32 Gift Ideas for Halloween

By Louise
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Halloween can be a really fun time of year and it can be a lot of fun to celebrate it. Many people like to buy things at this time of year and you might like to do this, perhaps buying gifts for others. If this is the case, then you may wonder what sorts of things might be good to buy and we can help you. Here is a list of suggestions that we feel will make really good gifts for Halloween. There is a good variety of things, aimed at different age groups and they are at different prices too.

32 Presents for Halloween

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Monster toys can make great Halloween gifts. This one is a double-headed plush toy made of polyester and soft material. It comes in black, white or red and is safe for children to play with but might be more suitable for adults or party decorations. It is in the shape of a character from a popular computer game that kids find scary. It is 14 inches in size and would make a fun Halloween gift.

LED flashing gloves can be great fun for kids when they are out trick or treating. These have rainbow lights in them and will fit children aged 7-12 years of age. There are six different modes to choose from and they are activated using the switch near the battery tab. The gloves are white in colour but they will glow in orange, green, red, white and blue once switched on.

A poster can make a great gift and this one is a Halloween Movie poster. It is A3 size and framed and has the autographs of John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis on it. It is lightweight with a polycarbonate frame and has a high-quality picture of the movie film poster with a printed copy of the autographs on it. It has a matt black mount and black frame.

Mugs can be very useful things to have and this one is such fun. It is un the shape of a cauldron, is black with three little feet on it and says ‘witches brew’ on the front in white with a moon and stars design. The printing is on both sides so it works for left and right handed people. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and so is convenient and comes in a branded box.

If you want to give a cute gift then this bat plush toy could be a great choice. It is eight inches in size and made from really soft material that is fluffy and cuddly. It is mainly black with grey ears and tummy and cute white eyes and fangs. It would make a great gift for children as it is not scary and is something that they would like to cuddle up to.

This is a Halloween costume for children which comes in light pink. It is made from polyester and is an all in one with long sleeves and a skirt part at the back. It will make her look like she is ready to go on an adventure in Isle of the Lost. There is also a blue version with a zip detail on the top. It comes in various sizes suitable for children aged 5-12 years of age.

A skull lamp could be a great gift for someone who loves scary things, especially as a Halloween gift perhaps. It is a LED lamp which gives a 3D effect when it is lit up. It has a smart touch button and can be toggled between different modes, such as different colours and flashing. It can be easily powered by USB cable and the one provided is 150cm in length.

Skull ice cubes can be such fun for Halloween parties so this ice cube tray can make a fun gift. This is a flexible silicone ice cube tray that makes four skull shapes ice cubes and you get two in the pack. The silicone material means that it is really easy to get the ice cubes out and they will look good too. They could also be used to mould chocolate or candies.

Scarves can be nice to wear as they can keep you warm and this one is fun as well as it has a skull print on it. It could be worn out trick or treating or to Halloween parties or just for fun. The scarf is black and it has a sugar skull print so is fun and pretty. It is 35 x 70 inches in size and it is made from polyester which is lightweight and super soft.

Kids that like spiders will really enjoy receiving this toy tarantula as a Halloween gift. It is black and orange in colour and has cute eyes which are golden brown and has oversized eyelids. It is 17 x 21 x 5cm in size and is made from soft, cuddly fabric which kids will love. It is suitable for kids from birth and can even be hand washed and air dried if necessary.

Earrings can make great gifts and these skull ones are very striking. They have a 925 sterling silver base and stem and a blue crystal top so they will really stand out. They are stud style with a plastic back and measure 0.78 x 0.33 inches in size. They are safe for sensitive skin. They would be ideal for wearing on Halloween and would be a great finishing touch to any costume.

Masks are often worn at Halloween but this one is more fun as it lights up. It is 170mm x 200mm and lights up with crosses over the eyes and a scary mouth. It comes in a selection of colours so you can choose the one that you feel will be most suitable. It has LED lights and runs on 2 x AA batteries and the battery pack can easily clip on a belt or be popped in a pocket.

Sylvanian Families are really cute and this Baby Trick or Treaters set would make a lovely Halloween gift. It has two cute baby characters, one dressed as a witch and the other as a ghost. They come with a pumpkin carriage, baskets that match their outfits and candies to collect, so they can go on their trick or treating journey. They come in a box, so easy to wrap up.

Colouring books can be a lot of fun for adults and children. This one is for kids and has a Halloween theme. It has 25 different designs to colour and they are printed on one side so they could be taken out of the book and hung on the wall or framed to make Halloween decorations. The pictures include skeletons, ghosts and Mummies and are all drawn in a cute way.

Fairy lights can really brighten up winter evenings and these pumpkin-themed ones are great for Halloween decorations. They are LED lights and are battery-powered. They have three modes – on, off or twinkle. They have a flexible cord which means it is easy to drape them around things to use them as decorations. There are 20 lights on the string which is clear so that it does not show up.

Tealights can be fun for Halloween and these pumpkin-shaped ones even more so. There are 12 in the pack and they are orange coloured with an evil face. They are flameless though as they are plastic with a battery inside which means that they are really safe to use. They have an on/off switch button on the bottom and the batteries will last up to 1000 hours. They measure 4 x 5cm in size.

Beads are popular choices for gifts and the Jack Skull themed one could be a popular Halloween choice. It is made from 925 sterling silver and has cubic zirconia gemstones over it so that it sparkles and really stands out. It is 0.5 inches wide and 0.45 tall. It will fit on all major brands of bracelet and necklace and it also comes in a gold colour as well the silver.

Keychains can be useful and decorative and this skull one could make a really great Halloween gift. It is silver coloured with a selection of different gemstones on it in different colours. It can be used as a keychain as well as a bag or phone charm or just a decorative item for Halloween. It is durable as well as lightweight and measures 12.5 x 5.8 x 3.5cm in size.

Diamond painting is really popular and this witch picture could make a great Halloween gift. It is 16 x 16 inches in size and has a good adhesive layer to make sure the diamonds stay in place well. It comes with all the diamonds and tools that you will need to cover the whole surface of the canvas. Would make a great Halloween decoration when it has been completed and framed.

Stamps are fun things for children to play with and this a box which contains 50 of them. There are 25 different design and they have all sorts of spooky things such as pumpkins, cats, vampires, spiders, bats etc. They would be great for Halloween goodies bags, giving to trick or treaters or just having fun with at a Halloween party. They come in five different colours – black, orange, green, purple and red.

Brooches are good to give as gifts and this one says ‘Boo!’ on it which is great for Halloween. It comes in white, red and black. The bottom of the exclamation mark has a rhinestone on it so it will shine and stand out. It measures 2.5 x 5.1cm and is made from a metal alloy which means that it is durable and will last a long time. There is a long pin on the back so it should stay securely attached.

Kids love pretend tattoos and these are great for Halloween as they have all sorts of scary things on. They include a pumpkin, vampire, spider, Frankenstein’s monster, zombie, gravestone, skull, witch bat and devil. There are 48 in the pack and they are all brightly coloured. They each measure 40 x 40mm and they are really easy to apply by just wetting them. They are completely safe and non-toxic so great for kids.

Halloween themed bags can make great gifts. They can be used for trick or treating and for Halloween party goodie bags. This is a pack of four bags, each with a different design. They are all black, white and orange. They are 30 x 38cm and are made of fabric so they can be reused. They have ‘Happy Halloween’ with a simple design, a haunted house design, a witch picture and a spider web design on them.

Adults may really like this blood bath shower curtain. It has a fun design as it is white with bloody hand streaks down it in red. It is made from polyester and includes a set of shower hooks so that it can be easily attached to the shower rail. It is 71 x 71 inches in size and would be great for using at Halloween and scaring people when they visit the bathroom.

Torches can be a useful thing to own and this one has a Halloween theme. It is orange in colour and it has a special projector which will project different scary shapes on the wall. You just have to change the fitting to change it between a ghost, bat, skull or pumpkin. It is 15 x 2.5cm in size and it needs 2 x AA batteries in order to work. It is a great item to use for Halloween parties and trick or treating.

Novelty gifts can be great fun, especially for Halloween. This set of bone pens can be useful as well. They are ballpoint pens but they come in shapes of different human bones. They are all 15cm long and write with black ink. There are ten in the pack and there are two pens of each design – so five different designs in total. Great for using at Halloween or giving away to trick or treaters.

Witches hats are something that many people like to wear at Halloween. This one could make a great addition to a Halloween outfit. It is made of wool and acrylic and is breathable. It comes in one size which should fit most adults and teens. It comes in black, grey and beige so there is a colour to match various outfits. It could even be taken off to collect candy inside.

If you are looking for a party game then this spider splat game could be just the thing. It is a large A1 poster that has a spider web on it and different scores. It comes with a sticky spider to be thrown at it and it scores the number it lands on. The idea is that everyone has a go and the highest scorer will get a certificate which is also included.

Socks can be very useful and these have fun Halloween designs on them. There are six pairs included and they are size 4-7. They have different Halloween style pictures on them such as skulls, spider webs and vampire’s teeth. They are black, orange, purple, green and red – so great Halloween colours. They are made from a polyester, elastane and cotton mix fabric so are comfortable and stretchy but will keep their shape.

Spooky necklace pendants can make fun gifts. This is a horror hand, which looks like a skeleton hand and is sold by The Funky Barcode. It comes on a 30-inch chain so is ready to wear as a spooky and fun necklace. It is silver plated and the charm is 28mm in size, you can also buy matching earrings. It comes in a branded gift box if you choose the gift wrap option.

Fans of ‘The Lost Boys’ will enjoy this short-sleeved t-shirt which has a reference to the film. It is black with a picture of a Chinese takeaway box on it and it says ‘It’s only noodles Michael’ on it. It is made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester and therefore is soft and comfortable to wear. It comes in sizes small – XL and has a classic fit with a round neck.

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