25 Gift Ideas for Aston Villa Fans of All Ages

By Lewis
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Many of us know people that are football team supporters and it can be nice to buy them gifts related to this. However, if you do not support the same team as them you may not know what sorts of items to buy them. This is why we have put together this list of items that we feel will appeal to Aston Villa supporters. There are lots of different things so that you will be able to choose one that you feel they will like. They are also priced differently so it will be easy for you to find something in your budget.

25 Presents for Aston Villa Supporters

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Aston Villa fans might enjoy using this tankard when they are watching a match. It has the club crest on it and it is a special design that will go in the freezer so will keep drinks cool. There is a special substance in the main part of it that will freeze and stay cool for a long time. It is 16oz in size with a red base and handle. It is an officially licensed product.

A bar towel can be a useful gift for someone that has a bar area in their home or it could be used on a sideboard, drinks cabinet or just for general use. It could be used for wiping golf clubs as well or for hanging up and displaying. This one is great for fans of Aston Villa. It has the name of the team and their crest printed on it in red.

Wallets are handy gifts and this one has the Aston Villa badge on it and is therefore great for fans of the team. It is a black leather wallet which means that the crest which is blue, red and gold will really stand out so it will be noticed. It will be a useful gift too as it will provide space to store cards and notes so they are kept safe in the pocket.

Personalised gifts are often really appreciated and this one will be great for any Aston Villa fan. It is a pint glass with the club logo on it and you can provide details so that a name can be engraved underneath. It is a glass that has a simple conical design with a solid base. It measures 18 x 8 x 8cm and is dishwasher safe. It is an officially licensed product.

Prints can make great gifts because they can be hung up and looked at a lot. This one is of Villa Park and so great for Aston Villa fans. It is of the inside of the stadium with a lot of sky above and the name of the stadium at the top. It has a white area around it which gives it a contemporary feel. It is A3 sized and printed on 250gsm silk paper.

Glasses cases can be really useful to keep sunglasses or reading glasses in. However, they are often quite boring and so buying this one as a replacement could be a great gift. It is made of chrome so has a lovely silvery shine to it and has the Aston Villa badge on it. It will offer protection for the glasses inside it and will be a fun item to carry around.

A beach towel can be handy, not just for the beach and holidays but for use for picnics, swimming, the gym or even instead of a normal towel. This one can be personalised as well with a name on it and also has ‘Aston Villa’ with the club crest on it. It would be great for fans of the team. It is lightweight and quick-drying as well so very portable.

Stickers can really add interest to a wall and this is a set of two. One sticker gives the impression that the wall is smashed and so you can see Villa Park through the hole. The others are the club crest. They come in different sizes and so you can choose the one you think will work. Great for themed bedrooms and they are easy to apply and remove without damaging the wall.

Calendars can be useful for writing in birthdays, anniversaries and appointments and this one would go down well with Aston Villa fans as it features pictures of the team’s players. It is A3 in size and has 12 months from 2021. Each month has one player and there is a space to see the dates and write a little note by each one. It even comes with some free organisational stickers.

Mousemats can be useful to help a mouse run smoothly on a desk and to protect a desk from the mouse. This one has a brick background design with a road sign for Villa Park on it and the club badge. It can even be customised with a name underneath. It is made of fabric and is 23.7 x 19cm in size. It would make a thoughtful gift for an Aston Villa fan who uses a computer.

Posters can be great to give as gifts and this one is an art print showing Jack Grealish and John McGinn celebrating together. It says on it ‘Aston Villa 2 Derby County 1 Championship Play Off Final Wembley Stadium London Monday 27th May 2019′. A day that all fans will remember well and so they will enjoy looking at this print, which comes framed and is A4 size. It is on 160gsm paper in a black frame.

Phone cases are really important to protect phones from scratches, dust and being dropped. This one has the AVFC crest on it and so fans will be proud to use it. It is for an Apple iPhone 11 and is made of a cushioned material that is soft gel and will not scratch. It is printed with high-resolution graphics and has a raised front edge to protect the screen.

Scarves are always useful as they keep the wearers warm and this one is a retro football scarf. It comes in a choice of Aston Villa club colours – claret and blue or claret, blue and white for Aston Villa fans to wear to keep warm at matches and on other cold days. They are 100% acrylic so are soft and comfortable and measure 145 x 20cm in size minus the fringing.

Mugs are always welcome gifts and this one has a picture of Villa Park on it so is great for Aston Villa fans. It is white with a picture that wraps all the way around the mug. It is 9cm x 8cm in size and the picture is UV resistant and has high definition colour and is in a contemporary style. It is also dishwasher safe so easy to keep clean.

Fans of Aston Villa and particularly Jack Grealish will like this mounted photo and signature. It is an A4 mount which is black and there is a picture of Grealish, his name and a copy of his signature all in different windows in the mount. It is then all framed in a smart black frame. It is neatly put together and will look good on the wall in any room.

Cuff links make special gifts and are often worn on special occasions as well, although some people like to wear them daily on work shirts. This pair is 18 x 15mm and has the Aston Villa crest on them and so they are great for supporters of the team. They come in a hinged case which means that they can be carefully stored in it but also it makes a good presentation gift box.

Books can be interesting gifts to give and this one is a history of Aston Villa over the last sixty years. It has major events described that happened to them on each day of the year. The cover can be personalised with a name as well so it will look really special. It contains stats, facts, anecdotes and nostalgia with at least one thing for each day of the year.

A lighter can make a great gift for a smoker and this one is designed for a smoker that likes Aston Villa. It has a burgundy colour on it with a white lion and the club badge on it as well. The top part is silver in colour. The brand is clipper and it is a refillable gas lighter which means that it will last a long time. It is a budget gift that will be great for those that do not have much money to spend.

Street signs can be fun gifts to give and this one says ‘Villa Park’ on it so is great for an Aston Villa fan. It is made of wood and is 80cm long and 14cm wide and is hand-painted. It can be left free-standing or mounted on a wall. The lettering is embossed and painted black and the background is a grey colour. Great for going in a man cave, shed, garage, bedroom etc.

A backpack can be a useful thing to own especially for kids to use at school or college or for adults to use when out walking etc. This one is an official Aston Villa one which is blue and burgundy with the club crest on it. It has one large pocket and a smaller one on the front. It is 40cm high and 34cm wide. It has two straps that can be used to carry it comfortably as they are padded and can be adjusted.

Wall stickers can be a great way to brighten up a room. These Aston Villa themed ones would be great for a kids bedroom if they are having the football team theme in their room. The stickers come in different sizes so you can pick one that will work best in the space. It can also be personalised with a name on it as well. They are easy to apply and removed without damaging the walls.

Unusual gifts can go down well with some people and this one has coordinates of the Aston Villa stadium on it in their club colours. You can choose from different sizes and you can have some personalisation too with a name and ‘lifelong fan’ or ‘number one fan’ written on it. At the top it also says the stadium name, year opened, team name and year founded. It is printed on heavyweight, fine art paper.

Bobble hats are great for keeping the head warm, both at football matches as well as in cold weather generally. This one is made in the Aston Villa colours and has a retro look to it. It is made from acrylic and is one size that fits adults and older teenagers. It is claret with a blue and white stripe and a white bobble on the top with a large turn up at the bottom.

Coasters are great at protecting surfaces from hot and cold drinks. This set of 6 will also show your support for Aston Villa. Each is similar with a club badge and shirt back pictured on it. You can customise one or more of the coasters by providing a name and number for the shirt so you could have one done for each family member or just have one special one for the person that is a fan of the team.

Bottle openers are handy whether you drink alcoholic or soft drinks. This one is an officially licensed Aston Villa one and designed for fans of the team. It has the club colours and badge on it and is in the shape of a bottle. It can also have a forename and surname put on it if you want to personalise it just above where the team name is. It is 3.7 x 14.8cm in size.

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