30 Presents for Someone Who Has Everything

Updated on October 12th, 2020
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There are some people that seem to have absolutely everything and this makes it really hard to know what to buy them when you get them a gift. You may feel that the way to go is a voucher so they can pick, but many people like to be able to buy an actual gift for someone to show that they have thought about them and the sorts of things that they might like to receive. Therefore, we have decided to help with this and come up with a list of items that we feel light appeal to those buying for people that seem to have everything. Hopefully you will find something that inspires you and is within your spending budget so you can give the perfect thing.

This is a great gift for anyone that loves a cup of coffee. It is a De’Longhi bean to cup coffee machine. It makes espresso coffee as well as cappuccino thanks to the milk frother which uses steam and air with the milk to make the perfect froth for lattes and cappuccinos. The grinder is silent and has 13 settings, but you can also use ground coffee in the machine as well. It has a slim and elegant design to slot in to any kitchen.

This is a set of mindfulness challenge cards. They are great for anyone who is stressed right now or who just wants to make some changes to their life. There are 31 cards in the set meaning that there is one for every day in the month. It is thought that this will be enough for the person to form a new habit and make a permanent change to their life and start practising mindfulness every day.

This book by Randall Munroe is called ‘How to’ with the sub heading ‘Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems’. It is a fun book which has all sorts of silly advice for doing different tasks. It includes completely impractical advice which id extremely funny so make for a very entertaining book which will be bound to entertain and amuse anyone such as how to cross a river by boiling the water and to get to appointments on time by destroying the moon.

This is a wooden brain teaser puzzle set. It is something which might look easy but is actually tricky and can keep people entertained for hours. It has three puzzles in it a Galileo Globe, Lock Ball and Halley’s Comet. You have to find the key to dismantling them and again to put it back together. A great coffee table item to share with guests too. Comes boxed so ready to give away.

This is a very handy gadget. It is a clothes folder designed especially for t-shirts. The idea is that you lie you clothing on it and then fold the various parts together to get the perfect folds. You can actually use it for trousers, shorts, nightclothes, shirts, dresses and more. It is 11.6 x 9.5 x 1.2 inches when folded up so does not take up much space but unfolds to be six times larger for easy use.

This is a fun gift designed especially for those people who say that they do not want gifts. It is a small see though bag which is 7x x 4cm with ‘nothing, exactly what you asked’ printed in it. It comes with an organza bag which is inside with a gift card which explains that there is nothing inside just like they asked for. It is a great fun gift and could be given on its own or alongside a proper present.

Socks can be a bit of a cop out present that people get because they know that they will be useful. These socks are different though as they are great fun as well. There are four pairs in the box, which is shaped like a pizza box and each sock is decorated to look like pizza toppings. They come in different sizes so you can choose the appropriate ones and they are made form a cotton blend so are comfortable to wear

This is a humorous game called poo head. It comes with a hat that one person wears which has a Velcro section on it. The others through the soft poo balls at the hat to see whether they can get them to stick. It comes in a box with one hat and three poo shaped balls. A great game for friends or family to play together either indoors or outdoors.

This is a vile little spray called liquid ass. It is a really smelly fart spray which can be used for pranking people. There are all sorts of places that you could spray it such as in lifts, on staircases, near people etc and you will be able to laugh as they notice the foul smell and feel repulsed by it. A great gift for anyone that likes to play tricks on other people.

This is an hourglass timer which contains iron filings. When you turn it over and place it on the copper stand you can watch the iron filings fall down. The base has a magnet so the filings are attracted to it as they fall. This means that they form all sorts of spikey patterns making it mesmerising to watch. It comes in a box so all ready to give as a gift.

This is a one night stay gift. The box contains details of 290 overnight stays for two people. This is therefore a lovely gift for someone who would enjoy having a mini break somewhere and they will be able to choose form all sorts of interesting locations. There are unusual, quirky and traditional places in the countryside or city so they can choose something that will suit them and choose a lovely place to stay.

This is a fun wooden brain teaser which is a bottle lock. The wine is inside and they have to solve the brain teaser in order to get the bottle out. It is a fun way to give a wine gift as they will have to struggle to get it out. It will also allow them to share the fun with others as they may want to let others with them have a go or pass it on to someone else once they have solved it.

This is a useful gift for any man with a beard. It is a special beard catcher. It fits around the neck and then the bottoms will attach to the mirror with suction cups so that as you trim the bits fall onto the cloth and can then be easily thrown away rather than dropping into the sink or on to the carpet below the mirror. Comes in white or black.

This is a fun kit to grow funky veg. It has everything you need to start growing a selection of vegetables such as 5 peat discs, plant markets and seeds for purple carrots, yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, red brussels sprouts and multi coloured swiss chard. Lots of people are getting into gardening and so these could be a great gift for anyone wanting a go and they will get tasty rewards as a result.

This is a multi functional snood for men which comes in different colours and designs. It can be worn as a scarf, hat or neck warmer but also as a face mask. It is made form 100% polyester and is made from warm fleece which protects against cold wind and will therefore be great for skiing, camping and things like that as well as for general use when a face covering is required.

This is a Optoma projector in black. It will allow anyone to experience a cinema in their own home. It gives great picture quality and the lamp is designed to last a really long time. It has a powerful speaker too and it Is really easy to set up and will connect to a cable box, blu-ray player, gaming PC or console and you will be able to watch all sorts of things.

This is a fun game which is designed for adults or children. There are tiles and the idea is that you keep lying them down on the floor or table until someone gets a row of five. It portable so easy to take to different places to make sure that you do not het bored. It is fun for adults and children to play together and is something that is easy to pick up but has tricky tactics.

This is a world map poster which scratches off. The idea is that you scratch off the areas that you have visited and you can mark the parts of the world that you have been to. It is a great gift for those that travel a lot or that are hoping to travel. It is 84 x 59cm and comes in a gift tube so all ready to give as a gift.

This is a sound waves poster which is printed at high resolution on 300gsm card with gold foil overprinting which has a raised effect. It can be personalised so you choose the background colour, the foil colour and the name of the song and artists. Then you can also choose the size of the print (A5, A4 or A3) and whether you want it framed or unframed and whether you want a white, black or oak wood frame.

This is a kit to grow three Bonsai tress. Bonsai are small trees, which means that you do not need lots of space to grow them. The kit comes with seeds for three trees – silver birch, res maple and mountain pine and there are pots, plant markers, peat and propagator bags with sowing and growing tips included so there is everything needed to start growing these beautiful trees. All comes in a lovely box.

This is a set of pretty cards for meditation and self development. There is a complete deck of 52 cards which each has a thought provoking statement on it to get you thinking about your life and how you are living it. They should help to promote a calm and positive approach towards life which should help everyone to think more about how they are spending their time and how they can be happier.

This is a board game caked ‘A game about weird things humans search for’. It is a fun game where you will try to guess the search terms that people entered into a search engine. For example ‘Did dinosaurs….’ With answer being ‘’go to heaven’ you will then have to guess what the rest is before it is revealed. It is fun to play and suitable for adults and children over the age of 14 years.

This is a gin making kit. A lot of people are drinking gin these days and may like a go at making their own, either to drink themselves or to give away. This is a complete starter kit with juniper berries, spices, filter bag, craft paper bottle bags and testing pipette with full instructions as well as information about types of gin. You will just need to add the vodka.

This is a useful hat which has built in speakers. It comes in black or grey and it has a built in battery for 16-20 hours of use either music or handsfree calling. It is a knitted pull on beanie so looks good too and is comfortable to wear as it is thick and soft. The sound is clear enough to hear when you are on a noisy and busy street.

This is a free cheese of the world making kit. There are instructions and ingredients for making ten different cheeses – ricotta, mozzarella, mascarpone, cottage cheese, chevre, cheese curds, halloumi, paneer, burrata and queso blanco. It has a recipe book, thermometer, cheese cloth, moulds, rennet. Citric acid and cheese salt, you just need to add the milk. It is a fun idea for anyone that loves cheese and likes to do things a bit differently or have a go at new things.

This is a fun Strike Laser tag set. It has 4 laser tag guns and the blaster is the target which means that just by having the gins you will be able to play. It is a fun game for 2-4 players and you can choose between different gun settings, who will be on your team and how many lives you will get. It is a great fun way to play laser tag with family and friends in your house or outdoors.

This novelty gift is a pet cloud. It comes in a sealed bag and is a white fluffy ball with eyes stick on it. It even has care instructions on the back. It is a fun gift for someone who has everything and has a great sense of humour or would even make a good stocking filler or fun wedding favour. There are other silly gifts from the same company as well which you could put with it such as a pet rock.

This is an innovative bbq cleaning kit. There is a storage bag to keep it in and you get two wire brushes for cleaning the grill. They have a non-slip handle and one has a scraper. This is a great gift for anyone that loves bbqs and it means that cleaning it will be really easy. You will be able to clean the top and sides to make sure that it stays looking really good and hygienic as well.

This is a set of wireless headphones which has a 15-20m Bluetooth range. They are little earbuds with a portable charging case. They have high sound quality and there are three sizes of ear tips so you can fit them in the most comfortable way. They have a smooth and stable Bluetooth connection and connect really easily. They are even waterproof so you do not need to worry about them getting wet.

This is a sculpture made from nuts and bolts. It is a sculpture of a person walking a dog which is on a round metal base and made from various metal parts. The figure has a hat and jacket on and is carrying an umbrella in one hand and holding a lead in the other. It is unique and makes a fun decorative item for a desk at work or somewhere at home. S great gift for any dog walker or dog lover.

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