30 Presents for Anyone Who Loves Sushi

Updated on September 6th, 2021
By Louise
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With a more global world, international cuisine has become a mainstay of the culture to the point where not only are people visiting restaurants offering these international food choices but also increasingly the opportunity to make this food at home. The Japanese cuisine, Sushi has become progressively popular in the UK over the last decade. Sushi consists traditionally of cold flavoured rice, raw seafood and vegetables alongside the customary drink of Saki. We have lots of gift suggestions for family or friends whether they are experienced in preparing Sushi or who love to cook but Sushi is new to them or even just love to eat it.

30 Gift Ideas for Sushi Fans

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Exactly the gift that is required to get the Sushi enthusiast embarked on their journey in creating Sushi delights. All items are made using a traditional timber product suitable for food use and include items used in the preparation of Sushi or eating Sushi. For context, the package containing this kit is nearly twenty five centimetres long with a width of eight centimetres and depth of five centimetres.

Pink Ginger is traditionally consumed at the end of the meal or between courses to cleanse the palate. This jar of Pink Ginger is packed full and has a capacity of three hundred and forty milligrams and measures one hundred and twenty millimetres high.  The jar is transparent aside for the sticker with the product name that is a mix of pink and white. The lid is plastic and white.

This Sushi seasoning can be used on all parts of the meal, whether marinading the main course or flavouring the side dishes. Made by the renowned Japanese food brand, Kikkoman, it is not as strong as normal vinegar. This jar has a volume of three hundred milligrams and measures one hundred and seventy millimetres high with a diameter of fifty nine and a half millimetres. An essential part of the Japanese cuisine.

A novelty gift for the lady who loves Sushi. This pink and white socks are made predominantly from natural fibres. These socks are creatively and humourously presented to make them look like a couple of salmon fillets alongside a salad side. They sit on a black tray with see through lid, just how you would expect a meal choice to be presented at a Japanese fast food outlet.

The perfect book for the cook who wants to start experimenting with Japanese cuisine. This recipe book is packed full of recipes and suggestions over one hundred and twenty eight pages. Recipes include egg cup Sushi, lunchbox ideas, soups, omelettes, five colour roll, beetroot sashimi and the infamous California roll. The book is a really good place for the recipient to get started on their Sushi adventure.

One for the Sushi fan, whether cooking it or eating it. Included in this set are four reels of adhesive tape with different patterns. This tape can be used as an alternative to tape used to wrap up gifts and each reel has ten metres of tape. One of the reels is in the pattern of salmon and when viewed on its side from a bird’s eye viewpoint, each one looks like a different Sushi roll.

An uber cool gift for the Sushi cook, this set contains four differently shaped and sized rice roll moulds. Some tools to aid the process of rice rolling and moulding are additionally included in this set. Not only is this a useful set but also one where lots of family fun can be had. This set also comes with a guidebook to get them on their way. The moulds are easy to clean.

Nori is essentially a red seaweed type product that comes in sheets and is used in Sushi dishes to wrap the rice, fish, vegetables in. These Nori sheets come in a pack of fifty units. Each unit measures twenty one centimetres by nineteen centimetres. The pack is easy to be resealed, keeping the Nori fresh. The packaging is clear with green bars at both the top and the bottom of the bag with an orange box in the centre of the package.

A whopping bag of five kilograms of Sushi rice. Sushi rice is a short grain rice that has a thicker consistency making it stickier and making it perfect for Sushi dishes. This rice comes from the reputable Japanese food brand, Yukata with the distinctive branding depicted on the packaging of this rice. The package measures three hundred and thirty five millimetres high with a width of one hundred and seventy two millimetres.

The beginners guide to making Sushi will help those aspiring Sushi cooks to take their first steps. With one hundred and twenty pages, this book contains plenty of recipes, step by step guides and illustrations, along with a guide about the ingredients and equipment required for cooking Sushi. This book measures two hundred and twenty four millimetres length by two hundred and thirteen millimetres with a depth of fifteen millimetres.

Combining the love of Sushi with the love of confectionary, this is a large pack of confectionary in the shapes and designs of celebrated Sushi cuisine. A perfect complimentary gift for a dinner party with a Sushi theme. This pack of sweets comes delivered on a base that has been made to look like the take-away Sushi that also serves to keep the sweets in place and a yellow outer packaging.

A sushi dinner for two! This dining set includes all that is needed for a meal for two dining on Sushi. There are items that are used to put plates on, items to eat off of, items to eat with and the item where these tools to eat with can rest in between courses using a mix of porcelain and timber. A good quality, attractive looking set to compliment the Sushi feast.

A wonderful dining set to gift the couple who love to eat Sushi. This set include two sets of two different items to eat from, one to be used for soup perhaps, whilst the other for the main course and a container for sauce. These items are made using Ceramic and come in a gorgeous and unusual floral design, one in yellow and the other in orange.  Traditional tools used to eat Sushi are also included and made from a timber product.

One for the kids or adults who have maybe indulged in a bit too much Saki! This game is suitable for children aged five years and older with a minimum of two people that can play at the same time. A game of obtaining the most pieces that match the card given to you, from a rotating ‘Sushi counter,’ this game will have the whole family laughing.  A brightly coloured gift that will not fail to make the youngster a happy one.

A very different recipe book in that it does not just include equipment required, techniques and ingredients needed but how to make Sushi cuisine look as good as it tastes. Effectively the idea is to create different patterns and items such as animals, plants and even musical instruments. The book includes all these ideas over one hundred and twenty eight pages. A lovely gift for the creative Sushi chef!

A set of four gorgeous and traditional plates for serving Sushi. Made using the customary timber product these circular plates measure just under eighteen centimetres in width. The edge of the plates is turned up making meals with sauce a great deal easier to manage! A very stylish, durable and functional plate set that will please the Sushi lover in your life or even as a gift for day to day use.

A handy gift for your nearest and dearest who loves to make Sushi! This Sushi mould set includes three different shaped casts to form a varied presentation of the Sushi courses such as fish with rice or rice on its own. This set is transparent and made using a plastic type of material and is suitable for all level of experience in making and presenting Sushi dishes.

This fashionable T-shirt will make a fabulous gift for the loved one or friend who is a Sushi ultra fan! The T-shirt is available in a male, female and child fitting with sizes ranging for children from two years old to twelve years old and for adults from small right through to triple extra large. The T-shirt features artwork of a moulded rice dish where the rice has a smiley face with some fish on top, and the word ‘sushi,’ underneath.

One for the experienced chopstick user, this set of beautifully and authentically designed chopsticks can be used not only for eating Sushi but other dishes such as Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. The set includes five pairs of chopsticks with an individual design at the top of each pair of chopsticks with each chopstick measuring twenty two and a half centimetres long. This will make a wonderful gift.

An uber cool and useful novelty gift for the person you know who loves Sushi. This memory stick has sixteen gigabytes available to store files, photos or anything else you want to keep safe as an extra copy or make mobile like taking your photos to a friend to show them. The design depicts pieces of meat, fish and vegetables on a bed of rice. A great gift for the Sushi lover no matter what the occasion is.

A lovely hoodie for anyone who loves Sushi! This hoodie is unisex and available in sizes, small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. You can choose from eleven colours including this navy one, yellow, greys, pink, black reds and greens. The text ‘She believed she could – Sushi did,’ is depicted in white text on the front of the hoodie with a range of Sushi dishes illustrated inside the wording.

This Sushi themed broach will make a fabulous novelty gift whether a stocking filler, Secret Santa or top up gift for a birthday! This particular broach features a fish coloured in a two tone pink shade on a white plate with a gold coloured backing and fastening that can be affixed to a range of clothing and accessories. The broach measures thirty four millimetres length with a width of nineteen millimetres.

An item for your dog or cat’s fancy dress party! This outfit is in the design of a fish with orange and white striped arrangement on a white plate and a black tie across the ‘fish,’ and to fasten the costume to the pet. This fancy dress outfit is available in sizes small and large. The small measures twenty four centimetres in length and the large thirty four centimetres in length.

A fabulous and useful gift for your friend or family member who loves to cook Sushi and absolutely anything else. This apron is black with a design of five Sushi rolls in green, pink and white. The wording, ‘That’s how we roll,’ is depicted above the illustration in capital and white text. Made from natural fabric the apron can be fastened using the fabric tie and comes in one size.

One for the youngster or student who loves Sushi a lot! These stickers all feature Sushi dishes or accompaniments. Soups, sauces, rice, salmon are just some of the Sushi designed stickers available in this set. There are sixteen stickers include in this Sushi themed sticker set on a backing that measures one hundred and ten millimetres width by two hundred millimetres length. These stickers will certainly brighten up any notepad!

A set of two coaster made using a quality timber product with treated surface so as to protect the area where drinks are placed. This coaster set has the text, ‘Today’s good mood is brought to you by Sushi,’ in white type with a fish and roll of rice dish depicted. This coaster set comes in a vibrant yellow, but you can also choose from pink, green, black and white with a further choice of whether you would like a marble effect.

A very special Sushi themed gift for the one you love. This is a gorgeous looking and quality made lunch box set. The set includes the actual lunchbox and a spoon and fork with an inner section that can divide up different courses within the lunch box or act as a plate. This set is made from an authentic timber product and comes with an elastic tie to keep all sections of the lunchbox together.

An imaginative and useful gift. This gift suggestions comprises of fifty containers that can be used time and time again for keeping the Soy sauce for those Sushi packed lunches, fresh. The containers are in the shape of fishes and are transparent with a red screw cap. Each container measures 6 cm in length and 2.5 cm wide. An unusual but a welcome gift for the one who loves Sushi.

One for the kids! This vibrant lunchbox will keep food that needs to kept cool, cool and food that needs to be kept hot, hot. The design of this lunch bag is called, ‘Sleeping Sushi,’ and features lots of Sushi dishes on a Fuchsia pink background and a bench with three Sushi rolls sleeping with the ‘zzz’s,’ coming from them. The length of this lunch bag is thirty and a half centimetres with a width of twenty nine centimetres.

Another one that will go down well with younger ones who love Sushi. This bedding set can be purchased in either single, double, king or super king size and comes with one pillowcase and one duvet cover for the single size and two pillowcases and one duvet cover for all other sizes. The base colour is a bold yellow with a design containing lots of types of sushi and the words, ‘Kawaii Sushi,’ in black on both pillowcases and cover.

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