35 Gift Ideas for White Wine Lovers

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White wine is a popular drink for many people and so it can be fun to buy them gifts which include it. However, just buying a bottle may feel rather unimaginative and we have therefore come up with a list of suggestions, that include or have a white wine theme but are more interesting. Hopefully, you will find that there is something on the list that will be of interest to you and will suit the person that you are buying for. We have picked a variety of things at different prices so you should be able to find something suitable.

35 Presents for White Wine Drinkers

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White wine lovers may enjoy this boxed set which contains a bottle of wine and chocolates. The bottle is a Three Mills white wine which is 187ml in size and it comes with some milk chocolates which are wrapped in gold foil. They come together in a box that looks like a handbag which is fun. It will mean that you will not need to wrap it up.

A bottle of Echo Falls may go down well on its own but this bottle comes in a box with some fairy lights. The idea is that when the wine has been consumed, the string of lights can be put inside the bottle to make a pretty decoration. The wine has a crisp apple flavour with citrus notes and goes well with fish dishes. The lights need 3 x AA batteries to power them.

Why give a bottle of white wine when you can have three? This trio comes in a wooden box and looks really special. The bottles are The Black Pig The Prize Chardonnay from Australia, Patto Catarratto and Ardido Vinho Verde DOC. They are safely nestled in wooden wool in a wood gift box so make a very fancy looking gift. Each bottle is 75cl in size.

Hampers can make great gifts and this one includes two bottles of wine. The bottles are 187ml Three Mills reserve – so mini-sized bottles. They come together with a 37g pack of Lindt Lindor truffles, a four-pack of Ferrero Rocher and a 200g packet of Farmhouse chocolate orange biscuits. They are sent in a branded hamper box with free gift message options available as well as gift wrap options if you require them.

Wine and chocolate pair together nicely and this boxed set contains both. It has a Chablis bottle in it from France which is a full-sized bottle. It also includes a box of assorted Belgian chocolates. There are white, milk and dark chocolates included in the 125g box which is gold with a gold bow. They come together in an elegant black box with wood wool inside it.

Pinot Grigio is a popular white wine and if you know someone that enjoys this then they may enjoy this trio. There are three 750ml bottles included. There is a Cortefresca which is soft and dry with flinty minerality, Dry River which is crisp with notes of green apple and pear with citrus blossom, lime and grapefruit and Versare which is dry and soft but full-bodied and well balanced.

A chocolate and wine bouquet makes a great novelty gift. This contains three bottles of white wine which are from Blossom Hill, Stowells and Echo Falls. With them there are silk roses, gourmet popcorn and Galaxy fusions chocolates. The items come displayed in a reusable acrylic vase in a gift box with a hand tied bow which is suitable for posting so it can be sent directly to the recipient.

Prosecco is a popular drink and this gift set contains a bottle plus some chocolates. The box is in the shape of a handbag, so looks great fun and inside is the Freixenet sparkling wine which is 750ml and extra dry. It has a fresh and fruity flavour with aromas of flowers, citrus and apples and comes in its distinctive bottle with 10 Belgium prosecco chocolates which have a gold foil wrapping.

A wine cool bag can be a handy thing to have if you take a bottle out and about, perhaps for picnics or camping. There are different options to choose from where you can just have a cool bag for one or two bottles or you can get one that takes a bottle and two glasses, which actually comes with the polycarbonate wine glasses. There are different colour options to choose from.

If you want to send bottles of wine in the post, then this could be a good option. You get two bottles of Chablis in a gift box. The wine is Albert Bichot Chablis Long-Depaquit 2018 and both bottles are 750ml. The wine has a fruity favour with a pleasing roundness and is suitable to be laid down for 2-7 years or longer if required. The bottles have some shredded paper around them and are presented in an elegant box with a window.

An assorted hamper can be a lovely gift to give and this one has wine with it. As well as two 20cl bottles of Canti Prosecco there is also a 50g box of Lindt truffles, a chocolate selection box and a packet of chunky Borders biscuits. It comes in a designer box packed with wood wool and wrapped in tissue with a premium branded sleeve on it.

Wine lovers will always need glasses and this set look really special. They come in a set of four and they are long-stemmed and therefore elegant to look at and lovely to use. They are made from lead-free crystal glass which has great clarity and are tempered for durability. They are shaped and hand-blown by artisans and have a carefully cut and polished rim for better tasting wine.

If you are looking for something quirky then these stainless steel wine tumblers could make a fun gift. They are stemless and therefore have a good solid base and there are four in the box. They hold 500ml and will not break. They are dishwasher safe, rustproof, recyclable and child friendly so very practical for using when out and about as well as for using in the home.

Giving a bottle of wine can be made a lot more special when it is presented in this vintage-style wine chest. It comes with a bottle of Versare white wine inside it which is 750ml. The chest can then be reused, perhaps to gift to someone else, to store wine or for other things. It makes a lovely gift for a white wine lover and is more special than giving just a bottle.

Wine fans might enjoy this trio of wines from all around Europe. There is a Pint Grigio Delle Venezie from Italy, A Carlos Serres Rioja Blanco from Spain and a Chateau Haut Terrier Bordeaux Blanc from France. They are all 75cl bottles and they come inside a gold presentation gift box which is tied with a gold-coloured bow. A great gift to send directly to someone special.

Someone that would like to try making their own wine is likely to enjoy this kit. It is a winemaking set and comes with the equipment and instructions to make wine. It includes a Beaversale wine kit that has items needed to make six bottles of wine. There is also all of the kit supplied with it such as the tubes, funnel, thermometer, fermenting bin, airlock, steriliser, hydrometer, measuring cylinder, jug etc.

Aromas are an important part of wine tasting and this special kit has twelve aromas in it to help you to identify them when tasting wines. They each come in small bottles and there is a booklet included which teaches you how to train the sense of smell to identify the aromas as well as explaining what they are. It is suitable for amateurs and professionals to use. Comes in an elegant box.

Hampers are great items to give as gifts and this one includes a bottle of white wine. As well as the Sauvignon Blanc it also has a selection of food items. There are Dorman spicy peanuts, double chocolate biscuits, pure butter shortbread, strawberry jam, orange marmalade and sticky toffee chocolates. The treats are chosen to go well with the wine. They come in a hand-woven organic seagrass tray which is tied with a ribbon.

White wine is better chilled and so this wine chiller and pourer makes a great gift for wine lovers. The idea is that the stainless steel rod will help keep wine at the perfect temperature for up to an hour even when not in the fridge. There is also an aerator and pourer built in to produce a drip-free measure. It can easily be stored in the freezer as it is small and is great when you do not have an ice bucket at hand.

If you want to give a quirky gift, then this unusually shaped decanter and glass set could be a good gift. The curved decanter is designed to aerate the wine as it is poured and the design of the glasses makes them more comfortable to hold and improves the taste of the wine. The decanter is 750ml and the glasses are 266ml. They are made from hand-blown glass that is dishwasher safe. They come boxed.

T-shirts make useful gifts and this one is also funny. It says ‘Pinot Grigio Queen’ on it and has a picture of a glass of white wine with a crown and robe, looking very regal. It comes in fits for men and women and in various sizes and a selection of colours. It has short sleeves and is made from cotton and polyester so suitable for washing in a washing machine.

French wine lovers will enjoy this trio of bottles. There is a Saint-Germain Macon Villages Blanc from Burgundy, a Chateau Haut Terrier Bordeaux Blanc and a C de Chenard Muscadet Sur Lie from Loire. They come together in a smart gold box with a gold bow around it. They, therefore, make a really lovely gift and can be sent directly to the recipient with no need to wrap.

Glasses can make great gifts for wine lovers, especially if you do not know exactly which types of wine they like. This is a fun glass as it says ‘It’s wine o’clock’ on it. The glass is elegant with a long stem with an angular bowl which gives it a contemporary twist. It holds 35cl and is 21.5 x 7 x 7cm in size. It comes in a gift tube which is very easy to wrap up.

If you want to send a bottle of wine directly and make it look special then this could be the gift for you. It is a bottle of Chablis white wine that comes in a wooden box. The wine is Laroche 2019 and is a 75cl bottle. The box is wooden and has wood wool in it to keep the bottle in place. There is a slide-in lid so that the bottle can be viewed through it. The box can be reused or used to store the wine.

Personalised gifts can be really special and this one is fun too. It is a personalised prescription that prescribes wine. It is made from high-quality gloss vinyl and is a label that measures 8 x 10cm. It has the persons name on it and says ‘165ml once daily to alleviate stress. If symptoms persist finish entire bottle’. It is just the right size to stick onto a bottle of wine before you give it as a gift.

Coasters are useful items for protecting surfaces from extreme temperatures and moisture. This one is 10 x 10cm in size and is white. It can be personalised and says ‘Reserved for [name]’s white wine’ and has a picture of a glass of wine on it. It is a glass coaster and has clear rubber feet. It is hand made in a Cheshire workshop and has a fast dispatch time.

A wine cooler could be a great present for a white wine lover. White wine is best served cool and therefore this can be very useful. It will chill wine within five minutes and it will then stay cold for hours. It has a removable cooling element that needs to be put in the freezer and thencan be easily slid inside the cooling container when needed. It comes in a choice of black or silver.

Aged wine can make a great gift and this Geoff Merrill Chardonnay is a 2016 vintage. It has a honey and melon bouquet with subtle oak aromas and a rich palate, fantastic weight and complexity bursting with pineapple and peach flavours with notes of cream and toast due to being matured in French casks. It pairs well with chicken or fish dishes especially those with a creamy sauce. It comes in a gift box with a pretty bow.

Bottle stoppers can be used to keep wine fresh once the cork has been removed. This is an ornate one that has a crystal on the top. It Is made from a zinc alloy which is durable and will not corrode as well as silicone. The top is a crystal and there is the choice of a champagne or a sky blue colour. The stopper comes in an elegant black gift box and so it is all ready to hand over and looks really special.

Wine and cheese is a popular pairing and they come together with some other items in this hamper. There is a 75cm bottle of Avenda Sauvignon Blanc, Manomasa tomatillo salsa tortilla crisps, thin and crisp oatcakes, Isle of Aaron Scottish Cheddar, Mrs Bridges chutney, pitted green olives in a marinade of thyme and bay leaves, Mrs Bridges salsa and Arden mature cheddar cheese twists. They come packed into an elegant black gift box.

T-shirts are useful items to give as gifts. This one says on it ‘I’m here to drink prosecco and play with balls’ and has a picture of a bottle and wine glasses with ping pong balls in. It comes it fits suitable for men or women in a choice of sizes and colours. The t-shirt has short sleeves and a round neck and is lightweight with a classic fit. It is machine washable.

Pampering sets are lovely items to give. This set includes a bottle of white wine and other gifts in a pretty basket. There is a 37.5c, bottle of Casillo del Diablo chardonnay. 6 dusted prosecco truffles, Higher Living very berry tea, cupcake-shaped bath Brulee bomb, scented bath bomb, exceedingly good shower wash, exfoliating body puff and a pink pamper soap. They all come in a branded packaging box.

Sparkling wine can be a lovely treat and this one comes in a pretty box. It is a bottle of English sparkling wine from the Bolney wine estate in West Sussex. It uses handpicked Sayval Blanc, pinot noir, chardonnay and pinot Meunier grapes which are whole bunch pressed and fermented in stainless steel to preserve their freshness and aged for at least 12 months. The box is hinged with a red satin lining.

Gift hampers can be fun to gift and this one has a selection of treats in it. There is a mini bottle of luxury prosecco, a pouch of Joseph’s gourmet popcorn which is white chocolate and strawberry flavour, Laura’s confectionery giant strawberries and Gnaw salted caramel flavoured milk chocolate. The items all come together in an attractive gift box which is white with gold polka dots on it.

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