26 Thank You Presents For All Ages

By Louise
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When someone does you a good turn, it is sometimes nice to give them a thank you gift. It is not always easy to know what to get for them though and so we have put together a list of suggestions. We have picked a big selection of items so that there will be something for every taste and budget. This means that whether it is a young or old person and whatever they like to do, you will be able to find something that will suit them and that they will like as well as showing how grateful you are to them.

26 Presents to Say Thank You

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If you want to really show how much you appreciate someone then this heart-shaped plaque could be the gift for you to give. It is a mini widen plaque that is 10 x 9.5 cm and has a hanging cord on it. It has a sentimental message on it expressing gratitude. It is designed to be used as a gift tag on a present or to hang around the neck of a bottle.

Someone who likes ornaments will appreciate this rose with a Swarvoski crystal on it. It has a shiny silver appearance and the crystal is in the centre. It has a heart resting on the stand with ‘thank you’ written on it. It is 8 x 3 x 3cm in size and is plated. It comes in a box which is plastic so it can be viewed through the box.

Candles make lovely gifts as they can be used as an ornament or burned to produce a relaxing atmosphere in the home. This one is in a glass jar that has a heart on it. The red heart has the words ‘thank you so much’ on it in gold foil lettering. The candle is 7.5cm high and 7.5cm wide at its widest point. It has a 25 hour burn time and comes in a protective gift box.

Keyrings can be great for keeping with your keys as well as using as bag charms or keepsakes. This one is made from stainless steel and has two pendants on it. One says ‘thank you’ with a heart on it. The other says ‘may you be proud of the work you do, the person you are, and the difference you make’. It comes in a velvet jewellery pouch.

Willow Tree make distinctive ornamental angels. This one is standing in a long white dress and holding a sign which says ‘thank you’. The sign is made from twisted wire which matched the wings which are also twists of wire. The figure is 5.5 inches in size and is designed to show love, closeness, healing, courage and hope. A card is enclosed with it which says ‘with sincere thanks’.

Tatty Teddy is a design from Me to You and this one is a very cute stuffed version which is holding a colourful sign that reads ‘thank you’. It measures 9 x 9 x 12cm and has grey fur with the classic blue nose and sewn patches. It is an official product and a lovely way to express thanks to someone who appreciates cute and cuddly things. It is suitable for adults and children over three years of age.

Most people enjoy chocolates and these are the finest Belgian ones. They come in a box which says ‘Just for you Thanks a Million You’re Great!’ on the front of it with a pretty leaf design. The box contains six chocolates which are all different and a mix of white, milk and dark, so there should be something that will suit all tastes. The box measures 11.5 x 9 x 4cm.

Jewellery can make a lovely gift and this bracelet comes on a card which says ‘Just because I wanted to say thank you’. It is a silver and rose gold plated bracelet which has three roses on it, two are silver and one is gold. The bracelet is E-coated which will prevent any tarnishing and so it will stay in lovely condition for a long time. It comes in a gift box.

Cute items can make lovely gifts. This is a miniature glass block that has been painted with ‘thank you x’ and a design with four flower pots. It is 4 x 4 x 0.6cm so it is really cute as well as colourful. It has been hand-painted after the design is sandblasted onto it A really lovely item that would make a great keepsake or ornamental item.

A jar of thanks is an unusual but fun gift. It is a small jar and inside there are mini notes which all express thanks in different ways. They are each rolled up like a scroll with a ring on them to keep them neat and tidy in the jar. The jar is 84mm tall and comes presented inside an organza bag and in a box so it is all ready to hand over.

Daisies are flowers that a lot of people like and so they may appreciate this daisy necklace. It is silver plated with Swarovski crystals in the flower centre. The necklace comes on a card that has a space to write who it is to and from. It also says ‘Thank you for helping me grow’. It comes in a branded gift bag so is ready to hand over as a special present.

Mugs are useful gifts to give to people and this one has a thank you message on it as well. It is white and with black printing on it that reads ‘you are appreciated! Thank you for all that you do’. It is made from high grade ceramic and the design is on both sides of the mug which means that it is suitable for left and right-handed people to be able to use.

Personalised items can be really special and this glass plaque can have a message of your choice on it. It says ‘thank you’ in the middle with a star design and you are able to put your own words below. It is 90 x 125mm in size and comes with a stand so it can be displayed on a shelf, table or desk. It is a small size and so a cute item to give.

Pens are something that everyone needs to use. This one has ‘thank you’ printed on it and so makes a great gift. It is black in colour with silver detailing and print. It comes in an elegant black box that is hinged and has a ribbon to hold the pen in place. The pen twists to open and writes with black ink, so is suitable for any use.

Thanking a best friend is something that many people will want to do. This special tealight candle holder is designed to do just that. There are two places to put candles in the wooden stand and it has a message on it saying ‘To my bestie because of you, I laugh a little harder cry a little less and smile a lot more thank you for being my unbiological sister’.

If you are looking for a letterbox gift then this could work out well. It is a silver cardboard box with ‘thank you’ in brightly coloured lettering on it. It contains 18 varieties of sweets. They are all retro brands including candy sticks, love hearts, popping candy, double dip, chews, drumsticks, fizzers, parma violets, refresher chews, wham, blackjacks, fruit salad, rainbow dust straws, wine gums, flumps and a Haribo star mix bag.

Ornaments are valued by some people and so if the person you want to thank likes them then they may enjoy this gift. It is a porcelain heart in which with a simple flower design that says ‘thank you for being so amazing’. The heart measures 13.7 x 6cm in size and has a hole in the top with a loop through to hang it up. It could be given as it is or used to hang around the neck of a bottle.

Rainbows have been used for a few years now to thank NHS staff and this rainbow print is designed for that. It can be personalised with a name so it can be given to a specific NHS worker to thank them for their commitment. The rainbow is a word art design with relevant words in it. It can be printed in A5 or A4 size and is on quality 200gsm paper.

Many people enjoy a glass of wine and having a special glass to drink it from can make a big difference. This is a long-stemmed glass with a red base and the words ‘thank you’ on the bowl with a pretty flower design. It is hand-painted and so very special. It is 325ml in size and has a height of 19.5cm. It is well packed in a sturdy tube.

Makeup bags can be handy and then even be used for general storage or art materials. This one is made from cotton canvas material with a floral design and the words ‘You’re awesome keep that sh*t up’ on it. It is 9 x 7 x 2.6 inches in size with a heavy-duty zipper on the top. It should therefore last a long time even if it is used a lot.

Chocolates are enjoyed by most people and this is a pack with lots. There are 50 individually wrapped chocolate Neapolitans and they each have an attractive silver wrapper on them that says ‘thank you’ and has a pattern on it. They are therefore a great buy if you want to give a small gesture to a lot of people to thank them all. The chocolates are gluten-free.

Reed diffusers are a lovely way to scent a room and they look pretty too. This set has a blue glass base with ‘thank you’ written on it and also says ‘thank you’ on the elegant blue box. It has a fig fragrance which means that it should be a scent that most people will like. The diffuser is 100ml and will therefore last a long time.

Sometimes a card is enough to express your thanks to someone. Therefore, it can be handy to have a set of thank you cards available. This set contains 40 cards with envelopes. They are blue with a silver foil script on them so simple and will work for anyone and for any occasion. They are 12.7 x 10.2cm in size and come in a box. The cards are blank inside.

Flowers can be a lovely way to express thanks. This is a special pink and white display that have been put together to express thanks or for any other occasion. You can add a gift message with the bouquet to express your thanks to the person that you are sending them to. The flowers come wrapped in some pink flower paper with a packet of flower food to help them to last longer.

If you are looking for an unusual thank you gift then this clock could be just right. It has a rainbow design and has the words ‘thank you’ on it. It is 30 x 30cm in size and is made of wood with black plastic hands and a printed design. It has a silent mechanism so no annoying tick. It is lightweight and uses an AA battery. It is easy to hang.

This children’s book is called ‘The Thank You Book’ and is by Mo Willems. It is a story about Piggie who wants to thank everyone. His friend Gerald is worried that he will forget to thank someone, someone important. It is a lovely book to teach children about saying thank you and has lovely pictures and a simple story that younger readers will enjoy. It comes in hardback format.

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