold. It has a pocket on the front to slip in a piece of paper to make notes if required.

This is a natural bamboo bath caddy which can be used to rest your Kindle on as well as iPad, wine glass or any other devices as well as books. It fits most sizes of bath as it has an extendable design, so it can cleverly fit across. It has a slotted design to keep your valuables safe and secure so they will not fall in the water. Measures 70cm x 22cm and is easy to move when not in use.

This is a fun sign for the home of a reader. It says ‘Reading Rd’ on it. It has a green background with white writing and a white rim around it. It is made from aluminium and is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Would look good in a reading room, dining room, library, shed or even on the front of a home. Great for all book lovers including those that like their Kindles.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a 6 inch screen which has a high resolution display. It has a black frame around the screen and has a choice of either black or blue back. It is available in 8GB or 32GB. They are waterproof so great for outdoor use or in the bath. It comes with Audible and so with bluetooth headphones or speakers you will even be able to listen to the books read to you.

This Kindle has a built in front light. It means that you can read more comfortably whether you are using it indoors or outdoors in dim or bright light. It is available in two colour options a black or white back. It has the options to highlight passages, look up definitions, translate words and adjust the text size without leaving the page that you are reading. Also comes with audible so you can listen to the books too.

This Kindle Oasis has an adjustable warm light and 32Gb of storage. It comes with a choice of graphite or gold back. It has a 7 inch screen and a flush front. The warm light allows the screen to change from white to amber to make a comfortable read. It is waterproof so no worries if reading in the bath or on the beach. It also works with audible if you pair it up with Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

This is a Kindle which is designed for young readers. This special design has a child friendly cover in either pink, blue, rainbow birds or space station. It comes with a one year of Fire and a 2 year guarantee. It has a black and white glare free screen with a week of battery life. It is 8GB so holds thousands of books and it is also includes audible if they want the story read to them, as long as they have headphones of a speaker.

This is a smart fabric cover for a Kindle (10th generation 2019 version). It comes in a choice of charcoal black, punch red, sandstone white or cobalt blue and it open and closes like a book. When it is opened the Kindle wakes up and when it is closed it is put to sleep and it stays securely shut. It is lightweight and has a microfiber interior to protect the screen and keep it clean.

This is a slim case for the 10th generation 2019 release Kindle. There is a choice of patterns from cute cats to nature inspired pictures, so you can choose the most relevant one. It has a hole which lines up with the charging socket.  The Kindle switches on when it is opened and sleeps it when it is closed. It has a non scratch microfibre inside and  PU leather outside so it will keep the Kindle clean.

This is a hand strap to help you to hold the Kindle more comfortably. It is a leather strap which fits on a 6 inch Kindle and you can slip your hand through it, so that you can hold it more securely. It means that you will be able to hold it more easily in one hand and there is a much lower chance that you will drop it. Fits a thicker Kindle or one in a case.

This is a fun and quirky Kindle (or any device) holder that is a mini beanbag. It comes in a really wide range of colours and patterns. There is a handy pocket on the side which can be used to store things such as a charger, earphones, stylus, glasses etc. It can be used on a flat surface such as: a desk as well as in bed, on a lap etc. It measures 25.4 x 25.4 x 30.4cm.

This is a pair of high quality stereo headphones which would be ideal for using with a Kindle tablet when using Audible or for listening to music or videos. They have a rugged design and are small in size and lightweight so they securely and comfortably fit into the ears. They should stay in place even when walking or running. The compact size means they are easy to store when not in use.

This LED reading light will be really useful when reading. It has 4 levels of brightness so can be adjusted to different reading conditions. It is USB rechargeable and portable and can provide up to 25 hours of reading before the battery runs out. It can be clipped onto devices such as e-readers as well as books. It has a flat design so it can slide into a book after reading to be used as a bookmark.

This is a very handy USB power cable for an Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire or Fire HD tablet. It is a micro power lead and great to be used as a back up or to replace a lost cable. It is 1.5m in length too so is convenient as you do not have to be too close to the charging socket. This is not an official Amazon product, but a much cheaper replacement which provides an alternative which gives great value for money.

This is an anti-glare screen protector for the Kindle paperwhite 10th generation 2018 release. It is designed to fit exactly with this specific model, so it will work really well with it. It protects the screen from dirt, dust, smudges and scratches. It has a bubble resistant design so it should lie flat on the screen and appear invisible. In the pack you get two screen protectors a cleaning cloth and applicator cloth.

This is a pretty home made Kindle case. It is made with fabric that has a hearts and knitting needle design making it great for anyone that enjoys crafts. It is in a pretty pastel coloured design. The sleeve is padded and has cotton fleece so it gives support and protection. There is a fabric loop with button so it can be closed to stop the tablet from sliding out of the case. It measures 15cm x 23cm.

This is a smart looking Kindle case which fits all 6 inch Kindles. It is in denim blue and has a zip top to keep the Kindle securely inside. It is made of nylon on the outside for durability with a flannel lining to prevent scratches, dust and spills damaging the screen. It even has extra pockets to keep stylus, earphones, and other items. It is slim and lightweight and therefore the Kindle is still easy to store.

This is a silicon case which fits the Amazon Fire 7 2019/2017.  It is available in rose pink and blue and is high strength, anti shock and easy to carry. It is lightweight and therefore does not add a lot of weight to the Kindle itself. It is anti-slip so it makes it safer when you are carrying it as it is less likely to slip from your hand. However, the cushioning means that even if it is dropped it will be better protected.

This is an LED rechargeable book light. The reading light is dimmable with 9 different brightness levels. It can provide up to 40 hours of lighting. It can easily light up 2 pages of any book and the head is directional so you can adjust the light. It will clip onto the book so it can easily light it up when you cannot put on the main light – perhaps for reading in bed.

This is a special mount so that you can put a tablet onto a car headrest. You attach it to the back of a car headrest so passengers in the back of the car can watch a film without having to hold the tablet. It fits a 7-10 inch Kindle Fire and has a hook and loop fitting which is durable and strong so holds the tablet securely in place but can be moved between headrests or cars if necessary.

This is a Fire HD 8 tablet. It comes in a choice of black, canary yellow, marine blue or punch red and a choice of 16 or 32GB. They have a vibrant 8 inch HD display and 10 hours of battery life. They have front and rear facing cameras too. Great for general tablet use as well as for Kindle reading,  multiuse tablet but has a blue shade which adjusts the backlight for night time reading.

The Fire 7 tablet has a 7 inch display and is 16 or 32GB. It comes in a selection of colours black, plum, sage or twilight blue. The storage can be expended with micro USB to 512GB. It has Alexa built in and has 2 rear facing cameras and one front facing. This can be used for up to 7 hours on one charge for reading as well as surfing the web, listening to music and watching videos.

This is a Fire HD 10 tablet that come in a choice of 32GB or 64GB and in black, white. Plum or twilight blue. It can provide up to 12 hours of reading, browsing the web, watching videos and listing to music. It can be easily charged using the USB-C port. Comes with Alexa and two front and rear facing cameras. It has a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor and 2 GB RAM.

This is a fun pair of socks. They are white with black writing. On the bottom of one sock it says ‘SHHH!’ and the other says ‘I’m Reading’ with a picture of a book on the bottom. On the leg part of the sock it says ‘I [heart] reading’. They are made from cotton with non-slip on the bottoms and are one size fits all. Fun gift for someone that likes reading with their feet up.

This is a fun pair of children’s headphones. They come in a choice of purple/green or blue/green. They are foldable Bluetooth headphones and have lights in the cat ears on the top of them. They can be used for listening to music or audio books and there is a built in volume control which has a limit to protect children’s ears. When it runs out of battery it can be plugged in to continue using.

This is a fun Kindle themed t-shirt. It is short sleeved and says on it ‘Kindle : Proving Steve Jobs wrong one e-book at a time’. The t-shirt comes in a choice of colours ash grey, light blue, natural, green and yellow and in sizes small – 3XL. They are made from cotton and are soft and durable with a unisex fit. They are suitable for machine washing and tumble drying.

This is a fun beanbag cushion for a tablet or e-reader. It works on Kindles and other brands of mobile device. It holds the Kindle up higher, so it is easier to view but you do not have to hold it up and strain your hands. It also holds it stable for when watching a film or on a video call. It is lightweight so can easily be transported to where you wish to use it. Also has handy side pockets.

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