32 Presents for a Males 30th Birthday

Updated on April 26th, 2021
By Louise
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A thirtieth birthday can be an occasion to really celebrate. This means that it will need a really special present. We have therefore put together a list of items that we feel will make the recipient feel that you have really thought about the gift and chosen something that they will really like. We have gathered together some items for you, that we feel will appeal to thirty-year-olds. We have picked a variety of items to cater to different tastes as well budgets so you should be able to find a great gift idea from the items that we have suggested.

32 Gift Ideas for a 30th Birthday Male

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A coaster is a useful item and this one will be a great memento of a 30th birthday as it has a 30th birthday theme. It is printed on in blue and black which stands out from the white background. It is glossy which means that it can be wiped clean. The back is made of MDF which will protect the surface underneath from heat or cold and it will protect the surface from scratches.

Funky socks can make a great gift and these are black with orange heel and toe and a blue star pattern on them. They also have ‘simply the best 30-year-old’ printed on them. They are made from 58% cotton, 20% nylon, 14% polyester and 2% elastin so they will be soft and comfortable as well as stretchy. They are size 6-11 so should fit most sizes of feet.

A glass tankard can make a great gift for someone that enjoys a drink and this one can be personalised with a name, age and who it is from to make it really special. The glass is 13cm high, 9cm wide and deep and has a sturdy handle on it. The engraving looks even better when there is a drink inside the glass and you could even give it with some cans of their favourite drink.

A spanner bangle could be a fun novelty gift for any man that enjoys doing DIY or car repairs. This one even has ’30 years’ stamped on it. It is a spanner shape which looks like a spanner that has been bent into a rounded shape to fit around the wrist. The bangle can be adjusted in size by gently bending it so that it fits all wrists. It comes in a gift pouch.

If the chap you are buying for likes whiskey then this set will be ideal for them. It contains a large whiskey glass in an old-fashioned and elegant style as well as a set of 12 whiskey stones. The stones come with a pouch to keep them in and they will be cool enough to use instead of ice after 3 hours in the freezer. The tumbler is 355cc and has a crystal look to it.

Wallets are very useful and this calf leather wallet will make a useful and special gift. It is a bifold wallet with pop stud fastening and comes in three colour choices with built-in RFID blocking technology. It has 3 slots for cards, 2 long compartments for banknotes and a secure zipped coin pouch as well. There are also further slip in pockets for other items and there is a small inner zipped pocket as well.

If the person that you are buying for has a good sense of humour then they might enjoy this over the hill survival kit. It is a can which has a selection of small presents, each of which has a fun and sentimental meaning. There is a card enclosed which explains the significance of each item such as ‘teeth for when you lose yours’ and ‘matchsticks to stop you from nodding off’.

A pair of cufflinks can make a special gift and this pair of silver coloured ones have the option of being engraved to make them personal as well. They are made from high-quality stainless steel and so have a high shine. The square face is 1.5 x 1.5cm in size and so you could easily put a letter on it. You can choose the font that you want to use as well.

Sixpences are not something we come across much these days but they are still thought to be lucky. Therefore giving this one as a gift can be a lovely idea for someone that is turning thirty. It comes in a protective plastic sleeve with a picture of a cake with ‘30’ on it. This means that it can kept safe and will also be a reminder of the occasion that it was given for.

Beards are really in fashion at the moment but men do need to keep them looking good. Therefore if the person you are buying for has a beard they may really appreciate this boxed set of beard grooming items. It comes with a comb, brush and scissors as well as beard wash, balm and oil. It means that they will be able to trim it neatly and then treat it with the products to keep it soft.

Caps can be really handy for protecting the head and face from the sun. This hat has a good peak and a mesh back so it shades but keeps the head cool. It is black and says on it ’30 never looked so good’ so will be a useful and fun gift for someone that is turning 30. The high-quality print will really stand out so everyone will know their age!

Having an item engraved can not only make it personal but also special. This gin glass can be engraved in different styles with a name of your choice. The glass has an elegant stem and large bowl and is laser etched. It will make a really special gift and the person could choose to use it or to keep it somewhere to enjoy it as a special 30th birthday keepsake.

Any personalised gift can be a special thing to give but this bottle opener is useful as well. It can be engraved with any message and so you can choose whether to put a name, message or both on to it. It is made from polished and natural wood which provides a sturdy grip and a stainless steel top which is durable and will not rust and should therefore last a long time.

Cakes can be a great way to celebrate a birthday and if you are making one, then you may like a special cake topper to put on it. This one can be personalised. It is made from wood and it has a name and age on it so can be used by anyone and then kept afterwards as a keepsake. It is painted on both sides and is 20cm wide and tall with a small stick to poke into the cake.

Giving a bottle of wine can be a great present, especially if you give someone their favourite one, but putting it inside this engraved wooden box will make it even more so. The box says on it ‘Age only matters if you are wine!’ and has a hinged lid with a clasp. It fits a standard-sized bottle and you could pop in some special satin cloth to make it look really special when it is nestled in the box.

T-shirts make great gifts because they are so useful and this short-sleeved one is also fun. It comes in a selection of colours and on the front says ‘loading….30%’ which refers to their age of 30. It is a fun top and also great for computer users, It comes in sizes small – XXL and is made from ethically sourced, ring-spun cotton. It can go in a washing machine and tumble dryer.

Making gin can be a fun thing to do which is why this gin makers kit could be a great gift idea. It is a pretty box and has all sorts of ingredients and full instructions on how to make ten big bottles of gin with different flavours. The vodka will need to be bought separately and then adding juniper berries and botanicals will allow the flavour to be changed and enjoyed.

Personalising a gift can make it really special and if the person you have in mind plays a stringed instrument then the engraved plectrum could be really special. It is made of shiny stainless steel so looks really good and you can choose anything to be engraved on it and even on both sides if you wish. It comes in a very stylish faux leather gift box with a magnetic clasp.

Headlamps can be useful in all sorts of situations and this beanie hat has one built into it. The hat comes in a choice of colours and is made from an acrylic material which is warm and will stretch to fit different head sizes, The LED light is rechargeable and will run for 10 hours until needing charging using the USB port. It will last a long time and there is no cost of replacing batteries.

Any curry lover would really like the curry gift box. It has eight curry kits inside which allow you to make authentic curry dishes. The spice blends allow you to make biryani, bhajis and dahl. The blends are gluten-free and suitable for vegans which means that you can use them to flavour any ingredients that suits you. They are simple to use – just add water to the spices to make a paste and into your dish as you cook it.

A wash bag can be extremely useful for anyone that travels a lot. This one looks really elegant too and so would be suitable for use even in the smartest of hotels. It has a large swivel hook so that it can easily be hung up on a bathroom door. Inside there are mesh pockets and different compartments to keep all sorts of items. It is made from faux leather and comes in tan or brown.

Any special date can be celebrated with this personal word art print. It displays the name of the person as well as the day they were born and where and then lists significant things that happened on that day. It can be an interesting item to have and it is set out in an eye catching and stylish way which means that it will look good framed. It is A4 size so it will be easy to find a frame to put it in.

This unusual personalised star map could make for an interesting gift for a milestone birthday. The idea is to give a date, time and location and the star map will be printed for you. You can choose between A3 and A4 paper and it will be printed on 230gsm premium satin photo card stock. Would be particularly interesting for someone who is interested in the stars or in space in general.

Photo albums may not be so popular these days, but when you have a milestone birthday it can be good to be able to print out some photos to keep so that you can remember the occasion and ensure they do not get lost. This album has specific writing on the outside to show it is for a 30th birthday. It is 18.5 x 18.5cm in size and has enough space to hold 80 4 x 6-inch photographs and there is space to write by them.

Buying a special gift is a great idea but getting something that is useful as well can be even better. This special I-clip wallet can be that thing. It is available in different colours and has a grained leather outside. There is space for 12 cards and 20 banknotes inside but they are kept in a compact way so that the wallet is very small. Comes in a gift box.

Many people like a drink of whiskey and this tumbler will make the experience really special. This is because it can be engraved and so you can choose to have a special birthday message put on it. The glass is 11.5oz and has a bubble in the base which makes it look good. It comes in a box and so is all ready to give away as a special birthday gift.

A dual-purpose gift can be a great idea and this bedside lamp also doubles as a handy Bluetooth speaker, It has a good quality speaker proving crisp sound in stereo and it also has 4 lighting modes. There is a red light to help you sleep as well as colouring changing and bright light modes. It has a sensitive touch control to make it easy to operate and has a handy rechargeable battery.

Keyrings can be fun and handy and this one has an interesting pendant which looks like a car tax disc. It can be personalised though with the date on it being the recipient’s date of birth and it has the number ‘30’ at the bottom too. The pendant is 25mm round and is attached to a spring hook keyring. It could make a nice keepsake but could also be used with keys or as a bag charm.

Mugs can be extremely useful but if you can get one that looks good it is even better. This one is white but has all sorts of 30th birthday words all over it, printed on both sides – ‘Happy 30th Birthday not everyone looks this great at 30! Congratulations and best wishes’. It is made from ceramic which means that it is sturdy and it is also microwave and dishwasher safe.

Most people enjoy a drink every now and again and so will be able to use this stemless wine glass. It is special because it is printed with the words ‘cheers to 30’ in a foiled gold look. It also has some gold dots on it. The glass is 17oz and measures 4.72 x 2.9 inches and is suitable for all sorts of cold drinks. It is dishwasher safe as well, so easy to keep clean.

A t-shirt can be a great gift and this one is navy with short-sleeves in a medium size. On it, in bright white, is printed ‘It took 30 years to look this good!’ and there are hands with thumbs pointing upwards. It is screen printed so looks good quality and it is made from 100% cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear. Would make a funny present.

Receiving a gift which has been personalised can mean a lot because you know that you are the only person to own an item like it. Therefore, it is worth considering buying this glass as a 30th birthday present. It is a stemmed pint glass and can be engraved with any message and even with some pictures as well. It comes in a gift box as well, meaning that it looks even more special.

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