35 Gift Hampers, Suitable For All Ages

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A gift hamper can be a lovely thing to send. If people are difficult to buy for, then sending them food and drink, means that you know that there is a chance that they will enjoy it. It is also good if they have everything they need as it is something that they can consume and enjoy and will not take up valuable space. We have come up with a list of hampers that we think look really appealing and fun. We have put forward lots of suggestions so you should be able to find one that will suit your needs and your budget.

35 Amazing Gift Hamper Ideas

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Wine and cheese is a classic pairing and this hamper contains both as well as other items. It has a bottle of red wine and two kinds of cheese a Black Bomber and a Ruby Mist. There are also different types of crackers, Tracklements sticky fig relish, pork rillette, Kalamata pitted olives and other items included. They come together nestled in some wood straw in a basket so will make a lovely gift.

If you are looking to impress then this gift tower could do the job. There are seven blue and silver boxes tied with a ribbon all containing different items. There is fudge, chutney, cookies, crackers, jam, chocolates, flapjacks, fresh ground coffee, caramels, oatcakes and many more items with good brand names such as Peters Yard, Buchanans, Borders and Cottage Delight. The boxes are all reusable so could be used for storage or gifting.

Alcohol does not suit everyone and so this hamper has been put together without any. It has elderflower presse instead and also has a selection of foods such as artisan lemon biscuits, chocolate wafer rounds, flaked almond shortbread, savoury crackers, double chocolate fudge, ground coffee, pitted olives and more. All of the items are suitable for vegetarians. They are sent in a wicker basket and a personal message can be sent with it.

Vegans need not miss out when it comes to hampers as this one is designed for them. It has a bottle of vegan wine and also includes food to go with it. The Spanish red wine comes together with coconut and cacao popcorn, oatmeal and ginger biscuits, cocoa nib chocolate truffles, fudge, a nut selection and avocado dark chocolate. It can be sent directly with a personal message from you.

A large hamper can be a lovely gift to give on a special occasion or for a large family. This one contains forty different items. It has two bottles of wine and lots of different foods including tea, biscuits, chocolates, nuts, pate, flatbread, preserves, pasta, pasta sauce, Christmas pudding, chutney, relish, Turkish delight, chocolate bars, breadsticks, tomato puree, stuffing mix, bread sauce, olives, cocktail onions, apricots, curry spice mix. They come in a 51 x 37 x 26cm wicker basket.

Gourmet food can be great to give, to those who enjoy it all the time or to treat those that really enjoy it. In this hamper box, there is a bottle of prosecco and a selection of foods to go with it. There is chutney, spicy peanuts, fancy crisps, chocolate pudding, shortbread, jam, double chocolate biscuits and a chocolate selection. There is even a coffee to have to finish. They all come in a wicker picnic basket with a hand-tied bow.

Real ale is a favourite of many and so including it in this hamper will make it a popular choice with them. It has two bottles of Old Speckled hen and various food items to go with them. There is a pair of cheese truckles, chutney, crackers, nuts, shortbread, jam, steam pudding and chocolates. They come in a lidded basket with a protective cardboard sleeve which measures 480 x 310 x 210mm in size.

Vegan chocolate lovers will really enjoy this hamper which is stuffed full of The Raw Chocolate Company goodies. There are larger bags, snack packs and bars of chocolate all included. There are packets of chocolate coated goji berries, ginger, almonds, mulberries and raisins in large and snack sizes of some as well. There are also six bars of chocolate – salted vanoffee hazelnut, silky coconut, mint mania, pitch dark, vanoffee and koffee kapow.

It can be a lot of fun to give a gift that is unexpected or unusual. This one features a selection of items crafted out of chocolate. The items look realistic such as a bottle opener, grater, knife, cheese etc and they are actual size. However, they can all be eaten as they are made from fine grade Trintario cocoa-based chocolate which is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The items are solid and they come in a recyclable card box with a biodegradable film window.

This food and wine hamper comes packed in a traditional wicker basket. It contains a bottle of red wine with a selection of foods to go with it. There is a box of mixed chocolates,  lemon biscuits, chocolate fudge, chocolate wafer rounds, cheese crackers, ground coffee and afternoon tea. The hamper can be sent directly to the recipient with a personalised gift message of your choice (and no invoice included).

A hamper full of award-winning goodies can make a great gift. This one has all savoury items too which is great for anyone that does not have a sweet tooth or cannot eat sweet foods. It contains chutney, crackers, olives, smoked almonds, pasta, breadsticks, nuts, coffee and vinegar. It is gift wrapped by hand and can include a personal message if you are sending it directly to the recipient.

Alcohol is often included in hampers but not everyone drinks it. Therefore, this one does not contain any. It has a Belvoir elderflower presse as well as foods to go with it. It has Belgian chocolates, caramel and white chocolate popcorn, baked apple and custard biscuits, crackers, mustard wafers, dry roasted peanuts, breakfast coffee and afternoon tea. They come in a wicker hamper and can be sent directly to the recipient with a free personalised gift message.

This is a wine and cheese hamper which has a good selection of different items. It has a bottle of red and white wine and there is cheese, relish, crisps and crackers to go with it. There are also sweet treats such as chocolate, biscuits, shortbread, coffee, tea and many other items as well. It is hand-packed and can be sent out with a free personalised gift message.

It can be great fun to send out this very tall gift tower. It is 73cm tall and comes in a stack of five reusable boxes tied with a  ribbon. Inside the boxes, there are 22 premium items such as fudge, chutney, popcorn, flapjack, coffee, fruit cake, cookies, chocolate brazils, pate, spiced nuts, oatcakes and many more items. Looks lovely when it arrives and tastes really good too!

Red wine is the feature of this hamper which is a hand wrapped food basket. There are also cheddar cheese twists, Yorkshire crisps, double chocolate biscuits, fruit and nut slab cake, steamed lemon pudding, milk chocolate pudding bar and chocolate truffles. They all come in a handwoven organic seagrass tray which could be used for serving items such as fruit or nuts afterwards. Comes in a cardboard outer.

An award-winning Merlot is the star of this hamper basket. The bottle comes with other award-winning goodies such as gourmet popcorn, chocolate-coated caramels and lightly salted crisps. There are also raisin and cocoa biscuits, dry roasted peanuts and milk, white and dark chocolates. They all have been chosen as they go well with the wine. They are hand wrapped and can be sent directly with a personal message of your choice.

Whisky lovers will enjoy receiving this hamper. It contains four miniatures of whiskey in different brands. It also contains a personalised glass for which you can choose the text. There are also other foods included. There is Gnaw fudge crunch milk chocolate, malt whisky hand-cut smooth fudge, whisky and cola humbugs and caramel macchiato and whisky popcorn. They all come in a hamper with an antique wash look and black shred with two straps.

Gold gift boxes give a look of opulence to this hamper. There are eight round gift boxes tied with a gold ribbon. They are stacked with lots of different items such as butterscotch cookies, milk chocolate truffles, rich fruit cake, chocolate-dipped fudge, flapjack, caramel and sea salt fudge, chocolate tablet, after dinner mints, chocolate-coated brazils, milk chocolate caramels, butter shortbread, chocolate milky crisp pieces, hazelnut pralines, smarties, chocolate caramels and chocolate eclairs.

Gift baskets can be a treat for many people. This one has a selection of different items in such as three boxes of Duchy organic biscuits, Mr Filberts olives, Mrs Darlingtons lemon curd, Duchy Original preserve, pickle, coffee, mayonnaise and ketchup. They all come in a wicker basket which is 43 x 31 x 19 and could be reused as a picnic hamper or used as a handy storage basket.

A traditional British food hamper can go down a trat. This one has a selection of items from artisan producers. It includes shortbread, tea, fudge, chocolate bars, crispbread, nuts, crisps, chocolate chips, crackers, jam, coffee, mustard, biscuits, apple crisps and more. There is a lovely selection all presented in a branded box and hand-tied with a ribbon. There is the option of including a personalised gift card.

Indulgent hampers can be a lovely treat. This one has a selection of gourmet food and drinks including a bottle of champagne and red wine. It also has lemon biscuits, oyster, chilli & lemon crisps, whiskey Dundee cake, kalamata olives, truffles and more. There is also coffee and tea included as well as jams and preserves, chocolate and fudge. They all come in a basket and can include a personalised gift note.

Cheese lovers will enjoy tucking into this hamper. It has ten different kinds of cheese with different flavours included as well as two chutneys and biscuits. The flavours of cheese are ginger, strongest, tomato and basil, smoked, garlic and herbs, limoncello, garlic, hot and spicy, red onion and two smoking barrels. The chutneys are red onion marmalade and sweet apple & cider. The biscuits are golden vegetable crackers. They all come in a box with a bow printed on it.

A London icon gift box encases this traditional selection of goodies. Included are two bars of Willies Cacao a Venezuelan gold and milk of the gods, Grate Britain cheddar biscuits, Miller’s Elements firecrackers, Cotswold Fudge crumbly tablet, raspberry and vanilla jam, red onion chutney, air-dried apple slices, all-butter shortbread and the real smoke nut company hickory smoked almonds and cashews. A lovely selection of British treats all suitable for vegetarians.

Wine and cheese is a traditional pairing and so makes a great basis for a hamper. As well as a bottle of Merlot and Isle of Arran Cheddar, this hamper also has caramelised cashews, salted pretzel twists, olive and oregano bruschetta bites, focaccia bread thins, mustard crackers, cheddar biscuits, venison pate with cognac, wholegrain mustard and chutney. They all come in a gold box with a gold ribbon so look really good when they arrive.

Whisky lovers will enjoy this hamper which includes a small bottle of 12-year-old Doublewood from The Balvenie distillery. It also comes with a box of The Fine Cheese Company rosemary and extra virgin olive oil crackers, a truckle of Snowdonia Cheese Company Black Bomber and a whiskey Dundee cake. They all come in a wicker tray which is reusable with the option of including a personalised gift message.

Gin is very much in vogue at the moment and so there are a lot of people that would enjoy this gin and tonic hamper. Not only does it include a bottle of Tarquin’s handcrafted Cornish gin with two Fever Tree tonic waters but there are food items too. There are coconut and hazelnut biscuits, gin-infused fudge, gin and tonic popcorn and sea salt milk chocolate. They are hand-wrapped with a pretty bow.

The vintage-style food and wine chest makes a lovely gift. Inside there is a selection of 24 different items. There is a bottle of red wine, English breakfast tea bags, pasta fusilli, chocolate selection, chocolate-covered cremes, peanuts, oat crumbles, pate, flatbreads, mulled spice mix, preserves in strawberry, blackberry and raspberry flavours, pasta sauce, Christmas pudding, cranberry sauce, chutney, relish, shortbread fingers, savoury oat biscuits, and three chocolate bars in white, milk and dark.

Cider drinkers will enjoy receiving this hamper which has a bottle each of Orchard Pig truffler and charmer cider in it. It also contains three truckles of cheese – extra mature cheddar, mature cheddar with garlic and herbs and a Cotswold brie. There are crackers, cashews and chutney to go with them. Sweet treats include shortbread, strawberry jam and a Swiss chocolate selection. They all come in a lidded willow basket with integrated handles.

Traditional items tend to be a hit when presented in a gift hamper. In this one there are fifteen different items. There is a bag of fusilli pasta, pasta sauce, apricot halves, Border biscuits, Fentimans traditional lemonade Twinings English breakfast tea, mulled spices, shortbread fingers, cocktail gherkins, Strawberry creams, Pickle, stuffed olives. Savoury biscuits, cranberry sauce and fruit cake. They all come in a quality wicker basket which can be reused.

Wine lovers will enjoy this hamper. It contains a selection of different bottles of wine. There are three bottles of red wine and two bottles of white wine with a Prosecco also included. They come in a very stylish black box and are hand packed. They can be sent with a free gift message if you are sending it directly to the recipient with no pricing or invoice included.

Nutella and Kinder fans will enjoy this heart-shaped surprise box. Inside the box, there are 24 mini jars of Nutella all 25g in size and 14 Kinder surprise chocolate eggs all 20g in size. They are arranged prettily in the box which is red and heart-shaped. Would make a romantic gift but also a kind gesture for anyone that loves these two products or is just generally a chocolate fan.

A red wine hamper will go down well with anyone that is a big fan. This one has three bottles from around the world. There is an Argentinian Malbec, New Zealand Pinot Noir and a Spanish Rioja. They come together in an elegant gift box which is plain black in colour. It can be sent straight to the recipient with a free personalised gift message if you wish.

If you are looking for a hamper without alcohol then this one may suit you well. It has a non-alcoholic spirit included with it as well as two bottles of Indian tonic water. There are also foods to accompany the drink. There are traditional hand baked biscuits, chocolate wafer rounds, flaked almond shortbread, gourmet fudge, a box of chocolates, kalamata olives, crackers, ground coffee and more. They all come in a wicker basket.

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