25 Presents for Quilting Lovers

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Quilting is something which is popular at the moment. Many people have rediscovered their sewing skills, dusted off their sewing machines and started quilting. There are lovely things that can be made using this technique. If you know someone that enjoys quilting, then you will probably want to get them a gift that is related to this. It is not always easy to know exactly what to get though. We have therefore put together a list of things which we feel might be helpful for you to choose from. We have found a variety of items which we feel that any quilter will love.

25 Gift Ideas for Quilting Fans

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This book is called ‘The Quilters Bible: How to make a quilt and much more: The Indispensable Guide to Patchwork, Quilting and Applique’. This is a book which has over 220 patchwork, quilting and applique techniques to learn. It has all sorts of inspirational ideas which are suitable for beginners and more practised sewers. It has 13 projects with 800 coloured diagrams and photographs to help replicate the designs and pictures in the book.

This is a roll of quilters tape which is specifically designed to work well with fabric. It has a light adhesive on one side so that it leaves no residue on fabric once it is removed. It is ¼ inch thick and 30 yards long. It helps to make sure that the quilting is done in a nice straight line, although it can be used for other crafts as well.

This is a pretty tin of quilters clips. It has a mixture of different coloured clips in it, there are 100 in total and they are pink, red, blue, yellow, green or purple. The storage tin has a cute design, a lid and a handle so it is easy to keep the clips all in one place and easily carry it to where you need it. Although a practical gift it comes in such a pretty tin, it looks like a really lovely item to give as a gift.

This is a quilters mat that can be used for many things. It can be used for cutting the fabric, ironing it onto, pattern marking and as an anti-skid layout mat. It is a really functional item, which folds up with a pretty blue with white polka dot outside so it will look good when it is stored away when not being used. It is 30 x 24cm so portable to take to classes or to use in small spaces.

This is a pair of quilters touch gloves. They are made from cotton and help to reduce fatigue and tension in the hands, arms and shoulders. They are thin enough to allow the wearer to thread a needle, remove pins or adjust thread so they never need to be removed. They have a grip surface to make it easy to control fabric while machining even when it is heavy and have the added bonus of helping to keep the fabric clean.

This is a special Quilters Quarter design tool in an 8 inch length. It is a design tool which allows a quilter to easily add a ¼ inch seam allowance to pattern pieces, templates or cut pieces. It is a really useful tool which allows you to produce great results really easily. It makes designs really easy, by making marking out the seam allowance on the fabric extremely simple to do.

This is a ¼ inch quilters piecing foot for a sewing machine. It will fit Husqvarna Viking domestic sewing machines (the ones with the white Teflon, plastic foot holder) and therefore will be ideal for anyone that enjoys quilting and uses this brand of machine. Having the right parts for the right machine is vital so make sure you check that it will fit to avoid disappointment when you receive it.

This is a fun mouse mat which would appeal to any quilter. It has a fun pattern on it which has a selection of colours and looks like something which is quilted with various different stich patterns on it. It is rectangle and measures 18 x 22 cm and will help a mouse to work more efficiently rather than just using a mouse on the desk. Has a vibrant print with a high quality image.

This is a quilters 4 in 1 multi mat with a cute owl design. The outside has a print with lots of cartoon owls on it. The mat itself has an anti-skid layout pad for blocking, A4 cutting mat, pattern marking guide with angles and it opens out to create an ironing pad. A very handy item to have especially if you go to a quilting class and need to take it with you.

This is a canvas shopping bag with a quilting theme. It is a natural canvas Tote bag which has a quilting display with a mainly red design. It comes in a choice of sizes – small and medium. It says on it ‘Friendships are like pieces of a quilt – stitched together tightly with [heart]’. It is professionally printed and can be machine washed on a cold setting if turned inside out.

This is a book by Elizabeth Harman called ‘Patchwork City’. It has 75 innovative blocks for quilters that are tired of always using the same design all of the time. It has all sorts of fresh angular designs that are all inspired by city life, so they will add a modern twist to any quilting pattern. There are easy to follow cutting patterns for each block, some with full-size freezer pane templates and there is a pattern pull out included.

This is an Arteza quilting ruler. It is laser cut and measures 5 x 5 inches. It is a patented double-coloured design with grid lines which offer clarity on light and dark fabrics. It has an accurate grid with ½ inch seam allowances. It has an ambidextrous angle system to ensure accurate cutting with left and right hands. It is made from laser cut acrylic and designed for use by quilters and other crafters.

This is a humorous sign for a quilter. It says on it ‘Quilter parking only – violators will be threaded’. The writing is in purple and there is a cartoon drawing of a lady holding up a quilt. It stands out well as it has a white background with a black line around it. It measures about 20 x 30cm and is made of metal which is high-quality and fade resistant and so it will last a long time.

This is a keyring which has been specifically designed for quilters as it has a pretty quilted design. It is a pendant keyring which has a silver outside and a glass cover on it. Under the cover is a picture of some patchwork squares in shades of blue and beige with a bee in the middle. It is attached to a key chain, which could be used to hold keys or as a pretty handbag charm.

This is a pack of basting glue made by quilters choice. It can be used instead of stitching or pinning so that you can line up things before sewing them. It forms a temporary bond which will then wash out. This saves fiddling with pins or tacking edges together before hemming, sewing or doing any sort of craft work. Especially good for small fiddly pieces that are too small to pin properly.

This is a project planner and journal designed especially for quilters. It says on it ‘My soul is fed with a needle and thread’ and has a needle and thread and pretty floral design on it. It is 8 x 10 inches in size and has heavy bright paper which has room for tracking 50 quilting projects as well as plenty of places for notes. There is even a grid to draw patterns on and a place to attach a photo of the completed quilt.

This is a metal sign to hang inside or outside the home. On it, it says ‘world’s greatest quilter’ and in the background has the design of a pretty patchwork quilt. The sign is 8 x 12 inches and has holes drilled in it so that it can easily be hung up on the wall. It is printed in durable ink and has a scratch resistant finish so that it will last well. It is weatherproof and so can be put outside or inside.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which is available in black, navy, red, Kelly green, dark heather, heather blue or purple and it says on it ‘Blessed are the quilters for they shall be called piecemakers’ and has a sewing machine and heart on it. It is available in sizes small – 3XL and they are made from a cotton and polyester mix so they are soft and comfortable. They have a classic fit with a crew neckline.

This is a Pfaff Passport 2.0 computerized sewing machine. It is designed for more experienced sewers so not for a beginner. The machine has all sorts of functions including different sizes and designs of stitches. It is ideal for anyone who wants to get some really detailed and fancy effects on their sewing and particularly on their quilting. It can look great to vary the stitches as it adds to the overall look of the piece.

This is a unisex baby vest with long sleeves. It has no legs and has poppers underneath to make it easier to get on and off. It is grey in colour and has a brain picture split into different parts all with a quilting theme. At the top it says ‘A quilters brain’ and the labels to the parts of the brain include fabric, sewing machine etc. It is available in sizes from 6 months to 24 months.

This is a headband which is made from 100% polyester and measures 25cm wide and 50cm high. It can be used as a scarf, headband, headscarf, wristband, mask, balaclava, face towel etc and has a quilting themed design with pars of scissors, stitch ripper, needles and pins on it. It is UV-proof, dust proof and wind proof so suitable for wearing in all sorts of conditions. It is stretchy, breathable and quick drying.

This is a piece of pre-shrunk calico fabric. It is 54 inches wide and a meter in length and suitable for use for backing quilts. It is suitable for using with a sewing machine and as it is pre shrunk it means that it is easy to work with and will not shrink once it is sewn in place and washed, which would cause all sorts of problems. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a long sleeved t-shirt which comes in black, navy, royal blue, dark heather or heather grey. It says on it ‘blessed are the quilters for they shall be called piecemakers’. It comes in small – 2XL and is suitable for men or women as it has a classic fit with a crew neck. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and can be washed in a washing machine.

This is a cap which is pale blue and white with a round picture on. The picture is of a heart made up of patchwork squares and it says on it ‘Blessed are the piecemakers’ which is a biblical quote. It will make a great gift for a crafter and will be practical for keeping the sun off their head and shading their face when it is warm weather and they are outside.

This is a special quilters pencil by Sew Easy. It has a hard lead which can be sharpened to a really sharp point. It writes in silver which will show up on most fabrics and the sharp point means that you can mark a really accurate line with it if you mark the fabric using it and a ruler. A very useful tool to have in any sewing room and even comes with free delivery.

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