34 Presents for Both Amateur & Professional Photographers

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If you know a photographer then you might like to buy them a present that is related to this. Whether they do it as a job or a hobby, it will show that you know them well and what they enjoy if you get them a gift related to their passion. However, if you are not a photographer yourself, you may not know what sort of thing you should buy for them. Or, even if you do, you may have already got them a few things before and want some ideas of items that are a bit different that you could get for them. We have therefore put together a list to help you.

34 Gift Ideas for Photography Fans

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This is a book which is a great gift for people that are new to photography or want to improve their skills. It is called ‘Read this if you want to take great photographs’ and it is by Henry Carroll. It is fun to read too as it is not over technical but has sections on composition, light, lenses and seeing. It includes pictures by famous photographers to illustrate the points that are made.

This book is a guide to landscape photography. It is called ’52 assignments: landscape photography’ and is by Toss Hoddinott and Mark Bauer. It has photographic workshops, a journal and an inspirational guide to help photographers improve their creativity. It is a small book so can fit in a camera bag and therefore be taken along on photographic opportunities. It covers all sorts of landscapes from snow and stars to sea and sky.

These are gloves designed especially for photographers. They are made by Protastic and are warm and are one size. It has pop out finger and thumbs so that you can free these when you need to press the camera buttons but keep the rest of your hand warm. You can also easily pop them back inside when you no longer need to use your camera. They even have non slip pads on the palms so you keep a firm grip on your camera.

This is ‘The Photographers Playbook’ by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern. It has all sorts of photography assignments to allow the reader to learn techniques using practical exercises. It also has stories and anecdotes from some of the most talented photographers in the world. It covers shooting and editing and has games and activities as well as creative ways to start new projects and even has insights into some of the most iconic photographers work.

This is a Kodak Printomatic. It is a 10 megapixel point and shoot camera which has a 10MP sensor and wide angle f/2 lens. It automatically prints colour or black and white photos directly from the camera. It is fast and easy and you can even shoot a new picture while printing a different one. It has a light sensor to turn on the flash automatically. The pictures it prints are 2 x 3 inches and it uses Kodak Zink photo paper with no ink cartridges or toners needed.

L This is a Sekonic Flashmate L-308X exposure meter in a black and blue colour. It is an ambient light meter which will allow anyone taking still or video to measure the light levels and make sure that it is suitable for what they are doing. They will then know whether to use extra lighting or a flash. Comes with a soft case, strap, synchro terminal cap and instructions. It can be used corded or cordless.

This waistcoat comes in black, army green, light green or red and has lots of pockets. It is sleeveless so suitable for summer and winter wear. The pockets make it really handy to store all of the photography equipment such as lenses, light meter, camera cases, notepads etc. It has a zip down the middle so it can stay securely on and it is designed to be cool. It is made of soft cotton material and can be worn on top of other clothing so suitable for wearing in all seasons.

This beanie hat is a fun gift for photographers as it is practical and humorous. It is grey in colour and has a black panel which says ‘photographer’ and shows the evolution of man to a photographer from an ape. It is a warm beanie hat which is suitable for men and women to wear to keep them warm when they are out and about talking pictures in cold weather. It can also just keep them warm at other times too.

This is a hardcover book ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is an exhibition which takes a global tour and is documented in media across the world and this book shows 100 images from the 2018 collection. There are over 40,000 entries into the competition and this book is the judge’s top picks and represents work from photographers from all over the world. An inspirational book for any photographer.

This is a Photography Prism which is made from thick optical photography glass and creates bright and beautiful rainbows by splitting light. It is 6 inches long and lightweight so it is easy to hold and travel friendly. It can be used to add colour and reflection to an image for a unique and artistic touch. It comes in a gift box with a microfiber bag to keep it clean of fingerprints and to prevent it from being scratched.

This necklace would make a good gift for a photographer. It has a large 25mm pendant which has a silver setting and a glass top which has a printed image behind the glass. The image says ‘life is like photography, we develop from the negatives’ and has a picture of some film underneath it. It comes with a 61mm chain so that it is all ready to wear. It has a gift bag so it is ready to give away as a present.

This is a lapel pin badge in the shape of a camera. It is a three dimensional pin so the camera will stick out from the lapel. It is in the design of an old single lens reflex camera and is silver in colour. It has a sturdy pin and back so that it should stay securely in place. Could look good on a jacket or hat but also on a camera bag or strap.

This is the Datacolor SpyderX Elite which enable you to calibrate your monitor so that you can get colour precision. It is really accurate and works with lots of different monitors and projectors. It has lots of useful functions such as room light monitoring, automatic profile changing, precise screen colour, shadow detail and white balance. It even has a before and after evaluation. It is really easy to use and comes with free delivery.

This is a handmade keyring with a camera charm on it. It is 20mm and is 3D and comes on a keyring with a chain. It is therefore great to use as a keychain or a bag charm. You can ask for a silver plated capital letter to be put on it as well for a small extra charge so that it is personalised. It comes in a gift package and with free delivery so it is ready to give away as a present.

This is a set of wrist bands for photographers. They have different designs but mainly have black backgrounds and they have numbers on so that they look like camera lenses or lens focus rings. There are eight different designs and they are all included in the package. This means that the photographer can wear lots of them at once, several on each wrist or swap and change them about as they please.

This is a DVD called ‘War Photographer’ which is a documentary about James Nachtwey who is considered by many to be the greatest war photographer ever. It is a German film but the photographer speaks in English and there is the option of English subtitles. It could be an inspirational film for photographers that want to take pictures in a similar way, perhaps not with such difficult composition but perhaps still to convey a message.

This is a wooden incense smoker which is in the shape of a photographer. It is 7.7 inches tall and he is a funny figure with a white beard, red beret, yellow tunic and holding a camera. He has a hole for a mouth and when the incense is burning the smoke comes out of his mouth so it looks like he is smoking his pipe. It is very decorative and will stand out as an ornament and also can be used to insert and incense stick. It is German made.

This is a CiaraQ Photo studio mini foldable tent and light box kit. It has four backgrounds to enable interesting photographs. It measures 22 x 24 x 24cm when unfolded and is just 2cm thick when it is folded. It is very useful for shooting small things such as toys, jewellery, watches, cosmetics, electronics etc, particularly for publishing photographs digitally. It is made of a hard polypropylene material which is durable but lightweight as well as waterproof and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

This is a waterproof backpack designed for keeping camera equipment in. In is available in grey, dark grey or cool grey and has a unique design. It has a drawer like lower compartment which is a built in camera bag so you can remove it and use it separately to the rest of the back. It has mesh pockets and compartments so you can keep all of your photography equipment in it and well organised. It is light weight too so that it does not add to your load.

This is a fun popsocket mobile device grip and stand. It has a picture of a lens on it so it looks like a camera and is perfect for photography enthusiasts. It will help keep a good grip on any mobile phone and can be popped out to make a stand for when you want to prop the phone up when doing a video call, watching a film etc. The adhesive allows you to remove and reposition.

This is a hoodie which says on it ‘photographers do it with the lens cap off’. It comes in a big range of different colours and is available in sizes small – 5XL. It is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester so it is soft and has a slight stretch. It has a drawstring around the hood and a big front pocket to keep the hands warm. It has a classic style and is suitable for men or women.

This black short-sleeved t-shirt has a badge design on it which says ‘United State Navy Aviation Photographers Mate’ on it. It is made from 100% cotton so is soft and comfortable to wear and will not shrink and is durable. It is a simple design and will be fun to wear. It is available in sizes small – 3XL. It can be washed in a machine up to 45 degrees and also by hand if required.

This is an art print which has a grey background and a white silhouette of a camera and says ‘capture the memories’ underneath it. It is printed on matt archival paper with fade proof ink and comes in a choice of sizes 5 x 7 inches, 8 x 10 inches or A4. It would look really striking framed so you may choose to buy a frame to give with it or allow the recipient to buy a frame of their choosing.

This is a Lowepro LP37019-PWW Photostream RL 150 rolling case for a camera. It is airline friendly for carry on luggage and has room for all sorts of photographic equipment. It has a clever front panel which you can open to access your laptop from the back without having to unpack everything. It has easy roll wheels, vibration absorption and is very durable. It weighs just 8lbs so will not add unnecessary weight.

This is a hardback book called ‘Digital Photographers Handbook: 7th edition’ by Tom Ang. It is a comprehensive step by step guide teaching you how to capture, enhance and transform your photographs. It is great for beginners as it is jargon free and has essential techniques as well as moving onto more in depth items. It covers things like handling your camera, composing a picture, improving shots and sharing your work.

This is a CFexpress Type-B and XQD single slot memory card reader by Prograde digital. It is designed for photographers and filmmakers and it will allow you to transfer data at a really high speed so you will not waste time waiting for downloads. It is designed to be portable so you can easily attach it to your laptop to make a compact mobile workstation. It is designed to be durable and cope when you are on the move.

This is a Codiarts USB 3.0 stick 32GB which comes in an elegant gift box with a picture window for wedding photographers. It has a polished stainless steel look with a faux leather loop and a magnetic closure in white. The gift box is covered in grey linen so it looks really pretty. The box measures 11 x 11 x 3cm with an 8cm x 8cm picture window and the stick is 6 x 2cm.

This is a Yisitong portable photography studio. It includes a background support stand which is height and width adjustable with a height of 0.68-2m and width of 1.5-3m. It is made from aluminium so is sturdy and light. It also has a clamp with a good grip that can hold cotton, muslin, paper, canvas and other materials to form a background. It all folds down to fit inside the carry case.

This is a hardback book called ‘The Photographers Cookbook’. The author, George Eastman, asked a group of photographers for their favourite recipes and food related photographs to go with them. The recipes are varied with sweet and savoury. Originally the book did not get published but the pictures and recipes remained in the authors collection and have now been published. It is partly a time capsule of the 1970’s and partly a fascinating book.

This is a mouse mat which has writing in white which says ‘retired photographer gone in a flash’ on it. The background colour varies and you can choose between red, surf blue, purple, orange, fuchsia, aqua, baby pink, black or dark blue which means that you can get one to fit in with any desk, room or office. It measures 240mm x 190mm x 60mm and has a black rubber base.

This is the Canon EOS 4000D DSLR camera which comes with a lens. It gives a background blur effect on stills and videos and it is easy to connect, shoot and share on the move. It is really easy to use so you do not have to worry about following complex instructions and can just get on with being creative and taking pictures. There are interchangeable lenses and it comes with a battery pack and charger too so you have everything you need.

This is an Instax mini 9 camera which comes in a range of different colours. It has a built in flash and exposure control and has an inclusive selfie mirror and close up lens attachment. It uses Instax mini film and prints images 46 x 62mm. It comes with 10 shots so you can get going right away. Comes with a hand strap so you can keep it safe and make sure you do not drop it or lose it.

This is a Nikon D3500 in black. It has a 24.2 Mp DX-format sensor and an ISO light sensitivity range of 100-25600. It can take full HD movies at frame rates of up to 60p. It has a razor sharp autofocus system. It is really easy to operate and therefore it is quick to take pictures. The kit comes with a charger, battery and strap as well as the camera and lens.

This is the Sony DSCWX350 digital compact camera with Wi-fi. It is compatible with an NP-BX1 series battery. It has a G lens with 20x optical zoom. It has input and output terminals, micro/multi USB terminal 8, hi-speed USB and micro HDMI. It has one touch wi-fi sharing and control, a self-timer and has pixel super resolution technology to analyse each pixel and it upscales images restoring the detail even when zoomed in.

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