34 Presents for Teenagers (Boys)

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If you need to buy a gift for a teenage boy then you could be feeling rather concerned about what to buy them. It can be a difficult challenge as they tend to have out grown toys, may no longer be interested in reading or games. It can therefore be hard as they are often not interested in clothing or toiletries either. However, we have put together a list of things which we hope will give such a good selection of items that there will be some things that you will be able to buy. There are items at different prices so that you should be able to find something that will work for your budget too.

34 Gift Ideas for Teenage Males

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This is a set of three Calvin Klein trunks. They are available in a selection of different colours and styles so you can pick ones that are appropriate for the teenage boy that you have in mind. They are available in a selection of different sizes from extra small to extra large. They are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane so are stretchy and comfortable to wear. They all have an elasticated waist with Calvin Klein written on it.

This is a Lynx gift set which includes a Bluetooth Shower Speaker which is wireless. It also has a selection of shower items by Lynx such as anti-perspirant, body, hair and face wash and deodorant body spray with the ice chill fragrance.  It comes in a box which means that it is all ready to give away as a gift. It comes with free delivery so is great value for money.

This is a games controller 3D effect night light, the LED battery powered acrylic light comes with a remote control to change the colour of the light with 16 options to choose from. The dimmable light is great as a night light or a decoration on a desk and will give any room a bright and colourful atmosphere.

This is a 3D galaxy style speaker and night light, with 5-8 hours of lighting and music it is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere to sleep. The lamp has 3 levels of brightness and 7 different colour themes to create different moods. The battery powered lamp comes with batteries and a charging cable included.

This is a Bluetooth beanie hat perfect for running or walking in the British weather. The wireless beanie offers up to 16-20 hours of music listening time and 15 hours of phone calls. With 110 DB volume limit you can clearly hear your music on a busy street with cars driving past. The fashionable and comfortable hat is a perfect stocking filler for any person who likes walking in any weather.

This Lego rescue hovercraft building set is perfect for any creative kid. With 457 pieces and made of durable plastic it is made to transform into another model of a twin engine plane. All you need is a creative mind and a good imagination to have a great time with this Lego 2 in one model.

This is a mini classic games console which includes hundreds of built in games. It is a mini size and has dual controllers and connects to a television. The pack includes – a console, two controllers, a cable to connect it to a TV and an AC plug. Includes Mortal Kombat 4, Tetris 2, Galaga, Bubble Bobble 2, Contra Force, Double Dragon 2, Robocop and many more. Games are of the style of the Atari or Commodore, so graphics and music will bring back memories!

This is a book called ‘How to Survive Anything’. The front lists some of the things that are included in the book such as shark attack, lightening, embarrassing parents, pop quizzes etc. It is a book published by National Geographic Kids, so it has all sorts of nature based situations in the book. This could spark the imagination of any teenage boy with a fun sense of adventure and good imagination.

This is a book called ‘The Teenage Guys Survival Guide: The Real Deal on Going Out, Growing Up and Other Guy Stuff’ which is a paperback by Jeremy Daldry. It has chapters on all sorts of issues that will be important to teenage boys such as dating, kissing, shaving, moods, peer pressure, bullying and drugs. The book tackles the truth but with understanding, so it feels like they are getting help from an older big brother.

This is a book called ‘The Art of being a Brilliant Teenager’ by Andy Cope. It is a book for teenagers which will help teenagers with being more positive and happier so they can get through their teenager years more easily. It helps them to become brilliant at school, work and life in general by staying cool under pressure and plot a map for the future. This will help break the teenage stereotype of being a grumbling teenager.

This is a Superdry watch with a silicone watch strap. The watch is black with orange hands and numbers on as well as an orange logo. It also has a second hand and just an analogue face, so it makes the child look mature that they can tell the time using this type of watch. It really stands out with the vibrant orange on the black and everyone will spot that they are wearing a big branded watch. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a toiletry bag made by Nike. It is a large bag with a zip across the top and has a handle so it can be quickly grabbed and carried easily. It is black and has the white Nike tick logo on it. It is made from water repellent material which is also durable so it will last a long time. Can be handy for popping in a gym bag, taking in a school PE kit or using for a holiday.

This is a camouflage pattern printed backpack. It comes in a selection of colours either orange, yellow or blue all in the camouflage design with khaki and black. It has multiple zips on it with a large and small front pocket and a main pocket, as well as two mesh pockets on the side. It is made of waterproof nylon fabric which is durable and has a nylon lining. There are two inner compartments one for larger items and one for smaller ones.

This is watch with a digital and analogue display and is mainly black but also has accents of colour in a choice of red, yellow, blue, green or white. It is a Citizen branded watch with large numbers that are easy to read and also has the day, month, alarm, calendar and chronograph. It is 50m waterproof, anti-vibration and scratchproof so is great for daily use and rough treatment by teenage boys.

This is a bedside table lamp with a Bluetooth speaker. It has a colour changing facility so you can choose the right colour to set the mood. It has a warm white light, red light or colour changing mode all with different levels of brightness. It is just touch activated so really easy to use and has a rechargeable battery that can support 18 hours of light on medium brightness and 10 hours on medium volume music play and 120 hours on low brightness light and takes only 3 hours to fully charge.

This is a fun game which is really different. It is called Pindaloo and the aim is that you need to practice hard in order to master it. The idea is to get the ball to leave one side of the loop and land in the other. However, it is not as easy as it seems as you can try all sorts of adaptations, perhaps by looping it in the air or even using two balls at once.

This is a onesie with a camo style print on it. It is hooded with a white drawstring around the hood and white zip down the middle. It has hip pockets on each side and a pocket on the back and comes in sizes suitable for children aged between 2-14 years of age. It is made from 52% cotton and 48% polyester and is therefore soft and comfortable with a fleecy feel to it.

These are socks designed for active children or teenagers. They are available in sizes 12.5-3.5 and 4-5.5 and are suitable for wearing inside trainers. They are designed to be breathable but also soft and comfy with extra support on the heel and toe. They are made from 62% polyester, 20% cotton, 15% polyamide and 3% elastane. There are multipack options available and the socks come in a mix of colours with three in a pack.

This is ‘Sam Stern’s Cooking up a Storm: The Teen Survival Cookbook’. There are lots of recipes suitable for all sorts of occasions such as breakfasts, quick lunches and main meals and then more serious dinners as well. It has recipes to keep the brain boosted during exam times, healthy snack ideas and special menus. It has lots of photographs as well as commentary from the author which makes it fun to read and to use.

This is a short sleeved black t-shirt which says on it ‘This is what an awesome 13 year old looks like!’ with two hands with thumbs pointing upwards. It is available in sizes 12-14 and 14-15 years to allow for larger children. It is made from cotton and has a regular fit with a crew neck. A fun top to buy for a 13 year olds birthday – great for that milestone first teenage year birthday.

This is a tracksuit which has a pair of bottoms and hoodie to match. It is available in black and royal blue, black and red, charcoal and red, charcoal and royal blue, grey and red or grey and royal blue. It is available in sizes suitable for ages 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13 years. They are made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and the joggers have side pockets and the hoodie has front pockets, both have drawstring on the waist of the joggers and hood of the top.

This is a set of mini toys. There are finger skateboards and bikes for children to play with.  There are 18 finger boards with a mixed random colour design and there are 2 mini bicycles as well as a selection of spare wheels, bicycle lock, screwdriver and wheel spanner. They are made of plastic so are durable and are a mini size so they can be played with using a finger.

This is a pair of white socks which on the bottom says ‘do not disturb’ on one sock and ‘I’m gaming’ on the other one with a picture of a games console handset. There is the option of choosing ankle or full length socks. The blue writing on the bottom which is a non-slip material to give good grip. They are therefore ideal for wearing around the house instead of slippers.

This is a fun gadget to play with that is called flow rings. They are a type of magic trick toy which come in separate bags. They come in different colours and can be worn like a bracelet. There is a booklet with it which gives you tips and tricks, so that you can do all sorts of interesting stunts with it. They look like a gyroscope and they are safe for all ages and cannot get tangled.

This is a fitness tool which can be used to help improve the abs. It is a special roller which can be used to help to exercise the abs and it is extra wide and has built-in resistance which helps to amplify the abdominal and arm workout. It has ergonomic handles to help maximise the results of abs rollout exercises and arm workouts. It includes a high density foam kneepad for comfort.

This is a hover football set which have LED lights for a fun game. They have foam bumpers which means that when they hit walls or furniture they do not damage them. A fun way to stay fit even when playing in the house, such as when unable to go out because it is raining. The LED lights will allow them to glow in the dark so you can have a fun game even in dim light.

This is a Nike Club team hoody. It has a selection of colour options in black, grey, obsidian, heather grey, blue and red. It comes in a selection of sizes so you can find the right one for the teenager that you are buying for. It has a drawstring around the hood and a large front pocket. It is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester and therefore comfortable to wear.

This is a book for teenage boys called ‘What’s Happening to Me?’ The book is a guide to make puberty written in a sensitive way but tackling all of the key subjects that they will need to be facing. It covers all sorts of issues, perhaps things that parents will not know how to approach with their boys. A great idea for parents to read first so that they can then answer any questions the book raises.

This is a pair of boy’s pyjamas. They have a short-sleeved top and shorts. The top is black with red ribbing and says on it ‘eat game sleep repeat’ with a picture of a console handset on it. The shorts are grey with a repeated picture of handsets and ‘zzz’ around them. They are available in sizes suitable for ages 9-16 years. They are made from 100% cotton so are comfortable.

This is a helicopter drone toy with a remote control. It has a 2.4G frequency so will not interfere with other remote control items. It is made of durable materials so will be protected when it crashes and is 80cm in size. The remote control allows the speed and direction to be controlled, but it also has a light and an indicator which makes it more fun than other alternatives.

This is a backpack with a lightening strike pattern on it. It is suitable for school as it is water resistant and has a padded shoulder strap to protect the shoulders when carrying a lot of heavy books. It measures 44 x 30 x 13cm and has a pocket on the front and large main pocket as well. The large pocket has a laptop compartment and other small inner slots for keeping all sorts of things.

This is a mini shaver which is portable and therefore useful for older teenagers. It has a long trimmer to keep moustache and sideburns in good order. It is also suitable for giving a close shave when required. It is fully washable under running water. There is a twist cap which will protect the foil from damage when not in use, but will also act as a handle extension to make it easier to hold when it is being used.

This is a fitness tracker watch. It will allow the wearer to keep track of their heart rate and has a sleep monitor, step counter and calorie counter. It is waterproof too. It is available in a choice of colours which means that you can choose the one that will suit the teenager that you have in mind the best. Great for a teenager that enjoys keeping fit and wants to track their fitness closely.

This is an X-box lamp which is basically a white globe with a black cross on it. It can be USB or battery powered and can be left freestanding or hung on the wall. It can make a really great gift for a teenager that is keen on an X-box. It would look good on a bedside table and can be used as a night light or a desk light in any teenagers bedroom.

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