31 Gold Gifts - Perfect Ideas for Everyone

Updated on August 5th, 2021
By Lewis
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They say Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but Gold, can be everyone’s best friend! Available in Yellow, White and Rose colour types, we have a list of suggestions of gorgeous gifts the person in your life who just loves Gold. As you would expect a number of the gift suggestions are jewellery related, both for men and women, but also drinks, photo frames, chocolates, places to store jewellery or flowers, toiletries, and flowers! Jewellery suggestions include earrings, necklaces, rings and bangles. Whatever the occasion we have the perfect gift recommendation here, and that are suitable for men and women.

31 Gold Gifts – Ideas for All Ages

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The perfect gift for Valentines, a wedding anniversary or birthday, this jewellery set includes a necklace and a pair of matching earrings. The items are in the shape of a heart with a Rose Gold outer rim, branded sparkly gems and a red heart inner section. The part that is worn around the neck measure four hundred and forty five millimetres but can be adapted for the perfect fit.

A bottle of the good stuff! This bottle Grey Goose vodka is presented in a yellow gold metal container that features a blue pattern. The capacity is one thousand millilitres with a weight of over two kilograms. Made in France and with an alcohol content of around forty percent, this vodka is renowned for its quality and alongside the Gold presentation tin will make a wonderful gift for the Vodka and Gold connoisseur.

A Belgian brand known for delivering exquisite and luxury high end chocolates, this box of chocolates will make the most wonderful gift for a special occasion or to just show appreciation to that special person in your life. With a mix of different chocolates, the twenty eight chocolates come delivered in a decadent box that is gold coloured, with a design depicting the brand in a lighter gold colour.

A bottle of the finest! This distinguished brand, the Italian based Bottega, known for its luxurious drinks, has produced this bottle of Prosecco that comes in an entirely gold coloured bottle with the one exception being the brand name! This full sized bottle of Prosecco, with a capacity of seven hundred and fifty millilitres is organic and weighs a whopping one and half kilograms.

A divine Rose to show the lady in your life how much you love them. This Rose has been developed using a live Rose that has been preserved. The stem is Gold in colour with lovely Red coloured petals that have a Gold outline and green leaves. In addition to the flower, is a stylish dark red and black gift box with a gold heart and an item where the flower can be displayed are also included.

An unusual but no less impressive gift that combines the taste of gin with the sparkle of wine and elegance of Gold. Included in this alcoholic drink are small parts of a quality gold product. The size of the bottle is two hundred millilitres and is clear with a black foil and the words ‘Gold,’ in black and the letter, ‘G,’ in gold. The cork opener is traditional for drinks that fizz!

A lovely gift for a friend or loved one that would work as a birthday gift or equally a little something, ‘just because.’ This candle smells wonderful with a mix of nut and a subtle spice aroma. The length of burning could be around forty hours for this candle. This neutral coloured candle sits in a metal looking container, with a white background and a pretty thick gold swirly pattern.

For that exceptional occasion, this exquisite watch will certainly make the lady in your life exceptionally happy. This Rose Gold watch from Fossil has a traditional watch face with three smaller clocks telling different information such as the day. Transparent, glittery pieces form on the outside of the  clock face to indicate each different number. For context, the width of the band measures 1.8 centimetres.

Another delightful jewellery set consisting of two stunning rings in an attractive Rose Gold colour. The rings fit perfectly together or can be worn on their own. The first ring features a heart design with a pink heart whilst the second a sparkly pattern of different sized tear drops. With the outer part of the rings being Rose Gold, the first one has sparkly type gems on top.

This beautiful shabby chic styled photo frame combines an antique look with a gold coloured edging. This photo frame on its own without a photo looks equally sweet with an illustration of a green butterfly. But of course, you can also choose from a wide range of sizes so that the person you are gifting this frame to, can choose their favourite photo. Inside the gold edging is the white wood effect with the area to place the photo is in the centre.

A gift that can be in part personalised for your loved one. This yellow gold necklace combines the gold chain with a gold pendant in the shape of your loved ones’ initial and features a crystal type design on the left side of the pendant. This necklace comes delivered in a black box with the brand name on the front of the box in white type and soft fabric inside the box to keep the gift secure.

A lovely gift for a friend’s birthday perhaps? Or for a party gift? This bottle of flavoured vodka tastes of caramel. With a volume of seven hundred millilitres, this bottle measures nearly three hundred millimetres high with a diameter of seventy millimetres. A hefty bottle of deliciousness weighing over one kilogram. Cocktail suggestions include Apple Crumble, Expresso Martini and Banshee using this Tofka drink.

A stunning piece of jewellery for that special person in your life. This bangle is available in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and White Gold, although we are rather taken with the Yellow Gold piece. The circular bangle has a diameter of sixty two millimetres and a thickness of three millimetres. Made using a high quality Gold material not only are these bangles pretty but also incredibly durable.

A fetching and very sparkly necklace that would make the perfect gift for a close friend or relative. This pendant is in a Rose Gold colour along with some sparkly gems. In the shape of a heart featuring two hearts with the outer heart in Rose Gold and the inner heart with glittery gems. The chain is approximately forty five centimetres long with an extra leeway of five centimetres to adjust.

Included in this set are two uber cool and retro wine stoppers in the shape of pineapples. The bottle stoppers are in a yellow gold colour with the part that fits into the bottle creating the suction being black. At the top are the super trendy pineapples! A fabulous gift for the loved one who loves gold and wine. Each wine stopper measures twelve centimetres long with a maximum width of three centimetres.

A striking pair of earrings in Yellow Gold. These earrings are heart shaped with the top part of the earrings in yellow gold and the bottom part using a genuine sparkly and circular shaped gemstone. The earrings measure eight millimetres width by height with a depth of one millimetre. A butterfly fastener ensures a secure fitting. Mixing some of the finest jewels, you cannot go wrong gifting these earrings.

A gorgeous necklace for the lady in your life. The initials on the necklace are ‘XO’ which relays to hugs and kisses in urban language. The ‘X’ is a plain yellow gold colour material whilst the ‘O’ also features some diamantes. The necklace comes delivered attached to a paper type material in the shape of a cloud, synonymous with the brand. The words ‘Positive Vibes,’ can be found at the top.

A classic pen from one of the most recognised pen brands, Parker. This ballpoint pen uses a brushed metal effect with a Yellow Gold finish, making it a lovely gift for men and women alike. This gift comes packaged in a box with a square black and white design on the bottom section with the top part a plain Gold colour with the brand name and logo. The ink is blue with a refill included.

A Gold cross pendant that is available with a Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and White Gold type finish. This pendant in a shape of the Cross and comes in Rose Gold, measures three centimetres long with a width of just under two centimetres. The chain matches in a Rose Gold finish and measures forty seven centimetres long with an additional five centimetres available for preference.

What says more about love than Gold and Infinity? This captivating necklace is primarily Yellow Gold with the chain and a majority of the pendant in this finish. The pendant is in the shape of the infinity sign and also has a section featuring diamantes. There is a single diamante on one side of the chain. This necklace is suitable for pretty much any occasion.

A delightful ring holder that can also be used to put other small items in. This ring holder is in the shape of an Elephant with a small saucer or holder underneath.  Made from China with a gold finish, this ring tray measures ninety millimetres length by width by depth. This item is the perfect way for jewelery to be stored safely at the end of the day.

This necklace has a rated yellow gold chain with a pendant attachment in yellow gold and the actual pendant, a ruby gemstone. The shape of the pendant is in the famous fruit shape which is delicate. The chain measures forty five centimetres long and the pendant is twelve and a half millimetres high with a width of five millimetres.  A truly gorgeous piece of jewellery that will make a wonderful gift.

From the world class brand Swarovski, this stunning Rose Gold necklace contains lots of their classy crystals. The pendant design features two entwined rings, one that is primarily Rose Gold with a crystal centre and the other that is primarily crystals with a Rose Gold centre. The length of the chain is forty two centimetres long. This gift comes delivered in the authentic blue Swarovski box.

A set of two small vases in Gold. These vases look great and decorative on their own but also with a flower in. Made from glass with a yellow gold finish, each vase measures one hundred and fifty millimetres high with a maximum width of ninety five millimetres and together weigh seven hundred and thirty millimetres. A gorgeous little gift for the one in your life who adores Gold and has great taste in interior design.

A chic and unique styled pair of earrings in a Rose Gold theme. The earrings are plated with Rose Gold on top of another metal material, and measure six millimetres in diameter. These stylish earrings come in a black presentation box and are attached to a presentation card with a range of London’s skylines illustrated. Made in London, these gorgeous and sparkly earrings will not fail to please.

A jewellery gift for a man who like to wear Gold and appreciates Boxing. The pendant has a yellow gold face and features two boxing gloves. The chain also has a yellow gold finish and measures fifty five centimetres with an additional five centimetres available for the perfect fit. The pendant measures twenty seven millimetres long with a width of fourteen millimetres. This gift is sent in a soft fabric presentation bag that is stored in a presentation black textured box.

A unisex bath and shower gel in a Gold coloured container and actually includes some gold leaf extracts in the gel. This three hundred millimetre sized gel is suitable for men and women. This premium branded shower and bath gel includes scents such as spices and citrus and in fact one of the world’s most expensive raw fragrances, Oudh. Pure luxury for the one in your life who is having a stressful week or for that perfect gift.

A gift for Easter, this gift suggestion is a take on the traditional chocolate Easter bunny from world famous chocolatier, Lindt. Lots of little chocolate bunnies are included in this set, that contains two packets. The chocolate bunnies are packaged in a gold coloured foil with red collars. On the front of the outside packaging is a pretty countryside scene with the brand name and logo.

A yellow gold jewellery stand, perfect for hanging necklaces, bracelets and rings from. The shape is based on a tree formation with one main vertical pole from the stand to another pole that is horizontal and from where the jewellery can be attached. The stand is made from white quality rock material. For perspective the hanging pole measures eighteen centimetres wide whilst standing just over twenty five centimetres high.

A beautifully designed synthetic Rose, with a Gold coating. The Rose sits on a brown stand with a gold coloured text on top that says ‘Love,’ and surrounded by smaller flowers. The Rose comes off from the stand with a stem that has a few leaves and then the flower head. The colour is a mix of red and gold. This gift measures 24.5 cm high with a width of 14 cm and depth of 3 cm.

A box of luxury chocolates from the renowned Belgian Chocolatier, Godiva. This chocolate gift box contains a mixture of fourteen divine and delicious chocolates, including truffles and mousse type chocolate and flavours such as coffee and nut. The outer container is a box in a gold themed colour with the name, Godiva, the brand logo and ‘Belgium, 1926.’ A brown ribbon can be found on the right hand side of the box.

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