15th Wedding Anniversary Presents

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The fifteenth wedding anniversary is a special anniversary and considered a milestone anniversary, celebrated with glitter and sparkle in the form of crystal. We have put together a list of recommended gifts that can be given between the couple or to the couple from family or friends. This will help you choose the perfect gift. Of course there are a significant amount of crystal themed gifts to choose from but also novelty clothing gifts and cards. The crystal themed gifts include photo frames, cufflinks, necklaces and candle holders. You cannot go wrong choosing a gift from this list of suggestions.

35 Gifts for a 15th Wedding Anniversary

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A gorgeous gift that will not only look beautiful but also create the perfect ambience for date night. This bottle light has been handcrafted and has the wording ’15 years, 2 hearts, 1 love – Happy Anniversary’ on the centre front of the bottle. The text is in black and also features a black floral design which encapsulates the text. This standard sized bottle and can be customised with the couple’s first name.

A set of anniversary items in celebration of the fifteenth wedding anniversary gift. This set is sure to remind the husband of who is in charge! There are two mugs and two coasters that are included in this set. The mugs and coasters are white. The black wording on the mugs and coasters are ’15 years of being Mr Right,’ and 15 years of being Mrs Always Right.’

A pair of mugs in celebration of the fifteenth wedding anniversary! Made from ceramic these standard sized mugs feature the words ’15th Wedding Anniversary on the front of the mugs. These mugs will create a long lasting, daily memory of the fifteenth wedding anniversary celebrations. Delivered in secure and attractive packaging, this gift is ready to wrap.

An absolutely wonderful present to gift the happy couple. The feature of this artwork is the gorgeous tree depicted in a bronze colour with branches and leaves. On the tree are three silver looking hearts with text that can be personalised, with the date of the wedding and first names of the couple. At the bottom of the tree are the words ’15 years.’ Lots of diamantes complete the finish.

This gorgeous rose plant will make a lovely gift for the happy couple celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary. White in colour, this rose plant can grow up to just under one metre and is delivered in a black pot with soil. Care instructions, information about this rose bush and a gift card come with this plant. This lovely plant will be the gift that just keeps on giving.

A rose that will never die! In the crystal theme, associated with the fifteenth wedding anniversary, this rose stands at nine centimetres with a depth and width of four centimetres. The rose flower uses the renowned Swarovski crystals. Also featured are a couple of leaves alongside a banner with the words ’15th wedding anniversary,’ and a metal base of which the flower stands on.

A lovely card for the happy couple, this card measures 12.7 cm width by 17.8 cm length. The card is white with a silver-coloured text. On the front of the card are the words ’15 years together – Crystal – symbolises – happiness, contentment, love.’ A crystal heart features in the middle of the card. In the inside of the card are the words ‘Happy Anniversary.’ An envelope comes with the card.

Another gorgeous gift suggestion! This crystal bottle stopper will make a lovely gift on its own or alongside a bottle of bubbly. The stopper is silver, and cone shaped whilst the crystal is ball shaped. This bottle stopper is beautifully presented in a black gift box with the brand name and logo on the top of the box in silver writing. The length of the bottle stopper is fifty-three millimetres.

One for your other half who is a gamer! The T-shirt has the words ‘Level 15 – Complete,’ in white text on the front, with an illustration of a gaming controller on a multicoloured background. This T-shirt is available for both men and women and in various sizes from small to triple extra large. It is also available in a wide range of attractive colour choices.

A fifteenth wedding anniversary gift for your husband! A lovely pair of crystal themed cufflinks. Discreet yet glittering, the part of the cufflink on show is made using Svaroski crystak and is circular. Whilst the rest of the cufflink is made using a silver material. These fetching, quality and elegant cufflinks will make a perfect gift for your other half on your special day.

A stunning elegant timeless piece of crystal will make a wonderful gift for the happy couple celebrating their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Made from crystal, this design features a vase in traditional silver coloured crystal with four red rosebuds and green leaves. This gift measures one hundred and fourteen millimetres high with a width of seventy nine millimetres.

A time themed gift for the couple’s anniversary. This clock is an off-white colour with a black design and black Roman Numerals. A crystal is illustrated in the centre of the clock face. This gift can be personalised with the couple’s first names and date of their wedding or even the date of their fifteenth wedding anniversary. The words ‘Happy 15th Crystal Wedding Anniversary.’

A super sized cushion for the happy couple to snuggle up to for movie nights. Measuring four hundred and fifty millimetres by length and width this square shaped cushion can be customised with their surname and date of their wedding or anniversary, to make a gift personal for the couple. The text on the white cushion is in black and says ‘Mr and Mrs – sharing the sofa for 15 years.’

A gift on their own or with a bottle of complimentary bubbly for the couple to share on their special day. This pair of Crystal champagne flutes made by this well respected and established brand Dartington Crystal, are nearly twenty-two centimetres high including the base, stem and cup. The words on the front of the glasses are endearing and in joined up writing.

This whiskey glass is made from crystal and will be a great gift for the whiskey drinker on their anniversary. On the front of the glass you can personalise the glass with your own message of up to one hundred and twenty five characters over five lines. You can also choose from two types of gift boxes that your gift will be presented in. Either a standard blue box or a luxury box with silk lining.

This attractive card is for the couple celebrating fifteen years of marriage. On the front of the card is the text ‘Crystal Anniversary – 15 – With love on a special day.’ The drawing on the front shows two champagne glasses filled with champagne and decorated with glitter and some crystal diamantes. A cork is shown in the background. Measuring one hundred and sixty millimetres width by length, this is a great card choice.

A necklace with lots of branded crystals perfect for the fifteenth wedding anniversary celebrations. The chain is a grey metal type. The pendant is in a heart shape and has a mix of crystal and plain silver outline, with sentimental and meaningful words imprinted. In the inside of the heart outline is a turquoise-coloured gem. The pendant measures 2.5 cm height with a width of 2.15 cm.

A super cute gift for the couple on their special day. These handcrafted bears measure just under sixteen centimetres tall each and are made from crystal. Both bears feature a heart on their tummies. On one bear the heart is coloured red and on the other bear, blue. Black beading type material is used for the outline of their faces. They are securely delivered, packaged in bubble wrap and stored in a gift box.

A gorgeous and classy glass for the lady who likes to drink gin. The cup part of the glass has a design of a heart outline with some crystal decoration. This glass comes delivered in a pink coloured container ready to gift once wrapped. A good size and delicate, yet of superb quality, this glass will make a perfect anniversary gift for your partner on your special day.

This keepsake will look great hung up in the couple’s home. With a primary colour of grey and made using a timber product, the sign in the shape of a heart. On the top part of the heart, it is cut out to expose the words ’15 years together,’ with a lovely dove. On the bottom part is an illustration of a couple dancing. The middle section can be customised with the couple’s name and wedding date.

A pair of crystal candlestick holders that will be a lovely present to gift the couple on their fifteenth anniversary. The candle holders are embellished with crystals.  The base of the holders and main joining body are made from a grey metal material. These gorgeous candle holders will look just as lovely when not burning a candle. This gift comes packaged carefully for secure delivery.

A dazzling pair of cufflinks for your husband on your anniversary. In keeping with the crystal fifteenth wedding anniversary theme, the backs of the cufflinks are made from a grey metal material whilst the crystal element is an electric mix of blues. Each cufflink measures two centimetres in length by nearly one and half centimetres in width. Well-made and sturdy, these cufflinks are simply lovely.

A pretty photo frame to gift the couple celebrating their fifteenth year of marriage. The outer frame is made from a grey metal material followed by a layer of packed crystals. The inner frame that surrounds the photo is the same as the outer frame. This frame is sized at one hundred and twenty seven millimetres by one hundred and seventy eight millimetres. This frame can display horizontally or vertically.

A single wine glass for your husband or wife who enjoys a glass of wine. Made from crystal you can personalise this wine glass with your personal message to your loved one. This wine glass is securely packaged in a presentation container. The glass is great quality and durable whilst the white engraving is coherent. If buying for the couple you could purchase two and arrange co-ordinated engraving.

A novelty gift for your partner, these socks will not only keep the toes warm but also send a secret message! Made primarily from natural fibres, these socks are one size and will fit UK sizes 5.5 to 12.5. In a neutral colour, the writing on the bottom of socks says ‘If you can read this,’ then on the other sock ‘bring me chocolate.’ The text and illustrations of sweets and chocolate are in black.

A vastly different photo frame, this three-dimensional photo frame features crystal on the surround. You will need to choose a good quality photo of the couple, perhaps from the wedding day, and send. The photo will then be set into the frame in black and white. You can also choose to have text inserted onto the photo frame such as ‘Happy 15th Anniversary,’ or maybe the simplicity of the photo is enough.

This star shaped crystal paperweight is a beautiful gift. The top of the star can be customised with words of your choice over four lines up to a maximum of eighty characters. The outer width of this gift is just under eight centimetres with a depth of just under two centimetres. Beautifully presented, this gift is ready to be sent or given to the happy couple.

This 15th wedding anniversary card in a neutral colour with the writing in a pastel colour. The text says, ’15 years – 5475 days – 131400 hours – Happy Crystal Wedding Anniversary.’ A square card measuring one hundred and forty-seven millimetres by length and width. The texture of the card is unusual in that it is made from a traditionally soft luxury fabric. Delivered ready for your personal message to the couple and to send.

With a material similar to the candle holders recommended, this tea light candle holders come in a variety of sizes and either with a silver or gold colour. The candle holder has round balls, of a grey metal type material as feet for the holder to stand on. The body is made from multiple crystal balls attached to either. Circular in shape this particular holder measures eighty-five millimetres tall with a diameter of just under eighty millimetres.

This exquisite sun catcher is made from a metal material with crystals forming the main decorative elements. Measuring thirteen and a half centimetres long, there is a hook at the top of this sun catcher for easy fixing to the ceiling. At the end is a heart made from crystal material. in the middle section are multicoloured crystals – red, blue, green, yellow and clear crystals. Delivered in a secure and soft material container, this gift is truly perfect for the occasion.

A gift in keeping with the crystal theme, this crystal plaque is a fabulous item to gift the couple. This piece features three heart shaped balloons in white. Already engraved with the words ‘Happy 15th Anniversary,’ you can personalise with up to seventy-five characters over five lines to deliver a personal message to the couple. The item comes delivered in a presentation box with a soft fabric lining.

A clothing item for your ‘hard done by’ other half! This hoodie is suitable for both men and women and features the text ’15 years in and I haven’t killed him yet.’ Images of the marital rings and some hearts are also depicted on the front of this hoodie. This hoodie comes in black, navy, grey and purple and is available from a small size to double extra-large.

This crysal necklace is in the design of a heart with the number ’15’ on the top left hand corner of the heart. The heart pendant is made from crystal with the attaching and hanging part made from a grey coloured material that is a metal. The chain measures thirty eight centimetres length whilst the pendant is three centimetres length by width with a depth of four millimetres.

Another clothing item but for the wife with a public proclamation of love. This funny T-shirt has the words ‘I’ve endured 15 years of living with the loudest snorer and I still love him.’ Available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large and a range of seven colours – black, navy, red, green, grey, turquoise and purple. A novelty gift for you wife!

Perhaps a matching T-shirt but this one is for the husband. This novelty clothing item is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large and triple extra large. You can choose from five colour options – black, navy, brown, green and grey. The text on the front of the T-shirt is in white and denotes ’15 years in and I haven’t killed her yet!’

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