25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Updated on February 18th, 2021
By Eve
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The twenty fifth wedding anniversary is an extraordinary milestone, a quarter of a century of marriage. Affectionately known as the Silver Wedding Anniversary of which Silver corresponds to the traditional gift theme. With such a special anniversary you will want to get your gift choice right. Whether it’s for your better half, a family member or a friend, we have a gift suggestions and card suggestions that will surely enable you to make a purchase of a gift and a card that you are happy with. With a personalised theme in many cases so that you can add your heartfelt words and love to the gift, we also have non-customised gift suggestions such as T-shirts and jewellery.

34 Gift Ideas for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

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When put together this plant pot will look cute and filled with memories for the couple celebrating their twenty fifth wedding anniversary. You can insert a photo of your choice of the happy couple which will feature on the outside of the pot alongside an itemisation of what the twenty-five years is in days all the way to seconds. Just pop their favourite seasonal plant or herb into the pot plant!

A beautiful gift to give your other half or to the couple commemorating their twenty fifth wedding anniversary. This ornament will look amazing on any flat surface in any setting. With an outer silver circle that includes a banner with the words ’25th Anniversary’ inside; within the silver circle are two thick heart outlines with circular crystals in the centre of each heart. For perspective, this plaque measures eighty millimetres in height.

An elegant tea light holder in the theme of 25th anniversary celebrations. Made using thick layers of a reflective material, the text ’25th Anniversary’ is depicted on the front panel, inside a heart filled with glitter. In between is where the tea light sits, and when lit, lights up the shiny glass material creating a wonderful effect. This candle holder is square and measures 105 millimetres width by length.

A gorgeous photo frame that brings together old and new memories. In this photo frame the couple can insert one photo from their wedding day and another from their 25th wedding anniversary day, perhaps. The frames each fit square shaped photos of just over ten centimetres length by width. At the top of the frame is the text ’25th anniversary, whilst under the first photo is the word ‘then,’ and the second photo, ‘now.’

A friendship ball to gift your best friend and significant other or to the couple! This ball can either sit on a flat surface or be hung up using the enclosed cord. This ball can act as a sun catcher, so it is optimal to put it somewhere close to a window. With a width of one hundred millimetres, this ball is made from a grey metal material synonymous with this anniversary period. Quality, pretty and well packaged.

One for the couple with a great sense of humour! This T-shirt can be given to the husband or wife as it is available in both male and females fits. Available in multiple size from small to triple extra large, you can also choose from a wide range of colours, although we like the slate one as it reflects the silver theme. On the front of the T-shirt is the text ‘I survived 25 years of marriage and all I got was a T-shirt.’

A busy clock with lots of celebratory and loving words. One for the couple, this white clock measures a huge three hundred millimetres wide. With black Roman numerals, text and a swirly design this clock can be personalised. Without personalisation the words ‘Happy 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary’ are feature alongside the illustrated design with a silver ’25,’ inside a heart shape incorporated into the design.

This gift is adorable! A normal size wine bottle with fairy lights inside. On the front of the bottle are the lovely words ’25 years, 2 hearts, 1 love,’ whilst underneath these words, it says ‘Happy Silver Anniversary.’ You can then choose to customise with the couple’s first names or their surname with ‘Mr and Mrs,’ in front. A glittery bow tie and floral designs in silver type, of course complete this beautiful gift.

A gorgeous rose plant designed for the twenty fifth wedding anniversary celebrations. This Rose plant is white and when delivered is approximately 40 cm high and may or may not have buds at the time of delivery. But alas not, with the helpful instructions and time, this plant will develop into a gorgeous flowering plant. This plant can be re-potted or planted into the ground for enjoyment for many years to come.

A commemorative silver coin in a shape similar to the fifty pence piece for your much loved husband or wife. On one side of the coin are two patterned hearts and the expression ‘For you on our Silver Wedding Anniversary – 25 years.’ On the back of the coin some words from the heart are featured, ‘I love you today as I have from the start – And I’ll love you forever with all my heart.’

A pair of wine glasses that almost have a medieval feel and will make a wonderful gift for the married couple’s anniversary celebrations. Measuring one hundred and sixty millimetres high, these glasses look sturdy. On the front are the words ‘Silver Wedding Anniversary,’ with two cute, conjoined heart outlines underneath. This gift is sent in a presentation container with wrap to go.

A gift for the lady in your life! This circrular trinket box has a width of seven centimetres and height of four centimetres. On top of this dainty item ‘Happy Anniversary,’ is displayed. In the traditional silver type material, this trinket box will be the perfect place to store daily jewelery or maybe even a new item of jewelry. This gift comes beautifully presented in a container with protective fabric material.

An exquisite item to gift the happy couple, this vase features a stunning collage type design with different types and colours of grey coloured material. Measuring two hundred and twenty millimetres, this vase will look gorgeous in any home. This gift comes delivered in bubble wrap within an outer container. Can be gifted on its own or alongside a bunch of fresh seasonal flowers.

A gift with significant relevance to the special day when the bottle of celebratory fizz is cracked open! In a brushed grey metal colour, this wine cooler measures just under eighteen centimetres high with a width or thirteen and a half centimetres. This bottle cooler can be customised making it a more personal gift. You can choose from different types of fonts and perhaps choose to put the couple’s names on the wine cooler alongside a reference to the date of the anniversary.

A gorgeous card to send the couple celebrating their special day. The front of the card features a tree with branches and leaves. Silver sparkly hearts can be found hanging from the branches inside one is the number ’25.’  This number is also depicted outside of the design alongside the words ‘Silver Anniversary.’ The card is textured with a floral pattern that is illustrated very lightly in the background.

One for the party celebrations or to decorate the house for your loved one. This pack of twenty fifth wedding anniversary themed decorations include a whopping one hundred and twenty pieces from little ’25’ metallic fragments to put in cards to a large decorative item to fix from a wall. The colour scheme is black, gold and as expected silver. A real winner in the decorative area.

A stunning silver necklace for your beloved. The chain is a great length at forty-five centimetres long. The pendant is a heart with ’25’ etched into the outline, in recognition of the special anniversary. The height of the pendant is approximately two and a half centimetres with a width of two centimetres. You cannot go wrong gifting this necklace to your wife on your special day.

The lucky sixpence is historically recognised for its ability to deliver prosperity to its owner. This actual sixpence comes in a gift box measuring five centimetres length by five centimetres width. On top of the box is a black heart with a silver outline and glittery diamantes. Inside the heart ’25th wedding anniversary,’ is shown and in a banner, the word ‘Silver.’ Underneath the heart are the words ‘Lucky Sixpence,’ in silver text.

A Royal coaster for the married couple celebrating twenty-five years of marriage.  Square in shape and measuring ninety millimetres length by ninety millimetres width with a depth of ten millimetres, this silver coaster has a crown at the top surrounded by the type, ‘Celebration – Limited Edition.’ Underneath can be customised with the couple’s first names, which is followed by ’25 years – 1996-2021.’

A lovely card to give to your husband on your twenty fifth anniversary. The card has a flower-patterned background that looks like it is with texturing. Two champagne flutes are shown with some champagne in the glasses and the cork. The words on the front of the card are ‘To my husband – 25 – On our Anniversary,’ whilst in the inner part of the card has no words, ready for your own personal declaration of love.

This decorative plate can be personalised on the outer rim with the names of the couple, the date of the anniversary and a message from the heart for the couple. In the inner part of this ornament are fancy silver and gold wedding bells with pretty blue and pink flowers above. The number ’25,’ and ‘Silver Anniversary,’ are all around the picture. This plate can be erected onto a wall or displayed on a surface with the appropriate fitments.

A gift for the husband or wife who like a spirit tipple. This hipflask is made out of a silver derivative as is the charming pocket watch that accompanies the hipflask. This gift can be personalised with your own individually addressed message, on the hipflask, pocket watch or both. On both items you will find the words ‘Happy Anniversary!’ All this in a lovely black presentation container with material inside to keep the items secure.

Another humorous gift for the partner who thinks they deserve a long service medal reflective of the length of their marriage. This medal has a couple of attractive looking hearts with the words ‘On our Silver wedding anniversary – 25 years,’ whilst on the back, ‘for distinguished service and bravery in the field.’ The ‘medal’ is attached to a blue, red and white fabric holder.

An incredibly unusual but no less stunning pair of candle holders. These candle holders have been designed on a glass for holding wine in. The silver base and stalk lead to the crystal holder that is made up of a multitude of crystal ball shapes affixed together. A perfect gift for the couple celebrating their twenty fifth wedding anniversary and keeping in with the Silver theme.

A knick-knack gift for the couple where two should most definitely be purchased so each of them can wear one. The silver-coloured item is in the shape of ’25,’ and with an easy fastening system, they can both wear it on their chest with pride, like the birthday badges for children, old and young! This badge comes in a black presentation box ready for that gimmicky gift wrap.

An uber cute card! This card design showcases a couple wearing grey clothes with a glass of champagne each, whilst sat on a suspended moon against a blue night sky. At the top ’25 sparkling years,’ is shown, whilst at the foot of the card, ‘Happy Silver Anniversary.’ A square card measuring one hundred and fifty millimetres length by width, all it leaves you to do is write your individual message and send.

A photo frame with a difference in that there are two places to put those precious photos. In keeping with the silver theme, this photo frame will take two standard sized photos of one hundred millimetres width by one hundred and fifty millimetres length. On one side at the foot of the frame are the words ‘Our Wedding Day,’ where the couple can put a photo of their Wedding Day, and on the other side ‘Our 25th Anniversary,’ where they can insert a photo of that special day.

An elegant standalone clock that will make a perfect gift for the couple that mean the world to you. The clock measures nearly 20 cm high with a width of just over 15 cm. The outer part of the clock design is Quartz like with the inner part, the clockface that feature Roman Numerals. The hands and numbers are black against a white background. Above the clockface is a silver decoration and below ’25th Anniversary,’ in a bubble.

Whether it is your wife or husband that is the whiskey drinker, this whiskey themed set will go down a treat. The set includes nine artificial ice cubes in black and grey, that do not water down the whiskey, and a fabric bag to keep the ice cubes in. This set comes presented in a classy timber container with gold coloured locking mechanism along with some instructions of use.

Another item for the couple that have a great sense of humour. A T-shirt that can either be gifted to your wife or husband as this item is available both male and females fit and a range of sizes. You can also purchase this T-shirt in five different colours – Black, Asphalt, Blue, Dark Grey and Purple. Although, the Asphalt is perhaps the most appropriate and in line with the silver theme.

This is the most beautiful anniversary card. On the outside it all seems quite normal with a blue background with the words ‘silver weddings deserve celebrating,’ next to a ring with the number ’25’ inside. But then you open the card to find a pop-up tree! The brown trunk and branches are filled with white blossom, whilst underneath some blossom that has fallen from the tree is illustrated.

First you need to order the couple’s favourite tipple, whether red, rose or white wine or bubbly whether Champagne, Prosecco or Asti. Then you need to order this personalised label to put on the wine bottle and make their day even more special. You can personalise the label with their name, a personal message and region where the couple live or maybe even the region where they got married, which will sit alongside the acknowledgement of the 25th Anniversary.

This set of a pen and case are in the obligatory silver colour with blue ink. You can personalise this gift with your own words and choose your preferred type of font, either the pen or the case or both. The pen sits snugly in the case with the pen measuring fourteen centimetres in length with a diameter of just over one and half centimetres and the case fifteen and a half in length, five and half centimetres in width and three centimetres in depth.

A lovely photo album where the couple can put all their photos that brings them happy memories. The photo album is white with the words ’25th Anniversary,’ depicted on the front cover in silver. Up to eighty photos of the standard six inches length by four inches width, will fit into this photo album. A super gift for the couple to reminisces over.

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