32 Gifts for a 2nd Wedding Anniversary

By Eve
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A second wedding anniversary may not be a large milestone that we celebrate a lot, but you may still want to find a fitting gift for the occasion. You might not know what you can buy for this cotton anniversary. We have therefore put together a list of things that we feel will make really great gifts for this occasion and hopefully, it will help you to find something that you will find to be appropriate as well. We have chosen a range of items that are quite different from each other to allow for different tastes as well as different budgets.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Presents

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Word art pictures can be really special and this one can be personalised if required. It is a heart shape and says ‘2 years wedding anniversary’ and the how many months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds that it. Underneath it says ‘Happy Anniversary’. It can be made up as an A5 card or A4 or A3 sized print so you can choose the most appropriate. Can be printed on cotton or glossy photo paper.

T-shirts can make very useful gifts. This one says ‘level 02 complete’ on it and the gaming theme is continued with a handset picture underneath. It comes in fits and sizes suitable for men and women and in a selection of different colours with white print on. They are made from cotton (or a cotton blend) and so make an appropriate gift for a cotton anniversary as well. They are machine washable.

Cards can be a lovely way to celebrate an anniversary. This one says ‘Cotton Anniversary 2 with love on a special day’. It has a picture of champagne flutes and a cork with a floral edging and is hand finished with glitter and diamantes so that it really shines. It is 16cm x 16cm in size and is blank inside for your own message. It comes with a silver envelope.

A pair of mugs can be a lovely gift idea for a couple. These are white with a black handle, rim and writing. One says ‘2 years of being Mr Right’ and the other says ‘2 years of being Mrs Always Right’. They are 9.5 x 8cm in size and they come in boxes so they are easy to wrap up to give away as a gift. Will bring a smile to the couple’s faces!

Socks seem a great gift for a cotton anniversary. These are black and have red toes, heel and cuffs as well as a red heart and a white heart. It also says ‘Happy 2nd Anniversary’ on them in white. They are size 5-12 and made from cotton, polyester and elastane so they are soft but stretchy and comfortable to wear. Great for a spouse to buy for their partner or someone could buy two pairs for the couple to have one each.

A scrapbook or photo album can be a welcome gift. This one has a cover with a wood finish which is varnished with visible grain and says ‘two years our story so far’ with a red heart on the front of it. It is A5 size and inside there are blank pages to stick memories in. There is room for pictures, photos, tickets, cards and to write notes and memories.

Personalised candles are unique and that can make them really appreciated. This candle says ‘congratulations [name] &[name] 2 years second anniversary [dates]’ and a personal message can go underneath. The white candle is 13 x 7cm and the printing is in white and grey so really stands out. It comes in an organza bag so all ready to gift. It can be burned to produce a romantic atmosphere or kept as an ornamental keepsake.

Aprons can be useful for protecting the clothes when cooking, baking or barbecuing. A couple will look really cute in this matching pair of aprons. One is white and says ‘Mrs.’ And the other is black and says ‘Mr’ on it and there is a picture of some utensils. They are 27 x 28 inches in size with an adjustable neck loop and waist tie so they should fit most people.

Funny gifts can go down well with people that have a good sense of humour. This t-shirt says on it ‘2 years in and she hasn’t killed me yet’ and so it could bring a smile to the face. It is short-sleeved and comes in sizes for men and women and in a selection of different colours. It is machine washable and can go in a tumble dryer so is easy to keep clean and dry.

A husband might like to buy this t-shirt for his spouse as it says on it ‘2 years in and I haven’t killed him yet’ on it. It is a short-sleeved t-shirt and comes in styles for men or women and in various sizes. It is made from cotton and polyester and is therefore nice and soft to wear but will not stretch out of shape. It is lightweight with a classic fit and a round neck.

Title and photo incorrect Novelty gifts can be fun to give and receive. This one is a small organza bag which measures just 13 x 18cm in size and looks really cute. It has a selection of different items inside it which all have a sentimental reason for being relevant to an anniversary. There is a laminated card attached to the bag which has an explanation of each of the gifts and how they will be helpful.

Boxer shorts can make a great gift to buy for him. These can be personalised too. You can have ‘2 years down forever to go love [name]’ put on the left leg. The shorts are black and the print is in white so will really stand out and there are some red hearts on it as well. They come in sizes small – XXL and they are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

Vintage style t-shirts are really trendy at the moment and this one says ‘level 02 complete’ on it with a picture of a gaming handset. It is suitable for men or women and comes in a selection of sizes and colours. As it is made mainly with cotton it is also appropriate for a cotton anniversary gift. It is also machine washable and can go in a tumble drier, so is easy to clean.

Cushions can make lovely gifts as they are not only useful but they can make a statement as well. This one can be personalised and it is white with the couples names on the top and their wedding date with a heart. Underneath it says ‘the best thing to hold onto in life is each other’. It is made from cotton and is 40 x 40cm in size and it has a concealed zip which can be opened to reduce the pad which is 100% polyester.

Cute gifts can be lovely to give and this Christmas ornament really is lovely. It is metal and at the bottom says ‘2 years’ with a pair of snowmen and behind them, there are some Christmas trees with snow and a sleigh in the distance. It is free-standing and so can stand on a shelf or under the Christmas tree. It comes in a black presentation box with wood wool inside it.

Picture frames make good gifts as they can be used to keep special memories. This one says ‘2 years of marriage I wish I could’ve met you sooner so I could have loved you longer’ on it with some stats about how long they have known each other. It is made from solid wood that has been engraved and takes a 5 x 7 size photo and has a back easel to stand it up.

If the couple that you are buying for like ornamental keepsakes then this could be the gift for them. It is a beech wood block which has an acrylic red heart on the front incorporating the number 2. It is heavy and free standing so it will not fall over when placed on a shelf or desk. In the background, there are all sorts of words related to love and anniversaries.

This gift is designed for a spouse to give as it says on it ‘you are my rock 2 years’. It is actually a cast metal piece which has been cast from a template of a real pebble. It is solid metal so could be used as a paperweight or just an ornamental piece. It is shiny and silver coloured. It comes in a box packed with wood straw and an explanation of how it was made.

Towels can be a useful gift and these can be personalised. There are 2 hand towels and 2 facecloths in the set. The idea is that the towels have a pair of names on with the wedding date and some hearts and the face cloths have one name on each. They are made from 500gsm Egyptian cotton and they are white in colour with embroidery using a thread colour of your choice.

Tea towels can be useful and this one is fun as well. It is personalised at the top with the names of the couple and then lists their recipe for a happy marriage with all sorts of lovely things mentioned. It can have a photo or message of your choice on it though if you prefer. The print is put on using dye sublimation so it will not peel, crack or fade and it will last a long time.

Date dice can be lots of fun. This pair of dice have different ideas on each face so that it is easy for a couple to choose what they are going to do on their date night. They come with a special engraved card which not only says ‘2md anniversary’ but explains how to use them. They come in a velvet bag as well as in a box with wooden straw so they look great when gifted.

Cotton gifts are traditional for the second anniversary and so these pillowcases could be a great choice. One says on it ‘I love my wifey’ and the other says ‘I love my hubby’. They are white with black piping and writing and they measure 74 x 48cm in size. They are printed on one size and have an envelope closure design so they will keep pillows securely inside them.

Bathrobes can be snug and cosy and this Mrs robe can make a great gift, especially for a 2nd anniversary as it is made from cotton. It is white in colour with black embroidery and is size L-XL. It has a tie fastening to keep it in place and two pockets on the front. It has a lovely soft feel and will be great for wearing when stepping out of the bath or shower.

A card can be a lovely way to explain how highly you think of a couple. This one says ‘Daughter and Son In Law on your Cotton Wedding Anniversary Best Wishes on 2 Wonderful Years together’. It also has a poem on the front of it. It is 15cm x 15cm in size and is blank inside to write your own message. It comes with a purple envelope in a clear bag for protection.

A wooden heart plaque can be a romantic gesture and this one says ‘Happy Anniversary 730 days together …but who’s counting??’ It is printed on in black and red and has a cartoon couple on it and some hearts. It is 10 x 9.5cm in size and has a hole with some hessian twine to thread through so that it can be easily hung up or attached to a gift.

Prints can be great gifts as once they are hung on the wall, they are looked at a lot and enjoyed. This one is a picture of a vinyl record but instead of the black part, song words are written. You can choose the song words and you can also put the name of the couple and their wedding date in the centre. You can pick from an A4 or A3 sized print and there is the option of framing it too.

Personalised gifts can be special and this cushion cover can be printed with the song words to the couples favourite song. At the bottom there is space for their names and the location and date of their wedding. The cover has a cotton feel which means that it is suitable for a cotton anniversary. It is 40 x 40cm in size and so will fit over a standard-sized cushion.

Sundials make great gifts and this one says ‘it takes no time to fall in love but it takes years to know what love is Happy Anniversary 2021’. It is made from recycled brass and is coloured gold and black. It is 6 ¼ inches in diameter and ¼ inch thick and is 3 inches tall including the gnomon. Would be a great gift for a couple that has a garden.

A funny t-shirt could be a great gift for someone with a sense of humour. It says on it ‘I’ve been married 2 years and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’. It is available in sizes suitable for men or women and has a classic fit. It comes in a selection colours and is made from a cotton and polyester mix fabric. This means that it is soft and comfortable to wear but easy to wash.

Husband’s are not easy to buy for but this keychain could have just the sentiment you want. It says on it ‘To my husband to my soulmate to my best friend.  Loved you then I love you still I always have I always will. It is made from stainless steel and therefore it is a nice weight and durable and it will not rust or corrode and it is silver and shiny so looks good.

A couple is likely to want to give each other cards for their anniversary and this is a fun one. It says on it ‘We’ve been together for so long I’ve forgotten which one of us is the bad influence Happy Anniversary! It has a simple design with a white background and black and red writing with a smiley face and a couple of hearts. It is 15cm x 15cm in size and is blank inside.

Ornaments can make lovely keepsakes and this Christmas heart really will. It is silver coloured and adorned with holly and says ‘our 2nd Christmas as husband and wife’ on it. It has a red ribbon threaded through it so it is easy to hang up on a Christmas tree. It is 6 x 6 x 1cm in size and it is polished to a high shine so it looks really lovely.


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