31 Gift Ideas for a 1st Wedding Anniversary

Updated on February 12th, 2021
By Louise
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The first wedding anniversary will always be a special anniversary with wonderfully happy memories of the Wedding Day. Paper is the traditional gift choice for the First Wedding Anniversary. As paper derives from wood we have a lot of gifts suggestions, that not only originate from paper but also wood, inkeeping with the traditional theme. We have personalised gifts, a sundial, clocks, photo frames, and even a hipflask. There is a survival kit, a dice containing different ‘together’ activities such as cooking for each other, and a colouring book. Whether you are looking for a gift for your other half for your wedding anniversary or for family or friends, we are quite sure you will find the perfect gift for them here.

First Wedding Anniversary Presents

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This gift made from paper is styled in design of a bouquet of roses. This item is eighty millimetres in diameter and is a wonderfully romantic gesture, and unlike fresh roses will last evermore. The paper is eco-friendly and made using reclaimed sheets of paper used to read music. The notes and bars are visible and just add another level of charm to this gift. This gift is handcrafted by Thai locals and therefore supporting underdeveloped local economies.

This really cool gift idea particularly when watching the pennies. There are two dice included in this set with each side of the dice representing a different sentimental date night option. Date night suggestions include ‘Watching the sunset go down,’ ‘Devices off, Just Chat,’ or ‘Cook for each other.’ This gift is presented beautifully in a black pouch and bag in a box, with a note inside included suggested instructions.

This sentimental keyring means that your loved one will never be far away from your thoughts. The first part has some beautiful words referring to love and the first anniversary whilst the second says ‘Happy 1st Anniversary. Made from a long lasting and durable metal alloy, the length of the keyring is 4 cm with a width of 2.5 cm. Presented in a lovely gift bag.

These cute pack of two coasters will make a lovely gift from loved ones to the happy couple on their first wedding Anniversary. The coasters are made from a tough material to ensure durability but that are also easy to keep clean. The coasters are white with black text saying ‘Happy Paper (1st) Anniversary, to a very special couple, may you be blessed for many years to come.’

This wooden plaque will be a much-loved gift by the happy couple on their first anniversary. The base is a light wood with a darker brown text. The words on the plaque include ’52 weeks of hugs and smiles,’ Cherish each other every day,’ and ‘365 days of long walks,’ and an illustration of a couple walking arm in arm. The plaque is square with a width and length of 15 cm and a depth of 2.7 cm.

This sun dial will serve as a beautiful reminder of the couple’s wedding day. The sun dial is white with the text and vertical stick in gold. The text on the face of the sundial can be customised for the lovely couple.  The width of the sundial is just under 16 cm with a depth of approximately 0.65 cm. The part of the sundial that creates the shadow comes out by 7.6 cm. This is a gift will withstand the test of time.

This hanging sign will suit every interior design and will be a fabulous present to gift the happy couple. The meaningful words talks about the strength of the marriage on the first wedding anniversary with a lovely border featuring red hearts. The length of the sign is twenty cm with a height of four cm and depth of approximately half a centimetre. The sign comes with a cord for easy fixing.

This charming gift comes in two parts. There is a wallet insert and a key ring which are made from a long-lasting alloy material. The wallet insert features beautiful words counting the first year of marriage in different time periods such as minutes and seconds with a section professing their love to their partner. The insert measures 8.6 cm length by 5.5 cm. The key ring features a solid heart and diamante pendant.

An anniversary gift for the partner who loves football and being married! This hip flask has a recycled wood look with metal at the top and bottom. There is an illustration of a football followed by the words ‘Married to you and football for 1 year,’ in a silver effect. This attractive looking hip flask will ensure that the love of their life is never forgotten whether that is football or their partner!

This is very pretty gift which will add class to any living area. The base is made from a dark wood and on the front of it has words in recognition of a happy first year of marriage. On top of the base stands an authentic metal non-symmetrical heart. This will truly make a lovely anniversary gift for the first year of marriage whether from one partner to the other or from family or friends.

This is a slightly different but an incredibly thoughtful wedding anniversary gift to give to your loved one or by your loved ones. This kit includes items such as a sweet, jigsaw pieces, tea bags and a pen to name just a few. Each item has a meaning that is outlined in the card that comes with the gift, for example, the tea bags resonate to the couple taking time out together.

This tiny gift will serve as a memento from the first wedding anniversary. This square shaped item measures four centimetres width by length with a depth of 0.6 cm. Made from glass this pretty gift features two love birds, one in a turquoise colour and the other purple with a red heart in between them. The birds are sat on a grey fence that depicts lots of white hearts. The words ‘First Anniversary’ are in white and sit above the birds.

This stylish clock will look stunning in the couple’s kitchen or other room in their home. The clock is all black aside from the hands which are red and the very centre of the clock which shows the gold inner workings of the clock. The design of the clock depicts a couple on their wedding making their vows with some pretty floral and heart pattern in the background. One double A battery is required and is not included.

Another clock but this one can be personalised with information such as the couple’s married name and the date of their wedding. You can also choose the colour of the chosen text and type of frame you would like from a number of different options. The clock has a floral design around the clock face. The length of this clock is thirty five centimetres and a width of thirty centimetres.

This white candle can be customised with the names of the married couple, the date of their wedding and a message from the person gifting this candle. It will make a lovely reminder of the wedding day and first anniversary. Of course, the couple may want to keep this gorgeous candle as a keepsake, and not light it but keep it as a pretty addition to their mantelpiece!

This endearing wallet card will keep a smile on the face of the lucky recipient. On a metal material, once customised it will feature the month and year of the wedding with two red hearts on either side, days of that month laid out and a red heart around the actual wedding day. The text ‘The Day my life changed’ is at the bottom of this card. All text is in black.

Another personalised gift but this time a lucky sixpence. This gift comes in a box of which the outer side is personalised with the recipient’s name. Underneath the name is a silver looking heart with the text ‘1st Wedding Anniversary,’ inside. At the bottom the words, ‘Lucky Sixpence’ are depicted in a banner with a star either side. Inside the box you will find the sixpence.

Of course every Anniversary needs some fun and this mug could provide some laughs, with the text ‘Today we celebrate the best decision you made’ on one side of the mug. This text is in black alongside the tiny writing at the bottom of the mug displaying ‘Happy Anniversary’ with a red heart. The mug itself is white and made from materials normally associated with this type of chinaware.

What wedding anniversary would be without a gift of a photo frame. This photo frame is made from grey faux leather and with an area for you to put the photo of your choice and text above and below the photo. Above the photo, the words ‘Our 1st Anniversary,’ are displayed, whilst underneath the text relates to the equivalent months of the year, in time periods all the way down to seconds.

This textured metal necklace will make a great gift to the love of your life for your first wedding anniversary. The circular pendant has a diameter of just over two centimetres and a depth of twenty millimetres. Words depicting how much love the person gifting this present has for their partner around the outside of the pendant with the words ‘1 year’ in the centre of the pendant.

This artwork illustrates two hearts with a red outline overlapping each other. At the bottom of the design the couple’s name and date of wedding are shown. Contained in the hearts are your choice of a place that is then transposed into a map format. For example, you may choose where you first met and where you got married. This item is available in three sizes, either small, medium or large and you can also choose what finish you would like.

This enchanting gift will be loved by your wife on your first wedding anniversary. This gift looks like a photo frame at first glance. But in the centre is the word ‘Wife,’ in a Scrabble format depicting the value of each letter in this word. The following text says ‘is only ten in scrabble, but you are everything to me. In a lovely neutral colour with a white frame, cream inner and white background to the text, this gift will be well received.

This is really special gift, meaningful, thoughtful and gorgeous. From the Willow Tree collection, this Modern Anniversary figurine design depicts the married couple sat on a log holding hands with the husbands arm around his wife’s. True to the collection, the colours are neutral consisting of white and various shadings of brown. Measuring just over 15 cm high, this gift comes in presentation box.

A rose that will last forever. This beautiful gift in a reflective metal material has a shoot coming off the stem with the words ‘1st Anniversary,’ the two leaves and finally the opened rose flower in a glittery and shining material. The height of this gift is just under nine centimetres and will brighten up any room in the home and can be displayed all year around.

This gift is just gorgeous and will be a permanent fixture in your bedroom or living area. In the shape of a wine bottle with fairy lights inside that light the bottle up blue when switched on. The text on the bottle presents the words ‘1 year, two hearts, one love,’ and ‘Happy 1st Anniversary.’ This gift can be personalised for the couples first names or married name to be displayed. A pretty floral design encompasses all the text.

This cute sign would look great in a kitchen or hanging over a wine bottle or main gift. The sign is made from timber and the words ‘Happy Anniversary’ is illustrated with a cute design of a couple holding hands with love hearts, in red. The next text is in black with the words ‘365 days together … but who’s counting with a winking face. Two hearts at the bottom of this sign complete the design.

The paperback colouring book and year planner features a whopping 178 pages of which fifty are dedicated to colouring. The front of this book is designed using a mix of bronze, silver and gold colours, with a heart and floral design. For context, the length of this book is just under 28 cm, with a width of 21.5 cm and depth of 1 cm. A lovely book to gift your partner.

This lovely wooden photo frame should take pride of place in the couple’s home. At the top of the frame is wording relevant to the couple’s first anniversary and underneath are where the couple’s name and wedding date can be added. At the bottom left of the frame are the words ‘Our Wedding Day,’ where a photo of the couple on their wedding day can be inserted.  Next is the text ‘Our first Anniversary’ and where a photo of the couple on their anniversary should be inserted.

This unusual gift is super cool. From a rock originating from the Cornish coastline, it is then reproduced into a silver looking rock. The text ‘You are my rock, 1 year,’ are depicted on the rock. This metal rock weight 0.2 of a kilogram. Aside from providing a lovely memory of the first wedding anniversary, this rock will look great on a desk and can be used as a paperweight.

This amazing, amazing gift could be used to display the words of the first song you danced to at your wedding reception. The artwork depicts the words of your chosen song in the shape of a record. In the centre the name and artist of the song is shown and you can personalise adding your name or personal message. A choice of colours is available. With just this print you are able to source and choose your own frame.

This lovely book has a wood produced front and back. On the front a red heart is also depicted with the words ‘One Year, Our story so far.’ Inside the book are around twenty five brown paper pages where you can place your favourite photos, tickets from your honeymoon and anything else that depicts the marvellous memories of your wedding, honeymoon and first year of marriage.

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