34 Gift Ideas for a 10th Wedding Anniversary (Tin)

Updated on February 18th, 2021
By Louise
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When a couple reaches their tenth wedding anniversary it can be an occasion worth celebrating. Although it is not one of the big milestone occasions. it can still be lovely to celebrate it with a gift. It is not always easy to know what to buy though, especially once a couple has been married a while, they have a lot of things already. We have therefore put together a list, suggesting items that could be suitable. Hopefully, you will find it useful and will be able to use it as a guide so that you can find just the right gift for the couple that you have in mind.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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A tenth wedding anniversary is traditionally a tin and so this rock shaped gift is made from shiny metal so that it represents this. It says on it ‘you are my rock 10 years’ on it. It comes in a box packaged with wood straw with a card which has an explanation on how the special rock was made. It makes a unique gift which will also make a fitting keepsake.

Tin gifts are traditional for tenth anniversaries and so this cast tin rose could be a fitting gift. The flexible stem means that it can be positioned as desired. It is silver in colour and comes with a tin purity stamp. It comes in a gift tube which has a slip inside explaining the significance of tin for a 10th anniversary. Handcrafted in Cornwall – the capital of tin mining.

This heart-shaped pebble could be a lovely gift to give to a loved one on your anniversary. It is made of metal which has been cast from a heart-shaped pebble found on a beach. It is made of solid tin which is the item traditionally given for a tenth anniversary. The pebbles has ‘one in a million’ written on it. It is 34 x 28 x 13mm in size and comes in a gift box.

This is a fun pair of dice to give as a 10th anniversary gift. They are made of pure tin and have different date night suggestions on them so they can be rolled in order to choose a fun activity. They come in a velvet gift bag, in wooden straw in a gift box so look really special. They suggest things like ‘have a campfire’, ‘cook for each other’, ‘watch the sunset’, ‘go for a walk’ etc.

A tin heart pendant can be a great gift for celebrating a tenth wedding anniversary. This one is made from 100% pure tin and has a stamped 10 in the corner to symbolise the ten years. It is hand cast and hand polished and comes with a slip explaining why tin is given to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary. It is 15mm x 15mm in size and looks good on any silver coloured chain.

Keyrings can be useful and this pair is designed so that husband and wife can have one each. One says ‘Ten years down’ and the other says ‘forever to go’ and they have hearts as well and the design is on a jigsaw piece and the two pieces will fit together. They are made from stainless steel so they will not rust or tarnish and they are durable. They come in a cloth jewellery pouch.

This is a special wallet card. It is made of stainless steel but could look quite like tin. It says on it ’10 years 3,652 days, 87,658 hours, 5,259,487 minutes…a love story still counting and the best is yet to come’. It is 3.5 x 2.1 inches in size so will fit in a wallet in a credit card slot. They will not rust or tarnish and they are durable too.

Sixpences are thought to be lucky and so this one could be great as an anniversary gift. It comes in a box with an insert that can be personalised. There is a space for a name, then there is a silver-coloured heart which says ‘10th wedding anniversary’ on it and below it says ‘lucky sixpence’ and ‘tin’. The display case is 50mm x 50mm and can be easily opened to remove the coin.

Vintage items are very much in trend at the moment and this metal plaque to celebrate 10 years of marriage has been aged to make it look as though it is vintage. It can be personalised with names and a date as well as the number of years of marriage. It comes with a free fridge magnet which looks the same. A sentimental and interesting keepsake gift to give away.

Sundials are lovely gifts for anyone with a garden. This one is black and silver in colour to work with a tin wedding anniversary. It says ‘Happy anniversary 10 wonderful years together 2010 – 2020 tin wedding anniversary’. It is made from recycled metal and is 16.5 x 16.5 x 7.5cm in size. It can be mounted anywhere and you can buy a pedestal stand to go with it if you wish.

Photo frames can be useful to use to display pictures and keep memories alive with reminders of special occasions. This one is a mirrored frame which says ‘Happy Anniversary 10 years’ on it in bold relief and it has a modern feel to the design. The frame holds a 6 x 4 inch photo with a landscape orientation and comes boxed. Great for putting in an anniversary photograph of the couple.

If the couple that you are buying for like ornaments then they may enjoy this cast bronze sculpture. It is a romantic couple hugging and kissing and obviously very much in love. The man is standing behind the woman in a protective embrace and she is looking behind to him giving him a kiss. It is 18cm in size and is presented in a gift box ready to give away.

Photo albums can be a very useful place to store memories and this one has a metal plaque on it in pewter (which looks like tin) and says ’10 years’ on it. The album is an elegant white with a grey ribbon on. Inside there is space for forty 6 x 4 inch photographs. There is space to write a caption by each photograph. It comes wrapped in white tissue.

Matching aprons can be a fun gift for a couple that cook together. These are available in black or with one black and one white. One says ‘Mr.’ and the other ‘Mrs.’ on it and there is also a picture of cooking utensils above the word and the printing is all in white on the black fabric and black on the white fabric. They are made from polyester and are 27 x 28 inches in size.

A pair of mugs can be a useful gift to give as they may get used daily. There are white ceramic and 11oz and they have black printing on which says ’10 years of being Mr/Mrs Always Right’. So they are slightly different with one for him and one for her. They are microwave and dishwasher safe so very convenient to use and easy to clean. They work for hot or cold drinks.

Unique gifts can great to give and this heart decoration is something that it is unlikely you will have seen before. It has a wooden base with ‘10th anniversary’ on it and there is a metal heart, made from aluminium (so almost tin!) on it which has the word ‘love’ on it. It will look really nice when displayed. It is 20 x 13 x 6cm in size and silver in colour.

Bangles can be great gifts for spouses to give to each other This one is made of tin, so ideal for a 10th anniversary. It is pure beaten tin which has an interesting texture to it. It comes in three size options is you will be able to find the right one. It has a slip with it about tin as well as a tin purity stamp and a date of manufacture.

Tin is the traditional gift to give for a tenth wedding anniversary. This tin ingot which is made from 100% pue tin could therefore be a suitable gift. It is stamped with ‘Carlton & Sons Redruth’ to show it is from Cornwall and has the word tin and a picture of a tin mine on it. It is 53g and will make for a very interesting and unusual gift idea.

Cufflinks can make a great gift for someone that wears the types of shirts that use them and also to give as a keepsake. These have the number ‘10’ on them in a hammered metal effect with the word ‘years’ stamped on them to symbolise the 10th anniversary. It not only gives a rustic look but also makes them look like genuine tin items. Comes in a presentation tin so ready to gift.

Prints can make lovely gifts as they can be displayed to see often. This one features two hearts which have the background of an OS map (using a postcode provided). Under you can pick names and an occasion with a date. They are available in three sizes and you can choose whether to just order the print or whether you would like a white or black frame to go with it.

Novelty items can be a lot of fun and this hipflask is certainly this. It has two separate sections, one says ‘Mr’ and the other ‘Mrs’ on it and each holds 3oz. They sit together but can be separated so each person can have their own drink. It is made out of 100% stainless steel and has a screw-top lid. It is 11 x 9.5 x 2.5cm in size. Would make a fun wedding or anniversary gift.

Cushions can be useful to have on a sofa and bed. This one is personalised and can have the name of the couple and their year of marriage printed on it, so will work for any anniversary. The cushion is square and beige in colour with black writing on it. It is 45 x 45 cm in size and includes the insert. Would make a special present for a special couple.

Buying your partner a hip flask could be a useful gift but it can be sentimental as well. This one says on it ‘10th anniversary I still love you as much as the day we met’ on it. It is made from stainless steel and has a wood effect vinyl wrap on it which is where the words are printed. It has a 6oz capacity and comes in a plain white box ready for gifting.

Vases can make useful and decorative gifts. This one is made of metal and so it looks like tin and can therefore be given for a tenth-anniversary gift. It is a jug shape and has a heart on it. The heart is a chalkboard and so a personalised message can be written on it. It measures 22 x 13cm and it can be used for real or artificial flowers.

Tin gifts can be really special for a tenth anniversary and these heart-shaped earrinsg which are made of tin, can be a lovely gesture. They are made from 100% tin and look very shiny and are hammered with a rustic feel. In with them is a slip explaining why tin is celebrated after ten years of marriage. It also has a purity stamp and it all comes inside a gift tin.

Garden sculptures are unusual gifts to give but this tin man seems very fitting for a tenth wedding anniversary gift. He is very cute with a red heart on him and an axe. He is 41cm tall and made of metal. It is a nod to the Wizard of Oz character so great for fans of the book or film but also just a generally cute figure that would make a novelty gift idea.

A tin would seem like the obvious gift to give for a tenth wedding anniversary. This one is pretty and is silver in colour (there is also a white option). It is 7 x 7 x 3 and so is very cute and small perhaps for holding a piece of jewellery to store it or even for using as a gift box to present it in. It could even be used for small collectables or sweets.

It is hard to buy gifts for men and this Man Tin could be a great idea for a tenth-anniversary gift for a husband. It is white with foiled and black writing on. It is 75 x 155 x 255mm in size and it is ideal for keeping all sorts of small items in. You could even fill it with a few items before giving it such as sweets or chocolate.

Cute gifts can go down really well and this tiny tin plate could be a lovely gift. It says on it ’10 wonderful years with you the gift of tin’ and it comes with a mini stand so that it can be displayed. It is 45mm x 45mm in size and it comes with a little certificate explaining what it is made of as well as the methods used to make it.

A lighter can be a useful gift for anyone that smokes. This one can be engraved which means that you can put a special message on it. It is 70mm x 38mm x 12mm in size and it comes in a sturdy metal tin. It is silver in colour and so could look like it is made of tin and therefore could be a suitable 10th wedding anniversary gift to give.

A tin ring can be a really fitting gift for a tenth wedding anniversary. This is made if pure tin and has a pretty texture on the outside which will make it stand out. It is inscribed with ‘ten years’ on it. It is hand cast and hand polished. It comes with a purity stamp and a slip about tin and why it is given as a tenth-anniversary gift. It is size L.

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