30 Gifts For Red Wine Lovers

Updated on February 24th, 2021
By Louise
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You might think buying a gift for the red wine obsessed is as easy as pulling a cork, how wrong you are. Real red wine connoisseurs are very particular and certainly know there Cabernet Sauvignon’s from their Beaujolais. Allowing a good red to breathe before drinking requires decanters and all reds are served in large crystal glasses. Then there are the red wine makers who need all kinds of equipment to create a masterpiece. Uk Gifts has put together an incredible list of presents and gifts for all red wine lovers, so, whether you are looking for a bottle to share or a gadget to show you care you have come to the right place.

30 Presents for Red Wine Drinkers

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It is always imperative that a good bottle of red wine is decanted and allowed to breathe before you drink it, this Nevsetpo Red Wine Aerator Decanter is the ultimate gadget gift. The clever piece of tech lets you simply pour your favourite bottle of red wine through the aerator funnel, it mixes the perfect amount of air required and deposits the wine into the decanter below. The gift set comes with aerator and base, a sediment filter, a travel bag, and its own superb presentation case.

Again, sticking with the decanting theme, this is a perfect present for a red wine lover. This simple device, the CHEER MODA Submarine Wine Aerator and Pourer is simply fitter to the top of your chosen bottle of red and as you pour it combines the wine with air and fills a glass with a perfectly decanted amount of wine. The only thing you need to choose is how many bottles you drink.

This is a fantastic and clever gift for all red wine lovers, so they server their wine at exactly the right temperature recommended. The BarCraft KCBCTHERM Wine Thermometer is made of stainless steel and slides over any bottle of wine and can tell you the temperature even down to the wine type and region, this is a fantastic gift for the red wine obsessed.

Now this is a fantastic gift, but we are not sure how often it would be used, i mean who doesn’t finish a bottle of wine? But there are always special circumstances, and this present can keep wine vacuum fresh for up to 15 days. The stopper slips over the neck of the bottle and then you simply turn the dial to the desired vacuum pressure and pump out the air ensuring your bottle of Chablis stays in tip top condition to drink later.

The one thing every bottle of red wine has in common regardless of quality or price is they all begin with red grapes. The variety and mixture of different grapes is what makes red wine distinctive from region to region. This brilliant gift for your wine lover is their very own red grape growing kit. The gift includes a pack of red grape seeds, a coconut husk starter plant pot, a coconut husk compost disc, and a plant growth marker.

This is an incredible present for anyone who enjoys red wine. The opening of a really good bottle is all part and parcel of the enjoyment, this wine gift set has everything your wine lover will need to perfectly open any bottle. The gift set comes with a rabbit lever corkscrew, foil cutter, pourer, collar, stopper, thermometer, and an extra corkscrew, all beautifully presented in its own wooden gift case.

Now we can all decant red wine by pouring it in to a decanter, we can even use aerators to get the perfect glass. But why go to all that trouble when you can simply attach this brilliant gift and it will do all the hard work for you. This One-Touch, Automatic, USB Rechargeable, Electric Wine Aerator and decanter, an ideal gift for the gadget loving red wine connoisseur.

Some of our beloved red wine buffs are not just looking for gadgets, they want something more artistic. This Tooarts Cat themed Wine Holder has a beautifully sculptured cat lovingly hugging a bottle of wine. The gift isnt strictly just for cat lovers either, you can choose Santa, a reindeer, a cute cat that also holds corks or two different types of gecko. A prefect novelty red wine gift for anyone.

We all know someone who always does it, we have all done it ourselves, the dreaded dropped glass of wine on the kitchen floor or patio, fear not wine lovers, UK Gifts have a fantastic gift idea that will solve the problem. Not only stunningly beautiful, these Velaze Copper Wine Glasses, that hold 600 ML of red wine, are the ultimate unbreakable wine goblets.

This stunning Katie Jayne Handmade 1.5L Wine Decanter is the perfect gift for any red wine lover. This handmade, mouth blown red wine decanter has an elegant design and would take pride of place as a centre piece for any dinner party or romantic meal. At just over 20 centimetres high it will decant 2 bottles of wine if you’re really thirsty.

Now there is one wine gift that we haven’t mentioned yet and that is of course, Red Wine. This stunning Châteaux Bordeaux Red Wine Collection in a Wooden case consists of a Chateau Haut-Plantey Medoc, Chateau Le Bocage Bordeaux Superior, Chateau Les Mauberts, Chants de Faizeau, Chateau Saint Martin Bordeaux, Chateau Du Grand Puch Bordeaux Superior in 37.5 cl bottles and is the perfect gift.

This absolutely stunning wine and dark chocolate combination gift set of a 50cl Rubis Chocolate Wine in its own Presentation Gift Box is the ideal present for anyone who appreciates great flavour combinations. The Tempranillo red wine blended with a decadent dark chocolate flavour is a IWSC 2015 Silver Outstanding Medal Winner and would look superb in any wine collection.

Probably the most famous and widely used red wine bottle opener is the rabbit design. Made of heavy-duty alloy and finished to a perfect standard, its durable and stylish. The gift includes a foil cutter and interchangeable corkscrew bits, it makes the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion.

Before you can even enjoy a nice glass of red wine you have to remove the cork, but before you remove the cork, you need to remove the foil. This GoBetter, Pack of 2, Wine Foil Cutter is the perfect gift and accessory for your red wine connoisseur. This presents ingenious design also means it can be attached to fridge as its magnetic too.

This amazing Chakana Nuna Vineyard 2019 Organic Malbec Red Wine, in a 75 cl bottle is the perfect gift for Malbec red wine lovers and would loom perfect in anyone’s wine collection. Produced from grapes in the Nuna vineyards in the Agrelo wine region in Mendoza in the Andes mountains. This fully certified, vegan wine will accompany almost any food or make a fantastic flavouring for many dishes.

This is an incredible gift for any red wine lover, Environmentally friendly wine rack. Constructed of natural bamboo, which is very durable. The wine rack is designed for holding 1 wine bottle and 6 wine glasses, would look perfect as a centrepiece at a dinner party or as a display for a favourite bottle of wine. This is a great gift or present for any occasion.

It is all very well have bought bottles of wine for your wine lover, or fancy bottle openers, foil removers and other gadgets, but without this essential piece of wine equipment things can get very messy. These Michelangelo Red Wine Glasses are the perfect gift and addition to the wine obsessed. They come as a pack of 6, hold just under 8 fl oz of wine and are dishwasher friendly.

Staying with the all-important wine glass theme, these Judge Crystalline four Piece Stemless Wine Glasses are an ideal gift for wine lovers. This present is aimed at the up to date fashion conscious wine lover, the stemless glass has become extremely popular amongst wine drinkers and being dishwasher proof and great for everyday use they are the perfect gift or present.

Now for the real wine connoisseur, who takes their tasting and sampling very seriously or wants to make notes on particular wines they encounter, this is a perfect gift. All wine experts take extensive notes on everything they taste, the name, the bouquet, the year, the grape variety and much, much more. This is a great stocking filler for your wine buff.

Even though red wine is a serious business there is still room for some novelty gifts and presents, its not all bouquets and grape varieties. This red wine themed funny tea and coffee cup has a full red wine glass printed with the slogan “I’m off my Rioja”, and for those who don’t know Rioja is a region of Spain famous for producing fantastic wines, we don’t recommend drinking wine from a mug, but it makes for a great gift.

Now this really is an amazing, delicious, and different gift that will get your red wine lovers taste buds going. This gift of Red Wine Jam, made with a nice Merlot and in a 125-gram jar is perfect on a cheese board or with meat, game or poultry.

An incredible and original wine related present are these Final Touch Conundrum Red Wine Glasses that have been Hand Blown and look absolutely amazing. These unique, and contemporary, design glasses hold 16 fl oz of wine and would make a real impression on your guests at a dinner party or as a gift at any time of the year.

When you’re trying to find a present for a red wine lover you can never go wrong with wine related clothing. This t-shirt emblazoned with Red wine glasses and a bunch of grapes is ideal for any wine drinker, wine maker or vine dresser. It comes in a selection of colours and sizes for both men and women.

Now if your wine lover is just setting out on their journey into vino and wants to educate themselves as much as possible then this is the gift for them. This hardback illustrated book by bestselling wine author Kevin Zraly called simply, Red Wine: The Comprehensive Guide to the 50 Essential Varietals and Styles is a must for any wine obsessor’s bookshelf.

All wine aficionados have to start somewhere, and where better than in this book by Brett Johnny called Red Wine for Beginners, covering everything from drinking it, making it, eating with it and where and how wine is made, it is the perfect starter gift for anyone looking to make their way into the fantastic world of red wine.

Now we are getting into the really serious stuff, this MOLVINA Fine Red Wine Premium Vintage GOLD 2015 from the Lombardi region of Italy is a must for all wine collections. This is an award winning 60 month aged deep red wine in its own presentation box and as one of only 9000 bottles available in 2015 it is a rare and sought-after present.

Believe it or not but wine never used to come in a cardboard box or a carrier bag, wines that were sought after came in wine chests. These are small single bottle sized carved wooden chests that stand upright and will hold a bottle of wine snug and safe. But the best part of this wooden wine chest is it actually comes with a 750ml bottle of Versare fine Red wine, bonus!

Staying with the liquid theme that would be perfect in any wine cellar or at a wine tasting evening, this amazing range of Red Wines from South of France presented in their own Wooden Gift case is just what your wine lover would want. The gift contains one 375ml bottle of Domaine l’Oustalnau, Domaine de Courtal, Chateau Seigneurie de Murviel, Coeur de Muscat (Muscat de Saint, Chateau Roquecourbe, and a Chateau de Pena.

Now for the very special wine enthusiast in your life just getting them a bottle or some glasses might not do it, however, this Mateus Red Rose Wine with Assorted Chocolates, Biscuits Hamper Gift Set is everything they would need for an amazing red wine night at any time of the year. This Ant and Chid gift is the only way to show your red wine lover that you care.

Finally, we finish on a high note with a full case of Evansea Shiraz from South Africa. This wine is just as at home being quaffed on a garden terrace on a warm summers evening or accompanying a hearty stew on a dark winter’s night. Perfect with meat, game, or poultry its deep ruby red colour and stylish bouquet is a great addition to a wine collection.

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