31 Present Ideas For Anyone : Under £10 Budget

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If you need to buy a gift for very little money then you might worry that you will not be able to afford much or find something that is suitable for that person. We understand that this could be a big worry and have therefore put together a list of items that should help. We have found items that we feel will make really lovely or fun gifts but will not cost that much money. We hope that it will help to inspire those that want to buy something original, unique or high quality but not cost them more money than they can afford.

31 Gift Ideas for Under a Tenner

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This is a mask set from L’Oreal. The masks are made from pure clay and there are three mini masks of 10ml enclosed. It has a purity mask with eucalyptus, a detox mask with charcoal and a glow mask with red algae. They come together in a boxed set and all have a creamy texture which work deep into the pores which leaves the skin purer, cleaner and brighter without drying it out.

This is a lovely boxed set of Cath Kidston hand cream trio. It has three different hand creams which are all 30ml in size, They have shea butter to soften, vitamin E to protect and glycerine to moisturise. There are three scents – ripe apples and crisp green leaves, mandarin and bergamot with blossoms & matcha tea and zesty grapefruit. Each cream comes in a squeezy tube which is decorated with a pretty bird and blossom design.

This is a lynx box set which contains three items with the ice chill fragrance. It has a frozen mint and lemon deodorant and body spray, body, hair & face wash and antiperspirant. It comes in a gift box and so it is all ready to give away as a gift to a man who likes to smell fresh all day long. It makes a good secret Santa gift or a stocking filler as well.

This is a book called ‘Mob Kitchen: Feed 4 or more for under £10’ and is by Ben Lebus. It is full of recipes that are really accessible to everyone even if they are on a tight budget. The recipes vary a lot from Asian style meatballs to falafel pittas with recipes for vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters and those looking for healthy choices. Each recipe has a song which works well with it so you can listen to it as you cook.

This is a magnetic wristband which is really useful to use during all sorts of DIY jobs. The powerful magnet will hold screws, nails, washers, bolts etc to it and so they will not easily get lost. They are especially useful for using when up a ladder or in a place that is difficult to get to so that you do not have to keep returning to a tool box.

This is a make up, cosmetic or wash bag that can be personalised. It comes in the option of three sizes, a small, medium or large and three colours, blue, black or natural. The bags have a strong zip along the top and the name is written in big lettering in your choice of colour – white, black, gold or rose gold. It can make a personal, original and practical gift.

This is a box of six aromatic bath bombs. It has six different bath bombs inside it which are all spherical and are 120g each. They come in bergamot, lavender, jasmine, iris, ylang ylang and chamomile perfumes and they add colour and fragrance to your bath but will not leave any stain behind. A lovely way to help someone to relax as they can have a soothing bath with essential oils.

This is a box of Lindt mini pralines. There are 36 chocolates in the box and there are 9 different flavours such as dark chocolate with caramel and cream, hazelnut soft nougat with hazelnut pieces, orange caramel filling in a dark chocolate heart, macchiato milk chocolate cup, white and dark chocolate with orange marzipan, almond and hazelnut soft nougat, marc de champagne truffle and dark and milk chocolate with caramelised hazelnut pieces.

This is a set of five pairs of socks for children. There is a selection of different styles and designs to choose from. They are available in sizes for children of different age groups – 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-12 years. The designs are either teddys, nautical, tractors or scarves and they are 75% cotton, 22% polyester and 3% spandex. They are comfortable and breathable and will make any child happy with their cute designs and bright colours.

This is a Buzazz hair dryer which is pink, white and grey. It has 2 heat and speed settings so that you can set it to the level that you require and that will suit your particular hair type. It has 1100W power and has a 1.8m cord so it will be easy to use. It has a hanging loop so that it can be more easily stored. It has a safety shut-off if it overheats and has mute technology so it is not too noisy.

This is a beard shaping tool which will make it much easier to cut a beard and keep it looking tidy, saving lots of visits to the barber. It has different shapes to it so that you can get good curves and edges to the beard. Just hold it to the face and shave up to it. As beards are very fashionable at the moment it is likely that you will know someone who has a beard and would find this really useful.

This is a pair of LED flashing gloves designed for teens and adults. They come in different colours such as green, blue, red, white, yellow, rainbow and white. There are different modes so that the gloves can flash in different patterns. They are great for children and come in sizes for S/M children and Medium adults. They even come with spare batteries for when the ones enclosed run out.

These are USB hand warmers and they come in a selection of colour choices – rose gold, silver, gold, blue, dark green, black or red. It is a mini power bank that charges fully in 2-3 hours and will then provide a reliable battery service in case your mobile device runs out of charge. There are two temperature settings for the hand warmers and the high temperature can be used for 4-5 hours and 5-7 hours for the lower one.

This is a cute pink watch for helping children to learn the time. The unicorn, rainbow and cloud design will make it more attractive to children and they will want to wear it. The display makes it easy to tell the time with minutes marked out as well as ‘to’ and ‘past’ so that they can tell the time more easily. The 3d strap fits all wrist sizes with a buckle that can be altered.

This is a Yankee Candle, which is a candle inside a pretty glass jar. There are different scents such as cherry blossom, garden sweet pea, linden tree, midnight jasmine, tobacco flower and wedding day. They also come in different sizes of jar or there are tealights or pillar candles that you can choose. They are official Yankee Candle products and last for 4-150 hours depending on the size of the candle that you decide to buy.

This is a collection of Beatrix Potter tea caddy’s with loose leaf tea inside. Each has a different picture on it, with the square ones having a different character on each face and each contains a different tea – early grey, English breakfast and English afternoon. The caddy’s can be reused afterwards, either for holding tea or putting other items in. They come in a lovely box so all ready to give as a gift.

This is a pack of luxury prosecco and champagne toppers. It is a set of luxury flavoured syrups which are made with luxury ingredients which are various flavours – salted caramel, elderflower bloom, wild cherry, peach blossom and blackcurrant bliss. They bring a new flavour to the drinks to make them into tasty cocktails or could be used in coffee or desserts. Each bottle contains 60ml which is enough to flavour up to ten drinks.

This is an unusual mug which has a rabbit inside it. There are also different animals that you can choose from such as panda, duck, cat and sheep. They are made from quality ceramic which is blue with a white coloured animal inside. They hold 230ml of liquid and are a great unique gift to give to someone. They come in a box which is decorative and can therefore make a really great gift.

This is an electronic accessories organiser bag which can be a really useful thing to have. The bag is available in grey or black. It helps you to keep all sorts of items in such as cables, memory cards, USB cards, chargers, headphones etc. It is great way to store things and then keep them safe as well as it is shock proof and waterproof and made from durable nylon.

This is a selection of organic lip balms. There are six different beeswax lip balms which are available in Tahitian vanilla, cherry bomb, eucalyptus mint, tropical coconut, strawberry bliss and tangy citrus. They are made from beeswax, sunflower oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, rosemary extract, calendula and lip plumper. They work well for dry and cracked lips and are cruelty free and earth friendly. Comes in a gift box so great for giving as a gift.

This is a jar made by Wendy’s Candies which contains gin and tonic humbugs. They are green and white striped and there are 125g in the jar and they are made with real gin. There are other flavours available as well and they are all part of the cocktail collection and so there are flavours such as Irish coffee, pina colada, margarita, cherry daiquiri, tequila sunrise, mojito, whiskey and cola etc.

This is a funny dinosaur mug. It is a white 11oz mug and has a picture on it of two dinosaurs. One is green and one is orange. One says ‘I love you this much’ and is holding open its little T-rex arms as the other replies ‘That’s not very much’. Makes a fun gift for someone with a good sense of humour and for anyone that is a dinosaur fan.

This is a Crayola kit to colour and style a toy unicorn. The unicorn is mainly white and there are dry erase markers to colour it with as well as a hairbrush for the mane with beads to put in it. Once it is coloured, it can be wiped off and then coloured again. It is suitable for children aged 4 years and older and comes in a coloured box.

This is a biscuit set by Cartwright and Butler. They come in a really fancy blue tin with a clip-lid. Inside there are 200g of exquisite biscuits which are actually crumble cookies made with real butter with chunks of milk chocolate inside them. It makes a lovely gift as when the delicious biscuits have been eaten, the tin can be reused for storing other items such as more biscuits or tea.

This is a pair of socks which are black and on the bottom is printed in red ‘if you can read this’ on the one and ‘bring me prosecco’ on the other with a picture of a glass. They are made from thick stretchy material which is super soft to the touch and are really warm. They fit all sizes of feet because they will stretch as they are made of polyester.

This is a set of hair chalks. There are 24 different colours available in the set so you can make quite an impact! There is white, yellow, pink, purple, blue, brown and green colours. They can be used on their own or combined to form rainbow colours. They can be used safely for children or adults and washed out easily with shampoo and used on all hair types and colours.

This is a boys short-sleeved t-shirt which has a cricket design. It has lots of different figures on it and they are all in rainbow colours. The t-shirts come in different colours so you can choose one that will suit the recipient. The choices are dark grey, black, blue, green, red, white, yellow or navy. They come in sizes for different age groups such as 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 and 12-14 years of age.

This is a cute cat post it note dispenser which would look lovely on any desk. It is white and has a poppy coloured set of post-it notes that come with it which are 76mm x 76mm in size. It has a pop up design to make it easier to get the post-it notes out of it. The notes can stick on many different surfaces and are useful for messages, shopping lists and things like this.

This is a professional skincare collection made by The Real Shaving Company. There are four different bottles included and they are skin defence sensitive shave gel, rejuvenating face wash and scrub, age defying SPF15 moisturiser and anti-aging sensitive moisturiser. There are four 50ml bottles contained within a box so great to give as a gift for a man that really cares about their appearance and wants their skin looking good.

This is a gardener’s survival kit. It is a small green organza bag which contains a selection of different items which would be really suitable for a gardener. It comes with a card which explains the relevance of each item and why they will be particularly good for someone who enjoys their garden. It is an unusual gift and unique to gardeners so will make a lovely gift for them.

This is a Himalaya face mask which comes in a selection of different types: fruit, cucumber, mud, neem and orange. It is a 75ml tube which is to be used on a cleansed face and will leave the skin deep cleaned, radiant and moisturised. It is suitable for dry and normal skin and should be used once or twice a week on the face avoiding the eye area and inflamed skin.

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