30 Presents for a Lorry Driver

By Lewis
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If you know a lorry driver then you might want some ideas as to what to buy them when you want to get them a gift. It is not always easy to know what to get and so we have decided to help out by putting together a list of items. This list includes a big range of different things and we hope that you will be able to find something suitable from it for buying or the person that you have in mind. We have chosen items that vary in price in order to make it easier for you to find something that fits in with your budget.

30 Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

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Mugs can be useful gifts and this white one says ‘This is what an awesome lorry driver looks like’ with two hands with thumbs up on it. It is printed in black and blue which stand out well from the white. The mug is made from ceramic so it is durable and it is also microwave and dishwasher safe which means that it is convenient to use and easy to clean.

Personalised gifts can mean a lot and this keyring can be engraved with a message of choice. The keyring pendant is a three-dimensional lorry and the engraving goes on the roof. It is silver in colour and looks shiny and comes on a strong split ring. Great to be put together with the keys to the truck. It comes in a gift box with a lift-off lid so makes a great gift.

T-shirts make great gifts as they are very useful. This one is funny as well as it says ‘I’m a grumpy old trucker I may be wrong but I highly doubt it’. It is available in a selection of different colours and in sizes small – 3XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric which means that it is comfortable to wear but also keeps its shape well when it is washed.

Socks can be very useful gifts to give. This black pair has white printing on which says ‘Trust me….I’m a lorry driver’ and have a picture of a lorry on them. They are cotton rich which means that they will be comfortable to wear, keep their shape well and good for the feet. They will be a fun gift to give and lorry drivers will really appreciate the sentiment as well.

If the person you are buying for smokes, then they will appreciate this Zippo lighter. It has a truck on it and says ‘king of the road’. It is made of chrome which means that it is durable. It is also refillable which means that it will last a long time – in fact, these have a lifetime guarantee. They are 10 x 35 x 55 and would make a great gift.

This is a fun gift set for lorry drivers who like novelty items. It is a small organza bag which contains a big selection of small items. The bag has a laminated card attached to it which has a list of the items and explains why they are relevant gifts for a lorry driver. It is a good budget gift that could cause a laugh and will be memorable and unique as well.

Personalised gifts can go down well as many people feel that they are very thoughtful items. This mug has a picture of a lorry on it and can have text printed on it, such as a name or message. It is an 11oz ceramic mug that is white in colour. It is suitable for microwave and dishwasher use which means that it is convenient to use. Comes in a gift box.

Air fresheners can be useful for using in a lorry and this one is fun too. It has ‘probably the best trucker in the world’ on it. The wording is in black and green and stands out from the white background. It comes in a selection of different fragrances and you can pick the one that you want. It is 94mm x 62mm and comes in a plastic bag so that it stays fresh until it is needed.

Seat covers could be handy for a lorry driver to use. This is a pair (you can select just one though) of water-resistant covers that are high quality and they are durable. They have a rubber lining which means that they do not slide around and keep the driver safe. They can be wiped clean so great if there are spillages on them. They fit lorries of most ages too.

Funny t-shirts can be a hit with a lot of people. This one says ‘what part of don’t you understand?’ on it and has a picture of a gear shift on it. It is available in a choice of colours and in fits suitable for men and women size small – 3XL. They are made of a cotton and polyester mix which means that they are comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

Lorry themed cufflinks could make a great gift for a lorry driver. This pair has the front of a lorry on them and they are made from quality rhodium plated. They are a fun novelty design that makes a fun present. They come in a cufflink box so they are all ready to give away or if you wish to wrap them up, it will be really easy to do so.

If the lorry driver that you are buying for rolls their own cigarettes then they may appreciate being gifted this tobacco pouch. It can be personalised with their name and also has a picture of a lorry on a road on it. It is made of faux leather and it has a Velcro closure. Inside there is a zipped, lined compartment for freshness. It measures 9cm x 14.5cm x 2cm.

T-shirts can be fun as well as practical and this short-sleeved top says ‘I just dropped a load’ on it with a picture of a truck. The picture has a vintage look to it. The t-shirts come in a selection of colours and sizes and they are made from a fabric that is a mix of cotton and polyester. They are easy to wash in a machine and can be tumble dried.

Wallets can be very handy and this one is made of black leather and has a metal lorry on it. It has a popper closure and a trifold design. This means that inside there is a big selection of pockets for notes and coins as well as an ID clear view pouch. It is RFID safe as well. It is 12 x 9 x 2cm in size and therefore will be easy to fit in most pockets.

A pin badge can be a fun thing to give as a gift. This one is a metal badge which has been enamelled so it looks really shiny. It has a picture of a truck on it with a blue front and black trailer. It has a butterfly back clasp. It is 20mm x 17mm in size. It is a great budget gift and can easily be slipped in with a card or given in addition to another gift.

Sentimental gifts can be a lovely gesture. This keyring has a pendant with a sweet message on it which says ‘Drive safely I need you here with me’. The pendant is rectangular and it is made from stainless steel which means that it will not tarnish or rust and is a lovely silver colour. It comes in a velvet jewellery bag which means that it is all ready to give away as a gift.

T-shirts are great gifts to give and this one has a fun lorry design. It says ‘evolution trucking’ and has a picture that shows an ape evolving into a truck. It is available in either black with white print on them and a white top with black printing on it. It is available in sizes small – XXL. It has a round neck and short sleeves and it is machine washable.

Truck drivers might really appreciate this portable food heater. It comes in blue or pink and it is made from stainless steel and plastic. The idea is that it will enable food to be warmed up on the move so a tasty meal can be enjoyed even when they are away from home. It takes 25-45 minutes to warm food up and it plugs into the cigarette lighter. It is 23 x 11 x 16cm in size and easy to carry using the handles on the top.

Truck drivers may appreciate this special organiser. It is a zipped document holder which will be able to be used for keeping things together. Ideal for storing things like fuel cards, receipts, expense reports and all sorts of things like this. There are lots of pockets so room to store all sorts of things to help items stay together. It has a picture of a truck on the front and says ‘Trucker’s organizer’ on the front of it.

Wallets can be great gifts to give as everyone will find them very useful. This one can be personalised with a name or message and has a picture of a truck on it. It is made of faux leather and is a bifold design that measures 12 x 2 x 9.5cm in size. Inside there is a coin section and 4 card slots and it comes in an elegant black gift box.

If you want to send a sentimental gift then this cute, plush bear could be it. The bear is brown with lots of soft fur and is wearing a white t-shirt which says ‘The greatest HGV driver ever!’ on it. It is really fluffy and cuddly and the driver might even want to have it in their cab with them as a reminder of those that care about them. It is 20cm x 15cm x 8cm in size.

Sentimental t-shirts can make for lovely gifts and a child may like to give this one to their Dad. It says ‘best trucking Dad ever’ on it with a picture of a truck. It is available in lots of sizes and a range of different colours as well. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and that means that it is soft and comfortable to wear but will not stretch out of shape.

Trucking can take its toll on the body and so this cushion set could be a great gift for a lorry driver. It is a back support cushion and headrest for using in a car seat. They are black and have soft fabric covers which are machine washable. They are memory foam and so mold to your shape and will provide support where it is most needed. It is soft and breathable so comfortable to use.

Mouse mats can be useful items and this one has a truck design. This means that it could be a great gift for someone that drives a lorry or is a fan of them. The picture is of an American truck with a cloudy sky above and reflected in the metallic parts of it. It is 25 x 20cm in size and it will protect a desk from the movement of a mouse and provide a nice flat surface to use it on.

Pop sockets are great phone grips. They will make it easier to hold your phone and you can also use them as a stand when you want to prop it up to watch a film or video call someone. This one is black and says ‘Have no fear the truck driver is here’ on it. It is written in white and brown with a picture of a truck in a vintage style.

Mugs are great to give as gifts and this one says on it ‘You’re my favourite lorry driver’ in black writing with a multi-coloured star pattern on it and the design is printed on both sides. It is white and is made of ceramic and a generous 15oz in size with a sturdy, ergonomic handle. It is dishwasher and microwave proof which means that it is convenient to use as well.

This t-shirt is black and says ‘Trust me I’m a trucker on it in white writing with a picture of a lorry on it. It comes in a selection of sizes from small – 3XL. It is made from 100% cotton meaning that it is really soft and comfortable. It has a short-sleeved and a club collar which is rounded. It would make a fun gift to give away.

Travel mugs are handy gifts for everyone, especially lorry drivers. This one is stainless steel with a plastic base, handle and lid and fits in a car cup holder. It has ‘Rule #1 The Driver is always right Rule #2 If the Driver is ever wrong, see Rule # 1’ printed on it. It is 14oz in size and has a leak-proof lid that can open so the drink can be sipped through it.

Shopping bags are useful things for everyone to own and this is a fun one. It says on it ‘Keep calm I’m a lorry driver’ with a picture of a lorry on it. It is available in a big range of colours so you can choose the most appropriate. It is made from 100% cotton and has long handles so it can be carried over the shoulder. Can be used for carrying all sorts of things.

Cushion covers can be handy and fun and this one says ‘trust me I’m a lorry driver’ on it with a picture of steering wheels. It is 40 x 40cm and is printed on one side onto the linen effect fabric. It comes without a cushion so the recipient can choose one to their liking or you could buy one to pop inside. It would be great to help the driver be comfier in their cab or could be used on a bed or sofa.

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