31 Gift Ideas for Adult Science Fans

By Lewis
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There are many adults that are big fans of science and it can be lovely to be able to buy them gifts that you know they will like. We have put together a selection of science gifts so that you can choose between them and find the most suitable ones. We have put together a list which has a big selection of different items so that you will be able to find something that will be suitable for the person that you are buying for. We have found things at different prices as well so that you will be able to choose something which suits your chosen budget.

31 Presents for Adults Who Love Science

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Puzzles can be fun to do and this one will make a lovely looking steampunk clock. Not only will it look good when displayed but it actually works so that the gears will turn the hands of the clock. It is a 3D puzzle made of plywood and has small parts which need to be pressed out and then fixed together to make a clock that is 12.5cm tall, 7.8cm wide and 5.3cm deep.

Stress balls can be handy items to have and this one is an optical illusion which makes it more fun. It comes in different sizes and colours and is made of aluminium which makes it durable and lightweight. It has a polished finish with a spiral groove with bearings inside which make it spin silently. The grooves make a moving spiral pattern which has a calming effect and is also entertaining.

Space fans will enjoy this gemstone set which represents the planets. There are eight in total and they are each made from different gems so are different colours and they are also different sizes. The natural gems are all spherical and come on a walnut base in a black gift box together with a brochure that has information about each of the stones. Stones include Tiger’s eye, red obsidian and topaz.

Model kits can make fun gifts and this one is a 3D model of a counter. It has cylinder gears with the numbers 0-9 and so it can record values from 1 to 999. It really works, but the recipient will have to put it together first. It is made of wood and each piece fits nicely together and once built it looks really pretty as well as being a useful item to own.

Women’s achievements in science are not often recognised but with this postcard set, they certainly will be. There are 100 cards in the set each with information about a female scientist. There are well-known figures as well as unsung heroes included and the cards can be sent in the post, treasured and used to study from or can be framed and hung up. They all come together in a box.

A mouse mat can be extremely useful and this one has a chalkboard look to it with white writing on it. It is covered in all sorts of scientific equations and pictures. It is a fun item to have on a desk and it is also useful. It is fade and scratch-resistant and soft and flexible It has a black foam back to protect the desk and a soft top so it is comfortable to use.

Newton’s cradle is a well-loved item and this is a desktop version of it. It has a plastic base and five balls hanging from wires. It will demonstrate the pendulum action and the laws of conservation of momentum and energy conservation. Fun to play with, mesmerising and relaxing as well with a quiet sound to it. Great for kids and adults alike as it makes a fun toy for all ages.

Chemistry fans will enjoy wearing this t-shirt. It is short sleeved and has a picture of a beaker on it with a cute little mole in it and says 1mole/L underneath. It comes in fits for men and women and in a choice of colours and sizes. It is a classic fit with a round neck and is machine washable so easy to keep clean and it can also go in a tumble dryer.

Egg timers can be mesmerising to watch and this one does not contain sand but iron filings which makes it even more interesting to watch. It is made from glass with a copper-coloured stand which contains a magnet. This means that as the filings drop they become magnetised and attract others as they fall making an interesting and spikey pattern. It is 14cm tall by 8cm wide and comes boxed.

Necklaces can make good gifts and this one has a planet galaxy pendant on it. It is made from glass and has a nebula design in a choice of colours. It has a nylon chain which is 18 inches and then the pendant is 23 x 32mm inside. It is a unique design that will suit anyone that is a space fan and it comes with a box and a velvet pouch so makes a lovely gift.

A bonsai tree can be a really pretty item and a lovely project to take on. This boxed set contains everything that you need to grow a bonsai tree. There are actually three varieties of tree in the box, a silver birch, red maple and mountain pine and it has the seeds, growing pots, peat blocks, plant markers and propagator bags so you can grow the trees following the instructions included.

Space fans will enjoy receiving this astronaut ice cream sandwich gift. It is freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream sandwiched between two chocolatey wafers which is made using the same technique that astronaut food is made. It comes in a sealed bag and is a fun item that would make a novelty gift for anyone who has wondered what it is like to eat food in space.

A necklace can make a great gift and this one has a really interesting pendant with a science theme. It is the chemical structure of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that contributes to well-being and happiness so is a lovely pendant to wear. It is made from sterling silver with a high polish and the chain is 17 inches plus two if you need to extend it with a lobster clasp closure.

Mugs are handy items to have and so they make good gifts. This one is made from white ceramic and it says on it ‘Think like a proton and stay positive with a picture of an atom on it. It is made from porcelain and is 9.5 x 8cm in size. The design is printed on both sides of the mug. It comes in a box so is all ready to give away as a gift.

A desk decoration can be a great gift and this is a floating globe with LED lights so can make quite an impressive display. It has a C shaped frame with lights in it and the globe floats inside it. You can choose from a blue and green globe or a black and silver one. It is operated by magnets which are electronically controlled. When used in the dark, the lights really show up and make it look cool.

A microscope can be a great item to discover more about items and see them in more detail. This one has 40 x – 1000x magnification on it and has a precision fine focus too. There are three different lenses and it can be illuminated from the top and bottom. It is high powered and has a sleek triangular base with a metal carry handle and can work cordlessly when charged using a smartphone adaptor.

Anyone with an interest in DNA will enjoy receiving this bracelet as a gift. It has a double helix pendant design on it. It is made from stainless steel and a metal alloy that will not rust or tarnish. The charm is 2.9 x 0.8cm in size and the chain length is 63cm. It is a shiny silver colour and so will stand out when being worn. Makes a great present.

A virtual reality viewer can make a really interesting gift. This one has been made by the Science Museum and it works with lots of apps. It is possible to turn most smartphones into a VR viewer. It comes with a nose guard and true lens and it is easy to put together using a hook and loop fastening and band so that it is secure and grips well.

Newtons Cradle can be a fun desk toy to play with but this one has an added fun element. Each of the balls lights up with an LED in a different colour as they are made of glass with a bulb inside. The baseboard will also show up the colours of the lights. Once it is used, the balls will produce a quiet clinking sound which is relaxing.

This pair of socks would make a great gift for a chemistry fan. They are black and have a periodic design on them in grey, white and yellow. They are sized 6-11 so should fit any adult with average-sized feet. They are made from cotton with polyamide and elastane which means that they are soft and comfortable to wear but are stretchy too and will stay up when being worn.

Paperweights can make great gifts and this one has a solar system inside it. It is made from glass and has a coloured solar system laser etched inside it. It is 3.1 inches in diameter and comes with a base to store it on. It is an interesting gift that will be ideal for anyone with an interest in space and the planets. It comes with an elegant gift box.

Space lovers will enjoy doing this jigsaw puzzle which is of Saturn. It has 40 pieces and is made of plastic. Once together it forms a 3D model of Saturn. It will look good on display once it is done or it could be taken apart to be completed again in the future. It will not only be fun to do but is educational as well and could be a good teaching aid for children.

Fans of Tim Peake will enjoy his book which is called ‘Hello, is this planet Earth?’. It is a collection of photographs that the astronaut took when he was aboard the International Space Station. Many have not been seen before and the book also has a personal commentary from Tim himself. It is a great opportunity to see how beautiful the earth looks from space including the northern lights, oceans, mountains and deserts.

Lapel pins can make great gifts. This is a pair which are in the shape of beakers and say on then ‘science is magic that works’. They are 1.8 x 2,5cm in size and made of a zinc alloy. They are very easy to get on and off and the design is such that they will stand out from any jacket, hat, scarf or bag that you choose to put them on.

Perpetual motion is a fun concept and this desk toy demonstrates it clearly. It has dolphins and balls on it and can rock backwards and forwards when pushed. It is powered by a battery so will continuously move when switched on. Makes an interesting desk toy and is made from black plastic and silver metal so is smooth to touch. It is 19cm tall and 11cm wide and deep.

Anyone that is interested in physics will like this model Stirling engine. It has hot and cold cylinders and a small generator with a voltage digital display meter and LED bead. It is well made from aluminium, stainless steel and hard glass which means that it is easy to start up with less resistance. The base is made from wood. It is a great way to learn about how these engines work.

Pens are also useful things to receive as gifts. This ballpoint pen has a periodic table in the centre of the barrel so there is always one on hand when it is needed. The pen is mainly black and is a ballpoint and has a rubber grip to make it feel more comfortable to write with. It can be used as a teaching or reference tool as well as a standard pen.

Gemstones can make very pretty gifts. This is a cut Ethiopian opal that has lots of different colours in it. It is 16 x 12 x 5cmm in size and it has an oval shape. It is translucent and has been smoke heated since being mined. The natural gemstone can make an unusual and very pretty gift for anyone that is interested in geology, precious stones or just likes pretty items.

T-shirts can make great gifts and this one is funny and it says ‘Beer The Essential Element on it’ with Beer being spelt out in the style of the periodic table. It comes in a selection of colours and sizes with a loose fit and has short sleeves and a round neck. It is made from 100% cotton so is comfortable to wear and it is machine washable as well.

Hoodies are really popular and this one has a fun chemistry design. It says ‘I wear this periodically’ on the front of it and has a periodic table design on it. It is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester and has long sleeves with a hood that has drawstrings. It comes in a choice of different colours and in a selection of sizes suitable for both men and women.

Fans of space will enjoy receiving this LED moon lamp as a gift. It is white or yellow with touch controls and it is spherical with a wooden stand. You can adjust the brightness as well as the tone of the light. It is suitable to be used as a reading lamp or a desk lamp and it will give off a light that seems like moonlight. It has a built-in rechargeable battery which will last for three hours.

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