34 Gifts for a 30th Wedding Anniversary

Updated on February 18th, 2021
By Eve
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A 30th wedding anniversary should be a time to celebrate. It is traditional to send pearls, but we have put together a list of suggestions, which do include some pearls but have lots of other ideas as well. If you are looking for gift ideas, we hope that you will be able to find plenty of inspiration from our list. There are lots of different types of items so there should be something suited to all sorts of different tastes and budgets so that you will find something that you like and that will suit the couple or the person that you have in mind.

30th Wedding Anniversary Presents

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Roses can make lovely gifts for those that have gardens or balconies as they are associated with romance. This rose is a beautiful pale pink colour and is called ‘pearl wedding’. It will flower throughout the summer months and the pretty flowers will stand out against the glossy green leaves. It comes with a gift card that can be written for you if the rose is being sent directly to the recipient.

Cards can be really special and this one says ’30 years together pearl symbolises honesty wisdom love’. It has a pearl heart on the front and the writing is gold on a cream card giving a clean and classic look to it. Inside it says ‘Happy Anniversary’ and there is room for you to write a personal message. It is 127mm x 178mm and comes together with an envelope ready for you to write.

Pearl themed items can be expensive but this one should be within most budgets. It is a crystal glass shell with a pearl inside. It is a paperweight or could just be used as a decorative item. It is 1.9 x 1.5 inches in size and so is small and easy to fit on any shelf etc. The pearl makes it appropriate for a 30th-anniversary gift and it would be a good item to give to a couple that like ornaments.

Mugs can make great gifts. This pair is very similar being white with black print on them. One says ’30 years of being Mr Right’ and the other one says ’30 years of being Mrs Always Right’. The ‘30’ is in a silver colour to represent the pearl. They are made from ceramic and they are 10.5 x 11cm in size. They come in a box so ready to give away.

Photo frames can be a great gift as you can display special photos in them. This one says ’30 years together’ on it. There are two oval spaces for photographs. One says ‘Our wedding day’ and the other says ‘our pearl anniversary’ below it and they take a 3 x 4 and 4 x 6-inch photo. It is 23.2 x 22.8 x 1.2cm in size and it is free-standing. It has a cream and silver finish to it.

A wooden plaque could be given as a gift or used to make a card or as a gift tag. This one says ‘Happy Anniversary 10950 days together but who’s counting? It has a picture of flowers, a couple in wedding clothes and two jigsaw pieces holding hands with hearts. It has a hole in the top with twine threaded through so that it can be hung up or attached to things.

Clocks can make very useful gifts and can be decorative as well. This one has a clear white face with black Roman numerals on the display and black hands. The frame is cream coloured and says ‘30th anniversary’ at the bottom. It also has a rose design. It measures 19.5 x 14.5cm in size. It has a velvet feel on the bottom so it will not scratch the surface that it is standing on.

Candles make for romantic gifts so are great for anniversaries and this one can be personalised as well. It says ’30 years of being Me & Mrs [name}’ with a personalises message underneath if you wish. The candle is white and comes in a glass which is engraved with the message. The candle takes 35 hours to burn. The candle holder is 90mm x 90mm in size.

A woman may wish to buy her husband cufflinks for an anniversary gift. This pair is specially designed for a pearl anniversary as they have a white stone in. They are silver in colour which sets off the white stone well. They are made from stainless steel coasted with rhodium which means that it is really durable.  They come in a branded gift box so all ready to give away without any need to wrap them up.

A card can make a lovely statement for an anniversary. This one says ’30 years together! Happy Pearl Anniversary!’ on it. There is a picture of a shell with two cute pearls inside both holding a red heart. It is 148 x 148mm in size and it is blank inside so that you can put in your own message for the couple, It comes with a plain white envelope ready for mailing.

If the couple that you are buying for like ornamental items then this pearl wedding bauble could be a great gift. It is a glass ball and it is 10cm in diameter. It is mainly see through but has some faint pink, blue and green colours on it to look like the colours in a pearl. It has a loop at the top with ribbon through so that it can be hung up in a window to catch the light.

Aprons can be really useful gifts. This is a pair with one black saying ‘Mr’ and a white one saying ‘Mrs’. They both have some utensils pictured on them as well. They are 27 x 28 inches in size and have an adjustable neck loop and a tie waist which should fit most people. They are made from polyester and can therefore be easily washed when needed in the washing machine.

Personalised gifts can be very thoughtful. This is a slate hanging plaque which says ’30 years together’ on it with champagne glasses and underneath there are names and a date. It has holes in and a hanging rope so that it can be displayed. It is 20 x 10cm so is a cute size but the black colour with white printing will ensure that it stands out wherever it is put.

If you are buying the couple a bottle of wine, then this label will make it more special. It says ‘celebration limited edition vintage 1991 [names] celebrating 30 years together. Congratulations on your pearl wedding Anniversary’ then space for a personal message. It has a crown and champagne glasses on it. It is 9 x 13cm in size and should fit over the top of most wine labels or you can soak the original one off first.

A rock may seem like a strange gift but this is for a person to give their husband or wife. It is made from metal and says ‘you are my rock 30 years’ on it is 6.5 x 2.5 x 3.3cm in size and made from highly polished silver metal. It comes in a cardboard box which has wood straw inside it. It comes with a slip explaining how the rock was made.

A husband might like to buy his wife this pair of pearl earrings. They are Swarovski pearls on a 925 sterling silver fixing with butterfly back. They are white pearls so look elegant and they are 0.8cm x 0.8cm in size. The pearls have an attractive shimmer to them so make a great gift. They come in a branded gift box so ready to wrap up really easily before giving away.

If the couple you are buying for like gnomes then they will enjoy this jolly pair. They have ’30 years’ painted on the plinths that they are standing on and you can have the couple’s names painted on the hats which are pearl coloured. The female has a pearl necklace on as well as some flowers and heart on her dress. The male is holding a beer glass and newspaper.

If the couple you are buying for has a garden then this sundial could be an interesting gift idea. It says ‘happy anniversary 30 wonderful years together Pearl wedding anniversary’ and it is white and gold in colour. It is made from cast aluminium and is lacquered so that it will last a long time, even outside. It is 6 ¼ inches in diameter and ¼ inch thick on the base with the gnomon it is 3 inches tall.

A husband might like to buy his wife this pearl necklace, bracelet and earring set. It is made using freshwater cultured pearls and gold plated sterling solver. The necklace pearls are 7.5 – 8.5mm and earrings 10-10.5mm. The necklace length is 18 inches and the bracelet is 7.4 inches. They come in an elegant, hinged, white presentation gift box. Just right for a pearl anniversary gift and almost guaranteed to please most women.

Photo frames can make very useful gifts. This is actually two frames which are joined together with a hinge so they are free-standing. One frame says ‘our wedding day’ on the bottom and the other ‘our 30th anniversary’. There is space to put in a 4 x 6 inch photo in each side. The frames have a brushed silver look to them although they are made from aluminium which means that they will not tarnish.

Most couples will like to celebrate a milestone anniversary with a glass of bubbly. These champagne flutes could be just the thing. Not only do they say ‘pearl anniversary’ on them in a contemporary way but they can also be customised with the name of the couple and the date. They have an elegant long-stemmed design and are 21cm high. You receive two but they are packed in separate gift boxes.

A necklace can be a lovely anniversary gift and this one has a freshwater pearl pendant on it. The necklace and setting are made from 925 sterling silver and the pearl is in a pendant which is 12.2 x 11.8mm in size. It is set inside a heart which has some sparkly gemstones in it. It comes in an elegant black, branded gift box, so all ready to hand over.

A t-shirt can be a useful gift. The short-sleeved one says ‘I survived 30 years of marriage and all I got was this Tshirt’ on it. It comes in fits for men and women in various sizes and colours. It is made from 100% cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear and lightweight. It has a classic fit and can be easily cleaned in a washing machine.

Cufflinks can be a great gift for a wife to buy a husband who wears dress shirts. These have a beaded design with a 925 sterling silver setting and a white stone made from mother of pearl and black onyx. They are highly polished so look really shiny and have a toggle back fastening. They come in a gift box so are well presented for giving away and the recipient will have something to store them in.

A picture frame can make a handy gift and this one has a mother of pearl frame which would make it very appropriate for a 30th wedding anniversary. It is 5 x 7 inches in size and has a vintage feel to it. The white colour should suit most types of décor as well. It is free standing so can easily be placed on a mantelshelf, desk or sideboard with a special photo in.

A card can be a lovely way to send a message to a couple for their anniversary. This one has a white bokeh style background with champagne glasses and says ‘congratulations on your 30th pearl anniversary’ on it in gold. It is A5 size so 21 x 15cm. Inside it says ‘celebrating your thirty years together and wishing you every happiness on this your special day’. It comes with a white envelope.

A Welsh love spoon can be an appropriate gift for any anniversary. This one can be personalised with a name and date on it too. It is made of wood which is painted to look like ceramic in an ivory and pearl colour which makes it very appropriate for a 30th anniversary. It is 15cm long and has a loop on the top so that it can be hung up to be displayed.

If the couple that you are buying for likes ornaments then this cut glass keepsake could be a good idea for them. It has a balloon design and you can choose what to have engraved on it as well. It is 10cm in size and made from cut glass with a glass display stand. It comes in a satin lined gift box so looks really special and there will be no need to wrap it up.

A photo frame can be useful and decorative. This one has a pretty floral design at the top and under the photo says ‘Pearl Anniversary’ on it. It is made of wood and has a white and silver finish to it. There is space for a 6 x 4 inch photo in a landscape orientation. It has a fold-out piece on the back so that it can stand up on a shelf. It comes in a branded gift box.

An anniversary card for a pearl anniversary can be tricky to find. This one is white with ’30 years 10950 days 262800 hours happy pearl wedding anniversary’ written on the front in silver. It is blank inside so that you can include your own message. It is printed on thick silk card which gives a matte finish. It is 14.7 x 14.7cm in size and comes with a brown kraft envelope.

A plant pot can be a great gift for someone that has a lot of indoor plants. This one is personalised with a name and date and says ‘pearl anniversary’ on it. It is white with black writing and silver swirls on it. It could be given as it is or with a plant inside it. Makes for a special gift which is useful as well and will look really good on display in any home.

A man will really surprise his wife by giving her a single oyster for her 30th anniversary. These are cultured ones that each have 20-25 pearls inside which are 5-7mm in size. It will need to be opened with a hammer and chisel to get out the pearls inside which will vary in colour and size. It will certainly be a very unusual gift and the shell could be used to decorate a plant pot and the pearls for crafts.

A lucky sixpence can make a great gift, especially if you are on a budget. This one comes in a special plastic case which has ‘pearl 30th wedding anniversary’ on it with a picture of pearls. The coin itself is on a black foam cushion but can be removed for inspection and then kept in the special keepsake box. Sixpences are believed to bring good fortune and good luck so make a good present.

Contemporary jewellery can look very elegant and this necklace and earrings set definitely does. There are white pearls on the pendant and earrings – so three in total. They are cultured pearls and the settings and chain are 925 sterling silver. The chain is 18 inches and the pendant is 0.95 inches long with an 8-9mm pearl. The earrings are 0.63 inches with a 7.5-8.5mm pearl. They come in an elegant black jewellery box.

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