34 Hot Chocolate Gift Sets

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Hot chocolate is something that lots of people enjoy and this means that getting it as a gift can be a great idea. Making a gift more special can be great too and getting gift sets can be a way to do this. Buying someone hot chocolate powder may not seem that special, but when it is included in with lots of other products, then it can be really special. We have therefore put together a selection of different gift sets so that you will be able to take a look and pick one that you think the person that you are buying for will like.

34 Presents for Hot Chocolate Fans

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A glass and marshmallows are included in this chocolate gift set. The hot chocolate is Martin’s Chocolatier brand which is premium hot chocolate and you can choose from different flavours such as dark, milk or white chocolate, strawberry or caramel. It comes with a glass mug to make it in as well as some mini marshmallows in white and pink colours. They all come in a pretty box.

Gnaw has put together this hot choc shot gift set. There are three chocolate sticks included which are milk chocolate, caramel and orange flavour and they have mini marshmallows with them. They are easy to use, just warm milk and stir them in until they have completed melted and you have a hot chocolate drink to sprinkle the marshmallows over. They come in a pretty box, so ideal for giving to someone as a gift.

Chocolate Tree has put together this box set of nine different hot chocolate items. There are seven different flavours of hot chocolate such as original, cinnamon, toasted mallow, peppermint, caramel, orange and white chocolate. There is also a box of mini marshmallows and ginger biscuits that come with it too. A great gift idea for someone that likes trying out different flavours of hot chocolate and it looks pretty with a ribbon tied around it.

Fans of hot chocolate will enjoy these chocolate spoons. They are made by Knightsbridge Chocolate and there is a lump of chocolate on a wooden spoon with some marshmallows as well. The idea is that you stir the chocolate into hot milk so it melts and then sprinkle on the marshmallows or melt those in as well. You can buy a set of five or ten and you can choose dark, milk or white chocolate and mini eggs or marshmallows.

A mug and hot chocolate make a perfect pairing. This gift set includes a mug with a very cute teddy bear design. It comes with a sachet of hot chocolate to drink from it. The mug is suitable for dishwasher and microwave use and so is very practical. It is in a lovely gift box and would make a great Christmas Eve box gift, Christmas gift or general winter present.

Hot chocolate lovers may like this Deluxe Hot Chocolate mix gift set. It has separate sachets inside containing hot chocolate powder, marshmallows and Belgian chocolate chips with snowflakes to sprinkle on. The chocolate is a luxury Belgian type so should taste really good and there is enough powder for seven mugs of hot chocolate. The packaging is compostable as well, so great for anyone environmentally conscious. Makes a great Secret Santa, stocking filler or another fun gift.

Cute gifts can be lovely and this Tatty Teddy themed hot chocolate gift is really lovely both for fans of hot chocolate, fans of From Me to You and those that like cute things. Inside the main box, there are six separate boxes. They contain different flavours of hot chocolate such as original, vanilla, peppermint, toasted mallow, salted caramel and gingerbread. Each of the boxes has one sachet of hot chocolate in it, in the flavour it says on the box.

A cosy gift box will be welcome in the cold winter months. This one has a hot water bottle in it with a cute knitted cover as well as a mug together with a 40g hot chocolate mix. They will be a great item to curl up with on a cold winters evening. The mug says on it ‘Namastay all day’ with a cloud underneath it (namastay meaning you are not going out for the evening).

Gnaw have put together a hot chocolate taste adventure. They have a gift box with eight different chocolate sticks in it, which can be melted into hot milk to make a hot chocolate drink. The flavours are milk, caramel, orange, marbled, dark, mint, rocky road and hazelnut praline. They all come with marshmallows which you can stir in or sprinkle on at the end. The chocolate is handcrafted in England.

Mugs pair well with hot chocolate gifts and this set from Gnaw has exactly that. There is a mug which says on it ‘Life is better with chocolate (and squirrels)’ with a picture of a squirrel. Also included are two gnaw chocolate stirrers to make hot chocolate. There is a milk chocolate and a caramel and they are a lump of chocolate on a stick to make a hot chocolate drink. They come with marshmallows.

Whittards are well known for their quality beverages and so it is likely that this selection of luxury hot chocolates will go down well. This boxed set has three two tubs of hot chocolate powder. There is a luxury hot chocolate with a rich and silky smooth texture, a white chocolate that is creamy and velvety and a 70% cocoa-rich and dark hot chocolate with a bittersweet flavour.

Hot chocolate lovers will have fun with this kit. It has six cute star-shaped bottles with different ingredients in them. There are three with hot chocolate powder in which comes in milk, white and orange flavours. Then there are three with sprinkles in so there are mallows, chocolate sprinkles and peppermint sprinkles. It would make a good Christmas gift as the star-shaped bottles look very festive.

There are eight different flavours of hot chocolate in this boxed set. They come in milk chocolate flavour, double chocolate flavour, peppermint flavour, hazelnut flavour, mint flavour, gingerbread flavour, marshmallows flavour and vanilla flavour. They each have a 20g sachet of instant hot drink. Each box is very pretty and decorated in a unique way so they all stand out and look good, therefore they will make a great gift.

A polar bear mug is the cute focus of this lovely gift set. It comes in a pack with a sachet of hot chocolate and a chocolate stirrer. It also has white and pink marshmallows and a curly candy cane in red, green and white. It is a lovely set that would work for a child or an adult, great for a secret Santa, Christmas Eve box or stocking filler.

Me to You have put together this cute Tatty Teddy gift set with a mug and hot chocolate. The mug has a picture of Tatty Teddy snuggling and it says ‘cosy cup of cuddles’ on it. There is also a box of hot chocolate to make a drink to go in the mug. They come together in a pretty box which says ‘hot chocolate hug’ on it. Would make a lovely gift.

Hot chocolate stirrers can make drinking hot chocolate even more fun. This is a box with five different ones in it all made by Gnaw. There are caramel, marbled, rocky road, hazelnut and milk chocolate stirrers and they each come individually packed with marshmallows. They will make a lovely treat for anyone that enjoys a flavoured hot chocolate drink, especially if they enjoy marshmallows with it. They come in cute packaging with full instructions for use.

Anyone that enjoys an alcoholic hot chocolate may enjoy these special Gnaw boozy hot choc shots. There are three in the box and they are all chocolate with different flavours. There is a cherry brandy, spiced rum and amaretto flavour, so they are all quite different and therefore will be great fun to try out. They come in a branded box and so are very easy to gift wrap.

A gift hamper can make a great gift and this one has a hot chocolate theme. It has 2 x 50g packs of Two Chimps hot chocolate flakes to make drinks. There are also nibbles to go with them such as two dual packs of Borders biscuits, a pack of butter toffee waffles, a millionaire slice and a pack of mini marshmallows. They come together in a cardboard box.

Chocolate gifts sets don’t come much cosier than this one! There is a white mug with a knitted pink sweater on it. Inside is a hot chocolate sachet, some mini marshmallows and a mini whisk. It is a cute set and useful too as the mug, whisk and sweater can be reused. Anyone that loves hot chocolate, being cosy and having cute things will like this lovely gift.

If you are looking for a pretty gift set with a vintage look then this one might suit you. It has a set of six pretty boxes which all contain different flavours of hot chocolate. There are cinnamon, hazelnut, orange, vanilla, chilli and original flavours. There are 2 x 20g servings of each of them. They have a really pretty Christmas design on them in silver and red.

Campfire hot chocolate is something that many people enjoy and this set is for grownups as it includes Talisker whiskey. It is a gift set that includes an enamel cup that has the Talisker brand on it, a 20cl bottle of Talisker 10-year-old and a sachet of cocoa powder. You just need to add a campfire and some warm milk – perhaps some marshmallows or chocolate sprinkles too!

Star Wars fans will enjoy receiving this hot chocolate gift set. It has six different mixes in it, in different flavours and each comes in a box with a festive Stormtrooper picture on the front of it. The flavours are French vanilla, milk chocolate, peppermint mocha, gingerbread, toasted marshmallow and mint chocolate. They are 1oz each and lots of fun! They are all ready to wrap up or slip into a gift bag.

Hot chocolate drinks can be improved by adding flavoured syrups to them. Velvet Rich have put together this gift set of four different syrups so that you can replicate that coffee shop flavour at home. There is a French vanilla, salted caramel, peppermint and cinnamon. Each is 45ml in size and you just need a tablespoon with each drink to add some flavour to it, so they will last quite a while as you will get about three drinks from each flavour.

Cadbury lovers with a sense of humour will enjoy this snowman soup pack. It has a sachet of Cadbury’s instant hot chocolate powder, some marshmallows and a candy cane in it. It is great fun and would make a good secret Santa, Christmas Eve box or Stocking filler. It comes in a fun little pack which is a see-through bag with a card top that has a little poem on the back for extra festive fun!

Chocolate bombs are a fun way to make a hot chocolate drink. This pack has three foil-wrapped ones. The idea is that you drop them into hot milk and the chocolate will melt. These are made from luxury handmade Belgian chocolate and inside there are marshmallows that will float to the top of the milk as the chocolate melts. They make a great novelty gift for anyone that enjoys hot chocolate.

Baileys fans will enjoy receiving this mug and hot chocolate gift set. The black mug has the Baileys logo on it. Included with it is a Baileys hot chocolate serving in a branded box. Adding a dash of Baileys to a hot chocolate is a lovely way to drink it but this does it for you with the flavouring already in with the cocoa powder. They are officially licensed products and so you know that you will getting the brand that you trust.

Christmas mugs can be really lovely items to give and to have. This one has a cute gingerbread house, polar bear and penguin on it. Inside the mug, there is an instant hot chocolate sachet and a pack of mini marshmallows so that it can be used to make a really tasty hot chocolate drink. It makes a lovely festive gift that could make a good stocking filler, secret Santa or Christmas eve box item.

Christmas eve boxes are increasing in popularity and this one is a fun mini hamper. There is a pair of festive red and white striped socks in the box together with a mug with a Christmas design. There is also a hot chocolate sachet and some mini marshmallows with a couple of candy canes. There is even a Santa shaped iced cookie to eat with it. It looks really pretty.

A cute mug and hot chocolate gift set can be a welcome gift at any time. This mug has a rainbow on it and says ‘daydreamer’. Inside it there is a double hot chocolate mix a mini whisk and some mini marshmallows. Just enough for a cup of hot chocolate for one person and the mug can be reused afterwards. They come in a very pretty box with a ribbon on it.

Maltesers lovers will enjoy this special Christmas themed hot chocolate gift set. Included in the set is a 25g sachet of Maltesers hot chocolate as well as mini chocolate Santa and candy cane to go with it. It is a cute little pack that would make a great stocking filler, small additional gift, secret Santa etc. It is packed in a bag with a cute Merry Christmas label on it with Father Christmas on.

This is a set of three hot chocolate cones. They are cone-shaped plastic bags and inside is a luxury branded cocoa powder. On the tops are some marshmallows. There are googly eyes and a red nose stuck onto the outside to make them look like reindeer heads. They are very cute and fun and would make lovely little gifts. They come with a label explaining how to make the drink.

Roald Dahl fans will enjoy this Matilda themed hot chocolate gift set. It features the drawings of Quentin Blake and the mug shows Matilda sitting beside a big pile of books. Inside the mug there is a sachet of hot chocolate drink. It is a 20g sachet and is suitable for vegetarians. A lovely treat with a mug that can be enjoyed and reused lots of times.

Vegans can enjoy a hot chocolate gift set with this Anandas handmade offering. It contains a sachet of Sweet Revolution organic instant hot chocolate mix, a snack pack of mini marshmallows and a chocolate marshmallow lolly. They come in a very pretty box which is not festive so works for any time of the year and would make a lovely gift for a vegan chocolate lover at any time.

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