34 Fun & Practical Presents for Older Men

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Buying gifts for older men can be tricky. They are likely to already have a lot of the things that they need and it could be that they have few hobbies or pastimes. Therefore, choosing something to give them that you know they will like and appreciate can be really tricky. We have therefore come up with a list of suggestions which we hope will help you to pick the right thing for them. We have got practical and funny items so you can think about what you feel will be the most suitable for them. There are also items at a range of prices so hopefully you will be able to find something that will suit your budget.

34 Gift Ideas for Old Men

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These jelly babies are such fun as they are themed specifically to make older characters. So instead of the baby characters we are used to there are older people; Pearl Stitch, Bill Bird, Benny Dorm, Frau Zimmer and Mister Miser. Hopefully this will bring back some childhood memories and put a smile on their face. They are available in regular or sour fruit flavours and come in a 180g packet.

This book is called ‘Top Gear: My Dad had one of those’ and it is a hardback. The book spans 1950-1980’s cars and has information about all sorts of honest cars that were around at that time. It includes a lot about family cars as they were the most popular and affordable but has information about the aspirational vehicles of the times as well. It is written by Giles Chapman and Richard Porter.

These slippers will be a must for any cold winter. They are made of a suede look material with a faux fur lining. They have an outdoor sole so can be kept on when putting out the rubbish or strolling around the garden. They have memory foam so that they are soft and comfortable to wear as well. They come in a choice of colours such as black, grey, camel and coffee and they are available in sizes 7-12.

A lot of older people struggle to read small text and work technology. This phone was created with the hard of seeing in mind by enlarging the numbers and making the phone really simple to use. Included in the mobile are reassuring safety features like an emergency button and a flashlight. The battery life is very long with a standby time of 240-300 hours and 5-6 hours of call time.

This greatly designed old fashioned whiskey glass and stones is sure to bring a smile to any whiskey drinkers face. Included in the set a nicely designed box, the old fashioned glass and 12 piece 100% natural marble whiskey stones. This is great for a connoisseur to drink their whiskey at the perfect temperature to enjoy the drink even more.

This massive selection box of our favourite nestle chocolate includes an astounding 71 chocolate bars, including 18 x Kit Kats, 16 x Breakaway bars, 16 x Blue Riband, 14 x Toffee Crips and 7 x Yorkie. This is sure to keep even the most sweet tooth chocolate lover occupied for a while. Great gift to give to someone who drinks a lot of tea and eats a bit too much chocolate.

This funny mug reads ‘I never dreamed that one day id become a grumpy old man but here I am killing it”. this hilarious mug is a standard 330 millilitre size and is printed in black or white with multi coloured slogan across the front of the mug. This would make a great and funny gift for any miserable pensioner and bring a smile to their grumpy face.(maybe)

This is a 10 in 1 wet and dry razor and beard trimmer. Included in the set is multiple tools to give you the best grooming experience, the battery can shave for 100 minutes after just an hour of charging. This would be a perfect gift for anyone who wants to keep their facial hair looking fresh. The different length options and attachable pieces make for a great beard cutting experience.

This is a unique pair of gardening gloves which have claws. They are made from a latex and nylon mix with plastic claws on the fingers of the right hand. These can be used for digging, planting, weeding etc without the need to get a trowel. They are waterproof and puncture resistant and the fabric protects against sores and blisters. They are still flexible and breathable too. One size fits all.

This is a handy back scratcher for anyone that cannot reach to do it for themselves. It is made of wooden bamboo and it can be used to scratch the back if you use the end in the shape of a hand or for a massage if you use the other end. It is a practical gift but also a bit of a novelty and could make a really fun but useful present.

This is a funny car sign. It is a diamond shape with a suction cup so that it can fitted on the window. It says on it ‘Elderly Driver please be patient thank you!’. It has a picture of a vintage car on it. It is a fun sign which should bring a smile to the face of the recipient but could also be a useful thing for them to put into their car.

L This is an elegant Parker rollerball pen. It comes with different colour options with the main colour being dark espresso, matte blue, light purple, light blue grey, brushed metal golden, black lacquer, premium black, premium blue, brown chrome, dark green, dark violet, warm silver and white lacquer and they have gold or chrome coloured trim. It writes in black ink and comes in a presentation box so makes a lovely gift.

This is a men’s winter scarf. It comes in a striped pattern and there are options of different colours; blue, black or orange which are all combined with grey shades. The mix of colours means that it can easily be matched with any coat and gloves. It is made from 100% acrylic so is comfortable to wear and measures 170cm x 25cm so is wide enough to spread over the chest and long enough to wrap easily around the neck.

These secateurs would be a great gift for any man that is a keen gardener. They are deisgned to be easy to use with a rotating narrow handle which rotates to reduce pressure on fingers and decreases effort needed by 30%. This not only reduces blisters but also means less hand ache and can be great for anyone that has arthritis or any other problems with their hands. It has a finger protection shield and is sturdy to cope with branches up to 25mm thick.

This is a hardcover book called ‘You’re not old: you’re just not that young’ and is by Harvey Little. It has all sorts of witty quotations, cheerful jokes and light-hearted yarns which will help anyone to see the funny side of getting older. It says on the back ‘don’t let aging get you down: it’s too hard to get back up!’ The book is split into different fun sections each with a selection of funnies on that topic.

This is a knitted cardigan with a zip fastening designed for men. It is available in grey or navy and comes in sizes small – XL. It is made from 100% acrylic and has two front pockets. Although plain in colour, it has a knitted design on it with a texture stripe effect on the sleeve and down the centre of each side with a diamond pattern too. It is suitable for machine washing.

This is a men’s bifold wallet. It is small and slim so does not take up much room in a pocket. Securely holds 10 of your bank and store cards. There is a money clip for storing bank notes and has a thumb slot for easier access to cards. It comes in a carbon/orange sleek design with RFID blocking to protect your cards.

This is a book called ‘101 things to do with a retired man…to get him out from under your feet’. This is a fun book but also full of practical and useful ideas. It has everything a wife needs to encourage her husband to do all sorts of tasks so that he is not in her way, interrupting her day or just generally being a nuisance. A humorous book by Gabrielle Mander.

This is a novelty gift for any old man with a sense of humour. It is a pair of waterproof trousers which will fit over the top of clothing to help protect them from spills and stains. They are made of plastic with an elastic waist and are designed to fit any size. These would make a great joke gift to any older man, especially one that has a good sense of humour.

This is ‘The Little Book of Senior Moments’ by Freddie Green. It is a funny book with all sorts of things that will bring a smile to any old mans face as they will relate to some of the stories and tales in the book perhaps because they have done them or because their friends have. A fun coffee table book which they can pass on to make others laugh too.

These wooden brain teasers are an interesting gift for anyone that has everything. There are three puzzles in the set and each has a lock or key piece which you have to find first. You put together the puzzle and this piece slots in at the end to hold it all together. The puzzles are in the shapes of Galileo’s globe, Halley’s comet and a football and are about 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 7.5cm in size.

This is an engraved wooden box for a wine bottle. On it, it says ‘age only matters if you are wine!’. It will fit a standard 75cl wine bottle so if you are buying them a bottle as a gift then it will make a good replacement for a gift bag and they could use it as a storage box afterwards, either for wine or for other things. It comes with free delivery.

This is a hamper which contains a Cornish clotted cream tea. It contains 2 packs of two scones, 113g Rodda’s clotted cream, 4 x 28g servings of Boddington’s Berries Strawberry conserve and 4 individually wrapped tea bags of Cornish Tea – Smugglers Brew. The box measures 342mm x 230mm x 32mm and is designed to fit through a letterbox, but it obviously depends on the size of the letterbox.

This is a wooden game from India. It is a version of tic tac toe or noughts and crosses and a separate game which is solitaire. So, one game to play alone and one to play with grandchildren. The wooden box is separated into two sections and one has the marbles and the other has the tic tac toe pieces. The lid of the box is reversible so that it can support both games.

This is a novelty warning sign in bright yellow. It says on it ‘Senior Moment in Progress’. It is bright yellow with a red hazard stripe on it and the writing in black so it really stands out. It is like a mini hazard sign that you see on floors but this is a small version that can stand on a desk as it measures 11.8cm x 25cm. A funny gift for an older man with a good sense of humour.

This is a very practical pair of adult’s boots. They are made from neoprene on the outside with four-way nylon and flex foam. This means that they are very strong and sturdy but also comfortable. They have a zip on the side to make then fit snugly but they are easy to remove when the zip is opened using the kick rim. Great for anyone that loves gardening or muddy walks.

This is a Shiatsu back and neck massager. It has a kneading mechanism to reach deep tissue and give relief from muscle tightness and pain. It is a massage pillow with four massage nodes which apply heat and move to give a rhythmic massage to all parts of the body as well as the neck and back. It is easy to move so that you can get it just on the right spot to combat the soreness.

This Braun Series 3 310s shaver is suitable for using wet or dry. So great for shaving when looking in the mirror or for when in the shower. It has rechargeable batteries so it is cordless for convenience and is waterproof. It comes with a protective cap and smart plug which is compatible with bathroom plug sockets. Comes in a box so easy to wrap up and give as a gift to any man.

This is a very useful key finder. It is a keyring, so you attach it to your keys and then if you lose them you can use it to find them. If you whistle or shout within 7 meters of it, then it will beep. It is great for attaching to other things that get lost as well. It comes in black, white or red and is conveniently small in size with a ring that attaches easily to keys, zips etc so could be used on a wallet or bag as well.

This is a Fire 7 tablet which comes in a choice of colours plum, black, sage and twilight blue. It has a 7 inch display and a choice of either 16 or 32GB of internal storage which can be expanded to 512GB with microSD. It has a 1.3Ghz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. It allows up to 7 hours of reading, surfing the web, watching videos or listening to music before it needs recharging. It also has rear and front facing cameras.

This is an exerciser for improving hand grip. It is a special ball which looks like a stress ball. It is designed for injury rehabilitation but could be used to help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendon problems, recovery from surgery or even after a stroke. It is portable so it can be easily used anywhere. It is light but the repetitive movement helps to strengthen the grip but could also be used for stress relief.

This is a handy portable ear trumpet which is a joke gift. It is folding so it can easily be stashed in a pocket and pulled out to get a laugh. It is 8cm x 20cm and comes on a card so they will know exactly what it is and how to use it. A fun gift for an older man who has a good sense of humour and enjoys jokes about getting deaf with old age.

These are thermal socks for men. They have an interesting Nordic design and come in a choice of black/charcoal, grey/denim and red/navy. They come in one size which is 6-11. They are double layered socks to keep the feet really snug and warm and they have grippers on the bottom so that they can be worn without slippers or shoes and there is less risk of the wearer slipping over.

This is a Half Gill cup. This is a naval measure which was a daily allowance of rum. The cup has a copper coloured outside and a silver coloured inside. It measures 8.4 x 6.6 x 6.1cm. It says GI1/2LL on the side and ‘behind the bar’ on the bottom. It is a lovely novelty gift idea, particularly for an older man that may have been in the navy or is aware of the history of this measure.

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