34 Presents for a 20th Wedding Anniversary

Updated on February 18th, 2021
By Eve
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A special milestone anniversary with a traditional gift theme for the twentieth wedding anniversary being China. You want to get the gift right but sometimes your mind can go blank, so that is where we come in to help. We have a humongous thirty four gift suggestions whether the gift is for your other half, your parents, your friends or for whomever is special to you and celebrating their special day. We are quite certain you will find the perfect gift for your loved one here. With a lot of personalised gift options that give you the opportunity to add your special words, but also non-personalised options such as cards, mugs and even live Rose bushes!

20th Wedding Anniversary Presents

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This gift requires a little bit of DIY which looks like fun! When put together this item is a blue and white plant pot with a photo of the couple in a heart and the words ‘Happy Anniversary,’ in a banner under the photo. Other words on the outer layer are ’20 years down – forever to go,’ and a breakdown of the marriage in different time periods from days all the way through to seconds.

A cute plaque to gift the happy couple celebrating twenty years of marriage. The words ’20 years married’ feature at the top of this sign with the marriage broken down into months through to seconds. You can choose the style of the plaque in terms of size and whether you want it framed and if so the colour of the frame. You can even choose to have this gift as a wooden block instead. This gift can be customised with their wedding date or anniversary date.

A cute set laying out who is in charge in the marriage! This set includes two mugs made from a China looking product which is apt with the twenty year anniversary gift theme. The coasters are matching to the mugs. On the first mug and coaster are the words ’20 years of being married – Mr Right,’ and on the second mug and coaster, ’20 years of being married – Mrs Always Right!’

This lovely card can either be to your other half or to the couple from family or friends. This is a square card that measures one hundred and sixty millimetres by length and width. The card itself is textured and a white colour, with the words ‘China – Happy 20th Anniversary – With love on a special day.’ Diamantes are added for that celebratory effect. All that needs doing is writing your own personal message, put in the envelope and send!

A very regal gift for the married couple on their special day. Two mugs made from China are included in this set. The white mugs feature a female Royal crown and the words ‘Her Ladyship,’ on the first mug and a male Royal crown on the second mug with the words ‘His Lordship.’ A pair of quality mugs with a celebratory theme, you cannot go wrong gifting this set of mugs.

This card is simply exquisite! A card for your husband or wife, this card is rectangular measuring 12.7 cm width by 17.8 cm length. On the front of the card against a white background are the text ’20 years together – China – symbolises – love, devotion, trust.’ Underneath the word ‘China,’ is a small decoration in the theme of China in keeping with the twentieth wedding anniversary.

A gorgeous rose plant for the couple that can be planted in their garden or put in a lovely plant pot. This rose plant is a deep and bright red colour and comes with guidelines on how to care for the rose plant and a card where you can put your personal message. This rose plant is called ‘China Wedding,’ and will make the milestone anniversary that extra bit special.

A keepsake in recognition of your special celebratory day! A mould created using a stone found in a cove in the South West of England, has been transformed into silver heart shaped item with some sweet words on the front and an outline of a heart. This item comes with a history of the original stone and a sign with meaningful words to your husband or wife.

A sweet matching gift to gift your partner in crime. This set includes two keyrings made using a silver metal. On the main section is the text ’20 years and counting,’ with an illustration depicting wedding rings inside a heart. These keyrings are quite large at five centimetres long with a width of just over one centimetre each meaning you should be easily able to find your keys when needed.

A T-shirt for the gamer in the partnership with the words in white, ‘Level 20 – Complete,’ on the background of a black gaming controller with a mirage of yellow, orange and red colours. Available in sizes small to triple extra large and suitable for both women and men. You can also choose from a range of five colours either, black, navy, dark grey, light grey or red.

A sentimental sign, in recognition of the longevity of the marriage that can be attached to a wall or other similar internal structure. The sign is in a heart shape and made from a timber material and measure one hundred millimetres length by width. The text on the front of the sign is in a mix of grey and red and is a declaration of love recognising the twenty year milestone. This gift will give a tear in the eye of the recipient.

A couple of champagne flutes to gift the couple on their twentieth wedding anniversary. These glasses are unusual in shape, perhaps traditional in nature and made from a translucent material. You can personalise these glasses with the number of years married, the couple’s first names, date of anniversary and a message from the heart, over four lines on the front of the glasses.

A humorous card for your husband or wife! With a blue background, the words making reference to the time the couple have been together and how they are in love and the words ‘Happy China Anniversary,’ appear on the front of the card along with two characters with faces, one in the shape of a blue tea cup and the other a pink saucer, that are holding hands with hearts in the air. A square shaped card of a good size.

A lovely gift for a family member or friend who are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary! This standard sized wine bottle has fairy lights inside, making a romantic light setting or comfortable background lighting. On the outside of the bottle are the words ’20 years, 2 hearts, 1 love – Happy 20th Anniversary.’ You can personalise this item so that the couple’s name feature. This gift requires batteries which are cleverly stored in the bottle stopper.

A loving gift that will never be far away from your other half. This gift fits snugly into a wallet and on the front, there is a lot of text. The text references the 20th anniversary and then breaks down the twenty years into different time periods and what values those periods have brought to the marriage, alongside a proclamation of love. This wallet insert is made from a silver based material.

An elegant sign that can be elevated against an internal wall or from the ceiling. The plaque is made from a timber product in a heart shape outline. Inside the heart are the words ’20 years,’ in the centre, and with two doves above the wording. Around the inner frame is a lovely design of flowers and hearts. A gift in its own right or alongside another gift such as a bottle of bubbly.

Another sign but quite different. This heart shape can also be suspended from the ceiling or fixed to a wall in the couple’s house. On the front of the plaque that is made using a timber product, are colourful illustrations of a bouquet of flowers with the text ‘Happy Anniversary,’ across the flowers, a married couple on their wedding day and two pieces of a jigsaw holding hands with hearts.

A charming pair of mugs for the couple on their special anniversary. One of the mugs is blue themed with a blue rim, handle and mix of blue and black text, whilst the other is pink themed with a pink rim, handle and mix of pink and black text. The text says ’20 years together – Mr & Mrs – forever.’ Delivered in a rectangular shaped presentation container that measures 15 cm length with a depth and height of 12 cm.

A cute bag for the Mrs in recognition of the twentieth wedding anniversary. This bag is white with a multi coloured dog shaped drawing. This bag can be personalised with whatever words you would like, up to a total of one hundred and fifty letters, number, punctuation and spaces. Other choices are available. The bag measures sixty eight centimetres length by around forty centimetres width.

Wowsers this is a gift that sparkles and glimmers. A fully comprehensive pack of everything you need to decorate your home for your twentieth wedding anniversary. The items in this pack are a mix of gold, black and silver. This gift is a sure way to profess your love to your other half and create the ‘wow’ factor as they walk into the room on your special day.

The cutest gift! Made from pottery, this mug will genuinely let your other half know how much they mean to you with such meaningful and sincere words. This white mug has the following black text on the side of the mug; ‘just wanted to tell you 20 years later that you are still my everything and always will be – happy anniversary.’ This gift will make the twentieth anniversary day so, very special.

A T-shirt with the ‘year from’ and ‘year to’ dates from the marriage to the twentieth wedding anniversary. The text is in a mix of white and gold. This T-shirt is appropriate for both men and women with different fits available. It comes in a range of sizes and an incredible ten different colours to choose from including red, oragen, purple and navy. It is made from a natural fibre.

A delightful rectangular photo frame that can fit the standard sized photo. The outer part of the frame is made from a silver looking reflective material. On the outer frame are the words ‘Happy Anniversary,’ around the top left-hand corner of the frame, and at the bottom right ’20 years.’ For your husband or wife, you could put your favourite wedding day photo or if gifting to the couple, allow them to choose.

A cool T-shirt for your loving wife! Available for men and women this T-shirt comes in a range of sizes and even wider range of colours including black, greys, reds and purple. The text on the front of the T-shirt conveys the achievement of the longevity of the marriage and the surprise that the other half being still alive! An arrow and heart design are also depicted.

Another rose but this is a gorgeous white colour, full of petals when in bloom. Helpfully, a guide to how to look after the rose is enclosed so this will make a lovely gift even for those who are not naturally green fingered. You can personalise a card that is also enclosed. This truly is the most thoughtful gift and will provide lots of happy memories for the happy couple.

What can be more British that the classic teapot! This teapot is white and seemingly quite large with black text. On the front of the teapot are the words ‘Celebrating your China Anniversary,’ which sits in between a very regal looking banner. It can be customised with the couple’s name, the number of years they have been married and a sweet personal message on the back of the teapot.

A different style of photo frame, but still as attractive by its simplicity in design. This photo frame is made from a timber product and on the top part are the words ‘Happy 20th Anniversary.’ At the bottom you can customise the words with perhaps the names of the couple and a personal message. In the middle is where the photo sits and there is adequate space for a standard sized photo.

One for the spirit drinker and a partner who has a stylish wardrobe. This set encompasses a hip flask and pocket watch that can be personalised making this gift extra special. Wishes for the special day have already been engraved onto both items. The hipflask and pocket watch are both silver in colour. This set is delivered in an attractive looking gift box that just needs a bow!

This is a gift that will bring wealth and success to the beholder if the folklore is to be believed about the lucky sixpence.  The coin comes in a square presentation box that measures five centimetres, length and width. On the top of the box features an emblem with the words ’20 years – Congratulations – Happy Anniversary – Lucky Sixpence.’ Inside is some soft material to keep the coin protected.

This cheeseboard and tools to cut cheese can be personalised in memory of the special celebratory day. The cheeseboard is circular in shape and comes with four tools to serve up the cheese which fit neatly under the cheese board. The board and tool handles are made from a timber like material. This set comes packaged in a snug container. Perhaps a gift that can set the scene for the Anniversary lunch.

A gift that will take pride of place on the couple’s mantlepiece. This grey clock has an unusual but attractive looking shape and has a traditional clock face. Under the clock face your personal words can be engraved. You have the option to put in the anniversary and the wording on the clock will look like ‘Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary.’ You can also put the couple’s first names and a special message from you.

This gorgeous flower vase will make a lovely gift to the couple celebrating twenty years of marriage, whether you are family or a friend selecting a gift for the couple. On the front of this vase is a design of three heart balloons alongside the numerical details of the anniversary. Underneath you can personalise this vase with wording of your choice. This vase is made from a reflective crystalline type of material.

A timber made container for putting a bottle of wine or bubbly in. Rectangular in shape the length of this item is 33.4 cm with a width of 9.4 cm and depth of 8.8 cm. Another gift that can be customised with their names, the date of wedding or wedding anniversary, and a personal or generic message. You can gift this as it is or perhaps with a bottle of their favourite tipple inside.

This traditional China plate is a classic and a highly relevant gift in line with the 20th wedding anniversary gift theme. This gift can also be personalised to make it just that extra bit special for the couple. In the centre of the plate is a sweet illustration of wedding bells with different coloured flowers coming out the top. The number ’20’ and word ‘China Anniversary,’ surrounds the illustration.

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