33 Housewarming Gift Ideas

By Louise
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When a person moves house it can be lovely to get them a gift. It is not always easy to know what to buy though as there are lots of things to choose from. We have tried to make this easier for you by putting together a list of suggested gifts that you will be able to choose from. We have put together a big range of items to cater for different ages of people with different tastes. This should help to give you some ideas and you will hopefully find something that is original and will be within your budget.

33 Presents for a New Home

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If you want to buy a bottle of bubbly as a New Home gift then it can be made more special if it is in a box. This is a wooden box that is hinged and engraved. It says ‘All the Best in Your New Home 2021’ on it. The base is satin lined so the bottle is safely snug inside. It fits standard-sized wine and champagne bottles so you can choose the one you feel they will like the best.

A candle can make a lovely housewarming gift as it can add cosiness to a home. This is a fun one which is in the shape of a hand with the forefinger and little finger sticking up and they have wicks on them. It is 20 x 8 x 7.5cm in size so is a real hand size. It comes in a choice of colours so you can choose one that you feel they will like.

A cheeseboard can be a useful gift to give as it could be used when entertaining or having family meals. This one is made from bamboo and is 38 x 33cm in size. It has a knife holder area with four different items that come with it. There is a slot in the board for chutney as well as a groove for nuts, crackers or bread. It would make a very useful gift for any cheese lovers.

Drinks coasters can make a welcome gift as they will protect surfaces from hot or cold cups or glasses. These come in a set of eight with a holder. They are round and made from ceramic which is absorbent with a soft cork base to prevent scratching. Each has a brightly coloured mandala pattern on it and they are all different. They are 10cm in size with a thickness of 0.6cm.

If you are giving a bottle as a housewarming gift then it can be fun to pop it inside a themed gift bag. There are fabric bags which have a house printed on them and say ‘home sweet home new home, new adventures new memories congratulations!’. You get two bags and they are 16 x 35.5cm in size which will fit a standard 750ml bottle. The cream coloured bags are made of cotton with a drawstring.

A keychain can make a good gift for new homeowners to put their new keys on. This keyring has a small pendant with a cute house on it as well as a larger one which is engraved with ‘new home new adventures’. It is made from stainless steel which means that it is strong and durable and has an attractive shiny silvery colour. It will also not rust or corrode.

If you are buying for someone with a sense of humour then this mug will be ideal. It is white and printed on it in black it says ‘good luck convincing your neighbours you are normal’. It is made from ceramic and is 11oz in size. It has the design printed on both sides so works for left and right-handed people. It is printed using the sublimation method so it will not fade. It is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Plants can make great gifts but sometimes they can be tricky to look after, especially for busy people. This is where these fake succulents could make a great gift. There are three plants that are 8cm in size and each is different. They are designed for indoor use and each plant comes in a pretty mini pot. They will make lovely decorative items for any home and they come boxed.

A funny gift could suit some people and this bathroom guest book could be fun. It has pre-printed pages for people to fill in while they are seated including areas where they can doodle, and share a review of the bathroom. The prompts are funny and those people that have guests with a good sense of humour will enjoy leaving it in their bathroom. The book is hardback and padded and measures 8.5 x 5.4.

Tea towels are always useful and this one has a heart design with the words ‘Congratulations on your new home’ on it. It can be personalised with other text and you can choose the style, layout and colour of the writing. The heart shape is made up of lots of different coloured animals which makes it look cute and unique. It has a white background and is made from polyester.

It can be fun to give a cute gift like this little gnome. The gnome is holding a chalkboard on which you can put a message. It is 30 x 19 x 17cm in size and has been hand-painted with a green pointy hat and white beard. It is made from metal and is weather-resistant so can be confidently left in the garden as well as being suitable for indoor use.

A personalised cushion can make a special gift. This one says ‘Home Sweet Home’ on it with a picture of a house then you can add a name (or multiple names) and address to it. The cover is made of cotton and is white with good quality printing. You can choose to purchase it with or without a cushion pad so they can either cover a cushion they have or you give them a new one.

A clock can be a useful item to have and so makes a good gift. This one can be personalised with a name and date and says ‘This house runs on love, laughter and lots of hugs’. The clock runs using a reliable quartz movement and is battery operated. It is silent so there is no annoying tick. It has large numbers in Roman numerals and black hands so it is easy to read.

A piece of wall art can brighten up any home and so can make a great housewarming gift. This one has a bird design and there are four to choose between. They have a metal framework with epoxy resin in different colours to form pretty designs which look a bit like stained glass. They come with a hook to attach them to a window, although they could be hung from a ceiling.

The word love can look really good displayed on a wall. This is the word in stainless steel formed into a freestanding ornament. It is made of recycled metal and measures 20 x 8.5cm in size. It has an attractive silver colour. It is made by artisans working for a fair trade organisation in India. Will look good on a mantle or other shelf, desk, bedside table etc.

Candles can make lovely gifts for any occasion and this one has been specially made as a housewarming gift. It comes in a tin which says ‘New Home A Warm Welcome’ on it. The tin is pistachio green with a bronze print that will really stand out. The candle is scented with a sophisticated citrus aroma and is white in colour. It burns for up to 35 hours and measures 7.7cm x 6.6cm in size.

Ornaments are really appreciated as gifts by some people. This one is a Willow Tree branded resin ornament depicting a woman holding a house. It, therefore, makes a great new home gift. It is 5.5 inches in size and hand-painted with a cream dress, pale skin, brown hair and a darker brown house. Inside the branded gift box there is a card with ‘Mi casa es su casa My house is your house’ written on it.

Personalised gifts are special and this one can have homeowners names put on it. It is a slate plaque and it has a picture of a house and says [name] & [name]’s house on it. It is 20 x 10cm in size and has a hanging rope threaded through two drilled holes so that it can be easily hung up. It is a cute item that will look pretty on any wall.

A novelty gift can be a fun thing to give to someone and this one is specifically designed as a housewarming gift. It is actually a survival kit in a can and contains a selection of small items which can help with a new home. There is a card included which explains the significance of each of the items in the can. The can comes in a choice of colours and is 10 x 6cm in size.

If you just want a small novelty gift then this pizza cutter can be ideal. It is in the shape of a bicycle and it is the wheel that cuts the pizza. It is made of stainless steel and is very sharp so it works effectively. It has a non-stick coating which means that it is really easy to clean. It measures 11.5 x 18.5 cm and even has a stand so that it can be kept upright.It comes in a choice of colours.

Useful items can make great housewarming gifts. This is a salt and pepper grinder set. They are automatic and will work at the push of a button once they have batteries put in them. They are made from stainless steel and have a window to be able to see what is inside them. They work easily with one hand and the size can be changed from fine to coarse.

A hanging mirror can be a great addition to any room. They can be practical for looking in but also used to reflect light to make a room brighter and they may even make a room look bigger This one has a metal frame which has a butterfly design and is gold in colour. It also has a gold cord to hand it up with. It is 11.8 inches in diameter.

A vase can make a welcome gift and would be great for a housewarming present, especially if some flowers were put inside it. This one is hand blown and has a taper design and is 19cm high and 10cm wide at the top, but thinner at the base. It would make a good decoration as well as being useful for holding flowers. It is part of Solavia handmade glassware collection and is 100% recyclable.

Shelves can be useful and also can make a wall look more interesting. This is a set of two farmhouse shelves made of solid woos with a matte black steel frame. They are durable as well as looking good and the colours mean that they will match in many different rooms. They are 420mm x 320mm x 140mm in size and they can be easily mounted with invisible fixings.

Baubles or glass balls make popular gifts, whether given at Christmas or other times of the year. This one is gold in colour and it can be customised with a message, such as ‘New Home’ and with names and dates. It is 80mm in diameter and is made of plastic so it is durable, will not shatter and will last a long time. It comes with a hook to hang it up.

Garden lights can be great gifts especially for those people that light to use their gardens a lot, especially in the evenings. This set of six solar lights could be great. They come with a stake to get it into the ground so they can easily be erected. They give a flickering effect that looks like a flame but they are LED lights. They stay lit for up to six hours as long as they are placed in a sunny position.

A wax melt essential oil burner could make a lovely housewarming gift to give any new home a lovely scent and atmosphere. This one has a tealight holder in the shape of a spoon so it can be removed to extinguish it easily. The candle is placed at the bottom and the warmth will melt wax put in the top section so that it releases its pleasant aroma.

A photo frame can make a great gift and this one has ‘our new home’ on it. It is made of wood and the words are engraved on the top of it with an ornate key underneath. You could choose to put a picture in the frame or give it as it comes so that the recipient can choose a picture to put in it.  It is 23.5 x 18.5 x 3.7cm in size.

Candleholders can make a great statement on a mantle, shelf, table or even coffee table. They are gold coloured and come in a pair. You can choose to have two small, two large or one of each. They are made of iron which is really sturdy and they are gold coloured. They have a circle around them which gives an interesting look to them and will make them stand out in any home.

A print can be a great gift and this one is personalised which makes it special. It has a heart on it and inside it is an ordnance survey map. Above the heart, it says ‘Home is where the heart is’ and below is the name of the homeowners and their address and the side. It is available in a selection of sizes and printed on quality 250gsm luxury silk paper.

If you are giving a bottle or want a lower-priced stand-alone gift then this comical bottle opener/wine saver could work. There are three little plastic men and one is a bottle stopper, one is a bottle opener and the other is a corkscrew. They come together in a transparent box and so they are all ready for giving as a gift and make a fun present.

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