34 Gift Ideas for Young Men

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If you have to buy a gift for a young man then you may really find that you are scratching your head about what to get. Young men are probably some of the hardest people to buy for. This is why we have come up with a list of gift ideas for young men. You will be able to pick between them and choose a gift that you think will be appropriate for the young man that you are buying for. We have included a good range of different things at different budgets, so that you will be able to choose a gift that is appropriate.

34 Presents for Younger Men

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This is a fun pair of odd socks. They are a pair of brightly coloured stripy socks in size 6-11 and you get six in the pack, which you can match up how you wish to. They will make a fun gift and are especially good for someone who can never find a pair of socks, as they will be able to have a good excuse for not wearing a matching pair. They come in a brightly coloured box and so are all ready for giving away as a fun gift.

This is a touch lamp which has a built in Bluetooth speaker. It is great for use as a bedside lamp but also is very portable as it has a rechargeable battery inside. The lamp is also colour changing, so it can be a great way to play music. It is 12 x 8.6 x 8.6cm and so does not take up much room either. The buttons on the front are very easy to find and use even in the dark or in dimly lit conditions.

This is a book called ‘There is no Planet B’ by Mike Berners-Lee. It is a book about climate change and what we can do in order to help the planet. There are all sorts of facts and figures, so that you will know what you can do that will help the environment and will provide all sorts of interesting information as well. It is a great gift for any young person that has a concern of the impact they are making on the earth.

This is a set of Lynx products which comes with a Bluetooth shower speaker. This means that any young man can have great fun in the shower enjoying their favourite music while keeping clean using these popular products. The Lynx products have the Ice Chill scent and there is a deodorant, body spray, body, hair and face wash and an anti-perspirant, so three products which will do everything to keep any young man smelling fresh and keeping dry.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘You read my t-shirt That’s enough social interaction for one day. It comes in black, grey, maroon, navy blue, white, red or pink and is available in sizes. They are made from 100% cotton apart from the grey which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. They have a classic fit with a crew neck and are machine washable and can be ironed inside out.

This is a men’s leather wallet. It has RFID blocking to keep cards safe and has a handy coin pocket purse with a zip, incorporated into the outside. It has a bifold design with a popper fastening and inside there is room for cards and notes and there is a window pocket as well for bus pass, ID card etc. It comes in a big selection of colours such as brown, black and red.

This is a handy fitness tracker. It can monitor heart rate, blood pressure and has a step counter. It will also monitor sleep and has calorie information, which means that it can be a great watch to help anyone that is working hard on improving or maintaining their fitness levels. It is black so looks elegant and will match with any outfit. It is also waterproof, so can be worn when swimming, in any weather and when washing hands without any worry.

This is a bottle of Calvin Klein CKIN2U for him Eau de Toilette. It comes in a choice of 100ml and 150ml bottles, which have a white colouring and drinking bottle type shapes. It has a bright, woody and oriental scent which is bold with a lime flavour as well as a cool musk. Provides a good mix of scents to give a complex smell which lasts well throughout the day.

This is a fun book by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris called The Ladybird Book of the Hangover. It is a spoof Ladybird book but contains the original drawings from past books, and is in their hardback size and style. However, the subject matter is certainly not for children. It has the large clear text of the children’s versions but the words all relate to coping with a hangover and the humorous style will bring a smile to any reader and the pictures will bring back childhood memories.

This is a warm beanie hat. It is a black hat which will cling to the head and keep the wearer really warm. It has a turn up so looks really neat. It is stretchy and soft, so it will match any clothing and therefore will be suitable for anyone. It is made from 100% acrylic and is fleecy soft. It is great for wearing in the winter when it is really cold and will work with any outfit making it suitable for any occasion.

This is a poster with a picture of a world map on it. It measures 84 x 59 cm in size. The land is all in a special material that can be scratched off. The idea is that you can scratch off the places that you have visited, so that you can track where you have been and think about where you might like to visit next. It is a good gift for anyone that loves to travel, as it will look good on their wall and they will enjoy scratching it off.

This is a lockpicking set so that trainee locksmiths can practice their skills. It contains all sorts of tools and information. It includes 20 lock picks, a practice lock which is transparent so you can see how things work. A credit card pick, vegan leather pouch and 2 e-guides to how it all works. The book will give you lots of skills, so that you can learn how to do this. You never know when you might lock yourself out and this will be handy.

This is a handy pair of touchscreen gloves from e-touch. They have special fabric on the finger tips, so that mobile devices can be used while they are being worn and this means that you do not have to remove your gloves and get cold hands when out and about in the winter. They are black and come in two sizes, so you can pick the one that you think will be the most suitable.

This is a leather and titanium bracelet designed for men. It has a mix of leather and metal beads on it with different textures to make it more interesting. It has a magnetic clasp, so that it stays secure when being worn but is easy to remove. It is an ideal size for men and comes with a free gift box, so is all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a bottle of David Beckham Instinct Eau de Toilette. It is available in either 50ml or 75ml. It is an aftershave with a masculine and smooth fragrance. It has fresh bergamot with orange and mandarin as well as star anise, cardamom and pimento for spice as well as patchouli and white amber. It is a complex fragrance which comes in an understated bottle which should appeal to a lot of young men.

This is a toiletry bag which has a white Nike tick on it. It is black with a simple design and a single zip across the middle. It is made from durable and water repellent material and the covered bottom means that it stays dry even when next to a sink. It has a small handle which can be used to carry it to the gym, pool or even on holiday.

This is a canvas wallet. It is made by Lorenz and is available in black, grey or navy. It is trifold and on the back has a zipper across a large pocket for coins. Inside there are slots for notes and cards. It is 9.5cm x 13.5cm. It is a great budget price and so can be a great gift, even if you do not have very much money to spend. It is also a practical item which will always be handy.

This is a watch for men. It has a faux leather strap in brown and an analogue display with a large face and some smaller dials on it too for decoration, which make it look more expensive than it is. It has quartz movement so is accurate. The face is stainless steel and is black on the back. The watch has the look of a Rolex but is made by Toamen for a tiny price.

This is a running belt. It is a special design which means that it can carefully hold valuables when you are working out. It is a useful belt and can fit sizes from 26 – 46 inches and it is comfortable, so many people wearing it even forget that it is there. It has a pocket which will fit a phone, money or keys so that you can run or play and do sports without worrying about the safety of your valuables.

This is a multi tool. It has a set of pliers which have all sorts of other tools with them as well as a flashlight to go with it. There are 15 different tools such as a knife, screwdriver and other things which safely fold into the handle of the pliers. They come in a box with the torch but also come with a pouch which you can keep them in when you are not using them.

This is a backpack which is large enough to take a laptop and other items. With a built in USB Charging Port & RFID Pockets, It has a 35 litre capacity and is black with a front zipped pocket as well as the main compartment. There are also mesh side pockets for an umbrella or water bottle. They are lightweight and durable and the shoulder straps are padded and adjustable for comfort.  The back is also breathable, so it is really comfortable to use even when hot.

This is a gift set for men made by L’Oreal Men Expert. It contains a face wash, tissue mask and moisturiser. They have vitamin C and guarana to fight signs of fatigue to the skin as well as deep cleaning and energising the skin. A great way to treat a man who likes to look after his skin, as this set will have every item that he needs to get his skin looking great.

This is ‘Step by Step’ by Simon Reeve. It is an autobiography by the TV adventurer which talks of his adventures into danger across all sorts of regions in different parts of the world. This described his life from when he left school to how he changed his life and went on all of these amazing adventures. It is inspiring and interesting to read about what he has achieved during his crazy adventures.

This is a tube of original moisturiser by Bulldog. It is part of their skincare for men range and contains essential oils, green tea, green algae and vitamin E to rehydrate the skin. There are different versions available for different skin types as well – all in 100ml bottles. They are suitable for vegans and contain natural ingredients without any nasties. Will not leave the skin greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin.

This book by Randall Munro is called ‘How To’ and contains advice for common problems. It has all sorts of over the top help to solve problems that you might come across. For example, if you have finished a book and wonder what to do with it how about dissolving it in the ocean, converting it to vapor or subducting it into the earths mantle? It is a very fun read though and contains lots of funny illustrations and infographics along the way to amuse the reader further.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt by The North Face. It is available in black, grey or orange and has The North Face logo on it. They are in a classic style with a crew neck and come in sizes XXS – XXL. They are made from 100% cotton and are therefore soft and comfortable which means that they feel great to wear. They are suitable for machine washing too, so easy to keep clean when necessary.

This is a set of rechargeable bike lights. They are super bright lights and there is a front white and back red light, so that cyclists can always be seen and therefore be safe. They are USB rechargeable and have a strobe or steady light setting. They can be used for other activities where you need to be seen such as running and walking. They are strong and durable and are waterproof and dustproof.

This is a fun book of ‘Star Wars thumb doodles’. It allows you to make thumbprint cartoons of Star Wars characters such as Clone Troopers, Battle Droids, Ewoks, Wookies, Jabba the Hut and other favourite characters from the films and books. Great for all ages, anyone that is a Star Wars fan will find this book to be a lot of fun. There are step by step instructions to ensure that you get great results.

This is a retro games console. It is a 843 classic games console with 2 USB game controllers. It has 43 games included and there is a manual and all the cards and cables that you will need to play. It has a linux operating system and you can download extra games if you wish to. Could be a fun gift for someone who wants to play some retro games.

This is an analogue quartz watch by Superdry. It has a grey strap with the Superdry logo on it which is made from silicone. It has a grey face with black hands and white numbers on including the word Superdry. It has an elegant and stylish look and will match everything that you wear and having this trendy brand will mean the young man wearing it will always look cool.

This is a kit which has everything a young man needs to keep his beard looking good. It contains beard conditioner, beard balm, beard oil, scissors, brush and comb as well as a drawstring bag to keep it all in. It even has a beard shaping tool, so that they can be sure that they trim their beard into a great style. Perfect for any young hipster who wants to look really cool!

This is a 17oz insulated water bottle. It has a double wall with a vacuum which helps to keep the water inside cool. They have a slim design, so that they are easy to carry and a leak proof screw top lid. They are made from stainless steel and have a silicone lip on the lid so that it has a perfect seal. They even come with a bottle brush, so that you can make sure that you keep it clean.

This is a fun bottle for keeping privates really fresh and clean. It is called Dr Balls Fresh B*llocks. It says it is a fragrant and soothing balm, which is a joy to use and is deodorising, with no residue and contains aloe vera. There is 200ml and it is a great novelty gift for a man who has everything especially a sense of humour! Something that every man needs to include as part of his cleaning routine!

This is ‘The Funniest Football Quotes’ by James Conrad. It is full of quotes from anyone related to football which are really funny. A great book for football fans or anyone that likes a good laugh. It contains all sorts of funny quotes related to football which have been used over the years. A great little book to bring a smile to the face of the recipient, maybe even if they are not even a sports fan!

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