33 Gift Ideas for Triathlon Fans

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There are many people these days that enjoy taking part in triathlons, either on an amateur or elite basis. If you know anyone that does then you might be on the lookout for gifts that will suit them and relate to their interest. It may not always be easy to find things though but we have put together a list of items that we think would make really great gifts and therefore you may like to choose from. There is a big choice so you should be able to find something suitable. They also vary in price so you should be able to find something to suit your budget.

33 Presents for Triathlon Competitors

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For someone that wins medals for their triathlons then this medal hanger could make a great gift. It is made of stainless steel and has a fun design with a swimmer, runner and cyclist on it. It is 3mm thick, 66mm high and 320mm long and so can hold about 20 medals so that they can be displayed. It comes with fixtures and fittings to hang it on the wall.

A mug can make a useful gift and this one has a picture of a swimmer, cyclist and runner on it and says ‘Triathlete (noun) a person who makes exercise 3x harder than it needs to be’. It is white ceramic with a black print on it. It is 11oz in size and is dishwasher and microwave friendly so gives a decent-sized drink and is easy to use and keep clean.

T-shirts make great gifts and this one is fun too. It says on it ‘Triathlete someone who doesn’t understand that one sport is hard enough’. It comes in a choice of colours and in fits and sizes suitable for men, women and children. It has short sleeves with a round collar. It is made from cotton and polyester so is soft and comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

Lacing shoes is not an option when doing triathlons you have to just slip them on as quickly as possible. This is where these Race Lace laces could be very useful. They are made from elastic which means that they do not need to be tied and untied. They can be pulled to size and locked and then the shoes will always be the right fit. There is everything you need included in the pack.

Energy and recovery products can be important if you are exercising a lot and this pack of items is designed specifically for triathletes. It is a nutrition selection with energy, hydration and recovery products. It includes a 750ml drinks bottle and a race belt that holds gel packs and a race number. The pack also includes drinks, gels and energy bars all with great flavours for before, during and after racing.

Those that do sports may often find it tricky to dry out their trainers and this could be a good solution for them. They are called Boot Bananas and they absorb moisture without heat or electricity. They just need to be inserted into the shoes and they will dry them out. They will fully dry out shoes and boots in as little as 4 hours. They can even be used for drysuits too.

T-shirts are fun to give and most people wear them. This one has a heartbeat design with a swimmer, cyclist and runner on it. It is short-sleeved and comes in fits suitable for men, women and children in various sizes. It has a round neck and a casual fit. The cotton and polyester mix fabric is lightweight and comfortable to wear as well as easy to wash.

Any cyclist might find this special bike repair kit useful. It is a 16 in 1 function tool and accessories which come in a handy bag. It includes screwdrivers, wrench, tyre repair items and glueless puncture repair kit. It is compact which means that it can easily fit in a rucksack, pocket or saddlebag and will allow the cyclist to do quick repairs while they are on the go.

A triathlon themed notebook could go down well with those that take part in the sport. This one has sections so that it is easy to plan, note down thoughts and generally record information. There are pictures inside as well as prompted pages for information such as to-do lists, calendars, etc. It has 208 pages and the cover is durable and has a spiral binding with an elastic band closure. It is A5 size.

Having a decent bag for your sports kit can be very handy. This one comes in a selection of colour options and is useful for lots of types of sport including triathlon. It is waterproof and has lots of sections so you can keep different items separated. This means that you can separate clean and dry items from wet ones. It is 39 x 24 x 24cm in size and has a sturdy plastic base.

Some athletes like to have a watch to track their performance. This Garmin brand watch can do just that. It will play songs that you download onto it including playlists from music platforms. It also measures heat, altitudes, training load focus, recovery time, aerobic and anaerobic training efforts and other stats. It also has Garmin contactless payment solution with it. It has onboard maps and safety tracking features. It has a 240 x 240 pixel display.

It can be lovely to be able to display medals that are received in different events. This plain bar hanger will allow them to be hung up by their ribbons. It is brushed stainless steel and so will not rust or corrode and is coated with black powder to give it a stylish look. It is 2mm thick and it comes with the necessary fixtures and fittings to hang it on the wall.

A pop socket can be a useful item to have. It will make it easier for you to grip your mobile device but can also open out to make a stand for use when watching videos or making video calls. This one is mainly black but has ‘Tri’ on it with a swimmer, cyclist and runner displayed on it. It would therefore be a very appropriate item to give to a triathlete.

A fun mug can make a good gift as it is useful as well as entertaining. This one is black and says on it ‘How to be a triathlete don’t drown don’t crash don’t walk’. The writing is in white and there is a blue swimmer, yellow cyclist and red runner pictured. It is 11oz in size and ceramic. The image is printed on both sides which means that it is suitable for left and right-handed people.

Any cyclist, including those that do triathlons, may find this multitool useful. It is designed specifically for mending bikes and includes tyre levers, spoke keys, chain tool, wrench, hex and screwdriver. It attaches to the bike so that you will always have it with you. It works for all types of bike and is made from reinforced nylon and stainless steel so is durable. It comes boxed so is ready to wrap and gift.

Wallart can make a great gift and this piece has a triathlon theme. It depicts a swimmer, cyclist and runner with a union jack pattern all on a white background. However, it is possible to personalise it and choose a different backing such as a map or other flag. You can also select whether you want it unframed or choose a frame to go with it. It is 406 x 203mm in size.

A towel can be a handy item to have for triathletes. This one has a triathlon theme with a drawing and ‘run it ride it swim it’ written on it. It comes in two colour options and is 49 x 73cm in size. It is compact though and fits into a case that is 9 x 13cm so is easily portable. It is fast drying as well and moisture-wicking so convenient to use.

If you want to give a medal then this triathlon themed one can be personalised. It has pictures of swimming, running and cycling on it and is available in bronze silver or gold colouring. It is made from a zinc alloy and is 3mm thick. It comes with a ribbon and you can choose the colour. The medal has the word ‘triathlon’ repeated around the edge of it.

It can be handy to have a belt to hold your number when you are racing. This saves it from having to be pinned onto clothing. This belt not only has spring-loaded toggles to attach the number, but it also has reflective strips on it. There are also elasticated gel holders as well. It is easy to remove with a quick-release clasp and it has an adjustable fit.

Swimming goggles are essential for those doing triathlons. This pair is suitable for adults and have UV protected lenses that are mirrored and anti-fog. They come with a silicone head strap that is adjustable so that they can be altered to fit snugly. They come with a storage case that has a handy carabiner clip on it and it will prevent the lenses from getting scratched and therefore mean the goggles will last a long time.

This sports bag is specifically designed for triathletes. It has eight different compartments which means that it is easy to organise and separate items. It comes in a selection of colour options. It has waterproof wet and dry compartments to keep swimming kit apart from other items. The outer fabric is water repellent. It has a padded back panel for comfort and is 50 x 34 x 21cm in size.

Triathletes that enjoy a drink, will like this bottle opener shaped like a bicycle. It is a cute novelty item that actually works. It is 10 x 12 x 1.9cm in size and the back wheel can open bottles. It is made of stainless steel but is a coppery colour. It comes in an adorable gift box with ribbon and gift card and so is perfect for sending directly as a gift or handing over.

Keyrings can be handy gifts to give and this one is put together especially for triathletes. It has a series of little pendants on it which are all a shiny antiqued silver colour. There is an engraved disc which says ‘never ever give up!’, a swimmer, a bike and a running shoe. They measure between 1.5 and 3cm. It comes in an organza bag so is all ready for gifting.

Gloves can be useful when cycling, to keep the hands warm but you will need ones that are suitable. These are thermal and warm but they are specifically designed to wear when cycling. They have a non-slip palm so they will grip well and a zip fastening so they are snug-fitting. They also have touch screen fingers so you do not have to remove them to use a phone or smartwatch.

Road signs can be fun to give so that they can be hung on a wall. This one says ‘Cross Triathlon Dr’ on it. It is green with a white border and white writing on it. It is made of aluminium and is 10 x 45cm in size. It will not rust or corrode and you can drill holes in it to hang it up. It is waterproof and so can be used outside as well as indoors.

Drinks coasters are useful and practical items that will protect furniture from hot or cold cups, but they can be fun too. This one is white with black wording as the background which says ‘I love’. Then in the foreground, it says ‘I [heart] triathlon’ in black writing with a red heart. It is square with rounded corners and 9 x 9 cm in size with a tough MDF back and a glossy wipe clean front.

A mouse mat can be useful for protecting surfaces from a mouse as well as allowing the mouse to work more freely. This one is blue and printed on it is a white crown with white writing that reads; ‘keep calm and love triathlon’ on it. It is full-colour printing and the mat has a fabric finish that will be comfortable to use. It is 235 x 197mm in size and 4.5mm thick.

Triathletes that have a sweet tooth will enjoy this retro sweet tin. It has a blue lid that reads ‘keep calm and love triathlon’ on it. Inside the tin, there is a selection of retro sweets including lollipops, fizz wiz, flying saucer, drumsticks, refreshers, fruit salad and blackjacks. The mini tin is 6 x 12cm in size and could be reused for keeping tiny trinkets or refilled with more sweets.

Evolution designs are popular these days and this one is for triathlon and is printed on a t-shirt. It shows man evolving to a swimmer, cyclist then runner on it. The t-shirt is available in fits and sizes suitable for men, women and children and comes in a choice of five colours. It has a short-sleeves and a round neck. It is made from 100% cotton and is therefore comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

Hoodies are popular with lots of people and this one says ‘swim bike run’ on the front of it with figures swimming, cycling and running. It is black with white print on it and comes in sizes small – 2XL. It has a black drawstring around the hood and long sleeves with a kangaroo pouch pocket. It is made from cotton and polyester so will keep its shape and be warm and comfortable to wear.

A pillowcase can be a useful item to gift and this one has been designed specifically with triathletes in mind. It is white and has black print on it that says ‘swim hard bike hard run hard triharder’. It is printed with ink that will remain vibrant and last a long time. It is 27 x 16 inches in size and is made from cotton and polyester. This means that it is easy to wash and iron.

Travel mugs are useful for drinking on the go. This one is stainless steel and a silver colour with ‘keep calm and love triathlon’ on it in blue. It has a black plastic base, lid and handle which keep cool and the lid swivels to reveal a drinking hole. Otherwise, it is non-spill. It is 150mm high and 85mm in diameter and will fit in a car cup holder.

Cufflink wearers that take part in triathlons may enjoy these as a gift. The cufflinks are made by Ashton and Finch and they are triangular. They have a black background with three figures on. One is swimming, one is cycling and one is running. They are made from brass which means that they are durable and should last a long time. They come in a gift box so there is not even a need to wrap them up!

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